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Amy and The Lingerie Party

Amy and The Lingerie Party

A lingerie party with the new neighbors leads to new adventures!
My name is Diana and I live a relatively normal life with my husband Tim on a quiet little cul-de-sac street on the outskirts of Fayetteville, North Carolina. I am a somewhat petite lady in the mid 30s with big breasts, long dark hair and sparkling blue eyes. "The girls" as I affectionately call them are 38D.

A couple months ago some new neighbors moved into our little cul-de-sac, in the house that the Johnsons used to own before they moved to Florida to retire. We are a pretty stable group and not many people come and go on our street. So when someone new moves into the neighborhood, it's quite a topic of interest among the residents. I was out getting the mail when I saw the woman taking some things in from their car. I waved politely and she waved back and smiled a friendly smile and came over and introduced herself as Amy. I invited her in for a coffee and she said she would love to.

We chatted over a coffee and I found out that Amy and her husband Paul, moved here from Pennsylvania due to a job opportunity he had with a computer company in Fayetteville. They were both in their early 30s and had been married for four years. She said she was brand new to the area and didn't really know anybody, but wanted to get to know the neighbors. Amy was quite bubbly with bright blue eyes, easy going and very confident without being arrogant. We hit it right off and she stayed a couple of hours before she went home to unpack some more. She invited us over for dinner that Friday.

We arrived at Paul and Amy's at about 6:30. As we approached the door, we could already smell the aroma of Amy's cooking. Amy welcomed us and introduced Paul while I introduced Tim. Despite still being in the midst of settling in, their house was immaculately organized and their kitchen was spotless. Amy poured the wine and we each took a glass. Tim and Paul seemed to get along really well straight from the start. After a little while, they wandered off out into the garage and I stayed in the dining room with Amy as she busied herself with the final touches for dinner.

After a bit, dinner was ready and we called the men in from the garage and ate a lovely meal. As it turned out both Paul and Tim really liked fishing, so while they talked about fishing most of the night, Amy and I talked about movies and I gave her tips on where to shop around town. We both got quite sloshed from the wine, and around midnight, we bade farewell to our hosts and wandered back home.

When Tim came home from work on the Monday, he told me that he and Paul and two other guys from work had booked a weekend fishing trip. The next day Amy came over and invited me to a lingerie party at her house that weekend. She said since the boys were going fishing, she wanted to have a "Girl's Night" too. I'd never been to a lingerie party before and from the apprehension in my eyes, Amy sensed my hesitation. She put her hand on my forearm and assured me it would be fun. Her and her girlfriends had had a great time at a similar party once before and she said the lingerie was for real women, not those airbrushed stick figures in modeling catalogues.

I laughed then and agreed that it sounded like fun. Amy said that these parties were professionally coordinated by women for women, and said there would only be four of us attending - the two of us plus Michelle and Rona, a couple other neighbor women. I enjoyed the thought of getting some new lingerie because of the sensuous feel of the fabric on my skin, and how it made Tim look when I paraded in front of him wearing it!

As the week rolled on, Tim got more and more excited over this fishing trip. On Saturday, Tim departed for the fishing trip while I enjoyed a lazy sleep-in (and a little masturbating!), and then spent the day relaxing around the house. I had a lovely bath and soaked myself in the water with some sweet smelling essential oils added. I reluctantly got out of the bath, and put on my best black bra, which really pushed up my ample cleavage, and the matching panties. I admired myself in the mirror as I finished getting dressed in my little black dress which was admittedly a bit too revealing.

The party was to start at 4:30 with drinks before the hostess arrived at 5:30. I was the first of the guests there and Amy greeted me at the door, dressed in a velvety green cocktail dress which made her look as sexy as hell. The low cut of the dress exposed a fair bit of cleavage. Without staring, I guessed her breasts were about a C cup. As I followed her into the living room, I couldn't help notice how her full butt wiggled from side to side. I don't normally look at women sexually, but I felt a pang of desire watching this woman walk. Amy had already had a few drinks and was even more animated than usual. She poured me one and as I caught a glimpse in her fridge, it was quite clear that she had stocked up on the wine! Rather forwardly, Amy commented how sexy I looked and how I was so lucky to have such big boobs. I shyly laughed, but before I could reply, there was a knock on the door signaling that the other two women had arrived.

Michelle was a cute redhead who looked like she was in her early to mid 30s and Rona was a tall blonde who also looked a bit younger. We chatted away over wine and a cheese platter. Amy had also made a little pot of dark chocolate fondue and presented it with an array of fresh fruit including fresh strawberries which is one of my favorite fruits. We all indulged in this extravagance, and Amy seemed determined to get well and truly sloshed as she was really drinking the wine quickly.

In what seemed no time at all, the host of the party arrived. She introduced herself as Sharon and after the formalities, she asked politely for us to write down our measurements on the piece of paper so she could go back to the van to get some samples. Sharon said she would talk us through the catalogue and show us some examples and if we wanted to, we could try them on.

Amy butted in. "Sharon, the rule for this evening is that if you have to try it on, you have to parade in front of us. And if you buy it, you need to keep it on for the rest of the evening."

Sharon politely nodded and took the glass of wine offered and she continued. She offered each of us a little gift basket which contained massage oils, stockings with a matching garter, scented candles, and a pocket book called "50 Naughty Li'l Party Games". Sharon started off showing us a couple of camisole sets - one was a cute number in a sweet red heart print and the other was a sheer ruffled white one with a tie ribbon and a matching g-string. They were nice but perhaps we were all just a little bit shy to begin with, although Amy was certainly being rather raucous. Next, Sharon delved in to her box of tricks and pulled out a hot Spanish style red outfit with black lace trim. It was full length satin with a slit on one side that ran right from the top of the hip down to the ankle. It wasn't really my style, but Michelle agreed to try it on and disappeared into the next room to change.

After a couple of minutes, Michelle emerged from the other room wearing the outfit which did indeed fit nicely and it was certainly risqué. Michelle confidently twirled around in the outfit. Amy applauded boisterously while Sharon said it fitted perfectly. Michelle said she really liked it and would buy it. She looked extremely sexy in the outfit and it suited her very well.

"My husband's going to love to see me in this when he get's home," said Michelle.

Next Sharon produced a very elegant little pale blue number. It was a long flowing sheer outfit with a floral lacy midsection and a matching g-string. Amy just loved it and hurried into the next room to try it on. When she emerged, I gasped slightly because Amy's breasts were clearly visible through the filmy material. She had taken her bra off, and I could see her large areoles and her nipples, and the material gently hugged the underside curves of her breasts. Amy did a playfully seductive little dance in front of all of us and I marveled at how toned her body was. The g-string obviously covered very little and I could even see the slight rise of her vulva through the flimsy material. I tried not to stare too much at her crotch and her breasts, but it was rather difficult to avoid!

After a round of applause, Amy returned to the couch. Next Sharon showed us a number of "babydoll" style outfits. Christine really liked one called "sheer magic" which was a see-through pleated chiffon with soft pink lace trimming and black panties and she said she wanted to try it on. She went into the other room and was quite awhile in the other room.

"Hurry up in there," was the catcall for Amy.

Christine came out and paraded coyly in front of us and even did a little mock curtsy. The outfit covered up a little bit more than Amy's had, but her breasts, which were D cups, could be easily seen. I had never seen so much of my friend who had always dressed so demurely. The drinks had flushed away her usually introverted nature and she was certainly behaving like a little minx.

Amy bought another three outfits before Rona or I had bought anything, and she delighted in parading in front of us in these sexy outfits. She was certainly the exhibitionist. She began cajoling Rona and me because we hadn't tried anything on yet.

"If you can't pick something out I'll do it for you," she asserted.

Sharon intervened and said she has just the thing for me. She produced a black lace-covered corset which laced up the front and was tied off with a bow like a shoelace, with matching panties.

"That'll be so sexy on you. C'mon put it on, put in on, I want to see you in it," begged Amy.

My inhibitions had well and truly caved in by now and the thought of being semi-naked in front of these women was forbiddingly delicious. If the others could do it, so could I. I picked up the outfit much to both Amy and Michelle's delight, and I went into the other room to get changed. I stripped down and stood naked in the full length mirror, before slipping on the silky smooth black panties. I picked up the corset and wrapped it around myself, lacing the corset up in front and pulling it tightly before tying the bow. Sharon came in and commented how this outfit would really show off my glorious boobs. I looked at myself in the bedroom mirror and felt the exquisite tightness of the corset across my stomach and chest.

"Give me a sexy look," Sharon said and I obliged.

"Fantastic," she responded and I admired myself in the mirror, particularly the way the garment accentuated my large breasts even further and held them firmly in place. I was ready to make my appearance in front of the other women.

As I appeared, Amy wolf-whistled, and I boldly paraded myself in front of these women. I was no longer at all self-conscious and I felt sexy and confident in my outfit.

"Oh, I wish I had boobs like yours," Michelle said.

I sat back down on the couch, slightly flushed with excitement from showing myself off. I never thought I'd feel this way, but I did. Tim had began taking my body for granted a little and I wasn't used to such direct compliments anymore.

Time drifted on and when Sharon had displayed the last of the plethora of outfits she had managed to cram into the cases she carried, it was close to midnight. Michelle, Rona and Christine looked a bit tired and much to Amy's chagrin said they would have to get changed and head for home. As the other three woman bade farewell, a rather intoxicated Amy coaxed me to stay for one more drink to "celebrate" being a home alone wife. Amy said she'd make us a cocktail and started to rummage around in the cupboards pulling out bottles. We chatted about nothing as she busily prepared our drinks. I decided I was up for it since I could sleep off my hangover in the morning.

I went to the couch and Amy followed, sitting close to me. I could smell the perfume she was wearing. It was stronger than before and I was sure she must have put some more on just before.

Amy looked into my eyes. "Did I have a good time?" she asked in a slightly slurred tone.

"Lovely," I said.

We chatted away and wondered what our husbands were doing and joked how they were missing the fun of their wives dressed in sexy lingerie. After we downed another drink, Amy said.

"Let's have a look to see if there is something fun in that little book Sharon left us."

"Okay," I replied.

Amy flicked through the book and quickly picked out a game called Twenty Questions which was a variation on the usual theme. We were to put pieces of paper in a hat each with a number on it. The numbers were to be from 1 to 40 and each number corresponded to a question in the book. As I numbered the pieces of paper and put them in a hat Amy handed me, she went and got the scented candles which were also part of the gift basket from Sharon, lit them and turned off the lights. The room was now bathed in soft candlelight.

"You go first," said Amy playfully.

I did so and pulled out the number 26 as Amy passed me the book.

"Have you ever been naked in public?" was the first question for Amy.

I guess I knew the answer to this even before Amy quickly responded in the affirmative. I had witnessed her exhibitionism as she had been showing her breasts and butt cheeks for most of the evening. But then I couldn't talk since I wasn't exactly covered from neck to knee as I laid back resplendent in my corset and flimsy stockings.

Amy reached in and drew out number 36 and asked me: "Have you ever had an orgasm from just having your breasts stimulated"?

I blushed as I answered yes. My breasts are incredibly sensitive and if they receive enough attention I can really scream the house down.

It was my turn again and I got to ask Amy "How many vibrators do you own?"

"Three," she answered without blinking. "A pearly bird, a soft pink number about six inches a long, and a little slimline one I sometimes keep in my hand bag."

The next question I was asked was when was the last time I had masturbated.

"This morning," I replied.

"So did I," exclaimed Amy and then added, "I have more orgasms when my husband is away than when he is home."

As the questions rolled on we had found out an awful lot about each other's sex lives. It must have been the alcohol speaking in combination with the whole naughtiness of the evening, because I have never been one to reveal intimate details about myself to my girlfriends.

As we played the game, Amy and I had moved closer together on the couch and I found myself gazing into Amy's eyes. I had noticed that her gaze occasionally dropped to my chest. I have always been bi-curious but have never so much as kissed another woman and would never have the courage to make the first move. I think Amy may have sensed both my interest and my trepidation.

Amy went to say something else and then coyly giggled like a naughty school girl and said

"Never mind, it's nothing."

"No, go on tell me," I beckoned.

With eyes twinkling in the candlelight, Amy blurted out simply, "I want to kiss you."

I was surprised but not shocked, and before I could say anything, Amy had grabbed both my hands and we both drifted in unison up off the couch. She pulled me gently towards her, it was almost like slow motion as our bodies floated together, and for the first time in my life I was passionately kissing and being kissed by a woman. Amy had wrapped both her arms around me and I could feel her breasts pushed up hard against mine. The feathery touch of Amy's fingertips across my bare back and shoulders was making me shiver with excitement.

We kissed for what seemed like sweet eternity. Amy's tongue had slipped into my mouth and danced over my own. She then started to gently nuzzle my neck and ear lobe as she breathlessly and huskily whispered into my ear while her fingertips roamed wantonly across my back. In breathless fragments, Amy started to whisper dirty talk into my ear.

"I've wanted you since the first time I saw you. I want to bury my face between your beautiful tits. I want to lick your pussy and hear you scream. I want to rub my pussy all over your face. Tell me what you like and I'll do it to you baby. God I'm wet, just so hot and wet for you Diana. Promise me you'll lick me good baby... slowly... promise me."

Amy broke off the embrace and moved her lips down to my creamy soft globes that had been pushed up and out by the corset. Her soft kisses and hot breath on the top of my breasts had me shuddering with expectation. As she was kissing the top my breasts, I saw that one of Amy's hands was lightly stroking her own crotch through the flimsy fabric of the g-string. After an exquisite minute or two, Amy lifted her head, looked me in the eye, and moved her hands up and slowly started to untie my corset. Slowly, ever so slowly, she unlaced the top lace, then the second and then the third. Amy then reached in and gently lifted my boobs from the now partly opened corset, her fingers started to lightly caress them. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter as Amy moved her fingers slowly around the outside of my breasts. All the time she was staring into my eyes and whispering wantonly

"You're so beautiful Diana, my darling. Your kisses have made me so wet... my pussy is dripping for you. My little clitty is waiting for your touch... and your tongue. She needs you tonight, baby. I know your pussy is going to taste like honey. Your big breasts are so soft and divine... I want to kiss them Diana... I want to kiss them so much."

With that Amy moved her mouth to my nipple and inhaled it. I gasped in sheer pleasure. She shifted from one breast to the other, but just as I felt my excitement building even further, Amy slowly stood up again and smiled seductively at me. She then undid the rest of the laces and I shook myself out of the corset, now completely topless in front of this woman in the flickering candlelight. The unmistakable aroma of aroused pussy was now starting to drift throughout the room.

I had never undressed another woman or touched her erogenous zones but I wanted Amy. I reached out and started to softly stroke the underside of Amy's breasts through the thin material. Her eyes fluttered shut and I saw her lightly bite her lip as my hands glided over the soft swell of her breasts. I moved my fingers up to Amy's bullet-like nipples and a little moan escaped her lips as soon as I touched them. I lightly grasped the undersides of both breasts in the palms of my hands, while I teasingly danced my thumbs around Amy's nipples. I kept this up until Amy whispered furtively:

"Undress me Diana, please undress me now."

I flicked the thin straps of the lingerie off one shoulder and then the other and Amy reached down and lifted the garment off. The soft candlelight danced off her bare breasts. We were now both topless and only in g-strings and stockings and we moved towards each other again and embraced, our bare breasts squeezing together and our lips meeting as we kissed deeply. Amy's crotch was against my thigh and she ground it slowly but firmly against me.

"Come with me to the bedroom," she whispered, and led me by the hand through the house to a bedroom with soft lighting where we laid down together. Straight away, one of Amy's hands descended to my pussy and I opened my thighs almost involuntarily. Amy stroked my pussy through the flimsy panties - long, slow, firm strokes. Amy was running her other hand through my hair and kissing me deeply again before looking me in the eye and saying

"Let's take these panties off shall we. You won't be needing them again tonight."

I lifted my buttocks off the bed as Amy slid my g-string off and moved herself between my legs. I opened my thighs wide as Amy moved her fingers up to spread my pussy lips.

"Fuck, you're so hot and wet. Your pussy is soaked Diana. It's dripping pussy juice and I want to lick it up and feel you cum on my tongue. Oh, won't you cum on my face Diana. Please cum on my face."

Amy's lips descended onto my engorged sex and she rhythmically sucked my pussy lips and clit into her mouth. I yelped in pleasure at the sensations. I knew I was going to cum very quickly. I was moaning aloud and squirming on the bed, thrusting my pussy almost uncontrollably against Amy's mouth. She slid two fingers straight into me and started to finger fuck me. My pussy was so wet I could hear it squelch as Amy's fingers firmly thrust in and out. I was clawing at my own nipples as orgasmic wave after orgasmic wave crashed over me. I squeezed Amy's head between my quivering thighs as I thrashed around in pure ecstasy. This woman had given me an orgasm like none I had ever had before. I laid back panting and gasping as I came down from a dizzying height.

Amy pushed herself up on to her elbows and just smiled back at me from between my still splayed legs.

"Oh Diana you came so hard, my darling. Just lie back now and watch me make myself cum. My pussy is so wet Diana, it's oozing. Watch me touch myself Diana, I love it when someone's watching me touch my wet pussy."

Diana shuffled around on the bed and slipped off her own g-string. Even in the soft light I could see that the front of it had been sodden. Amy laid down and opened her thighs so that I had the perfect view of her pussy. She looked me in the eye as the fingers of her left hand started to squirm vigorously around her pussy lips and clit. It didn't take long and after only a couple of minutes she was there.

"Watch me cum Diana. Watch me cum. Oh fuck. Fuck Diana I'm cumming..."

Amy unleashed a guttural groan and I watched transfixed as she convulsed in front of me, writhing in an orgasm that nearly saw her fling herself right off the bed.

As Amy recovered her breath, neither of us spoke or really moved for a little while before Amy broke the silence.

"Did you like watching me touch myself? I loved doing it for you, baby."

Amy moved up and languidly nuzzled my neck and fondled my breast.

"I want to watch you touch yourself now. Will you do that for me. Stick your fingers in your pussy and fuck yourself. I want to see it," whispered Amy.

I was already very horny again after watching Amy bring herself to orgasm. Without speaking I moved myself on the bed, got myself comfortable and spread my legs to give Amy an eyeful of my pussy. I went straight to teasingly circling my clit with a single finger but not touching its center. Clockwise, then counter-clockwise. I did this slowly for a couple of minutes and then dipped two fingers into my pussy right to the hilt and withdrew them quickly. I did this over and over again as this always turns me on.

"Keep going Diana. Your pussy play is turning me on again. Fuck yourself with your fingers. You're going to have to lick my pussy soon Diana. Can you do that for me?"

I respond to her with an affirmative moan. I'd never licked a pussy before but I wanted to badly. I wanted to lick Amy's pussy. Amy had got up and was standing on the bed, she moved to straddle my face, lowering her wet pussy slowly towards my mouth. I breathed in the aroma of Amy as she descended and tasted pussy for the first time as her pussy lips rested on my mouth. I was now fucking myself vigorously with my own fingers. Amy was facing back towards my feet and her hands encircled both my breasts extremely firmly, flicking my nipples in unison with her thumbs. She then started to slide her pussy around my mouth and talk dirty again.

"Taste me Diana, Lick me. Your tongue feels so good. Oh fuck, Diana. I want to cum on your face, cum on your face as I squeeze your hot nipples. Keep fucking yourself, Diana. I can see you fucking yourself."

My lips had encircled Amy's clit and I started sucking on it hard. As I did so Amy stopped talking and started to whimper. She was now squeezing my nipples hard and then letting go and then squeezing again, twisting them ever so slightly as she did so. They felt like they were on fire. My second orgasm for the night was building as I started to fuck myself harder with my fingers. As I did this, Amy forced her pussy down hard onto my face and screamed in an orgasm, her hands encircled my breasts below the areoles and she wrenched them upwards at the height of her scream. It was too much for me and my own orgasm followed, my screams muffled by Amy's pussy which was still partly smothering my face.

"Oh Diana you lick pussy like a dream," said Amy in a breathless tone.

I was still gasping and lost for words and could only respond with a satiated groan.

Amy rolled over and got out of bed. Crossing the room she went to the dresser and rummaging around in a drawer for a moment pulled out a huge double-ended jelly dildo. She came back and showed it to me.

"I want to fuck you... and I want you to fuck me. Please fuck me with my toy," she said with a soft, throaty voice. Amy sat down on the bed facing me. She leaned back on one arm and spread her legs wide, showing me her still wet pussy. She took one end of the pink jelly monster and shoved it into her with a long groan. As it found its place inside her slick pussy she looked up at me. "Please baby, please fuck me, now."

I moved forward intertwining my legs with hers and took the other end of the dildo, slipping it inside me and then moving closer to Amy and letting the jelly cock slide deeper into me. With us now sitting pussy to pussy with the dildo between us, Amy started rocking back and forth, fucking herself and me at the same time. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me as her hips ground into mine, the dildo moving and squirming inside us. My hips began moving similarly, on their own, as Amy and I fucked each other. God it was so hot! We were close enough that every so often our clits would rub on the others, sending us both into orbit. It wasn't long before we were both ready to cum again.

"Oh god baby, I'm gonna cum again! Oh make me cum... Please!" Amy cried.

Her pleas only aroused me more. "Ohhh.. Oh Amy! Oh, I'm cumming too..."

Then suddenly we both were swept away in another tremendous orgasm, this time simultaneously and we clawed and grasped each other as we shared our orgasm, each of us spilling our pussy juice onto the bed and smearing our love between us. With every shudder and convulsion, we sent the other back over the edge - we both must have had three or four orgasms each right then.

Finally we fell backwards on the bed, gasping for breath and afraid to move for fear of starting it all over again.

Eventually we came down and Amy pulled the dildo out of us both, licking my juices off before tossing it on the bed. She crawled around cuddled me and we both basked in the afterglow of wonderful sex. We said very little more that night and fell asleep in each other's arms.

I knew this would be my first, but not last experience with Amy...

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