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An Afternoon Surprise- Part 1

Two married, closeted bi guys have a little fun
It was another lonely Friday afternoon. I was home alone and the wife was working yet another double shift. The phone rang and I saw on the caller I.D. that it was my buddy Al from work.

I picked up and Al's cheerful voice asked what I was up to. I told him nothing, as usual. He asked if I wanted some company. He said he would bring the beer and a movie. Of course I said yes. I was broke and it sounded like a perfect idea.

A little history is needed here. Al and I had discovered we were both bi and deeply closeted through a men's hook up app we both used at the time. It was a very fortuitous discovery. We had managed to get together to play once before. And we both enjoyed it.

But, subsequent attempts had been thwarted by work schedules. I didn't think much about it when he called up. So, I straightened the living room so it wasn't so cluttered.

At the appointed time, the doorbell rang. I opened the door and there was Al.

Now, let me describe Al. He is a big, bear of a man. He stands a hair over 6 feet. He weighs a litte North of 300lbs. He has a full head of long, curly hair that he keeps pulled in to a pony tail. He has a swarthy complexion and a full, close cropped beard. And several tribal style tattoos paying homage to his Native American heritage. He's a handsome man with disarming smile and seems to do well with the ladies.

I, on the other hand, stand about 5' 7". I weigh around 210. I have close cropped salt and pepper hair and hazel eyes. I'm somewhat dark complected because I spend a lot of time out in the weather and the sun. Yeah, I'm a little fat guy.

Al walked in and handed me the beer and waved the movie at me and grinned. We made small talk while I put the beer in the fridge and pulled a couple out for us.

I flipped Al's to him and asked him about the movie. He said that I would enjoy it. So, I turned everything on and put the movie in.

It started with a gorgeous, buxom redhead preparing to give a blowjob to a stud who had at least 12" of uncut cock. She started by stroking the monster cock. Rolling his foreskin back to expose the huge, mushroom shaped head. Drops of precum were already starting to well up. The redhead dived on to the head of his cock. And began to apply her talents to it.

When her lips made it to the actor's balls, I heard Al moan. I looked over and he had his cock out and was slowly stroking it. He made the comment that he was jealous. But, he didn't know of which one. Him for getting a world-class blowjob. Or her for being able to swallow that monster.

He asked me to pause it so he could go to the bathroom. I heard the door close and reopen a few minutes later.

Al came strolling back out wearing nothing but what he came in to the world with. Well, except for the bear coat he had grown since then. Al looks like a walking bear rug. Oh, and a raging hard on.

I was wearing nothing but a loose fitting pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt. No underwear. Just letting everything hang loose.

I restarted the movie. And as the heavy breathing and moaning started back up, Al knelt down and slid his hand up the leg of my shorts. Watching me. Gauging my reaction. He got the go ahead nod and reached further up.

His amazingly soft hand grazed the head of my semi erect cock. It twitched and grew towards his hand. He reached further up and began massaging the head. I grew into the palm of his hand as he started to rub. Getting harder by the moment until I could have punched holes in armor plate with my cock.

He pulled his hand out reached for my waistband and pulled my shorts down and off. Leaning forward to catch my cock in his mouth as it came free.

His wet mouth felt like a steam bath around the head. He licked and sucked the head. Swirling his tongue around it and my slit.

My eyes were rolling back in response to his magic ministrations.

He began to bob up and down on my cock. Taking more with each stroke until he gagged. Not quite getting all of it. But, working wonders on what he was able to get.

With his other hand, he began working my balls. Massaging and working them. Feeling them begin to swell.

His incedibly hot mouth work was beginning to have the desired effect. I was moaning and saying non sense words because of the extacy I was in. Al was an incredible cock sucker. And was proving it to me for a second time.

As my balls started to tighten and draw up, I warned him I was about to cum. This only served to make Al more determined. He began sucking harder, faster and deeper. Hell bent and determined to make me lose my mind with this blowjob. His big, shaggy head was bouncing up and down in my lap like a psychotic carousel horse.

As I began to blow my load, he never let up. With my hips bucking up and down, he took my cock right to the point of gagging. As my semen spilled out, Al never lost a drop. Swallowing for all he was worth. My mind was blown.

As my explosion slowed and ended, Al continued to bob and suck. Making sure I was drained. As I softened, he stroked me lovingly and gently until I had gone completely limp.

He stood up and moved over to the other couch and sat down. I noticed his rock hard cock. I said something needs to be done with that. He agreed.
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