An Angel for Christmas-Chapter 2

By EmmaRussell

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Gina falls in love with Max the first time they make love.
Max and Gina had been working together at the coffee shop near the college that they both attended. They had been dating for only a month. But, Gina fell in love with him the night that they had sex for the first time. The last customer had left for the night and they were closing up the coffee shop. Max locked the door and grabbed Gina by the waist. Bringing her to him, he gave her a passionate kiss. His tongue slipped between her lips and she sucked on it. She could feel Max’s cock growing. Her pussy was getting wetter by the second. Max went to unbutton her shirt when she stopped him.

“We can’t do it here,” she exclaimed.

“Why not,” asked Max pulling her into him.

“Somebody will walk by and see us,” she replied.

“Fine, we’ll go in the kitchen,” he said as he spun her around and ground his cock into her ass.

With both hands she reached behind him and grabbed an ass cheek in each hand. She gyrated her ass against him as he brought his hands around to squeeze her breasts. He was so hot and horny that he thought he was going to cum in his jeans. He started walking toward the kitchen with Gina in front of him. She released her grip from his ass and walked toward the kitchen, Max in tow.

As soon as they entered the kitchen Max pulled her to him and kissed her. His hands roamed down her back and to her ass. Gina wrapped her arms around him. She felt like she was floating on air. Max lifted her up and placed her on the kitchen counter. Gina leaned back placing her hands on either side of her for support. Max rubbed Gina’s thighs and pushed her uniform dress up to expose her pussy. She wasn’t wearing any panties. He couldn’t believe what a beautiful red mound she had. He spread her legs to see her wet pinkness. Getting to his knees, he leaned in and licked her slit. Sliding a finger into her sweet pussy, Max continued to lick her clit. Gina unzipped her uniform dress and caressed her breasts. Max’s finger was sliding in and out of her pussy so fast and he was sucking on her clit. She hadn’t been with that many guys. But, most of them only licked her slit. They never payed attention to her clit at all.

Gina caressed her breasts and pinched her nipples. She ran her hand through Max’s blonde hair. Grabbing a handful of his hair she held his face to her pussy while he sucked away at her. His tongue was doing things to her that only one person had ever done before. Angel. Gina couldn’t believe that she was thinking about Angel right now. But, the way that Max was going down on her reminded her of what Angel had done to her. Images of Angel’s tongue licking and sucking her clit made her even hornier. She could smell her own juices now. It was intoxicating. All she could picture was Angel’s sweet pussy right there in front of her face as she licked away at it. God, how she missed Angel. After they left for college, Gina had lost touch with Angel. She hadn’t heard from her in two years. With the way Max was sucking her clit and fingering her hot pussy, she couldn’t take it anymore. Gina leaned her head back and pinched her nipples harder.

“Oh God, I’m gonna cum,” she screamed.

Every muscle in her body tightened. Max growled into her pussy and shook his head from side to side as he sucked on her clit harder. Gina’s pussy felt like it was going to explode. She lifted her ass up and ground her pussy into his face. Nobody had ever made her feel like that since Angel. A wave of pleasure exploded like a million fireworks bursting in the air.

“Ah, ah, yeah,” she screamed. She let out one last, long, moaning “ah” and melted onto the counter.

Max pulled his finger out of her pussy and licked her dripping slit. She jumped and pushed his head away.

“No more,” she panted.

“Will you go down on me,” Max questioned.

“I would love to have your cock in my mouth,” she said with a grin.

Max looked up at her and smiled. He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her to him. Their lips met in a frantic tongue lashing. His hands were all over her body. And hers were all over him. Max guided her over to the table by the sink and pulled out a chair. He unzipped his jeans and pushed them down to his ankles. Gina took his long, hard cock in her hands and stroked it up and down. He sat in the chair as she knelt down in front of him. Her long red hair cascaded over his legs. She opened her mouth and closed it over the tip of his cock. The hot, wet feeling of her mouth almost made him cum right then and there. He grabbed a handful of her hair in each hand. He began thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth. She was so beautiful. Her mouth felt so good on his cock. With one hand pumping the base of his cock, her mouth sucked away at him. All he could think about was fucking her up the ass.

Max pushed her hair to the side and held it with one hand. He wanted to watch her go down on him. It was the hottest thing that he had ever seen. Her head bobbed up and down. She slowed down a bit and began massaging his balls in her other hand. Every time her mouth came back up to the tip of his cock, she sucked harder and then shoved her mouth back down his shaft. His eyes rolled in his head. He was ready to cum. But, he wanted to fuck her.

“Stop,” he gasped as he held her head in place. She looked up at him and removed her mouth from his cock.

“I want to fuck you,” he growled.

They both stood up and he turned her around and bent her over the table. She lifted her dress up to her waist. Her ass was so beautiful. Max bent over and placed kisses all over her ass.

“Hurry,” said Gina wiggling her ass at him.

Max put his cock in his hand and stroked it. He grabbed her hips and placed his cock in between her ass cheeks. It was a bit dry so he slid his cock between her dripping wet pussy lips. Gina moaned and thrust her ass towards him. He thrust his hard cock between her lips again and then brought it to her ass. He pumped his cock in between her ass cheeks. Then, holding his cock with one hand, he aimed the tip of it right at her asshole. The second he touched her asshole and pushed a little bit, she jumped.

“I think you’ve got the wrong hole,” she said.

Max took that as a sign that he wasn’t going to fuck her pretty little asshole tonight. He pushed her ass cheeks open and slid the head of his cock into her wet pussy instead. Holding her hips, he pulled her onto his cock. Gina threw her head back and moaned. The hair that cascaded down her back looked like it was on fire. He reached for her hair and wrapped his hand in it. With a handful of hair in one hand and her hip in the other, he thrust his cock in and out of her. He pulled her hair with each inward thrust of his cock. She screamed with pleasure and slammed her ass into him. He pumped harder and faster until he was ready to explode. He wanted to stick his finger in her ass. It always felt so good on his cock when he rubbed his finger around in someone’s ass.He could feel it on his cock and it made his orgasm more intense.

He kept shoving his cock into her. He massaged her asshole with his thumb.

“Oh, ya, that’s it,” she moaned.

He switched to his little finger and tried to push it into her asshole.

“Ow, that hurts,” she cried.

He decided not to force her. He didn’t want to hurt her. He loved her. He had fallen in love with her the moment he laid eyes on her. He pulled her closer to him and reached around in front of her. He was ready to cum. He couldn’t hold back anymore. Her ass was so fucking hot. But, he wanted her to cum too. He reached his hand around the front of her and started rubbing her clit while he thrust his cock deep inside of her. His hand worked fast on her clit while he slammed his cock hard and deep inside of her. She was so wet and her pussy was clenching his cock so hard. Her pussy was pulsating. He couldn’t hold back anymore.

“I’m gonna cum,” he moaned.

“Me too,” she panted.

Max stood up and grabbed her by her hips and slammed her ass into him. He squeezed her ass cheeks together and with a final thrust he exploded inside of her. Gina let out a scream and ground her ass in a circle against him.

Gina and Max were married a year later. Now, at the age of 26, Gina was the happiest that she had ever been. She and Max had just purchased an exotic night club together with the money that his uncle had left him in his will. The Exotic Butterfly was their baby. Max spent most of his time there. And Gina, with a bachelor’s degree in journalism, spent a lot of time writing freelance for Bliss magazine. The article that she had written for Bliss Magazine about the Exotic Butterfly had brought in a lot of customers. Gina couldn’t imagine that life could get any better.

“Babe, I’m leaving for work,” shouted Max.

Max waited by the door for Gina to come say her good-byes. Gina always gave him a hug and a kiss before he left. It was something that they had done since they first moved in together six and a half years ago. Gina got up from her computer desk and wrapped her robe around her.

“I’m coming baby,” Gina yelled to him.

“That’s what you said last night,” Max chuckled.

“That’s what I say every night,” giggled Gina.

Gina reached up and wrapped her arms around Max’s neck. Max leaned down and kissed her passionately.

When her lips parted, he slapped her on the ass and said, “I’ll wake you up when I get home.”

“You’d better,” she said as she opened her robe exposing her naked body.

Max licked his lips and then bent down and took one of Gina’s nipples into his mouth. Gina moaned and pulled him to her. She gyrated her hips on his leg. Max released her nipple and kissed her again.

“Sorry babe, I gotta go,” he said as he pinched her nipple. “You’ll have to take care of yourself.”

“Damn it, why do you do that to me?”

“Cuz I want you to be ready for me when I get home,” he said.

“I’m always ready for you,” she said with a sly grin on her face.

“Remember, think about what you want for Christmas,” said Max.

“All I want is you baby,” Gina said as she smacked his ass.

“I love you,” Max said giving her a quick kiss.

“I love you more,” she replied.

As soon as Max was out the door, Gina headed straight for the bedroom. He did that to her every time he left for work. He was so handsome with his blonde spiked hair and azure blue eyes. His face was sculpted like a Greek god and his body was rock hard just like his dick would be later tonight. The thought of his hard dick made her pussy ache. She knew that she wasn’t going to be able to get any work done until she took care of herself. She slid her robe off her shoulders as she walked to the nightstand on Max’s side of the bed. She opened the top drawer, and flipped through the magazines. She pulled out the December issue of Playboy. She hadn’t seen this one yet.

Gina went to her dresser and lit a few candles. It was two weeks before Christmas so all her candles were either pumpkin and spice or apples and cinnamon scented. Opening her top dresser drawer she eyed the plethora of toys before her. She thought about her Max Vibrating Cock and balls vibrator. This bad boy is big and very life like. It’s seven inches long and two and half inches in diameter with a suction cup on the bottom. It’s perfect to suction to a chair when she’s in the mood to straddle fuck something. But, she would be straddle fucking her own Max cock later tonight when he came home from work. Gina giggled at that thought. Instead, she chose her pink and silver Rabbit Vibrator with a clitoral stimulator. That would do the job for now.

Gina tossed the magazine on the bed and lay down next to it on her side. She spread her legs wide and rubbed the Rabbit vibrator along her pussy lips before turning it on. She grabbed the magazine and opened it up. The women in this magazine turned her on. They were so beautiful with their shapely bodies and luscious tits. She slid the vibrator in and out of her pussy slowly as she scanned the pages of lovely naked bodies. She was getting more aroused with each woman she saw. One was sexier than the next. Gina rolled on her back and wiggled her ass from side to side on the velvety soft bedspread. This wasn’t working. She wanted to see the women and take care of herself at the same time. Propping the magazine on her pillow, she got on her knees and faced the headboard. With her left hand, she ran her hand through her hair. She traced her curves down her neck to her size 36C left breast. She kept hearing Max’s sexy voice in her head.

“I want you to be ready for me when I get home,” his voice echoed in her head.

The rabbit vibrator in her pussy was pulsating. She pushed the vibrator as deep into her hot pussy as it would go. The clitoral stimulator on the vibrator was driving her mad. She rocked back and forth on her knees. As she flipped the page of the magazine, she stopped moving. There, in all her glory was the centerfold. Those curves, those breasts, and that long raven hair. Memories of that night came flooding back. She hadn’t thought about Angel in quite some time. Seeing Angel spread eagle in the center of Playboy made her so hot. She rubbed her finger over the picture of Angel’s pussy. Oh how she wanted her again. She couldn’t believe, after all these years, she was seeing her for the first time in Playboy magazine.

Gina lay down on the bed on her belly, the vibrator driving her mad. She licked the picture of Angel’s pussy as she caressed her own breast and pinched her nipple. She placed a kiss on Angel’s lips and traced her tongue down the page to Angel’s pussy again. Gina could still remember how Angel’s pussy tasted. She pumped her ass up and down into the bed as she continued to lick the picture of Angel’s pussy. A wave of pleasure shot through her body. Her clit was so hard. She clenched her ass cheeks together. Her legs stretched out straight and tight. Her toes were pointed like a ballerina’s. Her pussy started contracting. Gina fell face first into the magazine as she ground her pussy into the bed. A sea of thoughts went through her mind as she climaxed. Would she ever see Angel again? Gina fell asleep on her tummy with her juices dripping into the maroon silk sheets. She couldn’t wait until Max got home and woke her up.