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And Now For Something Completely Different

my girlfriend lets me act out a long desired fantasy
It had started by accident. I was approaching 25 and I was fast becoming bored with my sex life. It would take 3 to 4 weeks before my girlfriend was even remotely horny and even then it would just be the same old missionary position. I had tried to spice things up with toys, new positions and lingerie but for some reason she never seemed to respond. So I started using porn a lot more, but again this fast became boring looking at some fake titted actress who I could tell wasn't really enjoying the scene. This lead to me looking for new and exciting catergories to shake things up a bit, and this is where I first watched gay porn.

I had always considered myself straight until I watched a guy getting a blowjob off of another guy and to my complete surprise I found myself starting to get hard. So for the past few months I had been thinking about what it would like to be with a man. I love my girlfriend but I couldn't get the image of the guy swallowing another guys load out of my head. I thought about it constantly and so I decided to experiment whilst she was out of the house. I had previously bought her a 6 inch rubber dildo for when I wasn't there in the hope that it might ignite some passion between us. So one day while she was out shopping I put on some porn and started exploring my ass. I knew she would be a while so I relaxed myself and applied some lube to my finger.

At first I started to just rub around the outside, I had heard from gay friends that their first time hurt so I went slowly and took my time. Then I slipped a finger inside myself and was amazed at how amazing it felt. What had I been missing out on! Then I lubed up the dildo and started to push it against myself. At first it felt as though I was going to split wide open and so I rested momentarily until I got used to the sensation. After a few minutes I started to relax and found that I could slide the dildo in and out of my tight virgin ass much easier. I loved the sensation of having something inside of me as I slowly fucked myself and started to play with my hard cock, god this was sensational! As the dildo got deeper and deeper into me I must have lost myself because unknown to me my girlfriend had returned home and walked in on me fully erect with a dildo up my ass. She was shocked and for a few days after nothing was mentioned about it.

Eventually over the dinner table she plucked up the courage to ask me if I had enjoyed myself using her toy the other day. I had been going through this conversation in my head a thousand times but now that she was saying the words I couldn't think of what to say and froze. "Well?" she asked me. I decided honesty was the best policy and confided in her that I had been thinking of how it would feel to have something inside of me. I had thought our sex life dead but to my astonishment she looked into my eyes and simply replied "well you looked like you were enjoying yourself, so instead of having SOMETHING inside you how about having SOMEONE inside you?" I was gobsmacked. What were my ears hearing? However before I had time to think my mouth was already agreeing! So we arranged for a friend of mine to come round a few weeks later. I had found myself checking him out in the gym recently and when he agreed to a threesome with us I was ecstatic.

We were drinking a couple of glasses of wine when my girlfriend said she needed the loo and would be back shortly and winked at me and my friend suggestively. After a few minutes my friend moved beside me pushed and his finger against my lips to silence me. Then he started to rub my cock through my trousers. I felt myself getting harder by the second as he undid my fly and pulled my stiff cock out. Then he leaned down and started to lick the head of my cock and slide his tongue up and down the shaft. God this was good and to make it even better my girlfriend had returned, standing in the door way with just a red mesh thong on, her hand down her underwear rubbing her clit as she watched us. Her nipples were rock hard and I could hear her moaning slightly.

After a short time she walked over and joined my mate down by my cock. Both of them taking turns to slide my dick into their warm waiting mouths. A few drops of pre-cum had appeared on my head and my friend and my girlfriend licked it off together, locking their tongues around me. I couldn't believe how good this was, my girlfriend was letting me indulge myself not just with another person but another man!

I swapped around and now I was on my knees with my mates cock in front of my eyes. All of the times I had wondered what it would be like to have a cock in my mouth. How would it taste? How much could I fit into my mouth? Somewhat nervously I didn't mess around and swallowed him whole. I could feel him sliding slowly down my throat and to my surprise found I could take all 7 inches of him. Feeling his balls against my lips was one of the most unforgettable sensations i'd ever had. Suddenly I felt pressure on my ass and turned around to see that my girlfriend had put on a strap-on and was proceeding to enter me from behind. This is what I had been wanting for a while now and as she pushed into me I felt myself going weak at the knees.

I couldn't believe it. I had a dildo in my ass and another guys cock in my mouth. I loved the sensation of being used by the other two to pleasure themselves and I found myself pushing back against my girlfriend. The sight of this was all to much for my mate and he announced he was about to come. So I speed up my actions and sure enough I felt his dick stiffen in my mouth. Just a moment later I felt his hot creamy cum unleash into my mouth and loved the taste of it.

I swallowed it down in one and my friend announced "now its your turn". He reached over the bed and picked up the lube and spread it all over my cock. Then he turned around and let me fuck him doggy. It was so tight I couldn't believe it. This was truly amazing. I was getting fucked whilst fucking someone else! The feeling of my girlfriend sliding in and out of me and my cock pumping away into my friends ass was unlike anything I had felt before and before long I was ready to blow my load. My girlfriend pulled out of me and my friend turned around so both were kneeling in front of me. My girlfriend started stroking me towards my friends mouth. Just the sight was enough to tip me over the edge and I blew my load into his open mouth in a trembelling orgasm. "Wow" was all I could imagine. "Indeed just you wait for whats in-store for round two" My girlfriend said...

to be continued

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