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And our girlfriend makes three--the Garden of Eden

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Our threesome experiment takes off, and soars.
We left the bistro and the ride home was something to behold.

I was trying to keep the car under control, while Steph and Janine were in the backseat getting comfortable with each other. They were only hugging and kissing, but the sounds they were making were driving me wild. I adjusted the rearview mirror to get a better look and I spent more time watching them than I was on the road. Thankfully the traffic was light so I didn't get into an accident, but I was all over the road. If the police had been around I would have some big-time explaining to do. I decided to move the mirror back and get us back home in one piece. Fun could wait.

I had asked Janine if she needed to stop by her place and pick up some things, but she said she always carries a spare toothbrush and what-nots in her purse, just in case. As Steph and I wanted this to be a live-in arrangement, I told her that we could get more of her belongings the next day. She smiled seductively and told me that, for now, all she needed was inside the car. I couldn't wait to get home after hearing that.

Once we got home we all rushed into the house, with Steph and Janine going to the bedroom to get some things. I decided to open some more wine and lit some candles for mood. We have a huge sectional in our great room and it has been the scene of some exciting times for Steph and myself. I figured that we should start our time with Janine there. With the candles burning, the lights dimmed and the wine breathing the table was set, so to speak.

These two lovely ladies came into the room holding hands, but Janine wanted to thank me in her own way. She wrapped her arms around me and proceeded to give me one of the best open-mouthed kisses I have ever had.

Breaking the kiss, she began purring into my ear, telling me how much she wanted to please both of us. Her hand found its way into my pants, exploring for my cock. Once she found it she softly groped it, sliding her smooth fingers up and down the shaft.

"I've wanted to hold this for so long", she said. "Now my wishes have been granted", she added, sliding my pants down and onto the floor.

She dropped to her knees and admired my still-growing cock, cooing and licking her lips. I could feel her exquisite breath on my cock and it was making me harder by the second.

Meanwhile, Stephanie was behind me, stroking my hair and planting wet, delicious kisses along my neck and shoulders. "I love this, Dane", she told me. "I'm so glad we asked Janine to be with us".

At that, she began to caress my ass, slowly squeezing the cheeks and working her lips down my back. I always loved it when she used her tongue down there. I was hoping it would be her destination.

Steph and Janine broke off contact with me long enough to remove the remainder of my clothes. I was wild with anticipation and could only wonder what would come next. It didn't take long.

Janine went back to her task of working on my cock, replacing her hands with her warm, wet mouth. She was on her knees again and licked the entire length of my shaft, alternately kissing and licking it.

Just as she was bringing me to my full, rock hard glory, Steph began kissing between the cheeks of my ass, working her tongue between them to get at my own puckered asshole. She probed me with her tongue and gently slipped a finger inside me. The sensation was almost too much to take.

As I was basking in the throes of getting my ass invaded, Janine took me into her mouth, her tongue swirling around the head of my cock. She alternated between sucking hard and sucking softly, her own saliva creating a lubrication which made it slippery and easy for her to work up and down on it. Her hands stroked my balls, gently squeezing them to urge me on.

I looked down at her face as she sucked my cock. Her nostrils flared and her eyes were squinting. Obviously she was enjoying it as much as I was. She broke her hold on my dick long enough to ask me one question.

"Dane, my darling", she said. "Would you please cum in my mouth?"

Stephanie had worked her way around to my front side and gave Janine an oral assist on my balls. It was excruciating with pleasure.

With the two of them working me into a frenzy, it wouldn't be long before I unloaded my hot, thick cum for them. The sensations were taking me to a sexual height I had never known.

Suddenly, it was time. I could hold back no longer. "I'm cumming!!!", I screamed, and then it seemed as if I couldn't stop ejaculating.

Janine took as much as she could. Her mouth was filled to bursting, and cum was leaking down her cheeks. Steph was waiting, there to take care of the overflow.

The two of them sucked me dry, and then did something I had read about and had seen in porn movies, but never experienced.

They embraced and shared my cum.

Janine was poised over Stephanie's waiting, open mouth and allowed my seed to slowly ooze from her mouth into Stephanie's. Steph took it in and greedily swallowed it.

They then licked the cum from each other's bodies.

They were clearly enjoying this, and they were becoming aroused by it.

"Dane, you look tired", Janine said.

Steph said "Why don't you lay back and rest up for round two?" "It's our turn to put on a show for you."

If this was heaven, I never wanted to leave.

They began by kissing each other, warm wet, open-mouthed kisses that belied a hunger, a desire to possess each other.

Janine was on her back when Steph worked her way down her body, sucking on her very erect nipples and working down to her cunt.

Janine had what I would describe as a partial bush, a tuft of thick black hair just above her mound. Steph ran her fingers through it, making Janine squirm with delight.

Steph then put her mouth on her hairy mound and proceeded to eat her pussy. Steph was enjoying her work, slurping Janine's juices and using her fingers to supplement her tongue and lips.

I was surprised how fast it all was. As Steph continued eating Janine's pussy, Janine began to thrust her hips up, taking her pussy further into Stephanie's mouth.

She began to moan loudly, shaking as she did so.

And a moment later, her orgasm had begun. It was colossal in its intensity. It was all Steph could do to stay on her pussy, as Janine was bucking wildly.

And as suddenly as it began, it was over. They were both bathed in sweat, Janine's legs wrapped around Steph's head as if she would never let her go.

Steph broke the silence, telling Janine that it was her turn to cum.

She broke free of Janine's hold and slowly went up Janine's body, allowing Janine a chance to touch her. She kept moving upward, giving Janine her breasts.

Janine sucked on Steph's breasts, biting her nipples and squeezing them, softly at first and then harder.

Meanwhile, I lay on the sidelines, an avid viewer of this Sapphic wonder. I was getting hard already as they gave each other such pleasure, the sounds of their lovemaking filling the room.

Stephanie continued her march up Janine's body and it became obvious what was coming.

"Sit on my face, baby", Janine implored her. "Smother my face with your pussy".

With that, Stephanie straddled Janine's head, resting her ass on Janine's tits.

Janine lapped up her cunt, her hands on Stephanie's ass in order to hold her in place. She ate heartily, sucking on her pussy loudly and making smacking sounds.

Steph was rolling her hips back and forth, grinding her pussy into Janine's face and forcing it even harder onto her. She reached behind her and found Janine's pussy, working it with her fingers, prodding Janine into eating her more furiously.

Now Janine was the one wriggling. She couldn't get enough of Stephanie's pussy or her fingers. She was moaning as loud as Steph was now.

Steph arched her back and told Janine that she was cumming. She knew she was going to squirt and tried to release her pussy from Janine's mouth, but her efforts failed. She began to release her juices all over Janine's face.

Janine took it all, loving every drop of Stephanie's velvety liquid. When they finished, her face was glistening with wetness.

They embraced one another and turned to me, smiling in a wicked way. Janine said to me, "Are you ready for round three, Dane?' "We need to feel your cock inside us."

"Oh God," I mumbled. "They're going to kill me."

To be continued...

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