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Anna's release (Chapter 2)

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Anna experiments

Anna woke with a warm, satisfied feeling.   She rolled over to find Glen gone, and her heart sank.   It had been an evening of discovery for her, and it was hard to express the disappointment she felt to find that he’d left without saying anything.


There was a gentle tapping at the door, and it opened to reveal a naked Glen with two mugs, his cock swinging heavily between his muscular legs.   “Hello beautiful.   Thought you might fancy a cup of tea” he said smiling, and put the cups on the bedside cabinet as he leant across to kiss her tenderly.


Anna sat up, the sheet falling from her small, but perfectly formed breasts, revealing the dark, semi-erect nipples.   Anna felt like she was blushing all over, but Glen didn’t appear to notice.   Instead he climbed in beside her, and passed her a cup.


“Weren’t you worried that Angie would see you in all your glory?” Anna asked with a smile on her lips.


“It’s nothing she hasn’t seen before, and she’s down there cooking breakfast at the moment.   I told her we’d be down in ten minutes.   That should give us time to drink our tea, unless there’s something else you fancy doing to fill the time?” 


He gave her small cock and tight scrotum a playful squeeze.   He then leaned across and gently pulled on her left nipple with his teeth, lightly scratching her nipple, bringing her out in goose bumps down her arms, and the back of her neck.


Anna felt herself stiffening under his ministrations and was overcome once more with passion and desire.   She threw the bed-clothes back.   “Lay down.” She commanded.


Glen started a little.   He liked this new commanding young lady, and did as she said.   Anna knelt level with his face, and leant forward to kiss him deeply, her tongue dancing with his.   As she pulled away, her lover leant forward, trying to keep contact for as long as possible.   Anna was having none of it, and pushed his chest, laying him back on the bed.


She lifted her left knee and swivelled on her right, straddling Glen’s head and moving her mouth to his groin.   As she leaned forward, she felt her nipples brushing against the hair on his belly, sending shockwaves along her body.   She took his semi-stiff cock in her right hand, and brought it to her lips, running her tongue over the head of his rapidly hardening penis.   She could feel the heat as the blood rushed into the appendage.


As she was exploring every ridge and contour of Glen’s cock with her greedy tongue, she felt him wrap his arms around her thighs, his left hand gently stroking her own rigid member, gently wanking her foreskin back and forth across the head of her cock.  


She gasped, as he lifted his head to push the tip of his tongue into her asshole.   What’s sauce for the goose.. she thought, and wet the tip of her finger with saliva, before poking it up to the first knuckle into his anus, causing Glen’s cock to twitch as if he’d been briefly electrocuted.   In response, he took her right testicle between his lips, biting down gently, as he thrust his middle finger up her arse to the first knuckle.


Things were now getting frantic, and Glen pumped Anna’s small cock for all he was worth, and she gripped his balls whilst pistoning her mouth on his rock-hard penis.   Anna had a feeling Glen was getting close, and pulled his cock from her mouth, rubbing him furiously and studying him closely.   She wanted to watch him cum.   She wanted to see the spunk spurt from the wonderful dick.   Meanwhile, she felt her own orgasm building like a train rushing along a tunnel.   She felt Glen pull her cock backwards, and into his mouth as he grunted and his own cock exploded before her eyes.  

She felt a string of hot, sticky cum hit her on the cheek, and as she continued stroking, again wrapped her lips over his head, taking his third spurt in the back of her throat.   The taste was somewhat tangy, with an odd, but certainly not unpleasant, texture.   She gulped greedily, as she felt firstly Glen’s cock begin to soften, and then the pressure in her balls building to what felt like and unbearable level.


All too soon, she felt the urge to push herself into a semi-sitting position, taking her weight on her slim arms, as she spunked into Glen’s mouth.   Glen slurped noisily, and Anna collapsed forward exhausted, her cheek against the cock that had given her so much pleasure over the last 12 hours.   Pleasure she had never expected to have, but had been hoping for, for twelve long years.


After a minute or two, Glen rolled her off his chest like a rag doll.   She flopped onto her back, cupping her own balls.   The area of her body which until last night she had loathed as an appendage which did not belong.   Glen came down the bed, and leant over, kissing her deeply, his tongue hungrily tasting his own seed in her mouth, and allowing Anna to taste her own.


“If you two crazy kids are finished, the bacon’s getting cold” Angie called from the bottom of the stairs.


“Oh my God!   You don’t think she heard anything do you?”   Anna asked, once again blushing deeply.


“Dunno.   She may have gone deaf,” Glen smiled, “You did squeal a bit though when I pushed my finger up your bum.”


Anna slapped him gently on the chest.   “Come on, get washed and dressed.”


“This’ll do me” he replied, having pulled his pants on and opening the bedroom door.   “Can’t let the bacon get cold.”


Anna threw her dressing gown on and chased after him. “But she’ll be able to smell our sex!” she said to his rapidly disappearing back.


Anna stood outside the kitchen door, composing herself, and hoping against hope that Angie hadn’t heard what was going on upstairs.   She felt herself blushing yet again, and adjusted her dressing gown.


She stepped into the kitchen to find Glen, in his underpants, sat with Angie in the skimpiest gown she’d ever seen.   It was made of a thin silky material, and she clearly wasn’t wearing a bra.   Her large, deep pink nipples were plainly visible, and her tits looked huge in comparison to Anna’s own.  


She’d lived with Angie for the best part of three years, and had never seen her in anything more erotic than a terry towelling robe and rabbit slippers.   They both looked towards her, smiling.


“Where’ve you been?   The bacon’s almost stone cold” said Angie.


“That’s fine, I’ll make do with orange juice”  


“Fair enough.   How are you feeling?   You look great.   Glowing.   You shouldn’t go to bed with your make-up on though, it’ll ruin your skin.”


“I feel great” Anna replied.   “Was this all your doing?”


“Well I did tell Glen we were going out, and told him that I thought he’d like you..”


“Which I do.   A lot” Glen interjected.


“..but the rest was up to you two.   It’s been so sad for me seeing you missing out on life.   You’re such a pretty girl, and me and the girls thought you could do with a night out, and if anything else happened, then so be it.”


“Well thanks so much.   I didn’t believe I could be so happy.   Do the girls know about me?”


“God no!   Glen is the only person I’ve ever told.   I know him from way back, and know what he’s into.   I also know he’s a nice person, and wouldn’t hurt you, and if anything was going to happen, I wanted it to be here at home, in case it didn’t work out.   That way I could be here for you.”


This was too much for Anna, and her lip began to tremble as she began to cry.   “You’re a wonderful friend, and I’ll never be able to thank you.”


She went over to her friend, hugging and kissing her.   After a minute or two, she felt Angie’s nipple brush against her arm.   It was like a bullet, and the kitchen certainly wasn’t cold.   Angie kissed her back tenderly, and looked deeply inter her eyes.   “I would never put any pressure on you, but if you and Glen were to get in on again, I’d love to join in as long as it doesn’t freak you out.”


Anna had almost forgotten Glen was there, and turned towards him.   He was gently stroking his erection through the thin material of his underpants, and smiling up at her.


“No time like the present” she replied.

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