Annie, Lacey, and Rob - The First Time

By AnnieLuvsToFu

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I told Lacey the resturant name and time but I didn't tell her I booked a room for us too.
The next morning after our lunch with Lacey, I called Rob’s parents and asked them if our children could come over and spend Friday night with them as we had plans that had just come up. Of course they were happy to have the grand kids over, so after talking with them I called and made reservations at a five star restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel downtown and also booked a room in the hotel for us for Friday night. Then I called Lacey and let her know the restaurant and that our reservations were for 7 o’clock. I didn’t tell her that I had booked a room. We talked for a few more minutes and I told her that both of us were looking forward to seeing her again and that Rob was especially looking forward to seeing her again. We both giggled.

Friday afternoon Rob and I checked into the hotel. I had reserved a two room suite with a sitting area and a king size bedroom with a nice view of the Lake. Just before seven, we went downstairs to meet Lacey at the restaurant. We arrived ahead of her and were shown to our table. A few minutes later Lacey joined us. As she was being shown to our table, she glanced at me and smiled briefly and then smiled at Rob.

When she got to our table she said with a smile, “Wow! This is really a nice place. Thank you for inviting me, I have never been in a fancy restaurant like this before.”

Lacey was wearing a navy blue skirt that came down to just above her knees and a light blue cotton blouse with the top three buttons undone so her cleavage was just visible. She looked gorgeous!

After she was seated, Rob told her that she was beautiful again tonight. Lacey blushed and told him thank you and then smiled at me and said, “I am a little nervous, don’t know why, but maybe it’s because I am not used to being in such a nice restaurant in a fancy hotel like this.”

Before I could say anything, Rob smiled at her and reached over to touch her hand and then moved his hand up her forearm and patted her saying, “Don’t be nervous Lacey, you are beautiful and deserve a fancy place like this all the time.”

Lacey smiled and blushed. She didn’t move her arm as he left his hand on her forearm and patted it gently. I told her that I had already ordered a nice bottle of merlot for us to enjoy. The waiter then appeared to open the wine and served each of us. Rob asked him to give us a few minutes to enjoy the wine before taking our dinner orders. We sipped the wine and were having a good conversation as Rob, Lacey, and I talked about nothing in particular.

The wine was beginning to relax Lacey and she was obviously enjoying herself and our company. The waiter returned and took our dinner orders and refilled our wine glasses as we continued with our pleasant conversation.

When the meals came out, Lacey looked at both Rob and I and said, “It is so wonderful just to talk with you two, you both make me feel so good and I really want to thank you for spending some time with me. I don’t deserve it, but I guess that I am lucky and I thank you.”

As I smiled at her, Rob reached over and patted Lacey’s arm again and said, “It is my pleasure, or rather I should say it is our pleasure Lacey.”

I looked at Rob and then back to Lacey and smiled. It was obvious they had made an emotional connection and it pleased me! We continued our conversation laughing occasionally as we ate, we were having a wonderful time. After we finished our meals and our third glass of wine, the waiter cleared our table and served our coffee and deserts. Lacey looked very relaxed and had a big smile on her face and looked at Rob and smiled at him then turned to me and mouthed the words, ‘Thank you’.

We continued to talk for several more minutes after the coffee and deserts were finished then Lacey looked at me and said that she thought that she had better go as it was getting late. I reached over and took her hand as Rob looked on and softy said, “Lacey we have a room upstairs here if you want to stay, we want you to stay.”

We looked into each other’s eyes for several seconds and I felt the love.

Lacey had a brief look of panic on her face, but thought for a second then said, “Okay, if you don’t mind, we can talk a little bit more then.”

I reached over and held Lacey’s hand and said, “Oh Lacey, thank you.” Then we got up and left the table. I was still holding her hand as Rob had his arm around my waist and gave me a little squeeze. No one talked in the elevator, we just enjoyed the moment.

I entered the room first, switched on the lights and motioned for Lacey to have a seat on the sofa in the living room. We had a chilled bottle of champagne on ice and three flutes already set up. Rob poured Lacey and me a glass then he took Lacey’s hand and sat down beside her on the sofa as I sat down in the chair directly across from them. Lacey was a little flushed from the wine, and I could feel that I had a warm red glow in my cheeks as well but we both enjoyed sipping the champagne.

The wine had gotten me a little and I felt warm so I unbuttoned a few buttons on my blouse and opened it up. I told Lacey that if feels better now as I smiled at her and blew her a kiss.

Lacey started to say something then stopped for a moment and started again saying, “I’m getting a little nervous again, I’ve have never done anything like this.” Then looked down into her lap as she sat her champagne glass down on the table.

Rob looked into Lacey’s eyes, took her hand, and said softly, “Lean back a little and relax don’t be nervous. Are you a little warm too?”

Lacey looked into Rob’s eyes for a few seconds, then smiled and said, “Yes, I am.”

Then Lacey also unbuttoned a few buttons on her blouse and opened it up a little. Lacey’s black cotton bra was clearly visible as she opened her blouse and looked at me and smiled. Lacey’s breasts were beautiful and I met her eyes and smiled back at her. Rob moved his hand up to touch her bra and pinch her nipple through the cotton fabric before he began to massage her breasts gently. Lacey gasped and moaned softly as she turned her face to him and opened her mouth slightly and closed her eyes as Rob leaned over and kissed her tenderly.

Their tongues began to explore each other’s as Lacey kissed him back and moaned as she shifted to let his hand have better access to her beasts and nipples. They continued kissing for a minute or so as he massaged her breasts and gently pinched her swollen nipple through the fabric of her bra. Lacey stopped and leaned forward and whispered to Rob that she was going to take her bra off, then she undid the clasp and let if fall into her lap.

Lacey never took her eyes away from Rob’s as she took off her bra and began to massage her breasts with her hands and smiled at him. In the meantime, I took off my blouse and bra and was massaging my breasts and pinching my nipples with one hand while my other hand fingered my swollen pussy lips through my wet pink thong panty. I pulled my mini skirt up all the way around my waist as I fingered my wet pussy and then I took my skirt off and smiled at Lacey as I massaged my breasts and pinched my nipples.

Rob leaned over to take one of Lacey’s swollen pink nipples into his mouth and sucked it gently. Lacey moaned and moved her hips up off the couch. Rob was going slowly I think because he was enjoying the feel of the first woman that he had touched besides me for more than 13 years. I could tell Lacey also had the same thought, as she was very content to go slowly with him and enjoy the tender touch of a man again.

Rob continued to suck Lacey’s nipples as he massaged her ample breasts and she continued to move her hips gently as he sucked her nipples. Rob slowly moved his hand down her tummy and her leg till he got to the hem of her skirt. I watched as Rob worked his hand up under Lacey’s skirt and slowly moved it up along the inside of her thigh as Lacey spread her legs wide till he reached her panties.

I could tell my pussy was leaking my juices into my panties as Lacey continued to move her hips gently and opened her legs a little wider as Rob began to slide his fingers along her slit between her pussy lips.

Lacey’s eyes were closed as she rocked her hips against Rob’s fingers touching her pussy over her panties. She was moaning louder then sat up and looked at Rob and asked, “Do you want me to take off my skirt now?”

Rob just smiled at her and nodded his head. Lacey smiled and stood up as Rob pulled his hand out from under her skirt. She undid the clasp of her skirt and let it drop to the floor as she turned and stepped out of it.

Lacey had on a pair of black cotton bikini panties that had a noticeable wet spot over her cunt. She slowly turned completely around as she massaged her breasts with one hand and fingered her pussy through her panties with the other. She asked, “Do you like what you see?” and smiled at both Rob and I.

I smiled, got up and walked to her and wrapped my arms around her and hugged and told her she is beautiful and so sexy then Lacey and I kissed. Not the kiss of friends but the kiss of lovers. I told her I loved her and she told me she loved me too.

We broke our hug and Lacey took a step over to Rob and stood in front of him as she fingered her pussy through her panties. Rob reached up and took her by her hips and pulled her to him then leaned forward and kissed her pussy through her panties and moved his tongue against her aroused clit. Lacey shuddered and let out a loud moan and then turned and sat back down beside him on the couch with her legs spread wide. She leaned back on the couch and thrust her hips up as he moved his hand to her panty clad pussy and began to massage her clit and pussy lips.

“Oh God it feels so good, so good,” she moaned as he moved his hand so his fingers could reach under the edge of her panties.

Lacey groaned and closed her eyes and softly said, “Mmmm, Rob, I want your fingers inside me, please!”

With that, Rob slipped two fingers inside her soaking wet cunt and began to work them slowly in and out making wet squishy sounds as Lacey moved her hips against his fingers.

Rob was trying to undo his pants and free his cock with his other hand but he was having trouble so I moved over to his side. I licked my lips and smiled at my husband with a devilish smile and quickly undid Rob’s trousers and reached inside his boxers to free his cock, which was already hard. Then I leaned over and took his cock into my mouth and sucked on the tip as Lacey moved her hand to Rob’s cock and began to stroke him as I licked the head of his cock. I moved out of their way and got up and walked to the bedroom and switched on the lights.

Lacey moved her hand on Rob’s cock and began to work it up and down and moaned, “Mmmm it’s so big and hard!”

I smiled as I watched them and then Rob suggested they move to the bedroom. Lacey looked into his eyes and moaned okay then she leaned over and slipped her panties off and down her legs.

Lacey walked seductively into the bedroom ahead of Rob as he stopped to take off his trousers and shorts. She smiled at me and mouthed the words ‘thank you’ as she turned around and looked at Rob’s big cock as he stared at her full natural brownish blond bush covering her pussy. I could see some of her juices were running down the inside of her thighs. Lacey lay down on the bed on her back and spread her legs wide as she looked at his cock and then into Rob’s eyes. She didn’t say a word but her eyes were pleading ‘please fuck me’ as she spread her legs wide, opening up her pink cunt for both of us to see.

Rob smiled at me then he moved between Lacey’s legs and began to work his hard cock up and down her juicy slit before he started to work it into her wet open cunt. Lacey moaned as I watched Rob’s big cock slowly disappeared inside her pussy. Lacey began to rock her hips against his as he slowly began to fuck her with long deep strokes.

“Ohhh Lacey, your pussy feels sooo good,” Rob moaned as he worked his cock deeper into her pussy.

Lacey was moaning saying, “Ohhh it feels sooo good, your cock feels so good, it’s so big! Oh God, you’re filling me up!”

Then Lacey began to fuck my husband hard. He matched her thrusts with his own and soon his balls were slapping up against her ass as he fucked her hard making loud squishy noises.

Lacey began to scream, “Fuck me, just fuck me, fuuucccckkk mmmeeee!” Then she began to tense as he continued to fuck her hard. Lacey’s eyes closed as she began to feel the first waves of her orgasm sweep over her and yelled, “Ohhh God, Ohhhhhh God! Fuck me!!! Give me your cum, I want your cum inside me! Fuck me, just fuck me!”

Lacey screamed as her cunt contracted hard around Rob’s cock, “I’m cumming, I’m fucking cumming, Fuck!” she yelled as Rob shot his load deep into her cunt.

They continued to fuck for a few more minutes before his cock began to soften. It was the hottest thing I have ever seen. It was short but so intense. My pussy was dripping my own juices as they cuddled and kissed.

Rob rolled off Lacey and I saw his cum running out of her gaping cunt and I did what seemed natural to me. I jumped between Lacey’s legs and began to lick and suck my husband’s cum out of her cunt as she began to hump against my face. After I licked her for a minute or two, I moved up and looked into her eyes and told her I loved her. We kissed and she tasted Rob’s cum on my lips and in my mouth. It was the first time that I ever tasted another woman, but in my heart I knew it wouldn’t be the last time.

As Lacey and I lay together kissing, Rob put his arms around us and kissed me and then Lacey as we snuggled and cuddled. Lacey then began to cry. She looked at me and then to Rob and said between her tears, “Thank you both so much, I have never felt more loved and without you two, I know that I wouldn’t be here today, you saved my life and have given me hope.” Lacey just broke down into tears and sobbed and sobbed.

“I love you Lacey, we love you Lacey," I said as I reached across and patted and caressed her back.

Lacey said, “I love you too, so much, I am so happy!” Then she kissed me before she closed her eyes, relaxed a minute in contentment and then fell asleep. Although it was still early, she was emotionally exhausted. We both held her in our arms as Rob and I both fell asleep with her.

Early the next morning, I woke up before Rob with Lacey next to him. His cock was lying on his thigh so I moved down and gently began to kiss it tenderly. Rob opened his eyes and smiled at me as I sucked the head of his cock into my mouth then I grinned at him and pulled off it for a second and whispered, “Mmm, it tastes like pussy.” I stuck my tongue out at him playfully and took his beautiful cock back into my mouth.

As I sucked my husband’s wonderful cock, he moved his hand down between my open thighs and gently began to finger my pussy lips before he started finger fucking my wet cunt. I was so horny because he had not fucked me the night before and I needed to be fucked really badly! As I sucked his cock I must have groaned pretty loud and woke Lacey up. She opened her eyes and lifted her head up and saw me sucking Rob’s cock and smiled and said, “You are beautiful Annie,” then she leaned over and tried to kiss my lips as I sucked on Rob’s cock. I pulled off of Rob’s cock and then we kissed deeply and she tasted Rob again.

Lacey then moved next to me, we cuddled then she kissed me again and I returned her kiss as our tongues began to dance. The unfamiliar kiss of a woman was very arousing to me. Lacey was tender yet insisting and it was so different and I really loved it. I felt my pussy swell as Lacey moved her hand down my body to my wet cunt. Lacey’s fingers joined Rob’s fingering my wet pussy then she kissed me again.

“I love you Annie, I love you,” she moaned as my hand and fingers found her wet pussy.

Lacey’s pussy was still damp from last night and there was some dried cum still in her pussy hair around her cunt. I worked my fingers into her wet pussy and began to finger her and push my fingers in deeper as Lacey began to rock her hips in time with my movements. Rob pulled away from us to watch and give us more room as Lacey and I embraced and fingered each other’s pussies and kissed. We kissed and hugged and fingered each other till Lacey began to have her orgasm and squirted her cum all over my fingers. I had never felt that before, just after she did it I moved down so I could taste her pussy again and licked her open wet cunt as she had another smaller orgasm. As I was eating her wonderful pussy, Rob got behind me and began to fuck me gently.

Lacey opened her eyes as she felt Rob fucking me and smiled as I looked into her eyes and continued to lick her cunt. Rob was very aroused and fucked me so hard that after a few minutes he pushed all the way inside me and began to fill me with cum. Then Lacey came again too filling my mouth with her girl cum and it tasted so good! We didn’t move for a few minutes with Rob laying over my back and my head between Lacey’s open thighs then he rolled off me and lay down beside us on his back. Lacey shifted and moved out from under my head and then made me turn over onto my back as she got between my legs and started eating Rob’s cum from my dripping cunt. It felt so wonderful! No woman had ever done that for me and I loved it and opened my legs as wide as I could to give Lacey total access to my open and willing cunt.

Lacey continued licking me until she gave me a wonderful orgasm and I filled her mouth with my cum along with Rob’s. She continued to lick me but it was too much so I had to push her head away from my throbbing cunt. Then the three of us lay together on the bed cuddled and caressed each other tenderly for several more minutes. The intoxicating smell of sex was heavy in the room.

After a few more minutes of holding and snuggling with each other, we got up from the bed and walked into the bathroom to take a shower. As Lacey walked past the bathroom door she stopped and looked at herself in the full-length mirror and spread her legs a little. Rob and I were behind her. I reached around Lacey to cup her breasts and massage her nipples as she spread her legs a little wider and looked down at her bush covered pussy. She could see some dried cum on her thick bush and smiled at herself in the mirror.

She looked at me in the mirror and said, “I look like I have been fucked and I love it!”

Then Rob wrapped his arms around her saying, “You are so sexy and so beautiful,” then he kissed her neck.

Rob moved his hand down and started to finger her clit again as she closed her eyes and moaned softly pushing her ass into Rob’s growing cock. Lacey moaned as Rob worked his cock in the crack of her ass. She looked over to me and asked if she could fuck Rob again. I laughed and smiled at her and told her that she could fuck Rob any time she wanted and I was so happy that she loved it. I then leaned over and gave Rob a little kiss on his cheek and whispered that he should just fuck her till she screamed!

Lacey bent over from the waist as Rob started to move behind her and spread her legs and braced herself with her hands on the vanity counter as Rob’s big cock moved in her wet slit. I moved over to her and took Rob’s cock in my hand and helped guide him into Lacey’s wet cunt. Then I got down and scooted between their legs and leaned against the vanity counter underneath them and watched from below as Rob’s cock began to work in Lacey’s juicy pussy.

As they fucked, Lacey’s cunt was leaking juices which dropped to my lips as I tried to lick his cock and balls as he fucked her. Lacey was so hot that it didn’t take Rob very long before she had a huge orgasm with her juices nearly flooding my mouth. A few seconds later, Rob pushed hard and I saw his balls begin to contract as he shot a huge load of cum deep into Lacey’s cunt. A minute later, Rob pulled out and his cum ran out of Lacey’s cunt directly into my open mouth as I strained to catch it all along with her juices. It was wonderful! My face was covered with cum and I stood back up and Lacey turned to me and kissed me and licked some cum off my cheeks. Lacey smiled as she licked and said, “Mmmmm, it tastes so fucking good!”

We were all a mess with cum covering my face and chest. Rob and Lacey were covered in sweat, so we all got into the spa shower and washed each other gently. Afterwards we stepped out and Lacey turned to me and gave me a wet warm deep kiss then turned to Rob and did the same.

After we dried, Lacey slipped on her panties from the night before and looked at Rob and said, “I am not going to change these panties when I get home, instead I want to keep them on all day and feel your cum in them all day long, I feel so wonderful Rob, and thank you so much for making me feel like a woman again, this is the best I have felt in so many years, maybe it’s the best I ever felt and it’s because of you and Annie,” then Lacey looked at both of us and said, “I really do love you!”

Both Rob and I just wrapped our arms around her and held her saying, “Lacey, we love you too and that was so wonderful for us and we want to do it again soon!”

Lacey smiled and said, “Me too.”

She kissed Rob and I and said that she needed to get going before her husband came home that morning. After we finished getting dressed and as we were walking out to the hotel lobby, I turned to Lacey asked if she’d like to go shopping with me Monday. Lacey smiled and said she’d love that then gave me another warm wet kiss before she left.


Lacey and I did go shopping the next Monday. We picked out several sexy pairs of panties and bra sets for her and some new outfits too. She loved modeling them for Rob later and he was of course very happy! Over the next several weeks, Lacey, Rob and I got together for dinner and fun many times. She and Rob also began to go out without me sometimes for ‘fuck’ dates, just like I did with other guys. During those first few weeks, Lacey was totally transformed into a woman with self confidence, high self-esteem and an unbelievable love for sex. She learned to love the fine art of anal sex too, just as I do too.

I hope to write some more of our adventures soon!