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Anything She Wanted - Part 2 The Weekend Lacey's View

After making a deal, Lacey is still the one in control
It was Saturday morning, the start of what looked to be a promising weekend. I could feel the cool air running over my naked body. Last night had been a first. I had taken control of my friend and roommate and used him to fulfil a fantasy I had always wanted to watch. I had him play with another man while I enjoyed the view.

The payment for this was that I was his for the weekend. Last night after watching him play with Brad, an old boyfriend of mine, I pumped his cock to orgasm and sent to his own room for the night, promising the weekend would be all his.

It wasn't that I didn't like Dave or find him attractive. He was smart, good looking, and had proven to be a friend. I think the problem was that I knew he wanted me. I didn't have to try to get him and that just never made me want to but I had made a promise and knew that I had to keep my word to him.

I could still feel the wetness between my legs from last night. I had wanted Brad to give Dave his first load but he got carried away and filled me. Dave did a good job licking me after but I could still feel the wet sticky sex from last night. I could hear someone out in the kitchen; I was sure it was Dave walking around with a big hard on, waiting to stick it in me.

I climbed out of bed, slipped on an oversized shirt and opened the door. Dave was standing in the kitchen with one of those dumb grins guys get when they know they are going to get laid. Sure enough, I could make out the thick outline of a hard cock in his shorts. Breakfast was a ritual with us but I knew that this was going to be one of those mornings where he would be fixated on getting inside me.

"Good morning, did you sleep well?" Dave asked, still grinning like an idiot. He had coffee made and looked like he had been standing at the counter all morning waiting for me.

"I slept pretty good, is that for me?" I asked pointing down towards his crotch but intentionally drawing my finger towards the cup of coffee in his hands.

He smiled and I thought he would start cumming on the spot. He recovered himself and passed the cup to me. His hard on was pressing through his shorts now. This might be more fun that I thought. I turned and sat at the table and he quickly joined me.

"So... Did you enjoy last night?" he said not even looking into my eyes and attempting to be casual.

"Hmm, it was okay. Did you enjoy last night?" I was trying hard to play it off and not smile. I had pictured this weekend and him fucking me every five minutes but instead of being in control and taking it, he was still giving me the power and control. This weekend may be very fun after all.

"A little," he said quietly. "I liked the parts with you. That's why I did it."

"You looked like you enjoyed it. Being a quiet little cock sucker and all." I'm not sure what came over me but I wanted to push him a little and tease him just to see what he would say.

He shifted a little in his chair. I could tell this was not at all how he had wanted this morning to go. He seemed to be debating saying something, almost searching for the words.

"I think I enjoyed it more than I expected," he finally said, I could tell he was about to just start talking so I let him go. "I had never really thought about doing it before you but it was good. There was something about watching your pussy get filled and then licking you that excited me. When he put his dick in my face I didn't want to but once I saw you feeding it to me. I wanted to suck it all down and even feel his cum in my mouth. I'm not sure why but seeing you guide it to me was a huge turn on for me."

I hadn't expected this sudden confession or the fact that my pussy was now aching to feel him and to control him. I turned my chair from the table and opened my legs. I wanted him but I was not about to give up control.

"I said this weekend would be yours but I didn't say you got to have control," I smiled and seeing his reaction knew I had him. "You want to fuck me don't you?"

"Yes," he said, his breathing was changing he knew he was about to get what he wanted.

"Then you have to do what I say and what I ask." I didn't really ask him this it was me laying the ground rules. I got up and walked to the couch, pulling off the shirt and letting my naked body out. He was behind me. I sat on the couch and reached for his shorts.

"Remember what I said. You do what I ask when I ask, understand?" I pulled his cock from his shorts and slid the head into my mouth.

His moan told me that he understood. I engulfed his cock making sure it was wet, before leaning back and guiding it towards my soaked hole. I could feel him at my opening.

"You don't cum until I tell you that you can." With that, I let him slide inside. It felt good, not the largest but a good fit. I lay back and let him take the rhythm.

He started slow and let the length come in and out of me. I could tell he was trying hard to control himself. Normally I would have controlled him to last but I knew he wouldn't be able to control himself and would disobey me, then the fun would start.

His cock felt good now, he knew how to fuck and I could tell he wanted me badly. I gave a little clench and he started going hard. I could feel his balls slapping now. He wasn't going to last much longer. I brought my legs up behind him. He dove in deep. It felt so good....

The next thrust was too much for him. I heard him grunt just as I was suddenly flooded with his hot juice. This was nearly enough to put me over the edge. The feeling of cum spurting inside of me had always been a close finisher for me. I could feel him slowing now and gently pull out.

"That felt so good," he said still lying over me, his dick now hanging between my legs.

"Yes it did but you didn't follow the rules." I leaned up and bit at his ear. I knew that I had to keep him in the moment or I would lose him and have to wait. I let him climb off and reached between my legs.

"I didn't tell you to cum in me," I said sliding my finger through my slit and showing him sticky cum on it. I looked at before licking my finger. "Now you made a mess and I need to be cleaned."

He wasn't as hesitant as I thought and slide between my legs and started lapping at my dripping pussy. I squeezed my muscles and pushed his load out as much as I could. His waiting tongue quickly found it and was gone into his mouth. His tongue knew his way around a pussy and within minutes I felt that sweet rush of an orgasm run through my body. His tongue was careful not to miss the sweet nectar I was giving.

"You like the taste, don't you?" I said realizing that he hadn't only broken the rules he had planned it. He wanted to lick his cum load out of me.

"Yes," he said the last of the juices still on his lips. I leaned in and kissed him, I could feel his cock start to come back to life again. The sweet taste was delicious. I was starting to understand why he liked the taste so much.

"Hmm, interesting," I said. I want to keep this going and see just how far I can take him into fulfilling what I suspect isn't only my fantasy anymore. "Maybe we will have to explore this cum eating a little more. Get dressed and be ready in twenty minutes. I am going to take you somewhere special."

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