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Anything she wanted

I would do anything for her and she knew it
Lacey was gorgeous, what made her dangerous was that she knew it. I had known her since our freshman year of college and had always wanted her. I was no slouch with the ladies, but Lacey was always the one that I wanted. Like all beautiful women she had her pick and seemed to enjoy keeping me at arms length and teasing me every chance she got.

We shared a small house and she was never shy about showing skin or keeping quiet when she was enjoying herself. From the first time she accidentally forgot her towel and had to cross the house I was hooked. She got even more playful with me in the coming weeks, letting me catch quick glances of her in slightly compromising positions and then just giving me her cutest smile as she dashed away again.

I started to play back with her, letting her catch glances of me. I had hoped it would be the start of that fantastic fuck I had pictured in my head, but even though she always smiled back it never went any further. The first night she brought home a guy I thought my chances of ever getting with her were over but that night she moaned and screamed so loudly that I knew she was putting on a show for me to hear.

The next morning she couldn't help but comment on how hard she had been fucked and how many times she had orgasmed. This was the first of many mornings where she would share her exploits with me and I would sit with a raging hard on while listening.

Two years later it had become routine. Our conversations had gotten deeper as we both shared experiences and fantasies, but she always kept me in holding. Even after walking in on her grinding on a dildo it wasn't enough to break past. She didn't even slow down and asked to watch me too, but would dodge my every advance. I was worried I would forever be in the friend zone until a conversation one night gave me the opportunity to prove to her just how badly I wanted her.

We had been chatting all night and it was getting late when she suddenly asked, "Have you ever had a threesome?"

I sat a little shocked, not just because she had asked me but in the two years of conversation that question had never come up. I smiled at her across the room and quietly answered, "No, but I wouldn't mind."

I could already feel my erection starting as I pictured her face tongue deep into some beauty while I pounded her from behind, "I thought so."

She said this quietly and seductively, sliding her legs open and revealing her sweet spot, freshly shaven. She must have forgotten to put underwear on, as she now gave me a perfect view of what I had been wanting for so long.

"I know that you want me and I think it would be fair to give you what you want if you give me what I want." As she spoke one hand slid under her dress and gently pulled at her lips.

It might have been in my head but I could smell her sweetness from across the room and I wanted it. I could feel myself nodding to her question, already picturing what it would be like inside of her.

She left her hand lightly touching herself and grabbed her cell phone. I watched her dial and then was focused only on her bright red lips that I hoped would be wrapped around my cock by the end of the night.

I vaguely heard her say, "Remember that deal we had? Well tonight's the night. Can you be here in ten minutes?" I could tell that from her voice she had the strings wrapped tightly about the woman on the phone and she must have wanted to taste her as bad as I did.

"I can't thank you enough for doing this, I have always wanted to and I just knew that you would be the person to help me do it." She stood and crossed the room.

It seemed a dream that she was suddenly sitting in my lap and her tongue was inside of my mouth. My cock was rigid as it ground up against her tight pussy. I wanted to be unclothed and inside of her. She knew it and rocked gently to keep me on the edge of begging for her. After about ten minutes, I heard the doorbell. Wow, I thought this girl must really want her.

As Lacey got up to answer she instructed with a little dominance, "Lose the pants, but do not start playing with yourself or else."

I heard her open the door and quickly I stripped off my pants. As I looked back up it seemed surreal, I was expecting a beautiful women, but instead there was Lacey with Brad. Brad was one of her regular hookups. She must have seen the confusion on my face because without saying anything she crossed the room, kissed me and started to jack me off slowly.

"I know what you are thinking," she whispered in my ear, her tongue lightly caressing my lobe. "You thought you were getting two pussies tonight, but this is my fantasy and if you do good then you will get me all to yourself for the weekend in every way imaginable."

At the end of this sentence I thought I was going to explode and that was when I realized I would do anything that she wanted. Brad slowly moved in behind her, lightly grinding against her while she played with me.

She leaned in again whispering, "Brad told me his secret a few weeks ago and I have been so wet since thinking about it. Brad is bi and ever since he told me I have been wanting to watch him and a guy have some fun. I knew that you were the only one who I could trust to understand that raw desire."

With this she tugged harder on my cock. "And that I could count on you." At that moment she looked up into my face, her blue eyes shinning and a smirk across her face.

She knew she had me and I would do whatever she asked. "Sit back and close your eyes."

I felt her guide me down into a seat on the couch. I could feel her slender hands on my shaft and then the warmth of her mouth descend on my throbbing cock. She gave a couple of quick bobs up and down, then it seemed she was in two places.

I could feel her taking the head in her mouth and at the same time sucking lightly on my balls. I was in heaven as I sat back and enjoyed every moment of this amazing blowjob. Her hand gripped a little tighter, but pumped with such a rhythm that I was suddenly aware that I wasn't going to last very long.

I could feel her wet tongue work from the bottom of my shaft and flick lightly right on the head, then dive back downward guiding my entire shaft into a warm wet mouth.

It took a moment for me to realize that Lacey was whispering in my ear again, "Oh my god, you look so fucking hot right now."

I opened my eyes and realized that it was Brad sliding his mouth up and down my shaft. I think Lacey knew I was about to freak and was ready as she turned my head and kissed me saying, "Enjoy it, I know you are."

It was that moment when I realized she was right that I was having my first blow job from a guy and I was hard. Not only hard, but Brad was talented, his tongue knew where to go. It was his mouth that was sliding along and making me absolutely throb.

Once Lacey realized I was good with what was happening, she sat back to watch and furiously started to rub her clit. All of this was too much for me. I could feel the swell in my loins and knew what was about to happen. I tried to warn Brad that I was about to cum, but he pushed my hand away and went deep, allowing me empty my balls into his wanting mouth.

He pulled back and drained me. I could feel my body spasm as I let loose a monster size load that I had intended for Lacey's tight pussy but instead was depositing into his mouth. I looked over at her and she had a huge smile on her face. She opened her legs for me and I bent in for a taste.

She had a delicious sweet aroma that I wanted to devour. I let my tongue dash deep and quickly into her, she was already dripping from watching Brad drain me. I had completely forgotten about him and glanced toward Lacey to see him and her kissing deeply with a little glint of sperm they were sharing.

Realizing that they were sharing my cum almost made me hard again. I felt Lacey's hand on mine and let her guide it towards Brad who now had his cock out. I reached out and started rubbing him up and down. Here I was buried into the legs of the girl of my dreams and jacking off someone who had just given me an amazing orgasm.

"You know its his turn now?" Lacey said with a little giggle lifting my head away. I knew what she wanted but she could tell I was hesitant.

"Okay, I will give you a choice. You can polish him or clean me." I didn't quite understand at first but my hesitation to take my first cock was all the chance Brad needed to pull her to him and thrust his cock deep into her dripping pussy. I was left sitting on the floor watching him bounce her up and down on his cock. She leaned forward putting her arms on my shoulders for balance as I watched Brad rail her from behind.

Her moaning and breathing told me she was loving every minute of it. She looked up at me just as Brad sank deep one last time, flooding Lacey's tight little hole. As he let loose she hit the peak and erupted into her own massive orgasm. She fell forward and Brad guided her back to the couch.

Both of them were breathing hard when Lacey looked at me and said smiling, "Time to clean up."

I understood what it meant this time. Brad was already standing, his cock glistened with her juice on it.

"C'mon, I need to get going," he said as he pushed his dick into my face. I wasn't sure what to do, but it was Lacey who came down to the floor with me and guided it into my mouth.

She quietly said to Brad, "Be nice, your his first taste of warm cock and I want him to enjoy it."

I watched her flick his balls, making sure he understood that she was in control and he got quiet enjoying my exploring tongue on my first cock. It was warm and the mixture of juices made it a great combination.

I was fully hard again and Lacey pointed that out to Brad who laughed. After a few slow sucks I tried one deep but almost immediately gagged myself.

"I guess we will need to work on that," Lacey laughed and pulled his cock away, slurping it deep giving him one final cleaning.

Then she sat back on couch and opened her legs to me. I dove in, having already tasted the mixture I was thirsty for more. I heard Brad get dressed and leave. Finally it was just me and Lacey. I sucked her clit and made her cum twice before stopping. She was sitting back smiling.

"That was amazing, I am so glad you did that for me and now you get all weekend to drain your cock into me as much as you want." I felt her reach down and grab my hard on, "Hmm I guess the weekend starts now."
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