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Apartment Manager with Benefits
Apartments 1-4


Apartment One

I got the job as apartment manager almost by accident. I knew the person who had been the manager, and she was moving away. The place I had been staying was raising the rent, and this job included free rent and some other benefits in exchange for mainly making sure all the apartments were rented, no one was creating a problem, and rent was paid on time. It didn’t seem like much work, and I didn’t have to do any repairs or policing, just checking and reporting.

I moved in and sent a notice to everyone and asked to meet each one, just to check to see who was currently living there, so I would have something besides just a name on the form. There were eight apartments, and I met each one and found out some things about the tenants.

I was in Apartment Eight. In Apartment One there was a single woman, a tall leggy blond with big tits who showed lots of cleavage. She wore tight pants and had her hair long and curled so it bounced loosely against her shoulders. By the way she talked and moved, I thought she probably liked women, and by the way she flirted with me, I was pretty sure she liked men too. Her name was Marilyn, and she asked me to come and take a look at some sink problem she had. I had a little checklist form on a clipboard for reporting problems, and I took that with me when I knocked on her door.

She opened the door wide and stepped aside. When she was closing the door, she brushed against me, and I could feel her breast through her top. She didn’t move back, but let it glide against my arm and then she smiled at me and led me to the kitchen. Her faucet was dripping and she leaned back against the counter as I took a quick look at it. I turned the handle just to make sure, and then put her name and apartment number on the form, and checked the kitchen faucet box and signed and dated it.

“You want a drink, Will?” she asked.

“No, I’m not much of a drinker,” I said.

“Oh, so you never go out to bars?”

“Not much.”


“Yeah, if it’s an interesting place.”

“Ever go to gay bars?”

“Oh, I’ve been to a few, I guess.”

Her eyes twinkled and she picked up her own glass from the counter and looked into my eyes. “I’m going out tonight to Cruisers. Wanna go?”

The way she said it made me want to go even if I only drank club soda. “Sure,” I said.

“About eight? I’ll drive.”

“Maybe I should drive if you’re going to drink.”

“Good idea. Just ring the bell when you’re ready.”

I went back and fixed a light dinner, just something that I could microwave, and watched TV for an hour or so until I got bored with it. I changed into a casual shirt that I could wear with the tails out and brushed my hair. I splashed on a few drops of cologne and figured I was ready at about ten minutes after eight. I strolled down to her apartment and pushed the bell. Marilyn was ready and waiting. She had on some sort of stretchy black pants that clung to her and a white top that had a low cut scoop neckline and no buttons. She had on a tiny gold necklace and plenty of makeup, including glossy pink lipstick. She stepped outside, locked her door, kissed my cheek and put one hand on my arm as we walked to my car.

I had never been to Cruisers before, and had only been to a handful of gay bars ever. She seemed right at home though, and we maneuvered to a table and ordered. She had a mixed drink of orange juice and vodka and I had sparkling water with a twist of lemon over ice. We watched a few couples making out, most of them women, but also a couple of guys who couldn’t keep their hands off each other. As they kissed each other I could see their tongues working together, and Marilyn did too. She stood up and moved to behind my chair. I could smell her as she leaned over me and I felt her breasts pressing into my shoulders as her hands traveled down my arms.

“They look hot, don’t they?” she whispered in my ear, and I could feel her breath tickling me.

“Uh-huh, looks like they like each other a lot.”

“Yessss,” she sighed, drawing out the “s” sound. She then kissed the edge of my ear, taking it between her pink lips and running her tongue along the outer groove and then into the dark canal.

“Mmmmm,” I hummed as she removed her tongue and then blew very softly across the opening. My skin felt prickly and she continued to rub her breasts against my back and shoulders.

“Let’s dance,” she said.

I followed her out to the dance area, watching her ass jiggle in her tight pants and admiring the smooth curve of her legs. She turned around and put her arms around my neck and began to sway sensuously. Her nipples, which had been barely visible beneath her top, sprang to attention and I stared at them and then into her deep eyes. I put my hands on her hips and felt the shiny fabric and the soft flesh underneath.

“You look good from the back,” I said. “Well, and from the front too.”

She didn’t answer, but bent over from the waist toward me, giving me a nice view down her top. I could see the round swelling of her breasts inviting me to touch them, but she withdrew her arms from my neck and turned around, giving me another look at her tight ass. She moved it from side to side and then sidled back toward me. I again put my hands on her hips as she moved toward me, until her ass was pressed into my crotch. I felt my cock start to stir to life, but couldn’t rearrange it with her against me.

She turned back around and slid into my arms, moving her chest against mine and snaking her hands around my neck. She ran her fingers through my hair and when I looked into her eyes, they were half lidded and her mouth was half open and her head tilted to one side. I moved my head toward hers, entranced by her provocative moves, and when my lips touched hers I could taste the faint lipstick taste, and then I felt her tongue brushing against my lips. I wanted to fuck her right there on the dance floor, but the number ended and we walked back to the table, with me watching her ass ahead of me.

“Nice dance,” I said. “Nice ass.” I said it almost involuntarily, and realizing what I’d just said, looked quickly at her.

She was smiling and her white teeth flashed at me. “What else are you into? Do you like girls doing it together? Like to watch, or join in?”

“Yeah, it’s a turn on for most guys, especially if they get the benefits.”

“You included? You’d like to see me with another girl, and then get to do both of us? Is that what you mean?”

“Well, if you put it that way, yes, of course. You’re very attractive, and sexy, and . . .”

“And you like my ass.”


“Well, I do have a girlfriend, but she’s not here tonight. I could call her. Maybe she could meet us later. Back at the apartment.”

“You’re ready to go?”

“Ready to go have some more fun. With her, I hope. She likes my ass too.”

As we drove back to the apartment complex, Marilyn called her friend and left a message. I couldn’t catch all of it, but she did say to call her back, and something about leaving the door open. I put my hand on her thigh and she let me move it up the inside, almost to her pussy, and she then took my hand in hers and raised it to her lips and kissed it and then she wrapped her lips around one finger and took it in her mouth slowly, watching for my reaction as she twirled her tongue around it and moved it in and out of her mouth, leaving her lips in a pursed “O.”

My hard-on was now begging to be loosed, and as she released my hand, I moved my cock in my pants so it could stick up. She touched my thigh and I thought she was going to rub my cock through my pants, but she didn’t. Instead, she twisted in her seat, turning her legs toward me, and leaning so that I got another great view of the tops of her breasts. I was aching to fuck her and started to say something when her phone rang. It was evidently her friend calling back, and after Marilyn hung up, she raised her eyes to mine.

“Chia can’t come right away, but she said in about an hour she can. I told her to just come in when she gets there, and join us.”

“Sounds good.”

“Oh, yes, she’s very good.”

“You like women and men, then?”

“Of course, don’t you?”

“Well, I like women.”

“But you have been with a man before, haven’t you?”

Her eyes were sparkling and since it had been her idea to go to the gay bar, and since she was inviting a woman friend along, my own sexual energy was up, and I said, “Yes, I guess so.”

“No guessing about that,” she said. “You’ve had your cock sucked by a man, haven’t you?”

“Yes, a couple of times.”

“Did you like it?”

“It felt good, and I got off.”

“You came in his mouth?”


“Was it one guy, twice, or two separate guys?”

“One guy twice. We lived nearby and he was moving, and I offered to help and saw some mags laying around, and it went from there.”

“So, you never sucked him?”


“Maybe you’d be interested, though. It really turns me on to see guys doing each other.”

We pulled into the parking space at the apartment and I again followed her, admiring her nice ass as she let us into her apartment. She kicked off her shoes and went to the bathroom, while I also took off my shoes and loosened my shirt buttons. She had removed her pants when she came back into the room, and I saw her lovely smooth legs and the pink “vee” of her panties. She extended her hand, and I took it and she pulled me up and led me to her bedroom. This time, her ass looked even better as it shifted back and forth in the thin slinky fabric of her thin panties that rode up high on her waist.

She sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs, and I saw a moist spot where they met. I kneeled on the floor and shook off my shirt and put a hand on each of her knees and spread them apart, moving my hands up her thighs and then under her ass. I cupped her cheeks, lifting her slightly off the bed, and then hooked my fingers into her panties and pulled them down her long lovely legs.

Her pussy was smooth and glistening in the dim light of the bedroom. I licked my lips and began kissing my way up her thighs toward the prize. She ran her fingers through my hair as I got closer to her pussy, and I could smell its delicious musky scent as I brushed my nose against the softness of her legs and stomach.

“Eat my pussy,” she said, so softly I almost couldn’t hear her.

I pushed her legs up to bring her pussy into reach and pushed my nose into her crease, coating it with her pussy juice and opening the lips. I speared my tongue into her, digging it deep into her open pussy and lapping at her like a dog in heat. I put my hands between her legs and spread her lips apart and then shoved one finger inside her, hearing a loud sigh escaping from her. I nestled with her thighs against my ears and found her clit with my lips and sucked it in and out of my mouth and then wriggled my tongue against the sensitized organ and heard her moan in delight.

I worked on her clit, lashing my tongue around it and pursing my lips and then releasing them and then lapping up and down her slit as I worked my finger in and out of her hot pussy. She was squirming at my touch and digging her hands into my hair and pushing her pussy against my face. My finger was slippery in her pussy and I let it slide out and it slid against her asshole and before I knew it, I was inside her there, and she pressed her ass down against it, taking it all the way inside her.

“Oh, yes, that’s good. Fuck my ass,” she said.

I rammed my finger in and out of her tight hole and then back into her soft pussy and kept up my assault on her tiny clit and she was moaning and thrashing back and forth and then my thumb went into her pussy and my finger into her asshole at the same time, and I pinched them together. I could feel the delicate membrane, all that was separating my finger and my thumb, and I rubbed them together and she knotted her fingers in my hair and I attacked her clit and she gushed into my mouth, her back arching and her hips bouncing back and forth, and my fingers came out and my lips lost their pussy lock.

I grabbed her hips and put my head on her lower stomach until her gyrations slowed down, and then I kissed her some more, softly and gently. She caressed me softly, her hand smoothing my hair. I raised my gaze to her eyes, and they were smiling at me.

“Where’d you learn to eat pussy like that?” she said. “You eat pussy like a woman.”

“Good teachers, I guess.”

I heard a noise from behind me, and turned my head to see, but there was no one else in the room. Marilyn pulled me up onto the bed and I struggled out of the rest of my clothes, and she peeled her top over her head. My cock was hard, and I wanted to fuck her, but just then, another presence entered my consciousness.

“Come on in, Chia,” Marilyn said, and I turned onto my back to see her friend walking in. The lights were on in the living room and so I could only make out her outline as the bedroom was much darker. She was slim and short and had a mass of dark hair that stood out from her face. That was all I could tell at first, but as she got closer and my eyes adjusted, I could see her better.

She didn’t waste any time getting out of her clothes, which were skin tight to begin with, but as she shed them, and my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw her hair was almost black and framed her head in a mass of curls. She was short and slim with small, upright tits that barely jiggled when she was taking her clothes off. Her hips were narrow and her bush was shaved clean. She stood with her hands on her hips, looking at me.

“Well, are you going to fuck her?” she said, her lips pouting.

“Yes, he is,” Marilyn said, “right now. Aren’t you baby?”

I didn’t say anything, but crawled in between her outstretched legs, wondering what was going to be next. As I guided my hard dick into Marilyn’s tight pussy, I heard Chia moving around behind me. Just as I was getting all of my cock inside, I felt Chia’s hands on my ass. They were wet and almost sticky, and she slid them between my cheeks and caressed my balls as I continued my fucking, but I slowed down as she played with me. I turned to look at her, but she was concentrating on my ass, and soon I felt a finger slide inside my asshole.

It was greased up and slid in with no effort. She drilled it in and out of me as I picked up my fucking pace, and then she withdrew it, but replaced it with a dildo that was much bigger. It felt good going up there, and I was greased up and spread apart and I loved the feeling of it going inside me as I went inside Marilyn’s pussy.

Chia pushed the dildo all the way inside me and held it there and then started moving it around, in and out and in little circles. “How does that feel?” she asked. “You like it in your ass?”

“Uh-huh,” I mumbled. “Feels good.”

“Oh yeah, I’m going to fuck your little ass good, you fucking bitch.”

She started stabbing it into me hard, ramming it home and then pulling it back out. I had to adjust my movements to hers as she was shoving it into me very forcefully. I loved the feeling of it going inside me, filling me up, but it almost hurt when she jammed it in as deep as it would go. I soon got used to it, though, and Marilyn threw her legs around me as I crammed my cock inside her.

I popped out once, and as I was guiding it back into her, she said, “Fuck my ass, just like she’s fucking yours.”

It didn’t take much convincing to get me in her smaller, tighter hole, and my cock was so lubricated up that it went in easily, and on practically the first stroke I was firmly imbedded in her asshole. She lifted her legs higher and I drove in deep, fucking the depths of her ass, as Chia rammed hard into me from behind with her dildo. Just then she turned it on, and I felt it vibrating inside me and I almost came with the intensity of it.

“That’s it fuck boy, take it up the ass that way,” she said, twirling it around as it hummed against my prostrate.

Sweat was pouring off my forehead now and my cock was aching for release. I felt lightheaded and I began fucking in a frenzy. “I’m gonna cum,” I said in a barely coherent voice. “I’m gonna cum in your ass.”

My movements got more jerky and I pounded into her ass as hard as I could, while the dildo in my ass beat a tattoo inside me and my pulse was pounding in my head. In no time my cum was gushing out, and I slowed down, getting the good feeling of it rushing up from my balls and down the shaft of my cock and finally pouring out the head. Her asshole was so tight that some of my cum was forced out and oozed onto her creamy flesh in white dribbles.

I held still, my cock jammed all the way inside her, and Chia held her cock deep inside me at the same time, but then she started pulling it out, pushing one hand against my ass and withdrawing the big cock slowly. It sent shivers up me as it came out, and my ass was gripping it and wanting it, but it was like a second orgasm when it popped out of my ass.

I collapsed into Marilyn’s arms, and her tongue stabbed inside me as my chest squashed against her breasts. Chia came up beside me and I felt her hot body on my back and her fingers on my neck, and her tongue in my ear and then I turned my head and kissed her, and her tongue grappled with mine and I could smell her sweet scent, and then she scrambled beside me and kissed Marilyn, and I rolled off and let them squirm together as they wrapped their arms around each other and rolled over and over, their hands exploring each other’s bodies, until they finally lay still, Chia nestled in the crook of Marilyn’s shoulder.

They both smiled at me as they continued to touch each other. I could tell they wanted to lie in each other’s arms and would probably spend the night together. I went into the bathroom to clean up a little and when I came back, I pulled on my clothes and said goodnight.

“You were a good fuck,” Marilyn said. “Let’s do this again sometime.”

“My pleasure,” I said, meaning it.

Apartment Two

Esperanza means hope in Spanish, and from the first time I saw Esperanza, I hoped I’d be able to fuck her. She was short, maybe a couple of inches over five feet, had long shiny black hair, dark brown eyes, and delicious looking bronze skin. Her tits were high on her chest, and with her scoop neckline, I could see the round globes beckoning me. She had on a skirt that was tight and short and showed off her round ass and firm legs.

She said there were some loose outlets in the bedroom and I followed her round ass as she led me there. I wanted to grab those luscious cheeks in my hands, and she went slowly, moving her hips from side to side and tossing her long hair over her shoulder and looking back at me with a gleam in her eyes. She sat on the bed as I counted the outlets. Her legs were crossed and her legs were lovely, smooth and tan and her skirt rode up almost to her hips. She put her hands behind her on the bed and leaned back, her hair streaming behind her and her breasts uplifted.

“The plugs keep falling out,” she said, looking into my eyes. “Do you ever have that problem?”

“Uh, no, not exactly.”

“Your plug doesn’t fall out?” She shifted her gaze to my crotch, and my cock started to rise in my pants.

“Usually I have to pull it out,” I said, grinning.

“And when do you have to do that?”

“When I’m finished using it.”

I moved closer to her and I could feel her body heat. She gazed directly into my eyes and I put my hands on either side of her on the bed. My face was inches from hers and I could smell her breath and feel the heat coming from her. Her breasts were practically touching me. She licked her tongue across her full lips. “Are you going to give me a demonstration?” she asked.

I pushed her down on the bed and crushed my chest against hers, thrilling to the feel of her soft breasts digging into me. I put my face into the hollow of her neck and smelled her delightful fragrance and tasted the smoothness of her skin. Her cheek was against mine and I moved my head back enough to look into her eyes again. They were dark and deep and half lidded as I touched my lips to hers, feeling the marvelous softness of them against mine.

I brushed my tongue against her lips and felt her answer with her own tongue. Her lips clung to me and her fingers went behind my neck and it was a slow, deep, sensuous, unhurried kiss. She had wells of passion inside her, and it was like she didn’t want all of it to come out at once, but to relax and take her time exploring those depths. I was dizzy with lust and panting softly when we finally broke the kiss.

“Fuck me,” she said.

I didn’t hesitate, but immediately stood up and shucked off my few clothes. I watched her as she pulled her stretchy top over her head and her beautiful brown breast bobbed free. She then undid the fastener on her short skirt and slid it off her legs, kicking it aside and then putting her fingers in the elastic of her tiny panties. When she tossed those onto the bed, I saw that she shaved her pussy, but left a little triangle of hair at the junction. My mouth watered in anticipation.

“Quiero echar en palo,” she said, and I had to rummage through my Spanish vocabulary. ‘Do you want to stick it inside,’ I thought it meant, so I just said, “Yes,” hoping that was the right answer.

“Me gusta un griego,” she then said, but I was lost on that one, except for the ‘I like’ part.

“You like what?” I asked.

“I like to get fucked in the ass,” she said, smiling as she said it.

“My Spanish is pretty spotty,” I said. “I think your English is better.”

“Well, come on then, let’s fuck,” she said.

This time I didn’t have any trouble understanding her as she wriggled her cute little ass at me as she padded toward the bedroom. I followed, my cock bobbing in front of me. I wrapped my fingers around it and jacked myself off as I watched her climb onto the bed. She got up on her hands and knees and her ass was sticking up in the air, waiting for me.

I got behind her and kissed her ass and put my hands on her smooth brown stomach and pulled her toward me as my lips traced over her butt cheeks and into the crevice between them. As I tilted her hips upward, my tongue found her pussy and her asshole beckoning me. I sluiced up into her already wet pussy and got a good coating on my tongue and then speared it into her asshole with gusto.

“Se gusto?” I asked, hoping that was ‘Do you like it?’

“Si, muy gustaria,” she said, and I proceeded to stick a finger into her pussy, getting it good and lubricated and then sliding it into her asshole, all the way up to the knuckle. I fucked he asshole with my finger and worked her pussy and clit over with my tongue and she moaned and said, “bueno, bueno.”

I changed my position and sidled up behind her, holding her hips in my sweaty hands and running my cock up between her smooth cheeks. I fucked between them for awhile, watching the head of my cock disappear and then reappear in the folds of her bronze flesh. I shoved it into her pussy and started fucking her, reaching under her to fondle her taut breasts and twiddle the stiff nipples.

I kissed her back and her neck and buried my hands in her long black hair as I fucked her from the rear. She was wriggling around, shoving her ass against me as I fucked her, and I made “mmmm” sounds to show her I appreciated them.

She reached behind her and spread her cheeks apart and said, “Now I’m ready for ‘un griego’—um, ass, no, uh, anal sex,” she said.

I fiddled with her tight hole and pressed my wet cock against it, but it was too tight. “I need some lube,” I said, and she pointed to the side table.

“In the drawer.”

I moved so I could open the drawer and I found it stuffed with sex toys—several dildos, condoms, and a bottle and a tube of lube. I picked up the bottle, snapped the cap up and poured a little on the head of my cock. It was smooth and slippery, and I reveled in the feeling before getting back between her legs and returning my cock to the tightly puckered opening to her beautiful ass.

This time it went in without any problem, and I shoved it in slowly, giving her a chance to get used to it inside her. She stopped moving at first, and then as my cock slid home, she wriggled her ass at me and let me go all the way inside her. I started fucking her ass, slow at first, but then picking up the pace.

“Ooo, esta beueno,” she said. “That feels good.”

“Yes,” I said. “muy beuno.”

She laughed at me, or my feeble attempts at Spanish, and thrust her ass back at me as I fucked into her. Her hair was flying around wildly and she would twist her shoulders and look at me as I fucked her.

I didn’t know how long I could hold on at this rate, but then she collapsed onto the bed and rolled over onto her back, raising her legs over her head. I took the underside of her thighs into my hands and pushed them over her head, raising her ass in the air toward me. Her tight hole looked delicious and I almost wanted to eat it before fucking it, but she was panting and shoving it toward me and I guided my cock into her asshole as I mounted her from the front.

It was tight and hot going in this way, especially with he legs raised up over her head. I picked up my pace as I got used to fucking her and he ass opened to accommodate me. I varied my pace, going fast and horny and then slowing down and going deep and smooth. I reached to her breasts and they were wet with sweat. I squeezed the hard nipples between my fingers and then leaned down to kiss her, sending my tongue inside her mouth as my cock pumped in and out of her asshole.

I moved back to closer to an upright position and began fucking her hard, ramming in and out like a fucking machine. “You like that?” I asked, knowing she did.

“Uh-huh,” she said, “mas fuerte.”

‘More hard,’ I thought that meant, and I rammed into her as hard as I could go, pulling back enough to get good leverage and then shoving my cock deep into her ass in a fucking frenzy. I was going out of my mind with lust and my motions were hard and fast. ‘Rapido e fuerte,’ I thought was the Spanish phrase, though I didn’t say it.

“Oh yeah. Tomalo todo,” I said, my instincts taking over. I meant “take it all,” but by now it didn’t matter if I got it right or not, as I was fucking her like a madman.

“Estas por correrte?” she said.

“Yes, yes, yes. Here it cums,” I said, gritting my teeth and feeling the cum pouring out of me and into her lovely ass. I slowed down as my orgasm overtook me and then as my hard-on started to fade, I held tight against her, trying to keep it inside her as long as I could.

She smiled at me and turned over, dislodging my cock, but I didn’t mind. I collapsed on top of her, feeling her heaving breasts against my chest and her legs wrapping around my waist. I kissed her softly on the lips, my tongue just brushing against hers.

“Esta bueno,” I said. “You are so hot.”

“You’re not bad yourself,” she said.

“I had a great time. We’ll have to do it again sometime. Soon, I hope.”

“Otro vez dentro de poco. Esperanza.”

“Yes, I hope too,” I said, remembering her name meant ‘hope,’ and being vaguely aware that she had also said, ‘do it again, soon. I hope.’

“I’ll have to brush up on my Spanish, though,” I said.

“You did fine. Love is the universal language.”

“Not exactly love, I said.”

“Well, sex.”

“Yes, sex.”

“I love sex, especially anal sex,” she said.

“Yes, I could tell. I love sex, too. All sex.”

“Oh, all?”

“Well, almost all?”

“Do you like to take it up the ass?”


“Do you like seeing two women together?”

“Yes, very much.”

“Do you ever do it with other guys? I mean, two guys and one girl?”

“Super hot.”

“Do you do it with the other guy? I mean like in bi?”

“I have a few times. I liked that too.”

“Uh-huh. I see that you are a kind of all around man. I think we could have a lot of fun together.”

“I hope so. I really enjoyed fucking you, and trying to remember the Spanish was kind of fun too.”

“I’ll teach you more next time.”

I walked out smiling and faintly humming to myself, remembering some Spanish song, but not remembering its name or meaning.

Apartment Three

Jeremy and Sue looked like most married couples in that they were comfortable with each other and knew each other’s habits. They didn’t fuss or shoot angry looks at each other and seemed completely relaxed in my presence. Jeremy stayed in the kitchen with a cup of coffee while Sue showed me around, pointing out a few minor repairs that were needed as I checked them on my clipboard. When we returned to the kitchen, Jeremy wasn’t there, but his cup was still on the table.

Sue invited me to sit down and wait for him, and went to the sink to tidy up a little. As she ran the water and sorted the dishes, I looked at her. She had light brown hair with some blond streaks in it, and was wearing a one piece dress that hung on her loosely, almost like a robe. It ended about mid thigh and I could see her ass moving beneath the thin fabric and her smooth white legs showing looked trim and firm. She tossed her hair with a wave of her head and then turned back around toward me, wiping her hands on a dish towel.

Her nipples showed under the dress and moved with her. I was sure she didn’t have on a bra and as she put the towel on the counter and walked back toward me she saw me looking at her and smiled. When she sat down she bent over enough that I could see down the top of her dress.

“We always dress pretty casually around the house,” she said. “This is all I’m wearing.” She touched her dress just over her breast and my heart rate increased. “Jeremy’s pretty much the same. We don’t put on much, and sometimes nothing at all.”

My lips were dry and I licked them. “Does that turn you on?” she asked.

“A little,” I said, my throat suddenly feeling dry.

“Only a little?” She smiled at me again and shifted so I got another look down the top of her dress.

“Okay, maybe more than a little.”

“I thought so.” Her smile was bright and flirtatious and my cock was getting hard in my pants.

Just then Jeremy came back into the room. He was wearing sweat shorts with an elastic waistband and a loose fitting T-shirt. I set the clipboard on the table to see if he had any questions, but he went behind his wife and put his hands on her shoulders, rubbing them with his fingers. She touched his hands as he caressed her.

“What were you two talking about?” he asked.

“Oh, Will was just telling me how he was turned on by us not wearing clothes around the house.”

“Wait. I didn’t say that, or not exactly,” I said, wanting to defend myself against a jealous husband. “You were the one who asked.”

“And you didn’t deny it.”

“Well, no, I guess not.”

“I think he’d like to see us naked, wouldn’t you, Will?”

“I, uh . . .”

“No need to be embarrassed. We enjoy it,” Jeremy said, pulling his loose shirt over his head and dropping it to the floor and then he immediately stripped down his shorts and I saw he wasn’t wearing any underwear. My attention was drawn to his cock, which was half hard and smooth, with the head a light purple color.

Sue stood up and put her arms around his waist, his cock pressing against her. He put his arms behind her and she lifted her face to his and they shared a kiss. I could see their tongues flicking into each other’s mouths and then she moved her hands to the shoulders of her dress and shrugged the straps off and let the dress fall to the floor. Not only was she not wearing a bra, but she wasn’t wearing any panties either.

They stood pressed together, naked in the kitchen, kissing and fondling each other while I watched. They both had nice bodies, and I liked Sue’s cute little ass and her smooth tits. I could see them pressing into her husband’s chest as his hands strayed over her back and then cupped her ass cheeks, nearly lifting her off the floor.

“Aren’t you going to take yours off, too?” Sue asked, turning her head to me.

I didn’t waste any time in getting out of my clothes, and my cock was already hard when I peeled off my pants and stood in front of them. I was dying to get the cute little Sue between us and fuck her from both ends.

“Follow us,” Jeremy said. “Let’s see what we can get into in the bedroom.”

He led the way and Sue danced between us, bouncing up and down and looking back at me over her shoulder. She followed Jeremy onto the bed, as he lay down and propped both pillows under his head and spread his legs. She got down between them and put her slender hand around his cock and started jacking him off slowly. I got up beside them and watched her as she took the head of his cock into her mouth, her eyes gazing at me as she sucked it.

I played with my own cock and then as I was about to get behind her to fuck her, she turned toward me and put one hand on my hip, scooting me against her husband. She twisted her body and leaned over me, her hair trailing over my stomach, and her fingers wrapping around my erect cock. She bent closer, until her hair was spread all over my crotch and I felt her lips closing around my cock. Her tongue rolled around the head and sides and she went deep, down to the place where her hand was, and then she sucked hard and came back up, taking it slow and I could feel my cock pulsing in her mouth.

She repeated this action a few times and then went back to Jeremy’s cock and I brushed her hair back so I could see her lips traveling the length of his cock, leaving wet trails that glistened in the dim light. She let his cock slide all the way out of his mouth and turned her head toward me, her lips moist and parted. I could see her tongue inside and I wanted to taste her and I locked my lips against hers and her tongue darted inside my mouth and I tasted the hot musky taste of Jeremy’s cock in her mouth.

“Tastes good, doesn’t it?” she said breathily.

“Uh-huh. Delicious.”

“Try it right from the source.” She held his hard cock in her delicate hand and pointed it toward me. She smiled at me seductively, her wet hair streaming over her face, and I lowered my head toward the cock in her hand.

My head was swimming with lust as I started sucking his cock, and I felt her fingers against my lips as I barreled down the stiff shaft. She took them away and I went deeper, and then her fingers were behind my head, twirling in my hair and tracing patterns on the back of my neck and gently pushing me down deeper on her husband’s cock.

“My turn,” she said, and her face was right beside mine.

I released his cock from my mouth and felt them dripping with saliva, and she immediately replaced my mouth with hers and began sucking him furiously. I thought she was going to make him cum right away, but she soon slowed down to make it last. She then let his cock slide out of her mouth and as she looked into my eyes, she gracefully shifted her position, lying onto her back and scooting toward the side of the bed. She spread her legs apart and lifted her knees, and her head was just at the edge of the bed.

Her husband got up on the bed on his hands and knees and took her thighs in his hands and lifted her, raising her ass off the bed and then guiding his cock into her wet pussy. As he pushed against her, her head drooped off the bed and her hair hung down.

“Fuck my mouth,” she said, looking at me.

I walked around to where I was standing facing her, upside down to me now. I could see every movement Jeremy made as he was just opposite me. I watched his big cock slide in and out of her tight pussy and he grinned at me as I took his wife’s head in my hands and shoved my hips forward, bringing my cock into line with her parted lips. Her neck was just on the bed edge and I could support her head in my hands and get just the angle I wanted by maneuvering it as I fucked her face.

It felt good going in, and it was doubly exciting as I watched her pussy getting fucked at the same time. Her neck was stretched out and it matched the angle of my hard-on and I found that I started sliding down her throat, past the hard sphincter muscle that gripped me tight. My balls were slapping against her face and my cock was disappearing down her throat and all I could focus on were her heaving tits, which I grabbed in my hands, and Jeremy’s cock sluicing in and out of her pussy.

He smiled as he looked right at me as he fucked her and I thought he wanted to fuck me, and that started to seem like what I wanted to. Sue was still taking all of my cock but I could tell she was tiring under the assault on her throat. I pulled out and she gasped for breath.

“Oh, that feels good, but I can’t breathe,” she said. “Let me up.”

We both let her go and she moved around again, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand as she got up onto her hands and knees and moved toward the head of the bed. Jeremy got up and stood beside the bed, stroking his wet cock. His smile was inviting and he was clearly waiting for me to get behind Sue. I did, and she wriggled her ass against me as I ran my cock between her ass cheeks and squeezed them together around it.

“Fuck my ass,” she hissed, looking back over her shoulder. “Fuck my pussy and then fuck my ass.”

“And Jeremy?”

“I’m going to fuck your ass,” he said.

“Sounds good,” I said, licking my lips as a shiver of anticipation rolled through me.

Her pussy was already dripping wet from getting fucked, and my cock slid in easily. I could feel her wetness and softness and I fucked her hard, going all the way to the root of my cock, and then I pulled it out and spread her cheeks. I stuck a finger into her pussy and got it coated with her pussy slime and slid the slick finger into her asshole. She moaned with delight and I shoved it in as deep as it would go, and then repeated the action with two fingers, spreading her as wide as I could.

When I had gotten her loosened up, I put my cock back into her briefly and then pressed against her tight asshole until my cock just popped inside. She gasped as I entered her, but then relaxed as I moved slowly to let her accommodate me inside her ass. I felt her warm ass cheeks against my belly as I began to fuck her, and the tightness squeezed against my cock as I drilled her.

I felt warm hands on my ass, and then something slippery being spread between my cheeks, and then Jeremy’s cock was pressing against my lubricated hole and then he was inside me and I felt a shimmery feeling inside me as his cock filled me up. He leaned against me and began to fuck me and after I recovered a bit, I began to move with him, so that as he fucked into me, I fucked into his wife. It was almost as if he were fucking his wife, through me, as just as his cock slid into my ass, my cock slid into hers. I was holding onto her hips and Jeremy was holding onto mine and we were a conjoined ass-fucking trio, fucking like a train, one cock following another.

It was such an intense feeling that I couldn’t keep it up for long, and I knew I was getting close to cumming. I was pretty sure Jeremy was, too.

“Do you want me to cum in your ass?” I said.

“Mmmmm, yes, baby,” Sue said.

I gritted my teeth as I felt the cum start deep down in my balls and the tingling that ran up my spine was intensified by the cock shooting up my asshole, and I came inside her, crying out in ecstasy as I released my load.

Jeremy held still while I bucked my hips to empty myself deep inside his wife’s ass, and when I slowed back down, he rapidly began pumping me, until he was cumming in my ass as well, and he made grunting sounds as he rammed hard into my ass and although I couldn’t feel the cum, I could feel his cock expanding and his pace becoming more frantic. He shook from side to side and finally became still, his cock still lodged in my ass, and mine in Sue’s ass.

My sweat was dripping onto her back, and Jeremy’s onto mine and we collapsed to the side, as if in slow motion, and our cocks slipped out and we all laughed and held each other and finally lay more or less still on the big bed, recovering from out ordeal.

“I never quite expected this,” I said.

“Oh, but we did,” Sue said.

“Uh-huh. We’ve heard a little about you already,” Jeremy said.


“We know Marilyn,” Sue said. “We’ve fucked her several times.”

“I see,” said, wondering how many of the tenants knew each other, and how many of them fucked each other. It made me anxious to meet all the rest of them, and then to re-visit all those that were interesting, and good fucks.

“This is certainly turning out to be an exciting little apartment complex,” I said.

“Oh yes. We’re sure you’ll find lots to keep you busy,” Sue said.

“What do you mean? Are all the people fucking each other here?”

“No, not exactly,” Jeremy said, “but it’s certainly a, um, stimulating place. You’ll find out as you make your way around.”

“We don’t know everyone,” Sue said, “but there are definitely some fun ones here.”

This was only my third apartment visit and so far all of them had been not only fun, but exciting, vivid sex partners. I had fucked all of them so far, and Jeremy and Sue’s comments made me anxious to see what I’d find when I continued meeting all of the residents.

Apartment Four

The guy in number four was on his hands and knees when I entered. He had shouted for me to “come on in,” and the door was unlocked. I had my pad with me, and I followed the sound of his voice to the bathroom. He had evidently just gotten out of the shower, as the room was thick with steam and he had a towel draped around his waist.

He was sponging out the tub, and his ass was toward me as I stood in the doorway. He looked back over his shoulder at me, and I saw short, neatly cropped dark hair and smooth skin.

“There’s a little leak,” he said, pointing to the spout.

I took a couple of steps in and saw that water was trickling out. I checked a couple of boxes on my form and Matt wiped off his hand and held it up to me. As he did so, his towel slipped off and I looked at his bare ass. His cock was half hard as he knelt there.

“Is it okay?” he said, grinning at me.

“Yeah, it’s fine,” I said.

“Want to touch it?”

“Your faucet?”

“My ass. Or my cock.”

I noticed now that he was very smooth, with almost no hair on his body. His ass was tight and firm looking and as he twisted toward me I saw that he must regularly shave his pubic area, as there was no trace of hair anywhere.

“Looks nice and smooth,” I said, and my hand touched his ass, seemingly of its own volition. I patted it and ran my fingers over the rounded curves and then he was facing me, sitting on the edge of the tub. His cock was in his hand and he had already stroked it to hardness.

“You know you want it,” he said, grinning down at me, on my knees.

My head started swimming and I could smell his cock and the warm steam from the shower and the closeness of the room and nearness of his hard cock made me feel like I was almost drunk, but not on alcohol, on sex. I looked at his shaved balls, drawn up tight and the length of his smooth cock and he pointed it at me and my mouth was suddenly dry. I licked my lips to moisten them, and he put a hand behind my head and drew me toward him.

I opened my mouth, hardly realizing I was doing it, and he slipped the head of his cock into my mouth, and I closed my lips around it and tasted the warm, muskiness and I knew I couldn’t resist, didn’t want to resist. I went deeper and clamped my lips tight and began writhing my tongue around his shaft. He kept his fingers in my hair and let me suck him at my own pace. The more I got, the more I wanted, and I was quickly becoming intoxicated with the hot cock taste going deep in my mouth.

I got as much in my mouth as it would hold and then began stroking up and down on him with my lips trailing wetly along the length of his hardness. I was making wet, smacking sounds that added to my excitement. He put both hands behind my head now and held it still as he began to buck his hips, shoving his cock deep in my mouth like he was fucking me, fucking my mouth. I tried to relax and let him fuck me, but soon his cock was banging against my throat and I gagged, sputtering and coughing. I cleared my throat a little and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand.

“You can take it,” he said. “Try to relax your throat a little at a time.”

This time I went all the way down on him until he filled my mouth and then I tried to go farther, willing my throat muscles to relax. They did, as long as I went slowly, and stopped as soon as I felt a gag coming on. I went deeper and deeper, until there was no more cock outside my mouth. I had all of his hardness inside my mouth and part of it down my throat. I began fucking him with my throat, moving up and down in little movements so it didn’t come back out. He groaned as I deep throated him, and I felt his hands tighten in my hair and then caress the back of my neck.

“That’s it,” he said, “that’s the way to suck that cock.”

I heard him moaning and felt the sweat trickling down my face and felt his sweaty body in front of me, and I closed my eyes and sucked on his cock like it was candy, willing him to cum. He did, but I wasn’t prepared for it, and it came gushing down my throat and I gagged again, spewing some of his cum and my saliva down my cheeks and onto his thighs. He quickly grabbed hold of the base of his cock and shoved it back into my mouth, but not deep this time. His hips moved in and out, and I locked my lips tight and drew the cum out of him like I was sucking on a soda straw.

He came in bursts, and I pulled back enough that they didn’t flood my mouth, and I gulped them down and loved the taste of it, and the feel of him cumming in my mouth and shuddering with his orgasm. Gradually the flow ceased, and his cock began to shrink somewhat. I dove down to the base of it, and now it didn’t go into my throat, but I could hold it all in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the base of his shaft and held on tight to his still hard cock. When I finally released it, I looked up into his eyes, and he was grinning hugely at me.

“Good blow job, man. Very good.”

I didn’t know exactly how to react, as it wasn’t a familiar thing to me. I had been in a few sessions with other kids when I was younger, and we were all experimenting by playing around, and had had a few guys who sucked me off, but it was, I guessed, the first full-fledged blow job I had given. I licked my lips to get the taste back in my mouth, and I liked it, and I licked a little of my own cum off his belly and thighs where it had leaked out when I first gagged as he erupted in my mouth.

He patted my head and tickled the back of my neck. “We’ll have to do this again some time,” he said. “I think you’ll make a very nice cock sucker.”

Watch for apartments 5-8 soon. Please note that this will be in the incest category.