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Ass filled fantasy

Guy gets his ass drilled while his girlfriend watches
My body is draped, stomach down, over the cold metal counter, my feet and legs hang down, my well lubed ass is exposed, waiting. My dick is by no means flaccid at the thought of what may happen, then the curtain by my face is drawn, a cock, dripping precum is pressed to my lips, I extend my tongue, passing over the slick head and curling under, flicking a few times, this throbbing cock waits for me. I slowly slide the head into my mouth, curling and swirling my tongue, then withdraw this strange cock from my mouth, and again draw it back into my mouth, easing it further in my mouth.

With my right hand I grab his sack and firmly tug his throbbing rocks down and in doing so, I shove his pulsing cock down my throat. He begins to thrust, shoving his cock down my throat, he pump my mouth for a few minutes, then with the back of my tongue I can feel the head of his cock enlarging, pulsing. Moments later I feel warm, thick cum, the first spasm is hot as it hits the back of my throat, the second floods my mouth as he is withdrawing, the third covers the tip of my tongue as he withdraws, then three more spasms spray my mouth and cheeks, coating my face with his juice. I now lay across this bar with my cock throbbing and I am waiting for the next encounter. I now feel hands rubbing my inner thighs, then the hands reach up and take a firm grasp of my balls and give a firm tug, pulling and stretching my sack, then briefly the same hands grab my cock and stroke for a minute or so. I have leaned as far forward as I can to allow these hands to give me relief. Then the hand slide up and each one grabs my hips, then I feel the cock pressing between my cheeks then against my ass. It rubs up and down against my anus, loosening my tight hole. This continues for a bit, and the sensation is wonderful. I then feel this cock enter me, slowly it eases deep into me until finally I feel prickly balls pressing against my own. Then the thrusting begins, slow at first, allowing me to get accustomed of his size.

Once he is able to slide in and out without too much resistance he begins to pump me hard. I feel this 8 inch cock withdraw leaving only his cock head, then I feel hard thrusts, slapping our balls together. Again he withdraws almost completely, then slams back in me. This commanding thrusting continues and as I begin to moan and beg for my own release, he is pumping in and out without any resistance, feeling this cock go completely in me only to withdraw and repeat over and over. My own orgasm has built and I am pumping my load all over the front of the bar. A few minutes later this cock is sent all the way in and he grasps my hips bearing into me as I feel the hot jets of cum pumping into me, I cannot believe that this is happening.

Now how did this all begin you ask. On a dare, my girlfriend Teresa and I have gone to this unconventional bar and grill, we had no idea what to expect, but friends had told us we should experience it. When we arrived, the hostess took Teresa and had her fill out a questionnaire, once Teresa completed it she told me I had to sign it, so I did, having no idea what to expect, but she told me to trust her, because she would make sure I was safe and satisfied. I was taken to showers in the back and told to clean myself, after I had soaped everything up, Teresa came in the shower with me, reach on the wall, which was full of phalluses of all shapes, sizes, and colors. She grabbed the one with the hose and slid it in my ass and turned it on, flooding my bowels with warm water. She then lead me over to empty myself, then brought me back under the shower to completely be cleaned. After she dried me off she rubbed me down with wonderful smelling oils and lastly slid a tube of surgilube into my ass, squeezed the tube and put about half a tub into my ass. It was cold and exciting, she told me that I was going to have to do her will. I of course agreed. She walked me through the bar completely naked, leading me by my cock, took me to the end, where the bar had a curtain around the top. She told me to lie on the bar with my hips just to the edge. She told me I was to not leave this space unless she told me too. She then told me I was to experience with men the few things I was unable to do with her and both actions required me to have cocks enter me. I smiled as I positioned my self across the bar, knowing I was going to get my ass pumped full of cum and I knew that I was also going to have to suck cock and swallow cum. We have discussed our fantasies for several months, she had asked me if I could imagine every being with a guy. I had told her the only ways I would be with a guy was to experience what I could not with her, I have no desire to kiss a guy or even fuck one my self, but to have my ass repeatedly fucked and suck on cock after cock, having cum pumped in me, is a fantasy that I thought I could do, the only catch was I did not want to see their faces, something to me about that would be strange. I guess I am a bit of a pervert that way. We had talked about glory holes, and I had told her of something I saw in a magazine years ago, where a person was put in a stall on their hands and knees, leaving each end open and allow the person accessible from the front and the rear. My joyous surprise was that she had found such a place.

She had told me of her fan tasty of having 12 or more guys fuck her and fill her pussy full of cum while a room full of people watched, she then asked me if I would be willing to eat her out after that was done. I had told her yes, thinking it would never happen, I suppose that I had better be prepared for that. Granted I have many times gone down on her to clean up my own cum, that always brings me to erection doing it or even thinking about it.

Now back to our evenings description of actions.

So here we are fulfilling our fantasies, after the cock that just pumped his load in my ass, I am lead to a seat beside a bed in the middle of the room, I am showed where I am to sit, a chair with an opening in the center, sitting in the center of the chair is a 10 inch dildo, with half of it exposed. I guide this phallus into my jism filled ass as I was told, Teresa comes out and lies on the bed before me. She then reaches to her side, and to my surprise pushes a button that makes that dildo begin to slide in and out of my ass with about a 5 inch stroke. My ass is screaming pleasure at this contraption as I watch the first guy walk up and guide his cock into her waiting pussy, I watch as his head disappears, then half of his shaft, then his balls slap hard against her ass. He then begins to pump her hard, she is moaning and screaming for him to pump is cum in her juicy pussy. I had no idea how I would really feel about watching this, I am somewhat jealous, seeing her with another man. She looks over at me and tells me she loves me and cannot wait to have me go down on her. She then directs one of the women to drain my cock, this woman does not hesitate, she immediately pushes her mouth down on me, while using her hands to pull on my testicles. As she is sucking me, Teresa speeds up the dildo pumping my ass, while at the same time is getting her first load of cum pumped deep into her moist pussy.

After a while, the sixth or seventh guy is pumping her as she tells me to kneel over her so she can suck my cock. I then kneel over her as she accepts my cock thrusting into her mouth, I look up and one of the guys has walked up to me and has his hard cock staring me in the face, As I open my mouth to accept it, anxious to taste more strange dick and hot cum, then another cock is being guided into my ass by Teresa. I feel this cock throbbing as it is plunged deep. I am so excited, I have the woman I love mouthing my cock while I am going to be pumped back and forth between two cocks. I get really excited when I remember that I saw a number of camcorders recording the actions. Granted I thought I would want the privacy of getting to get my fill of cocks with out anyone seeing it, but now I want nothing more than to be watched, I feel the numerous patrons watch as I am getting double dicked. I feel each of the dicks slide out then pushed back in, I buckle as both are stuffed in as far as they can , at the same time I feel my own cock being sucked hard, also going deep into Teresa's throat. I arch away from her as both cocks are again partially withdrawn, then push back down as both cock are shoved back in. This continues for about ten minutes, then I feel my own orgasm build as I shove my cock into Teresa's throat spasm of my jism, she begins to suck hard draining me of my seed. I feel the cock in my mouth begin to spasm first the one pumping my ass begins, I am having jism pumped in my ass and mouth at the same time. I swallow every bit of it down continuing to suck on the cock in my mouth until he quickly pulls out, not able to handle anymore.

The cock in my ass is slowly removed, leaving my ass wet with his cum. Before I can think what my happen next two more cock enter me. The one breeching my throbbing ass is incredibly thick shafted, as I feel my ass stretched, I straighten myself to allow this thick cock to enter me fully. My mouth is being stuffed with a average cock. As these cocks enter me, she is getting the 14th cock into her, she tells me after these two cock are done with me my task will be to eat her cum filled cunt. I cannot wait, I begin to pump myself back and forth between these cocks anxious to taste her cum filled cunt. I feel the head of the cock in my ass slam into bone I am pumping so hard. I have managed swallow the cock in my mouth down and his head is actually in my throat. As I pump back and forth 5 inches of the 11 inch cock in my ass is slipped out and I stuff the 7 inch cock 3 inches down my throat. As I pump back I have only the head of the cock in my mouth, swirling my tongue around his sensitive head, forcing that 11 inch cock to a deep I thought was impossible. After 6 minutes of this my mouth is again flooded with cum, as the cock in my ass continues to pump me for about 3 more minutes until I again feel hot jets of cum fill my ass.

As I get up and reposition my self on the edge of the bed to clean Teresa, I can fell some of the man spunk drip from my ass and coat my testicles. I ease my mouth over her worked hole licking from her clitoris down, I taste the man juice from her, I then guide my tongue up again, this time I suck hard on her love button, she immediately orgasms, I have to quickly place my mouth over her hole as her orgasm forces some of the spunk out. I begin to coat my tongue in cum as I enter her cunt with my tongue. She has me roll over so she can position herself over me to plant her pussy on my face.

Once she has straddled me, she reaches down and put my legs up, placing each of my ankles under her armpits. She is grasping my legs, grinding herself down on my face, pressing my nose across her anus. I then feel another cock rubbing my anus, it is rubbing in a circular motion as it is slowly slides into me, its presence in wonderful. I hear a female voice say that she can not wait to stuff the entire 12 inch dildo into me. She pumps me the entire 30 minutes it tasks to free Teresa of her 14 loads of cum. My ass has been thoroughly stretched, I am helped to my feet and lead to the bar, given a drink, I am then told my services are needed again. I glance over and notice that a line has formed where I was across the bar earlier, I am told that these fellows need relief and I am going have to be the one to give it. Again I am placed across the bar and one by one I suck 12 guys and have 16 guys pump my ass full of cum. In all I have swallowed over 40 loads of cum and had at least twenty times had hot sperm injected deep in my ass.

Teresa now says that this will be a monthly occurrence. I am happy that I was honest with my fantasies, if I had not told her, I would be just masturbating imaging these actions and not getting to really experience them. I Love her even more for having me fulfill this, as much as I love making love to her, going down on her, and having her suck me. She would have never been able to have me experience the feeling of a cock spasming in my mouth and down my throat, tasting another's man jism as it is pumping from his cock and across my tongue. Never could she have me experience not just a dildo pumping me hard, which she now loves doing to me, but feeling hot jets of sperm deep in my ass.
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