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Athens of the North

Summer in the city - waiters have all the fun, and provide good service too.
Not sure why the call Edinburgh the Athens of the North. It is one of the finest cities with its sassenach castle over-lording the fine buildings and green spaces, though the weather is somewhat cooler, and the olives only grow in the Botanic garden hothouses.

However it was one of these rare Scottish summers when it was actually hot (in the mid to high 20s), and we were reclining on a grassy slope in Princess street gardens watching the amazing talent go by, some sunbathing below in low cut tops and mini-skirts, a few even in bikinis which raised the temperature even further for us.

Still Phil and I were through there at the start of school summer holidays, and we were on a mission to improve our status in the male hierarchy of sexual conquests. Having worked as part time waiters in various hotels we wanted to go full time and enjoy the freedom away from home. Neither of us had a great deal of experience in the art of lovemaking, more groping around and rough quick sex whenever the chance arose - which seemed all to infrequent in these days.

We had a couple of hotels still to visit for jobs, and set off along the park to the wealthier end of town.

Near the Haymarket we had an interview with the head waiter of a plush establishment. The receptionist was dressed in a tight fitting blouse and hotel waistcoat with a black skirt. She had the blouse open to reveal cleavage of a fine pair of breasts, and her small figure was enhanced by her curves. Phil and I looked approvingly at each other, hoping that this would be a positive experience.

The Italian head waiter asked us to demonstrate setting up tables and serving which we did to his satisfaction - we got the jobs and were given an address close by to register for accommodation. It turned out to be a second story flat with two single beds in one room, a kitchen, shower, and good views onto the wide avenues of stone built terraced housing.

We soon settled in to the daily routine of getting up late, enjoying afternoons trying to chat up Edinburgh lassies in the parks, and working late into the evenings serving a wealthy well dressed guests. Phil was much taller than me, fair haired, and fitted the slim waiter image better with white shirt, bow tie, waistcoat and tight black trousers, cutting quite a handsome figure, popular with the ladies.When he bent down he had a backside you just wanted to smack for its impudence. He always leaned far over the shoulders of the women when he was collecting their empty glasses, and I think they mostly liked that, though the head waiter did not. Many glasses of wine were left half finished, and they did not go to waste when we returned them to the kitchen, so we had a good tipple every evening.

We got to know the receptionist by name - Sandra, with the beautiful curves, though she was a few years older than us - perhaps 21, thus we thought out of our league. Phil and I had discussed asking her out before, though each left it to the other to follow up on. After our first month there, Phil on the back of a few glasses of wine did ask if she would like to go for a drink after work, and to our surprise and delight she said she would wait for us at midnight. When we finished our shift we checked to see if it was still on, and Sandra smiled leaving arm in arm with two fine young waiters.

Most places were closing up soon after, and Phil offered to walk Sandra home - I said why not come back to our flat- after all it was official hotel accommodation. She came back with us, raising more than hopes of a good night kiss. Once in the door Sandra wasted no time in stripping down to her bra and smooth silk pants, slipping under the covers in Phils bed. My own hopes and expectations had a temporary dip as I saw Phils growing hard on in his white briefs before he leapt into bed. Sandra told me to push my bed closer to join them up, and I soon perked up as she leaned across to embrace me. She then turned back to Phil who was already massaging her pussy below the sheet, and the two of them got down to business - Phil on top naked, Sandra guiding him in and letting him ride her like a stag in heat. He did not last long, though they both made plenty of noise; I could see him tense as his cock spouted his first juices of the night, then rolled off with an air of macho pride.

Fortunately it was too quick for Sandra, though she did seem to enjoy the attention - which is where I came in to the picture, offering my services. Sandra turned to kiss me, her tongue deep into my mouth which made my cock even harder than it already was. She moved over to my side, and I undid her bra - which Phil in his rush had neglected; I slid down to suck her ample breasts, beautiful tight dark nipples and sweet scent of perfume. Heaven was opening up to me as I entered her warm pussy still dripping with Phils juices. Naturally it was not as tight as it could have been - neither of us had thick cocks, though Phils was longer; just the thrill of being with an older woman was enough to make it exciting.

I think I lasted a good while longer than Phil, as I like to come slowly and sensually. I was also worried about the consequences, though it was a bit late in the day to search for condoms. In answer Sandra said she was on the pill - which for guys at that time meant relax and enjoy yourself. I did, and my own cream mixed with Phils in her pussy, making the bed quite wet. Between the three of us we kissed and played, taking turns to have sex with Sandra.

At one point I was lying on my side kissing Sandra and feeling her breasts which I am always fascinated by, with Phil at my back. Sandra stretched over to pull Phil in closer, and pulled on his cock to get it hard again. I could feel it rising against my naked backside. With the other hand she was touching my own cock at the top of her thighs; she pulled Phil in closer and his cock found my opening wetting it with a tickling sensation. Phil started rocking slowly and his cockhead went further in giving me a sudden pleasantly uncomfortable feeling, and making my own cock harder. Phils hand joined Sandras massaging my cock as I came over her legs, less than last time but equally enjoyable. I felt Phils cock shudder a little then go soft as it slipped back out leaving an unusual warmth. It all seemed natural at the time sharing everything. Sandra went on to take command riding us in turn from on top when either cock was hard enough to play.

In the late morning when we woke, Sandra was having a shower getting ready to go to work at the hotel. She dried herself in full view and once dressed, stuffed her silk pants into her handbag. Later when I saw her at the reception I wondered if she kept a spare pair at work, but was thrilled at the idea that behind the desk there was some naked pussy waiting.

When Phil got up we had a shower though nothing was mentioned about the extra ciricular activity the night before. Sandra went her own way as well, probably back to her boyfriend, or possibly the Italian head waiter who had a glint in his eye when he saw us returning to work. Edinburgh can be a confusing place, and years later it did seem more like a dream than reality.

So that was summer in the city where waiters have all the fun, but provide a good service too!

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