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Bella's Business Trip

I was in LA on business for a week. I was really looking forward to the conference as I was the keynote speaker. This would be my first time giving that level of presentation and the audience was expected to be over 200 women. So it was understandable that I was too wound up to sleep.

So even though I am not much of a drinker, I headed down to the hotel bar. The place was practically empty. In one corner there were two older business men drinking martinis and discussing what I could only assume was business judging by the serious vibes coming off of them. There was one other man at one end of the bar drinking beer. He seemed to be engrossed in a basketball game on the TV over the bar. Only one other table was occupied and the three women there were laughing and seemed to be feeling no pain.

I choose a stool at the opposite end of the bar from the game watcher and ordered a Seagram’s and 7-up. I made idle chit chat with the bartender for a while and waved off the not so subtle attempts at flirtation from the guy at the end of the bar. I watched people come and go for the better part of the hour. At one point I stepped outside to take a call on my cell.

When I returned to the bar there was a very attractive woman sitting on the stool next to mine and a fresh drink in my place. I realized she was one of the feeling-no-pain-party of three. Glancing at their table I saw that her two companions had left. I sat down and she turned to me offering her hand and a sweet, if slightly lopsided, smile.

“Hi, I’m Alexandra, but everyone calls me Alex.”

“Hello, I’m Bella.”

“I hope you don’t mind. My friends bailed on me and I noticed the creeper at the end of the bar was hitting on you…so I thought we could sit together. You know, as a sort of creeper protection for each other.” She giggled.

She was well on her way to being drunk. And very attractive. Truth be told, I am bi-sexual but hadn’t been with a woman in some time since I had been in a long term relationship with a man. Just my luck to have found the only man in the country to have absolutely no interest in a little girl-on-girl action. But we had recently parted ways and I was hungry for some soft flesh to nibble on.

Maybe it was the booze, maybe it was loneliness, or maybe it was pure hormones, but I knew exactly how I wanted this night to end.

Alex was chatting on and on about where she was from—Ohio—and why she was in town—a training on something or other—while I checked her out. She was about five-five with a great ass—nice and round—and breast that were neither too large nor to small but as Goldilocks would have said, “Just right.” She had dark hair that hung in soft shiny waves to half way down her back, bright green eyes, and honey colored skin. She was naturally sexy without the need to glam it up. She wore a simple black sleeveless dress that clung to her curves and a pair of sexy red sling backs. She was definitely hot but didn’t seem to know that she was. I found that really arousing.

As I talked I noticed her shyly checking me out. I have been told that I am no slouch either. I am slightly shorter than Alex with a nice round ass and B cup breasts. I have auburn hair and hazel eyes that change color with my mood. While I am normally of medium complexion, I was sporting a great tan—with no tan lines thanks to a weekend at a local nude beach back home. People say that I exude sensuality and that is what makes me sexy. I don’t know about that, but I do know that I love sex and am very aware of and comfortable with my sexuality.

We laughed, talked, and drank for about another hour. There was definite chemistry there but I could see that Alex didn’t know what to do about it. I knew that the moment would have to be right for me to make a move; otherwise she would bolt like a skittish rabbit, leaving me hot and frustrated.

The moment presented itself when the creeper decided to make his move—on both of us!

“Hey, Ladies, I’m Steve,” his voice was both deep and nasally at the same time. “Can I buy you a drink?”

“No thank you,” we answered in unison, leaning into each other and laughing. My blood ran hot when her breast pressed against mine.

“Aw come on! Don’t be like that!” Steve whined, “I just want to show you girls a good time,” he actually wiggled his eyebrows and flicked his tongue at us. Ew! It was obvious that this jerk wasn’t going to give up easily.

“Sorry, Steve, but this party is for ladies only,” then I leaned in, placed my hand behind Alex’s neck and pulled her in for a deep sensual kiss. She didn’t resist for a second but gave as good as she got. We fondled each other through our clothes, each of us rubbing breasts and ass. I don’t know how long the kiss lasted but when we came up for air, Steve, the bartender, and every other male in the place sat with their mouths gaping. I quickly threw some money on the bar, grabbed Alex’s hand and left the bar.

Neither of us said a word as we rode the elevator to the seven floor; our bodies not touching except for our fingers tentatively brushing each others. Alex was breathing hard but didn’t resist as I led her down the hall to my room. When I closed the door behind us, she whirled around and pushed me up against it and kissed me with unbridled passion.

Our kissing quickly escalated to fondling as we moved from the door to the bed. I couldn’t wait to see and feel Alex’s naked body so I eased the straps of her dress down her shoulders. I took my time sliding her dress down her body, over her beautiful tanned breasts, across her hips, and down her smooth legs. Alex grasped my shoulder as she stepped out of the dress because she was trembling with excitement and anticipation.

Beneath her dress she wore black lace bra and panties. I caressed her breasts and rubbed her nipples through the delicate lace. Her nipples grew hard under my finger tips. Alex pressed herself deeper into my hand as our lips came together once again. My hands roamed her body freely, down her back to her sweet voluptuous ass and over to the sweet wet spot on her panties.

Alex was as anxious as I was to feel my flesh on hers. She eagerly pulled my tank top over my head, unzipped my skirt, and let it fall to the ground. I stood before her in my own matching set of pink lace. She smiled her appreciation and we began kissing again, our hands caressing each other’s soft flesh, our tongues stroking each other. We fell to the bed in mound of entwined flesh.

I lowered my head and began kissing me way down her beautiful body. I gently sucked her hard nipples through the black lace of her bra. Alex arched her back and groaned. I kissed her belly and nibbled my way down her inner thighs, teasing her by moving my tongue around the edge of her panties.

“Please, Bella,” she gasped.

I sat up and eased her panties down her legs. She was clean shaven and her bare pussy glistened with her juices. Alex was starting to squirm. Again, I started at the top and began kissing and licking my way down to her hot wet lips. She was panting and squirming by the time I began to gently suck her clit. She lifted her hips, grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in deeper. My lips and tongue worked magic on her. I sucked her clit, licked her smooth lips, and slip my tongue in and out of her. Whenever I sucked on her clit I would use my fingers to stroke her fire.

“Fuck, Bella, yes! Eat that pussy, baby!” Alex came over and over and I licked up her juices.

Finally, she decided to give me a taste of my own medicine. She stripped me of my bra and panties and began to suck and nibble on my erect nipples. I love it a little rough and let her know it so she would continue. Alex paid attention and bit my nipples until I cried out for the combined pleasure and pain. She made her way down, licking and biting my inner thighs. Fuck, I was so wet! I was dying to feel her tongue in my own shaved pussy!

But Alex surprised me by flipping me over on to my belly. She swept her long silky hair up and down my back and across my ass. Now I was squirming. Her soft hair was replaced by her hand spanking me hard enough to sting. Damn! I was so aroused that my upper lip began to quiver. I moaned.

“You like that don’t you?” Her voice was thick and husky with passion.

“God, yes!” I wanted more. She obliged by slapping my ass harder again and again. I nearly came right then! Suddenly she grabbed my hips and brought me up to my hands and knees. She slid under me and began stroking my hot lips with her tongue. I rocked my hips and lowered myself closer to her face.



“I want you to do something for me, ok?”


“Face fuck me, Bella, face fuck me hard.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I planted myself against her mouth, grabbed the top of her head for leverage, and began to grind back in forth. The closer I came to climaxing the harder and faster I grinded, but Alex wasn’t complaining. With her hands gripping my hips she encouraged me to go faster. When my orgasm hit I squeezed her head between my thighs and squirted my juices straight into her mouth. Spent and quivering, I rolled onto the bed.

Alex and I were both breathing hard; then we began to giggle as we cuddled in the aftermath of our hot sex.

“Bella, I have a confession to make.”


“This was my first time with a woman.”

Surprised, I sat up and stared at her. I had suspected that she had limited experience when we were in the bar but I would never have guessed that she was a “virgin.”

“Then how did you know that you wanted to be face fucked?” I asked teasingly.

Alex giggled and shyly said, “I saw it in a porno once. It got me so hot I knew I had to try it.”

“So, I popped your cherry, so to speak?” I had begun to play with her nipples again.

“Yes,” she answered breathlessly.

“Mmmmm…got any other tricks you would like to try?”

“Oh yeah! Lots. But that could take all night and we both have to be up early in the morning.” She sounded disappointed.

There was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to help her with that list. “So what about tomorrow night?” Truth is I could have fucked her all night but I knew I needed get some rest before my presentation in the morning.

“I don’t think I can wait that long, Bella.” My mouth had replaced my hand on her nipples.

“Well, what time will you finish up tomorrow,” I asked when I raised my head. My hand had moved south and was stroking her wet lips again. I wanted her so hot when she left that she would definitely be back.

“Um, I think the training is over at three.” She was grinding herself against my hand that she was holding tightly.

“Mmmm…well that’s about when I will be done, too. How about we meet back here by three thirty?” I lowered my head again to suck on her tit.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she cried as she came. Alex reached down and brought my wet fingers to her mouth and began to lick her juices from them. Damn, I truly wanted to fuck her all night!

Ten minutes later I was kissing her good-bye at the door. I climbed into bed naked but was still too aroused to sleep so I got my vibrator out of my bag. I came three more times before I was finally able to sleep.

* * * * *

I woke up with a pleasurable throbbing between my legs. I was really looking forward to seeing Alex again. The thought did occur to me that she would have second thoughts since she was drunk the night before. If she did, too bad; but I was praying she wouldn’t. I was dying to know what other tricks were on her list of must do’s.

I forced myself away from thoughts of last night, Alex, and the coming evening’s plans. I had a major presentation to give today and 200 plus women were counting on me to deliver the goods. I showered and dressed in my best fitting business suit. My make-up was very professional, my auburn hair twisted into a French twist, and I had donned a pair of faux reading glasses to give me a more professional look. After gathering my papers and materials, I headed out.

The convention center was swarming with women searching for the latest advice and products on beauty, fashion, health, and career. This was a wellness retreat with vendors, workshops, and seminars. As I had mentioned, I was the keynote speaker and my presentation was going to focus on how women could get in touch with their inner goddess, or sex kitten if you like, and how to use that power to advance in the workplace. No, I wasn’t going to teach women to sleep their way to the top. There is a reason that gorgeous women tend to get whatever they want in life and that is because of their inner goddess and the power of awareness. The workshop had sold out and there was a waiting list in the event of no-shows.

I headed towards the main conference hall to check on the set-up of the equipment and to do a walk through of my seminar. I was scheduled to begin at 1:00 and it was now 10:00. I spent the time sitting in on a couple of other workshops and then checked out the vendor booths. This kept me occupied so that I didn’t get nervous. Then I spent the last half hour getting in touch with my own inner goddess in a private room before taking the stage.

The presentation went great and the women were enthralled. As a gift for attending they each got a copy of my book showing them how to accomplish this wonderful feat. Then I took questions from the audience. Imagine my surprise when the third question came from Alex! She smiled and threw me the slightest wink. Damn, I was getting wet already. I struggled to remain focused because all I could think about was her and I naked and sweaty.

The Q & A seemed to drag on and the convention organizers asked me if I could stretch it out longer. I glanced at Alex, who smiled and tapped her watch. Bingo! I explained that I had another engagement that I needed to rush off to so we wrapped it up. I received a standing ovation and had to force myself to return to the stage to take a bow. God, but I wanted to sprint back to my hotel room! Or better yet, grab Alex from the audience, bring her back stage, and do her right there.

I tried to look for Alex as I made my way through the crowd but didn’t see her anywhere. I was anxious to be with her and worried that she still wouldn’t show. So I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped onto the elevator and she got on just before the doors closed.

“You were fantastic today,” Alex told me.

“Thank you. I had no idea this was the training you were referring to last night.” The elevator stopped at the fifth floor and a man got on going to the eighth floor. We remained silent until we got off the elevator on my floor.

“Yes, it was a very pleasant surprise to see you up on stage. You look really sexy, by the way.” Alex reached out and took my hand as we walked. “You remind me of a sexy librarian just dying to let her hair down.”

“Is that on your list?” I asked as I unlocked my door.

“No, but it could be.”

No sooner was the door closed then we fell into each other’s arms and began to kiss with barely checked passion. We eagerly and quickly stripped out of our clothes while trying not to let our lips part.

“Let’s take a shower,” I suggested.

We headed to the bathroom and stepped into a hot shower. Alex reached for my loofa and vanilla scented shower gel. She began lathering up my body starting with my shoulders and working her way down to my toes, lingering in all my hot spots. I readily repeated the process on her. When our bodies were all soapy and slick we began rubbing against it each other in slow erotic movements. We giggled and rubbed and stroked until we worked ourselves into a frenzy.

We stepped out of the shower and toweled each other off. I couldn’t take much more of this teasing and when Alex bent over to dry her legs, I knelt behind her, grabbed her hips and began to ream her tight asshole. Alex grabbed the counter to keep her balance. She moaned deeply and began to finger herself with her free hand. I probed her tight ass with my tongue as she rubbed her clit. Her whole body shook when she came!

“Your turn,” she said and motioned for me to sit on the counter. She spread my legs and knelt in front of me. She remembered that I like it rough and she started by biting my clit. I nearly bolted off the counter at the painful sweetness. She continued to nibble and suck my clit while she finger fucked me. I leaned back and pinched my nipples. It wasn’t long before Alex brought me to climax.

“So what other tricks are on that list of yours?” I asked when we left the bathroom.

“Wow! Where to begin? Let’s see, you like it a little rough so how about some spanking and light bondage?”

“Sounds fun. I think I have what we need.” I grabbed my flat square hairbrush from the dresser, “Makes a great paddle,” I said. Next I found a braided suede belt, “You can tie me up with this.” Then I found my sleeping mask, “A blindfold.”

Alex was excited and jumped right in. She walked over to me, grabbed me by the hair, and pulled. “Get on your knees, bitch.”

Holy cow, this was going to be fun! I did as she demanded. Alex lifted her leg and rested her foot on the bed. “Kiss my pussy.” Playing the submissive I couldn’t be overzealous about obeying so I barley brushed my lips against hers. “You call that a kiss, bitch?” Oh, she was good at this! I leaned in and gave her wet lips a good lick and heard her groan in appreciation. “You have been a very naughty girl, haven’t you?”

“Yes.” I said quietly. My pussy was getting so wet.

“What was that?” She yanked on my hair.

“Yes, Mistress, I have been very naughty.”

Alex smiled, “And what happens to naughty girls?”

“We get spanked?”

“That’s right, Bella, you naughty bitch, you’re are going to get spanked good and hard.”

“Please, Mistress, be gentle.” Inside I was cheering because I knew Alex wouldn’t let me down.

Alex sat on the edge of the bed, “Bend over my knees.” I rose and did as she instructed. She ran one hand softly over my bare ass over and over. It was both relaxing and erotic. Suddenly her soft touch was replaced by the hard cold brush striking my flesh. Smack! I groaned; if she continued I would cum just from the spanking. Smack! Even harder this time. “You have been very naughty and deserve to be punished.” Smack!

“Yes, I deserve to be punished.” I could feel my climax building with each strike of the brush. Smack! “Please, Mistress, please, spank me harder.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! My body convulsed as I came and my juices squirted out.

“Now lie down on the bed.” Alex grabbed my arms and tied them above my head with the belt. Then she blindfolded me. I honestly didn’t think it would be possible for me to be any more aroused, but I was wrong. My pussy was throbbing in anticipation.

“Bella, I am going to punish you more.”

“Yes, please,” I gasped. Alex had found my vibrator that I had left out and she turned it on high and pressed it hard against my sensitive clit. She brought me to the edge of another orgasm and them pulled the vibrator away. I begged her not to stop but she did. Then after what seemed like forever she did it again. Alex repeated this over and over making my clit throb painfully and never allowing me to cum. I was quivering from head to toe with the need for release. But she wasn’t done with me yet. Alex climbed onto my face and face fucked me until she came, never allowing me to touch her with anything other than my mouth. When she was done she untied me and removed the blindfold.

“Whoa,” was about all I could say. Alex laughed and rolled onto the bed. “You are so going to get yours,” I got up and went over to my suitcase. “I picked this up at one of the vendor booths yesterday.” It was brand new strap on dildo with two heads, one for the pussy and one for the ass. The pussy dildo was about eight inches long and thick. The removable ass plug was about five inches long and almost as thick. Both had ridges to enhance the sensation. An added bonus for me was a hard nub on the inside to stimulate my clit while fucking her.

Alex’s eyes got wide with enthusiasm, “That is definitely on the list!” She was bouncing on her knees with eagerness. I also grabbed some lube and strapped up. I walked over to the bed where Alex grabbed the larger penis and began to stroke it while kissing me deeply. She slithered down on to her belly and took the cock into her mouth and began to deep throat it. If I was a dude I would have shot my load down her throat she was that good.

Finally, I pushed her back, spread her legs and plunged the cock into her hot pussy. Alex wrapped her legs around me and began to move her hips in rhythm with mine. She was getting close to coming but I wasn’t going to let her cum just yet. Right before she peaked I pulled out and rolled her onto her belly. I attached the butt plug and lubed it up. I poured the lube all over her ass and used my fingers to work it in and round her tight asshole.

“Have you ever been ass fucked, Alex,” I asked.

“No, but it’s on the list” she giggled.

“Well, since you are a virgin, I will take it nice and slow until you tell me you want it harder and faster, ok?”

“Yup, let’s do it!” She raised up on her hands and knees, bunched the pillows up under her belly and spread her legs. I started easing the dildo into her wet pussy until the tip of the butt plug pressed against her asshole. Then I slowly pushed the head of the dildo in and waited for her sphincter to relax. “Oh, shit, it feels good and it hurts!”

“It’s okay, Baby, just relax,” I moved one hand around and began to gently rub her clit, bringing her focus back to being aroused and not on the pain, which I knew would pass. Slowly she began to relax and I eased another inch into her ass. “Does that feel good, Baby?”

“Ooohhhh yes,” she panted.

Again I pushed more and more in until all five inches was buried in her ass and all eight inches was deep in her pussy. Alex began to slowly move her hips back and forth against the dildos. Her moans of pleasure grew louder.

“Please, Bella, fuck me.”

I was more than happy to oblige. I grabbed her hips and began to thrust in and out of her hot holes. Alex was rocking in rhythm to my thrusts. She couldn’t seem to get the cocks deep enough or for me to go fast enough. “Fuck, yes! Fuck me harder, harder!” She screamed. I was pounding her ass with the dildos, my fingers dug into her flesh. The nub pressed against my throbbing clit building up the pressure in me. “Shit, Bella, I’m going to cum,” Alex rocked her hips faster pulling every inch into her.

“Me too, Baby, me too!” I thrust as deep as I could into her eager hot holes and held her against me as we both came in wave after wave of climax, our cries of passion echoing through the room.

Alex and I lay sweating and panting and truly spent. “I’m hungry,” she said.

“Room service?”

“Yeah, order anything I don’t care.”

I got up and removed the strap on and picked up the menu. We settled on setae chicken and noodles in peanut sauce with chocolate pudding for dessert. We also ordered some champagne. While we waited for the food to arrive we sat on the bed naked talking about our lives and taking shots of tequila from the mini bottles in the bar. When the knock on the door came, I was feeling so good and so sexy I didn’t even bother to get dressed. I pulled the sheet off the bed and loosely draped it over my body. Alex stayed naked on the bed lying on her belly, legs swinging.

I opened the door and let the waiter in with the cart of food. He acted like he didn’t notice what I was wearing but when he saw Alex he stopped. I closed the door and told him to put the food on the table by the window. I sat on the bed next to Alex and caressed her ass while allowing my sheet to slip below my breasts. The poor waiter almost dropped our plates.

“What’s your name?” I asked. He was very handsome. Around six feet and bald with the sexiest eyes. I love bald men. This could get interesting.

“Richards, Miss,” he answered nervously. When he had finished setting out our food he turned to us, “Will there be anything else?” He licked his lips.

“Hmmm, what do you think, Baby, do we need anything else,” I asked Alex. She giggled and sat up. Richards licked his lips again. She whispered something in my ear, I pretended to consider it and then nodded. Alex giggled again. “Come here, Richards,” I said in my sexiest voice. I could see his hard on pushing against his fly.

He stopped in front of us and I reached out and began to caress his bulge through his trousers. Alex unzipped his pants and pulled them down then she released his throbbing cock from his briefs as she lowered them. I stroked his seven inch cock up and down as Alex kneeled in front of him and took his balls in her hot mouth. Richards’ eyes rolled back in his head and his knees nearly buckled. I took his throbbing cock into my mouth and begun to suck his head, flicking my tongue in and out of his hole. He groaned and placed his hand on the back of my head, urging me to suck faster. I ran my tongue up and down his shaft and gently nibbled his sensitive head.

Alex pushed Richards down onto the bed. “Have you ever ass fucked someone?” She asked.

“No but I would love to,” he said as he grabbed her tits. I was leaning over to grab the lube when I felt his finger slide into my wet pussy. We let him play with our bodies for a few minutes, Alex and I kissing each other and stroking his thick cock while he did so. Then I lubed his cock up and Alex squatted over him.

“Richards, follow my lead; don’t move until I tell you to,” I instructed him, grabbing his throbbing cock and guiding the head to Alex’s asshole. Alex eased herself down until his head was engulfed by her tight hole. Richards moaned. “Don’t you dare cum yet,” I warned him. I continued to hold his cock as Alex slide down it inch by sweet inch. When she reached his base she sat still letting both of their bodies adjust.

I climbed on top of Richards face facing Alex. Our lips met as she began to ride his cock and his tongue entered my hot pussy. Richards wasn’t a novice at pussy licking! Within a few minutes he had me on the verge of cumming.

“Shit I am going to cum!”

“Squirt your juices in his mouth, Baby!” Alex demanded, reaching out to give my nipples a hard pinch.

I clinched my legs together and felt my hot cum squirt straight into Richards mouth as wave after wave flooded my body. When the climax subsided I climbed off and began to lick his face clean, our tongues battling fiercely as our hot mouths joined.

I think you two need to come now,” I scooted down and with one hand I rubbed Alex’s clit and with the other I fingered Richard’s asshole. Both of them groaned and increased their speed. The faster I rubbed the faster Alex rode.

“Fuck me! I’m cumming!” Alex screamed. I watched as her sweet juice squirted all over Richards’ groin. Alex’s ass clenched up as she expelled her cum sending Richards over the edge.

“OH FUCK!” Richard screamed as his body went rigid and he emptied his load into Alex’s tight ass.

I leaned over and licked up Alex’s cum off of Richards, allowing my tongue to flick across her sensitive clit. Alex responded by clenching up, which drove Richards crazy as his cock was just as sensitive. Finally, Alex climbed off and laid down next to me.

“Holy shit,” Richards said as he was pulling his pants back up, “please promise me you will ask for me if you need anything else.” We laughed and watched him leave before going to clean ourselves up.

Then we ate our Thai food and drank more tequila. We left the pudding and champagne for later.

“Bella, this has been incredible! You are everything I hoped I would find in my first female lover.”

“Alex, I have had my share of lovers and sexual adventures, but I have to say that this is by far the best! I could fuck you for days!”

“So are we going to eat that pudding or what?” she asked.

“Or what,” I took her by the hand and led her to the center of the room. Then I picked up one bowl of pudding, dipped my fingers in and started to draw designs on her breasts, her belly, her ass, and over her lips. Alex moaned and giggled then grabbed the other bowl of pudding and joined in the fun. When we were done finger painting we licked the pudding from each other’s bodies. This time it was our giggles that echoed through the room. We drank champagne, poured it over each other’s bodies and lapped it up. We were both pretty drunk by then. We took another shower to wash off all the pudding and booze.

“How about we take a nap to build up our energy,” and sober up a bit, I silently added.

We crawled into bed, covered only by the sheet, and spooned as we drifted off to sleep.

* * * * *

Alex and I spent the rest of the week in my room discovering the many ways two women can fuck each other. On Friday we kissed good-bye at the airport and went our separate ways. We did not exchange numbers or emails. She had my book, if she wanted to see me again she knew how to find me. I had the registration list of attendees from the seminar so I knew how to contact her. That was a year ago and neither of us have made the call. Maybe someday we will get together again, but I think that week was so perfect that we didn’t want to ruin the memory by making our fucking common place. I know that there have been many nights where I have relived that week as I masturbated and will continue to do so.

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