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Best Friends Are The Best Lovers

My best friend's words were turning me on... She just didn't know it yet.
NOTE: All characters in story are over the age of sixteen. No minors are featured in this story. Have a good read :)

“I still can’t believe Justin broke up with Danielle. I thought they would have lasted a while longer.” Amber said. I glanced up at my best friend, who was laying next to me on my bed, looking quite shocked at the news we had received from a friend moments earlier. Justin was Amber’s long-term crush. He was an attractive guy; Tall, about 6’4. Played football for our school. Golden brown hair and radiant blue eyes the color of the ocean. Not to mention a killer body. No wonder why Amber liked him. But he was a manwhore, and he had plenty of girls come and go in the past few years, since he was so good looking and all. That’s why I wasn’t surprised to hear he was currently a single man again.

I’ve heard more than enough stories about Justin. For example, last year after football practice, he took Jane Orwitz behind the bleachers and fucked her so hard the coach heard her screaming and discovered them. I find it funny, but Jane blushes and denies it every time someone brings it up. I guess it’s cause she has the reputation of a whore now thteveryone knows. Justin simply gets a high-five every time the day gets mentioned, like he’s proud that the football coach caught him giving it to a girl.

“Really? I knew it was coming. Danielle seems like a good girl. And he can’t keep it in his pants long enough to wait for a good girl. He probably only stayed with her until he realized she wasn’t going to fuck him anytime soon.” I said. And that was the truth. Anyone who knew Justin knew he needed sex all the time, and he would get it, by any means. “I guess. Can we call him for a few minutes? Maybe since he’s back on the market, he’ll want to get with me.” Amber smirked, winking at me. It was the end of our senior year, anyhow. She might as well try.

“Sure. But you can talk. I don’t know him that well.” I said.

She nearly hopped off the bed to go get her cell phone from the table. Her long, curly blonde hair fell directly over her fairly large chest as she sat back down. Amber has always been gorgeous, and I’ve always been jealous of her accentuating curves and the way guys look at her. She tells me she’s jealous of me sometimes, I don’t know why, but I guess I believe her. I watched in silence as she dialed Justin’s number and put the phone to her ear. Seconds later, her eyes lit up, and I could tell he had answered.

“Hi, Justin. Yes. How’d you know? Haha, I miss you too! Oh really? Well, when are we hanging out?” She flipped her long hair over her shoulder and pushed her breasts out as if he could see her. It was rather enticing just to watch her. She seemed to forget about my presence as she moved her finger back and forth along the bottom of her tank top and slid her hand underneath to touch her flat stomach.

Her body was something special, for sure. She wasn't fat at all, regardless of the curves and assets she had. Many guys dreamed of fucking her, and I couldn't blame them. But she was too interested in Justin to even notice anyone else. “I would like that.” Amber laughed softly.

Now her hand moved up her shirt, closer to her chest but not quite touching anything, “Oh? I could help you out with that.” A smile escaped onto her pretty pink lips and I couldn’t help but wonder what Justin was saying to her. Her hand caressed the skin right underneath her chest and she sighed lightly. I could hear the faint talking on the phone and she looked at me suddenly and I guess she did remember my presence because she moved her hand back down to rest on her stomach. “Hold on a second, Justin.” she said, then put her hand over the phone so she could whisper to me.

“He wants me to have phone sex.” she said softly, her green eyes practically glowing.

I stiffled my laugh. Phone sex? Justin was really desperate now, wasn’t he? You’d think a guy like him would drop everything to fuck, any time time and any place. But he wanted phone sex, of all things. “Go ahead. I don’t mind.” I heard myself say. Of course I didn’t mind. My hot best friend was sitting right in front of me with her hand under her shirt about to have phone sex with the biggest manwhore of our high school. Something about that turned me on more than anything.

“Okay, babe,” She put the phone back to her ear. “I’m ready.”

She leaned back on the bed and put the phone on speaker so I could hear what was being said. Justin’s voice sounded rough and ragged, I could tell he was horny and about to jack off, if he wasn’t doing so already. “Imagine me pushing you down on the bed, pulling your hair from behind. That long, sexy blonde hair. Kissing all over your body, teasing you and discovering spots you never even knew you had… Would you like that, baby?”

Amber looked at me, then back at the phone. “Oh yeah, baby. I want you to pull my hair. Make me your slut. Kiss me. Bite me. Make it rough.” she said, biting her lip. I could sense the embarrassment in her voice, the uncertainty of how she was feeling. I knew she felt uncomfortable with me there, but I didn’t care. His words and hers were turning me on. She just didn’t know it yet. But she would, soon enough, I'd make sure of it.

“I’ll make it rough, Amber. I’ll fuck you so hard, your pussy will be full of my cum. Will you suck my cock afterwards? Taste your sweet pussy juices and lick my cum. Oh, fuck. Moan for me, Amber. Tell me how bad you want me slamming my hard cock deep inside your tight little pussy.” Justin groaned.

“Fuck,“ Amber moaned, though it was fake because she wasn’t touching herself. “I want you so bad. My pussy needs you. I’m so wet right now, baby. I’m such a bad girl. I need your big cock punishing me.“ I could feel my thongs dampening between my legs. I couldn’t believe I was listening to two people having phone sex. It was unbelievably arousing. Amber’s moans were incredibly sexy, even though they weren’t exactly real moans, which only made me curious as of what the real ones sounded like.

I moved my hand slowly between my legs to caress my thighs. Amber wasn't paying attention to me, so I let my fingers run across my smooth tan skin, enjoying what I was hearing.

Justin breathed heavily. “You have been a bad girl. Such a bad girl… Are you touching yourself, baby? My cock is so much better than your fingers. So long and thick. I can make you cum so good.”

I looked at Amber, who was now touching her chest, which was large and quite perky if I do say so myself. “Please make me cum. I’ve been so bad.”she nearly cried out.

She moved her hand to the waistband of her pink shorts and I couldn’t handle it anymore. The whole situation was taking me to my breaking point and I reached over to her and pulled her shorts down in one swift motion. The action seemed to shock her as her eyes widened and she looked at me with confusion. "What are you doing?" she whispered to me.

"Giving you what you need. Do you trust me?" I asked quietly, making sure Justin couldn't hear me. Her green eyes looked at me and I wasn't sure what was going through her mind. "I do trust you." she finally said. I moved her baby blue panties to the side and circled her clit with my finger.

She seemed to forget I was a girl and started making noises. “Fuck! Make me cum, baby. I want you so bad. I need you inside of me. My pussy can’t take any more of this feeling.” she moaned. I teased her, rubbing her clit slow then fast and hard, then slow again.

“Mmm, you sound so fucking sexy. I’ll definitely make you cum all over my cock. God, I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of this sooner. When I’m done with you, you won’t be able to walk. I hear my cock can keep a girl in bed for days.” Justin’s voice was even more rough than before. Amber pushed her clit harder against my finger and I took it away, teasing her more. I slid my index finger down her slit and plunged into her wet hole. The sound of her moans were exotic and almost like ecstasy to my brain. “Oh my god. You’d feel so fucking good. I would love the way your thick cock hammered me.” she groaned loadly.

"You're so tight, oh god. I love the way you feel around my finger." I whispered. I leaned forward to kiss her and took her tongue in my mouth, sucking gently and passionately and finger fucking her hard.

“You must be so wet right now. I’d love to lick your pretty little pussy and suck on your clit.”

Just as those words were spoken I was positioning myself in between my best friend’s legs kissing her slit. She was writhing and pulling on my bed sheets, moaning softly. I licked her clit and sucked it between my lips, moaning with her as if I was experiencing every little thing she was experiencing at that moment. She tasted so good, and I couldn’t get over the fact she was even letting me do things to her young voluptuous body.

“Mmm, eat my pussy. I love having my clit sucked on. Oh, fuck…” Amber sighed.

I finger fucked her and licked her at the same time, which caused her to pull on my dark brown hair and moan even more. I inserted another finger, watching her tasty juice gloss them as I plunged in and out of her. “That’s right, baby. Moan for me. You’re so fucking hot. Oh, god. I’m gonna cum soon.” Justin said.

"You taste so good, Amber. Please cum for me. I want to taste your cum." I said quietly.

I worked my fingers in and out of her sopping wet hole, twisting and curling them inside her to heighten the experience. Amber cried out. “Fuck! I’m cumming! Oh my god. Oh my god!” My fingers went as deep inside her as they could and I could feel her girl cum coating them heavily.

“Fuck… That was so amazing. We have to do this again sometime.” she said softly. I took my fingers out of my mouth and sucked on them gently.

"We will." I heard myself say.

If only Justin knew it was me who gave her the orgasm. He really had no idea that these moans he was hearing from her, the REAL ones, weren’t actually for him. They were for me. Her best friend.

To be continued...
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