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Besties For Life

One Friday night after a football game at our high school my best friend Lyndsey and I were having a sleep over.  Lyndsey was bisexual, and I was not at the time.  Lyndsey had long brown hair with layers cut short to make her hair look "scene".  She had big green eyes and was very tan.  She was only about five feet tall weighing only 103 pounds.   She wore 32" C and a size 5 in panties.  Her ass was round and firm. Lyndsey had curves, whish is one reason I was always so jealous of her.  She always got more guys than I did which also made me jealous.  Lyndsey was always confident, even on her bad days.

Lyndsey and I look nothing alike.   I have long bleach blonde hair and bright blue eyes.  I'm about 5"3' and I weigh only 96 pounds.  I wore a 32" A and a size 4 in panties.  I had a very small butt, and did not get that many guys. 

Anyway, Lyndsey and I were laying in my bed watching a movie.  We were both very tired from the long night we had had.  So shortly after the movie was over we went to sleep. 

In my dream, Lyndsey and I were both naked, her body like a godess compared to mine, and we were both very sweaty.  We were standing in my bathroom about to take a bath together, like we often did when we were in a hurry.  Slowly, Lyndsey walked over to me and grabbed my hand.  She leaned in and kissed my lips ever so lightly.  Then she moved to my ear and whispered "I want you bad."  She then began sucking on my ear lobe.  I could feel my pussy getting wet.  Lyndsey led me over to the bubble bath.  She slowly put one foot in then the other.  She motioned with her fingers for me to join her.  So I did.  When were both in the tub, Lyndsey scooted closer to me.  She grabbed my and and led it to her breast.  She started to caress her breast with my hand and then let go.  I continued doing it.  She closed her eyes and let out a soft moan. 

After a few minutes of that, Lyndsey got even closer to me.  She got on top of me and began to kiss me.  Her tounge tasted of sweetness almost like hunny.  Her taste began to make me feel very horny so while she kissed me I started to tease her clit.  I'd done this to myself many times before, so mostly I knew what to do.  She stopped kissing me and let out a moan that sounded almost like a dog.  After a few minutes of that she told me to stop and grabbed my hand.  She led me out of the bathroom and onto my bed.  We were both still dripping wet but it didn't matter. 

Lyndsey layed me down then got on top of me like a cowgirl.  She began to kiss me again.  While we kissed she started rubbing up and down my body.  She eventually found her way to my pussy and began to rub my clit softly.  I moaned softly as she continued.  She started to finger me and it felt so amazing.  Better than any guy had ever done.  I moaned louder and louder, until suddenley I woke.

I looked at my bedside clock.  2:47.  I looked over at Lyndsey.  It took me a second to realize that she was rubbing herself.  Her eyes were closed and her lips were parted slightly.  Every few seconds a small almost unnoticable moan would escape her lips.  She moved her fingers in and out, in and out and I began to feel the wetness soaking my panties.  Lyndsey must have noticed me watching her, because she opened her eyes.  She looked very suprised.  Then she smiled. "Sounded like you were having a pretty great dream earlier.  You were moaning like crazy!"  I assumed she ment my wet dream.  I blushed.  "Yeah.. It was pretty great..." I replied.  "Oh really?  What was it about?"  she asked me.  I looked at her in the eyes and wondered if I should tell the truth.  Yes, I should.  "Well, if you must know, it was about you."  I said.  Lyndsey looked shocked.  "Really?  What was I doing?"  she asked.  "You were kissing me."  Lyndsey moved closer to me.  "LIke this?"  she asked as she kissed me passionatley.  "Yeah," I said when she stopped, "Like that." She looked me in the eyes.  "What else was I doing?"  I told her and she began to kiss me some more and then she slowly put her hands on the edge on my booty shorts.  My breathing started quickening.  Lyndsey kept doing it.  She slowly moved her hand down my shorts and into my panties.  She started to rub my clit and I moaned softly.  She kept doing that for a few minutes.  "I think I'm gonna cum," I said.  "No," she said, "Not yet."  She stopped rubbing my clit and put her ring and middle finger into my vagina.  She started hooking my vagina with her fingers and it felt so good.  She hit my g spot and I moaned with pleasure.  She did that over and over again and I came. 

When she was doing me she layed on her back.  Out of instinct I started treating her to her turn.  We kissed for a long time and I began to get wet again.  I got down and started teasing her clit with my tounge.  Lyndsey put her hands on my head and started saying my name quietley over and over again.  "
Jessica, Jessica, Jessica..."  After a few minutes of teasing, I stuck my tounge inside of her and started wiggeling it around.  She moaned loadly and grabbed my hair tight.  She pushed my hed into her pussy trying to make my tounge go deeper.  "Not deap enough..."  She whispered.  I reached over to my bed side table and pulled my little friend out of the drawer.  I turned on the vibrator and started rubbing her clit with it.  She moaned long and hard.  "Put it in. Put it in! PUT IT IN!" She said. I did and she moaned loudly as the vibrator carressed her.  She kept moaning as I penetrated her pussy. 

When we were done we layed in eachothers arms, amazed at what we had just done.  I kissed Lyndsey goodnight at she told me she loved me.  I told her I loved her too.  Then we fell asleep together and had hot wet dreams about eachother all night long.

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