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Big Men on Campus and the Dormitory Showers

When 30 men start jacking off in the Dorm shower together cum starts flying everywhere.
As Jack started his university career he moved into Ramsey Hall. A traditional dormitory with 2 guys sharing a 12' x 10' room and 30 guys on the floor sharing the open gang showers. For Jack this was going to be a huge change. At home his family was very open, nudity was common and sexuality was considered a vital part of being human. Where Jack grew up with very little modesty, he soon realized that most of the guys on his dorm floor were much more modest.

Jack's parents considered themselves nudists. When he was at home Jack, along with his brother, mother, and father were naked most of the time. It would be a rare occasion to visit the Johnson home and find anyone clothed. Jack found dormitory life very restrictive and looked for any opportunity to strip naked and be comfortable.

Jack slept in the nude and often spend a lot of the time in his room studying naked. His roommate is just the opposite, the only time he is naked is in the showers. Most of the guys on the floor change out of their clothes in the room outside the showers and quickly re-dress as they finish.

There were a few other guys on the floor that lacked modesty as Jack did. As Jack went to the showers in the morning he would grab his shower kit and towel and walk naked from his room to the other end of the floor to the shower room. Jack enjoyed the reaction that the other guys had as they saw him walk by naked with his large flaccid penis swinging back and forth as he walked. Jack knew he was an exhibitionist and liked the attention that he drew.

Jack worked very hard to stay in shape and he liked it when people looked him up and down. Jack for years had was a competitive swimmer and had the lean muscular body of a guy that spent many hours in the pool. At 6'2" Jack was an imposing figure. His shoulders were extremely broad with large defined pecs, arms that were bigger than a lot of guys thighs, and huge lats. From that broad chest and shoulders Jacks torso narrowed to a very slim 30 inch waist with an incredible six pack set of abs anchoring his core. Jack had powerful glutes and quads to propel him through the water. As a swimmer he kept himself hairless, shaving his entire body smooth, and as a nudist his body as golden brown tan without a tan line to break the beauty.

From 10 pm to 8 am the floor was restricted. What that was suppose to mean was that women were not allowed on the floor during those hours. The practical definition was that if a woman was on the floor during those hours they were likely to run into guys in various levels of undress. Occasionally, one of the guy's girlfriends would be leaving a room and Jack would encounter her in the hall, the girls would just stop and stare with their mouths wide open as he passed. Jack loved the attention.

The showers in the dorm were a large open gang shower that all 30 guys on the floor could fit in. When Jack showered he would shave myself smooth. Jack had done this since he was on his High School swim team, and continued shaving after he finished competing. Jack enjoyed being watched by the other guys as he shaved his body and pubic hair. He was sure that the guys thought it was odd, but more than a few guys hung in the shower watching the show.. There was only one other guy on our floor, James, that shaved his pubes smooth. James also had a complete lack of modesty, shaving his pubic hair clean in the shower room.

But the biggest change brought about by moving into the dorm was Jack's routine for masturbating. Not being able to frequently masturbate was a huge change for Jack. His favorite place to jack off is in the shower, and when he moved to the dorm he realized that was not going to be acceptable. Jack went from cumming several times a day to less than once a day. He would find time in bed to jack off at night, but found himself jacking off less, and having frequent wet dreams several time a week.

Jack would often wake up as he ejaculated finding himself uncovered by my bed sheet and his torso covered in cum. Sometimes Jack would wake and notice that his roommate was also awake and was watching him have a wet dream, ejaculating cum everywhere..

One morning after witnessing Jack cum his roommate, Thomas, got up the nerve to tell me that he thought that Jack had a big cock.. A truth that Jack found to be sometimes a curse verses an asset; flaccid his penis measured 6 in long. x 5 in.of girth, and erect his cock was a huge 10 in. x 7 in.

Growing up Jack was aware that he was well hung. When he turned 17 his father explained to him that men in their family had cocks that were much larger than most men. His dad told him that women may not be very excited about a man as hung as he was; Jack's older brother confirmed this piece of bad news. That he would be considered to be hung was not news to Jack. He had always been the guy in the gym showers that was bigger than anyone else. As Jack turned 18 and started university he was hoping that older university women would be more open to fucking a man with a huge cock; but so far he had not met those woman.

Then near mid term that Fall semester things on our dorm floor changed considerably as the result of a bet that the guys had one Saturday morning. Jack walked to the showers naked as always wanting to clean up before gong down for breakfast. As Jack entered the shower room there was one shower head left, next to a guy that Jack did not particularly like. As Jack started to shower, the guy next to him, Terry, asked if he wanted in on the bet. Jack asked what bet. Terry's roommate Fred told him that everyone had put up $10, and that the first guy to get a full hard on in the shower without touching themselves won the pot.

Jack looked around and then asked how much the pot was. Terry said if Jack was in it would be $300. Jack said it sounded good, but it did not seem fair as Terry was already sporting a big semi. James was standing at the shower across from Jack and spoke up that Terry did have an unfair advantage. He suggested that we take it up a notch. James proposed the bet be the first to cum hands free. It was real quite until Terry said that he was game, and soon everyone was in agreement.

Jack stood under his shower and closed his eyes. Jack wondered how this was going to play out, nothing like this had happened on the floor for the previous two months. Jack knew one thing that he did not want that arrogant prick Terry, or Terry's roommate Fred, to win the pot.

Jack thought about the previous weekend;. he went to visit his brother that was attending university in the neighboring state. At school Jack's brother, Jed, had found a gal that loved his big cock and could not get enough of it. When Jack came to visit she was in heaven, as she now had two brothers with huge cocks for her to enjoy. They spent the weekend having great sex together. Jack recalled in vivid detail a session where his brother was on his back and his gal was on top riding him. Jack took her anally as his brother worked his huge erection in and out of her pussy. It was a very hot memory and it had him rock hard. He was sure he could cum just by recalling that evening.

As Jack recalled that DP session he started to hear guys say that they were out to each other. As time went on more and more guys dropped out. From the sounds he was hearing it was apparent that more than a few guys were now openly masturbating in the shower. Then he heard Fred next to me exclaim, “Good God Jack, your huge!” as Fred referred to Jack's rock hard cock. One of the other guys than commented that James also had a huge cock. Terry said that James had a huge dick because he was an black. One of the other African-American guys in the shower corrected Terry by pointing out that the other black guys in the shower were about the same size as the rest of them, and that only Jack and James were huge, and that Jack was not black.

Jack thought that he and James might have the big cocks, but no one was a bigger dick than Terry.

Jack was getting close to cumming; he opened his eyes and looked around. And what a sight, there were 30 guys in the shower with hard on's, most were masturbating. A few of guys were still in the running for the jackpot. Terry and Fred next to Jack were still in the hunt and across from from him, James was also still in the game. The guys were right James was huge also. Actually, his cock head was much larger than Jack's, making him thicker and longer than Jack was by a bit. As Jack watched James, his penis started to produce pre-cum. He was about to come. As he watched James, James stated to produce tons of pre-cum, Jack had never seen anything like it. Between thinking about the previous weekend with his brother and his girlfriend, and watching James, Jack started to cum. The first stream flew across to the opposite side of the shower room landing near James' feet. Jack to continued to pump another 4 of 5 think streams of cum into the middle of the shower room as everyone watched in awe. Right after Jack came, so did James. Soon everyone in that shower was jerking off and cum was flying everywhere.

After the shower as Jack walked back to my room, Thomas, his roommate told him that the bet was the craziest thing that he had ever experienced. Thomas said that before that the only guy he had ever seen erect was Jack when he would watch him have a wet dream. Thomas had compared the size of his hard cock against Jack's and thought that he was very small. Thomas told Jack that now he realized that has a good size penis, and that James and Jack were unusually large..

After breakfast that morning Jack returned to his room, stripped naked and started to do his studies nude. About 30 minutes after returning from breakfast there was a knock at the door. Jack grabbed a towel to wrap around his waist and answered the door. It was James and he asked if he could come in. Jack invited him in and James came into the room shutting the door behind him. James had collected the wager money and was delivering it to Jack. He said that Terry was pissed about paying up. Both Jack and James figured Terry was sore because he thought the bet up and was counting on winning that big pot. Jack and James both laughed and agreed that Terry was a prick.

James asked Jack what he was thinking about to make himself cum. Jack told him about his previous weekend DPing his bother's girl. Jack then asked James about what he was thinking about? James responded by reaching for Jacks towel and pulling it open and gentle grasping Jack's now semi hard cock. James said he was fantasizing about the huge cock that was in his hand. James got up and went to the door. He locked it and turned back towards Jack. Jack's cock was quickly getting hard. James pulled his shirt off over his head and dropped his shorts to the floor, Jack sat there with a huge smile on his face as he saw that big black cock spring from James' shorts. James dropped to his knees before Jack and started to expertly suck Jack's huge cock.

It was not long before Jack was cumming down James' throat. When Jack finished filling James' mouth with cum he pulled James up to him and the two men passionately kissed. Jack loved to taste his cum in his partners mouth, He had done this many times with his brother, but this was the first time that Jack had sex with another man.

After they broke from the long passionate kiss where they shared Jack cum, Jack reached into his desk drawer and grabbed a tube a KY. Jack lubed up Jame's thick black cock and as he finished lubing that monster Jack told James to fuck his ass. Jack laid on his back on the bed, pulled his legs to his chest and spreading them wide. James climbed onto the bed below Jack and admired Jack's muscular, tan, and hairless ass. James took some more KY and with 2 of his large meaty fingers lubricated Jack's hole. Then he placed his huge cock head against Jacks asshole and pushed hard until Jack's ass opened and that large black cock head disappeared inside him.

Jack instructed him to fuck him. James pushed his huge cock into Jack, and Jack pushed back and bared down on James cock. Soon James' entire hard cock was deep in Jack's ass. Jack was telling him to fuck his ass hard. They were trying to be quite, but they were not succeeding and at this moment neither of them cared. James pounded Jack harder and harder. James gave one final thrust and filled his friend's ass with cum, leaving his seed at least 10 inches deep up Jack's ass.

After cumming James collapsed on top of Jack. They were both sweating profusely and the bed sheets clinged their sweaty bodies. James and Jack kissed as James' erection slowly reduced until he was no longer in Jack's tight ass. It was not long before these two naked men were asleep, recovering from their hard morning session of sex. They woke up before lunch was over, and Jack gave James a quick ass fucking.

On the way down to lunch James told Jack that after lunch that they had to go visit James' girlfriend. James suggested that Jack teach him how to DP her like Jack DPed his brother's girl. Jack asked if she liked big cock. James said she can't get enough. Jack smiled to himself and thought maybe this year was turning around.

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