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Bi-ology 101

Bi-ology 101

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biology comes to life for two young girls

I was seventeen the year it happened. I had known Cheryl for several years, it seemed like she had always been around. We grew up across the street from each other on the same cul-de-sac. We were the only kids on that small street so it was like our own private playground. Our folks were good friends so we were always at each other's houses. It was a pretty wonderful childhood.

Childhood grew into the teen years and grade school gave way to high school. We took some of the same classes and would help each other with our homework quite often. We seemed to work good together too, the subjects I had trouble with, she seemed to know and vice versa. It was during one of these "study sessions" that I found out just how good a friend Cheryl could be.

I have always been terrible at biology. I just never could remember all the anatomy terms and definitions. But Cheryl was fortunate enough to be pretty good with that sort of memory recall. So one day when I was having trouble with my anatomy, I went over to her house so she could help me finish the damn homework!

It was a Thursday night, I remember that because it was our parents bridge night. Every Thursday, our parents would go out and play bridge at one of the players houses. The location of the game rotated around the players houses, each player hosting the game one night. And this Thursday was one of the other players nights to host.

I went over to Cheryl's house just as our folks were leaving. They left the house around 7:00 and wouldn't be back until well after 1:00 am usually, leaving us alone for several hours to "study".

I was wearing my typical springtime wear: a bikini top and cutoff jean shorts. I didn't have any panties on, I never wore panties at home. I hated wearing the damn things period, they were always in the way and they made me sweat down there. And in southern Georgia where I live, the temps average 85 to 100 with 70-90% humidity, so it can get quite uncomfortable wearing too many clothes. So if I could get away with it, I went without them.

I went over to her house just after our parents left for their bridge game. I knocked on the door and she answered it, wearing a old oversize t-shirt and sweatpants.

"Hi, Cheryl."

"Hi Amy, how are you?"


"Listen, I need your help! I am failing biology really bad. If I don't pass, I won't graduate. And I know you are a whiz at this crap and thought you could help me," I said.

"OK. Come on in," she said. I smelled her perfume as I walked behind her through the house to her bedroom.

"That perfume of yours sure is nice. What is it?"

"Oh, it's new, it's called Forbidden Passion," she said.

"Forbidden Passion, I like that," I said.

"Take a closer smell. It is a completely beautiful scent," she said, smiling. I came closer and took a long sniff at her neck. I lingered there for awhile taking in the arousing odor. She moved away and asked, "Penny for your thoughts?"

I shook my head to break myself from the trance. "I, I, what an intoxicating smell! It makes me feel..."

"I know! I hope it does the same thing to the boys at school too!" she said with a wide grin.

"So what do you need help in, anyway, Amy?"

"Oh, anatomy. I just don't understand it at all. I can't remember all this stuff!" I replied as I sat down on the chair and pull out my books.

"Come and sit down here," she said, patting the couch she was sitting on. I quickly sat down beside her. She put her hand on my leg, nonchalantly, as she continued asking about my biology problems. I sighed under my breath and I could feel my cheeks turn red. She moved her hand up my leg a little more and I moaned out loud.

Shocked and a bit embarrassed, I said "Cheryl, what are you doing? I, we, can't do this."

"Do what?" she replied innocently.

"You know, your hand was on my leg."

"Was it?" she said.

"Yes, oh I'm sorry I thought you were coming on to me for some reason."

"Amy, I am shocked."

"I'm sorry, lets get back to work." I sat back down beside her and she starts explaining something, I'm wasn't listening. I was staring at her lips, they were so sweet, so kissable. She again placed her hand on my knee. She paused, but continued talking. Her hand slid up my leg again and stopped at my thigh. I stopped her and looked at her.

"Your hand is on my leg again," I said. This time she didn't take it away.

"Do you want me to remove my hand?" she asked.

"I, yes. No, I don't know," I answered, obviously confused and unsure of what's happening. My head was fuzzy and I wasn't thinking clearly. I was hot and my heart was racing.

Cheryl slid her hand up all the way to my breasts. "You're not wearing a bra, Amy."

"I, I never do at home," I replied, all flustered.

"Am I getting you horny," she asked.

"Yes," I replied quietly.

"Look at me Amy. Tell me how much it turns you on."

I looked at Cheryl helplessly and awkwardly said "It felt odd, but my, my..."

"Your pussy?" she prodded.

"Um, yeah, my pussy is tingling."

"Are you a lesbian?"

"No!" I replied adamantly. And that's true. I had always been boy-crazy and never even considered myself bisexual much less lesbian. This whole experience had me so confused and at odds with all I had known before.

"Well why are you so horny right now?" Cheryl persisted.

"I, I don't know. This has never happened before."

"Do you want me to eat your pussy?"

"No, I, I, I am so confused," I replied shocked, yet oddly excited.

"Ask me to eat your pussy Amy," she demanded.

"Uh, Cheryl," I said hesitantly, but extremely horny and trying desperately to control my hormones "Would you, umm, would you eat my pussy? No, wait, why did I say that?"

"Oh Amy, do you really want me to suck on your pussy? To lick your box. To fuck your juicy pussy with my tongue."

"Hmmmm, yeah, no, I, I..."

"Amy, beg me to eat your pussy."

"Hmmmm, uh, oh please, Cheryl, come and eat my pussy, please I need to cum so bad."

In retrospect, I probably should have waited until after my homework was done before I watched those porn clips on the computer. But I knew my B.F.F. would help me with my homework and I didn't understand any of what I was reading anyhow. Only now those porn clips had me so horny I was about to bust. And Cheryl was here ready to help me do that very thing!

"Take off your shorts," she said. I quickly took off my shorts. The fact that I wasn't wearing panties kind of surprised Cheryl. She grinned widely. "You're not wearing any panties. You must have been expecting me! Rub your pussy bitch!" Without hesitation, I slid a finger to my clit and rubbed myself frantically.

I moaned loudly, temporarily forgetting that Cheryl was watching me just a few inches away. Cheryl was completely turned on watching me rub myself. She got on her knees and opened my legs wide. She moved her head towards my pussy and I was surprised when she shoved her face into my pussy. She began sucking and licking my pussy as I continued to rub my clit faster. She slid a finger into my pussy as she licked me and I began to buck my pussy on her face. Man she was good! She set my pussy on fire! She slid her finger out of my pussy and I whined and moved my pussy towards her finger.

"Put it back in, hurry please," I cried deliriously.

I was horny as hell and I needed to cum. I had to cum. Cheryl smiled as she put her finger at the entrance of my pussy. I quickly pushed forward and her finger went deep into my dripping pussy. I fucked her finger passionately and intensely as I came all over her finger. She then moved her hand to my ass and placed her finger at my anal entry.

I looked at Cheryl confused and asked, "What you doing?"

"Ever thought about having something up your ass?"

"Um, not till now."

"Really? Beg me to finger fuck your ass. Convince me that you really need it."

I turned all flushed again, but my sexual urges take over again and I beg "Oh pleeease Cheryl, fuck my ass with your finger. Fuck it hard and fast. Please penetrate my ass now."

She granted my wish and slid a finger slowly into my ass. Usually the first ass fucking hurts, but I was so horny that I had a huge orgasm right on the spot and cum dripped from my pussy as Cheryl started to slide her finger in and out of my tight ass.

I was so extremely horny, I urged her on saying, "Faster please, fuck my ass faster."

Cheryl picked up the pace as I began to buck my ass back on her finger so it penetrated deeper.

"Oh my god Cheryl, it feels so good, I don't know why I am doing this, but it feels so good. I can't help myself. I'm cumming!!!"

She slid her finger out of my ass then and took off her sweatpants and her panties. She was horny now as well. "Amy, now it is your turn to pleasure me. Get over here and lick my pussy," she said.

I didn't hesitate as I moved awkwardly towards her waiting sex. I looked at her pussy, then her face and then extended my tongue to her pussy, tentatively.

Cheryl was a very pretty girl with a smoking hot 5'4" 34D-23-33 body, shoulder length dark brown wavy hair, and deep brown eyes. Myself, I am 5'5" tall 32B-24-34, with long red hair and green eyes.

"Mmmm, that feels good," Cheryl said. But she was on fire now and had to cum. So she took control. "Faster slut! Pick up the pace and pleasure me!"

Now I had confided in her on several occasions that when my boyfriends had talked dirty to me, I got so turned on. She must have remembered those confidences because she turned them on me. And they had exactly the same effect coming from her. Having her take control and call me a slut really turned me on like never before!

I began to really work on her sweet pussy, and in only moments she came all over my face. She then barked out another order.

"Lick my asshole, slut."

I didn't even think as I positioned my tongue at Cheryl's asshole and began to lick it tenderly. My obedience to this girl was really turning me on, and I began to finger myself frantically. After a couple of quick orgasms I sat up and looked at Cheryl.

Cheryl looked at me, and smiled and left. I was still extremely horny and even more confused.

The next day at school, I was on my way to class, when I ran into Cheryl. Since we have some of the same classes, I normally crossed paths with her several times a day. And biology was one of the classes we shared.

"Hi Cheryl how are you?" I said, hoping to avoid any talk about the previous night's aberration.

Cheryl replied "Ok, how about you?"

"Good," I replied, "But I need still help in biology. We, uh, never got around to it yesterday, but I still need help. Can you help me?"

"Sure Amy, no problem. Hop in. We'll go back to your place."

I got into Cheryl's car and we headed for home.

As we were driving, Cheryl placed a hand on my leg and said "You look sexy, did you miss me?"

"I don't know what happened last night, but it was wrong," I said. Oddly, she didn't move her hand off my leg.

Her hand slid up my leg a bit (I was wearing a rather short skirt that day).

"Didn't it feel good? Didn't you enjoy what we did?" she said.

"Hmm, I, I don't know," I replied still confused over the matter. "I guess so."

"You wanted me to do you, didn't you? You wanted it as much as I did, didn't you?"


"I enjoyed it, Amy. You were so pretty and I was so fucking horny. You know I have always wanted you..."



"Yes, yes Cheryl I wanted you too," I said, with tears in my eyes. Cheryl slid a hand under my skirt and into my panties. They were completely soaked.

"Amy, why you are wet now?"

"I don't know," I replied, terribly embarrassed.

"Is it because it turns you on to be with another woman? You say you aren't a lesbian, but you enjoy having sex with me, right?"

"Yes," I replied. I looked down, dejected and embarrassed about feeling the way I did.

"Well, that means you are either bisexual, or you have just found out you are a lesbian."

"I still like boys. I still like the feel of a cock inside me. So I guess I am bi," I replied. Cheryl kept driving with one hand as she kept her other hand in my panties slowly fingering my wet pussy.

I moaned as she slid a second finger into my wet hole. I spread my legs wider and laid the seat back a bit.

"Feel good Amy?"

"Oh, yesss, Why do I let you do this to me? I can't stop myself. I, I..."

"I know. But we are friends Amy and if you tell me to stop I will. Do you want me to stop?

"No, please don't stop! I, oh it feels soo fucking good," I said. We pulled up to my house just as I came on her hand.

"Thank you," replies Amy.

"For what?"


"It's ok, Amy. I enjoyed it as well. And I hope we can do it again soon," Cheryl said, with a smile.

"Me too. It was amazing. It really was. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful orgasm."

"You're welcome," she replied. "Now, what did you do after I left last night?"

"I got dressed and went upstairs to my room and tried to go to sleep. But, I couldn't. I kept thinking of you sucking on my pussy and telling me what to do and I just kept getting hornier and hornier. I kept masturbating myself for hours, till I fell asleep out of exhaustion."

Cheryl was intrigued. "What about today?"

"Well, when I woke up I thought it was just a dream. But all day at school, I couldn't stay focused as I reflected on my dream. I even brought myself to an orgasm in English class. During gym, I kept checking out the girls and I got extremely horny. I stared at one girls shaved box while we were showering, and Tina's huge tits and tight ass. After school, when I saw you, I realized it wasn't a dream and I creamed my panties remembering how you used me last night."

"Wow, that really turns me on! Are your parents home?" she asked.

"No, probably won't be home for another hour. Will you come in and let me eat you?"

My boldness surprised Cheryl. "You want to suck my pussy?" she asked.

"Yes. Let me pleasure you. After all, I owe you a cum!"

She smiled at my desire to please her and got out of the car. Once inside, I quickly threw off my clothes and Cheryl pushed me onto the couch. She straddled my face and I lifted up her skirt and quickly dove into her

sweet pussy. Now either I had improved my technique immensely in only my second pussy-licking, or she was already extremely horny, because she had her first orgasm in what seemed like only seconds. I continued to work her pussy though, and then I pulled out a surprise on her as I began to insert a finger into her ass. In seconds, I had Cheryl cumming all over my face, as my fingers disappeared deep inside her ass.

"Ok, now it's my turn. I want to eat your pussy Amy!" Cheryl said, once she regained her breath again. She got up and knelt between my spread legs and went right to work. I was in heaven! She worked my wet pussy like she was born to do it. I had never felt anything so incredible! I didn't last long before I was at the verge of a tremendous orgasm too, and as I crested my world began spinning.

"Oh god! Oh Cheryl!" I screamed, as I grabbed her head and forced her face into my pussy. I came all over her face and she lapped up every bit of my juices as I did.

I collapsed as my orgasm washed over me and the next thing I knew I was on the floor with Cheryl laying next to me, propped up on one elbow and brushing my sweat-soaked hair from my eyes.

"You were..." I tried to say.

"Shh..." she said. "Just rest a bit."

I was so happy. My best friend had now become my lover as well. Life couldn't get any better. Cheryl and I had many more "study sessions" during that school year and over the summer we got together several times as well. Practically every time our folks went out - whether to play bridge or whatever - Cheryl and I got together for some games of our own.

Our senior year saw us both finding boyfriends. I found Frank who I eventually married, and Cheryl went through a couple boyfriends before getting Tom, her husband. Now she and I live on opposite sides of town, but we still get together every chance we get for some "girl time". When the boys watch their football or baseball games, we get together to play our own sports...the indoor kind! We've thought about bringing them in and making it a foursome, but we kinda like our girl-on-girl games.

Oh btw...I aced biology! :)

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