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Bisexual widower

He gets fucked and fucks.

I’m a bisexual widower that only gets semi-hard these days. To say that impacts ones sex life is an understatement.

My late wife would never suck my cock, so I sought out men that would suck me, and that eventually led me to sucking. She never knew.

During my early days of bisexual activities, I visited a masseur who used a vibrating dildo on me and I loved it. So much so, that when a Navy Doctor wanted to fuck me, I agreed.

The Navy Doctor was on temporary assignment at Camp Lejeune Marine base in Jacksonville, North Carolina. We met on a Website that caters to mature gay and bisexual men called Silver Daddies.

After chatting on Silver Daddies for a few weeks, we agreed to meet in a motel near me. He wanted to keep his gay activities far from the Navy and Marines.

We met a total of three times and he fucked me a total of four times. The last time we met, he told me he was being shipped out and he fucked me twice. We would always suck each other, and he would take my load in his mouth.

I still miss him and his big cock. He was 43 years old, divorced with no children. He stood 6’3” and weighed 215 lbs with a 7.5” thick cut cock, and was very handsome. Oh did I say, I still miss his big cock. He fucked me so good!

My bisexual activities were put on hiatus during the last year of my wife’s life, as I was a full time caregiver for her.

I had a long time to prepare for her death, so when it happened it was not a shock, but after a few weeks reality began to set in. I thought I was ready, but I was not.

Following her death, I began spending more time online and found a very interesting website called Swing Life Styles. There were many bisexuals members on the site, including couples. I started chatting with several of them and seemed to hit it off with JJ and his girlfriend. They were both in their late forties.

I explained to them that my cock would only get semi-hard and fucking anyone was out of question, but I did enjoy going down on both men and women, and would bottom for a top when a condom is used.

This was fine with JJ, as he enjoyed mutual sucking and was a top. His girlfriend enjoyed watching JJ with both men and women. She also enjoyed both men and women going down on her. We agreed that a meet would be fun for all of us.

Since they lived in Virginia and I was in North Carolina, meeting would have to be arranged in a time convenient to both parties. This turned out to not be as simple as it might seem, but eventually we worked out a time and date. I would travel to their home and spend two days and three nights.

In the weeks leading up to meeting with JJ and his girlfriend, I abstained from masturbating and I even fasted in an attempt to lose a few pounds. Finally the day arrived for me to travel to Virginia. The anticipation was killing me. I was nervous as hell, as JJ’s girlfriend would be the first woman I would be with since the early days of my marriage, when I was involved in several workplace affairs. I was so horny I was temped to jack off while driving to Virginia.

Once I arrived at their home, I was a bit taken back by the modest accommodations. I was definitely not a snob, but did expect something nicer. The place was clean and that made it okay. JJ met me at the door and hugged me like an old lost friend. I then got the shock of my life as he bent down and kissed me hard forcing his tongue in my mouth. At first I started to resist, but felt my cock hardening like it had not in a long time, and I returned the kiss.

After coming up for air, I saw her in person for the first time. I had seen pictures and knew she was no raving beauty, but still was surprised at her plainness. Later I found out she was an absolute fabulous cocksucker and fuck.

After introductions were made, JJ showed me to the bedroom equipped with a king size bed that we would all share for the next two days. After putting down my travel bag, I turned to see JJ with his cock out and pointing in my direction. Then I felt her hands on my head pushing me down to my knees. After sinking to my knees, JJ presented his hard cock to my mouth and I opened wide and took it in.

JJ moaned as I began sucking him. Soon he began fucking my mouth using it like a pussy. In the background I heard her moaning. I did not know it, but she was masturbating as JJ fucked my face.

It only took a short while before JJ forced his cock into my throat and held tight while he dumped his load into my belly. He was so deep I did not taste his cum till he slowly withdrew his cock and some residual cum crossed my tongue.

Then she said, “Now my turn, eat my pussy you cocksucker.”

I was on her cunt toot sweet, and devoured it, including sucking her huge clit like a small cock. She moaned loud and came on my lips and tongue. Before I stopped, she came three times and creamed my face.

I had hardly arrived and I had received cum from the both of them. I rolled off her and was resting when JJ said, “Tommy we knew you would be fun, but the fun has only begun. Before we are through with you, you will be sucked and fucked to your hearts content. Now rest and relax for a while, and then we will continue the fun.”

I was starting to completely relax and drifted off to sleep. I don’t know how long I was asleep when I woke with the feeling of a hot moist mouth on my cock. I was being sucked off, but did not know if it was JJ or his girlfriend.

Then I heard her say, “I thought you said you could not get hard enough to fuck anyone.”

I replied, “ I have not been able to fuck anyone in a long time.”

“Well honey you’re hard now and you are going to fuck me,” she said.

With that, she slid up my body and sat on my surprisingly hard cock, which entered her wet pussy with ease. She began going up and down on my cock. I was enjoying my first pussy in over five years and she was doing all the work. I was just lying there and enjoying the ride.

It had been over five years since I was able to fuck my wife. My recent sex life had been to suck cock, get sucked, and have guys fuck me. I had accepted the fact that I was no longer able to fuck anyone. Yet here I was fucking a woman and loving it.

“Time for you to get on top and fuck me like a man,” she said.

We made the change and I began fucking her, as if, I was twenty-five years younger. After a while I paused to catch my breath, and that is when I felt JJ climbing on top of me. I felt his hard cock touch my bum, and he said, “Relax Tommy, I’m going to fuck you now.”

With that, I felt some lubricant being applied to my asshole followed by JJ’s hard cock pressing and then entering me. I have always been able to take hard cock in the ass easily. JJ continued to press and push till his cock was fully inserted. I knew my biggest sexual fantasy was coming true. JJ began fucking me, and his thrusts drove my cock into his girlfriend. I was being made into a sandwich and loving it.

JJ fucked me harder and harder, which resulted in me fucking his girlfriend harder. The moans of three lovers echoed around the room. I cannot describe the sexual bliss I was feeling. Then all of a sudden JJ rammed me hard and held his cock deep. When he did that, my cock exploded, and I filled his girlfriend with cum.

I assumed JJ had cum in a condom, as I had told him I required a condom when being fucked. However, as he slowly removed his cock from my ass I could feel his cum ozzing from my ass and running down my legs. That is when I realized I had been barebacked. At first I was a bit distraught, but JJ assure me that all was okay, as he and his girlfriend had been checked only a week ago, and had no sex with anyone else in the meantime.

Reassured, I was in a state of sexual bliss, having fucked a woman for the first time in a very long time. And the fact JJ had fucked me, at the same time, made my biggest fantasy come true.

Over the next two days we continued to suck and fuck almost non stop. JJ and his girlfriend were insatiable. I was not able to repeat my hard on again, but both JJ and his girlfriend were able to suck me to awesome orgasms. I, of course, reciprocated in every way I could. I can’t tell you how many times JJ fucked me and always without a condom.

Now that I’m back home, the condom requirement is back in force.

I don’t know when I will be visiting JJ and his girlfriend again, but rest assured I will. And when I do, hopefully I will be able to fuck her again, but if I don’t, I know the sex will still be great.

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