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understanding, perhaps, my desire for cum

  I am not gay. I don't get turned on by men, or find them attractive, but I must admit that I do like to suck dick. I don't go out to try and find other men to suck. I have a close friend for that. SO I figure I am Bi. After all, I am still attracted to women, and enjoy being with them, but the feeling of a cock exploding in my mouth is a huge turn on for me.
  How did I find that out? Let me tell you my story, as I recently came to the realization of how it all began.

   When I was a kid, I lived with my father, as my parents had divorced, and I made the decision to live with him, instead of my mother. Dad was dating a very lovely lady, who had two sons. The older of the two was never around, and so I didn't see him much, but the younger brother was over at our house alot. He was annoying, and a jerk, and would tease me every chance he would get.
    Upstairs we had a large room, which I suppose was originally a closet, but was big enough to be a small bedroom, with no windows. This was a perfect place for him to drag me into, and shut off the lights, take out his dick, and shove it in my mouth. He would laugh the whole time while doing it. I don't think he ever came, but he did this to me a few times.
     I suffered no emotional damage, and continued on with my life, as a normal boy growing up and experiencing new things. Girls were something I discovered more and more as I grew. I had a few girlfriends, but it never went any farther than kissing and fondling.
    When I graduated high school, I went off to join the working world. Its not that my grades weren't good enough for college, but rather I had no desire to spend anymore time in school, as it bored me. I got a job working in the maintenance department of a local college, making good money, and meeting new friends.
    The office upstairs was the administrative department, and was staffed by mostly ladies, and a couple of guys. They were all nice enough, and we all worked together well. Having only been there for a couple of months, I notified of the date of the office Christmas party. We all met upstairs one afternoon, for food and drink. Back in the early eighties, it was more common for office parties to not only offer drink, but plenty of it. There was little of the law suits going after the supplier of the drink, back then. People used to take responsibility for their own actions.
    I fully take responsibility for my action that day.
    We had a lot of fun a the party and I drank my share of booze that day. I spent the time talking with my coworkers, and getting to know them better. One of the guys who worked upstairs had struck up a conversation with me, and we spent a couple of hours and several more drinks talking, until it was time for the party to end. I lived only a couple of blocks away, and was prepared to stagger my way home, when he offered me a ride.
    Common sense would have said, its not wise to get into a vehicle with a drink driver, but I had yet to learn that lesson. With that we headed out. A few minutes later, we were at my apartment. As I prepared to get out of the car, he asked if he could come up and see my apartment. "Sure." I said. What could it hurt. So we headed up to the third floor, where my apartment was. I let us in, and gave him the grand tour of the place. "This is the kitchen, and this is the living room/bedroom. Oh and that's the bathroom. It wasn't a large apartment, more like an efficiency, but it was a place to live.
    On the bathroom door hung my bathrobe, which was a heavy velour robe, my mother had made. It was very warm and comfortable, and I liked to wear it at night when I was relaxing. He noticed it and said "That's a nice bathrobe. You should model it for me."
   O.K., that should've been  sign, but again, I was rather tipsy, so I didn't notice. With that I proceeded to put the robe on.  He quickly said, "No. Do it without your clothes underneath it." I never hesitated, walk into the bathroom, and took off my clothes, put the robe on,  tied the belt, and came back out into the room. "O.K. Here it is.' I said.
    "That looks nice on you." he said. " I bet it would look good off of you too." And with that, he walked up to me, pulled open my robe and grabbed my dick. " I want to suck your dick." He said.
    You would think that I would have been shocked or surprised. Maybe even pushed him away and asked him to leave. But I didn't. I just "O.K." The words were barely out of my mouth before he was on his knees, taking me into his mouth. His head began bobbing up and down on my still limp dick. The feeling was great, and I had no desire to make him stop.
    "Sit on the couch." He told me, and I quickly obliged, and  he began sucking me again. I watched as my dick slid in and out of his mouth, loving the feelings I was experiencing. This was my first blowjob, and it didn't bother me at all that it was being performed by another guy. If it felt this good, who cares who's doing it to me.
    As quickly as he started sucking me, he stopped, stood up and took his pants down, offering me his cock. With no hesitation I eagerly sucked him into my mouth, and started moving my head up and down his shaft. I was drunk, and now I was horny, and I was going with it. We took turns, sucking each other for a while. Each time he would stand up, I would suck him back into my mouth, as if I'd been doing this forever. Even though I hadn't even thought about something like this happening, it still felt right.
    After a while he became impatient, and told me to jack off till I cum. I began stroking myself quickly, wanting my release, and wanting to cum in his mouth, so I could finish him off. My orgasm was not long off, and I groaned, as I filled his mouth with my cum. He went back to sucking me the way he had started, and sucked me dry.  My dick was spent, but I was ready to go.
    Before I could, he grabbed me and said " I want to fuck your ass." That's when reality came back to me. I wasn't looking to get fucked in the ass, but wasn't sure if he was going to take no for an answer. As he pulled me towards the floor, I did the only thing I could think of, and pretended to pass out. I slid to the floor, landing on my back, to keep my ass in a safe position. He tried to wake me up, but I didn't let him know I was conscious. Frustrated, he masturbated until he came all over me, got dressed, and left. I was scared, excited, and left feeling like I had missed something.
    I wanted to know what it was like to have a dick in my mouth, while the guy cums. If he hadn't wanted to fuck my ass I would have found out. I wanted to find out, but I knew what had happened would not be repeated anytime soon, if ever. I wasn't gay, so just chalk that up to experience lost. I was college age, around college girls, and the kept my sexual appetite somewhat wetted. Not enough, but when is enough for a college aged male? I still had thoughts about that day, and I had a couple of friends who I thought I'd like to suck, but had no idea how to broach the subject. You never know how your buddy will react to you telling them you'd like to suck their dick, just for the experience of it, not to be gay or anything. So I left it as an occasional masturbation fantasy.

    Fast forward to approx 12 yrs later

    My wife and I had begun hanging out with a couple from up the street. The women had been introduced to each other, and so I was dragged down to meet her and her husband, only to find out she was married to an old school buddy. We became fast friends, and shared lots of activities together. My buddy was and avid hunter, and fishermen, and generally just like being outdoors. The more I hung out with him, the more of an outdoors man I became, and soon we were planning a camping trip. Our wives did not want to go, and so we went by ourselves. We left Friday night and drove to the campsite, and setup. That weekend, we spent the time hiking up the stream, and also down time at the campsite, where we could just relax, without anyone telling us what to do. We agreed that this would be a yearly "guys" weekend from now on.
    I spent the next year waiting in anticipation of a weekend of camping, hiking and fishing. However, occasionally I found myself thinking about sucking him off while we're out in the wilderness. I again thought that I would not know how to approach the subject, so I tried to put it out of my mind. As we got closer to the date, my desire grew stronger, and I started thinking of ways to make this happen. The problem was, no matter what way I thought of, I still wasn't sure I could go through with it.
    When we got to our site, that first night, we sat out by the fire talking. By now the idea of sucking his dick was making horny, but I just couldn't bring the subject up. No dice tonight, and quietly masturbated myself off to sleep in the darkness of our tent, that night.
    He was the first one up that morning, around 6am, and was stoking the campfire, when I crawled out of the tent. It was mid August, but it was still quite chilly in the mountains, so the fire was a welcomed treat. Coffee and breakfast were soon cooking, and our day was underway.
    We decided to hike up the stream again, as we had before, so we rolled some joints, and grabbed some water for the walk, and headed out. As we hiked we talked about alot of different subjects, and eventually got on the subject of sex. Nothing out of the ordinary, but enough to get stimulated. I began to think again about how to breach the subject. We hiked for about a mile and a half before we stopped. We sat on the rocks in the middle of the stream and smoked a joint, and had some water. The day had gotten hot, and we were both sweating.
    "I need to cool down." He suddenly said. "I'm gonna take a bath in the stream."
    "Knock yourself out." I told him, thinking to myself, that this could be my shot. He walked down to a deep pool in the stream, stripped off his clothes and slowly lowered himself into the water.
    "How is it?" I asked.
    "Cold." He replied. "You should try it."
    Here it was. My chance to see if I could make this happen. I was excited, and scared. I wanted to go over there, and just straight up say "Let me suck your cock', but I couldn't. I was frozen in fear. "Naw, I'm good." I said. I couldn't believe I was passing this opportunity up, but I was too afraid of messing up a good friendship.
    When he was done cooling off, he got dressed and we headed back to our campsite. We made drinks, and smoked another joint. After we had some lunch, we had some more drinks. Several in fact, and by early afternoon, we were already drunk. We once again started talking about sex, and he started telling me about an old girlfriend he had dated, and how they used to have fun with sex. They would experiment with whatever felt good, wherever they were. After a couple of these stories he told me how they used to take turns playing a game called hide the dildo. A sheepish grin had crossed his face.
    I immediately took notice of this statement, and look on his face, and thought that maybe it wouldn't bother him so much if I told him I wanted his dick in my mouth. I was now convinced that I would at least feel him out on what his interests on the subject might be.
    "So how was that?" I asked.
    "It was fun." Again with the grin. It was time to try this.
    " The only problem with these stories is its making me horny, and the wives aren't here to take it out on." I said.
    "I know, but my  wife doesn't like camping."
    "Mine either." I said. " But she sure gives a great blowjob." pause " When I can get her give me one."
    "I know what you mean. My wife doesn't like sucking me because she says it takes to long. " He said. "I don't cum from blow jobs"
    O.K. here's my opening..." Nonsense." I Said. " That's just an excuse."
    "What do you mean?" He asked.
    "If she really wanted to get you off, I bet she could." I said. "Hell, I bet I could get you off." I blurted out.
    "I mean, you know, who knows better about what you'd like done, than a guy, right? Therefore it stands that a guy would be able to get you off. So I meant, as a guy, I would be able to get you off, know what I mean?" I said, trying to cover.
    "Yeah, I guess you're right. I probably would give better head than her." He said grinning.
    "And swallowing cum, can't be that bad. The girls do it all the time. Right?" I asked.
   "I guess." he said. " I always thought it might be fun sometime to be doing a girl with another guy, and maybe experimenting, but my wife wouldn't go for it."
   "My wife either." I replied. " And besides, how do go about approaching that subject with the other guy? It does sound like fun though. I suppose given the opportunity, I would try it."
   "Yeah? You would too?"
    "Sure why not? But there's no women here."
    "We could try it without them." He said.
    "How do we go about this?" I asked. I guess I really hadn't thought we'd get this far.
    "We could go in the tent." He said.
    "O.K." and we grabbed our cigarettes, and headed into the tent.
    We zipped the tent up, and looked at each other for a minute, neither of us moving, and he started to undress. I followed suit, taking my shorts and shirt off. Then I took off my underwear, as he was removing his. We sat down and looked at each other. His cock was starting to get hard, as was mine. Nerves were starting to set in, and we both nervously smoked a cigarette. "This is weird." He said.
    "I know." I told him. " I'm not sure how to start this either"
    We finished out cigarettes, and sat in silence for a moment, until he leaned forward, pushed me onto my back, and went down on me, all in one fluid motion. My dick was enveloped by his warm wet mouth ,as he proceeded to suck me, just like I wanted. I also wanted his dick, so I told him to spin around in the 69 position so I could suck him off too, I quickly engulfed his member, and proceeded to suck him like a champ. In that position, I could easily deep throat him, as if I was an experienced cocksucker. I wasn't yet, but I was ready to be. I couldn't wait for him to cum in my mouth.
    He got up, spun around and lay down on his back, and told me to come up to his face, and fuck his mouth. I stuck my dick in his face and proceed to lightly face fuck him for a few minutes, when I felt the pressure building. "I'm gonna cum." I said to give him warning, and he responded by grabbing my ass and bobbing up and down on my cock even faster. I exploded in his mouth, and he kept sucking me, swallowing every drop, and I was sucked dry. I pulled out and collapsed on the tent floor.
    He moved over and sat on his sleeping back, and pointed his dick towards me. That was all I needed, and I dove for his cock. I took him into my mouth again, feeling his hardness in my mouth. Tasting the skin of his dick. Feeling its smoothness, as it went in and out of my mouth. The sensation was electrifying. I couldn't wait to  have my mouth filled with cum. I figured seeing as how quickly I had cum, he wouldn't be far off, but I was wrong. I sucked him for another 10 minutes before he stopped me, and said it was enough. I told him I wanted to make him cum, but he said " I told you I don't cum from blow jobs." and I was again left high and dry. Wanting cum in my mouth, but not getting to experience it. We got dressed and went back outside.
    I didn't get to taste him that weekend, but we both agreed we would try it again next year.

    Over the next year, we talked about wanting to go camping again, and that we would have to try sucking each other again. A year is a long wait, but finally the time came around again.
    When we got to the campsite, it was raining. We only had a small two man tent, and quickly got to setting it up in the rain. When we had it up, we crawled inside, as we couldn't sit out in the rain, so I asked him if I could suck his cock.
    "Yeah, and I want to suck you  too." He said.  We quickly got undressed and got into a 69 position. I sucked him into my mouth, as if I had been doing it forever, and began bobbing up and down on him. I felt his warm mouth engulf me and it made me suck him harder. I feverishly bobbed up and down, and he matched my rhythm.
    His cock was hard and smooth, and kept twitching in my mouth. His moans told me he was enjoying it. I was quickly approaching orgasm, but didn't want to come first, so I began deep throating him. I could feel his dick start to swell in my mouth, as he matched my ministrations stroke for stroke.  He groaned around my cock, and I felt his cock swell, as he exploded in my mouth.
    Warm salty cum splashed in my mouth and I swallowed hungrily. The taste was exciting. The feeling of his dick spasming each time he ejaculated was exhilarating, and I couldn't hold back any longer, and I erupted in his mouth, emptying my balls into his throat. He sucked each other dry before laying back to relax.
    "See I told you I could make you cum." I told him, and he laughed.
    I had finally tasted cum, and I was hooked. We sucked each other off again the next night, and agreed that we would suck each other off anytime we could.
    Since then I have had the pleasure of drinking his cum, many times, and continue to do so whenever he comes over. Usually he will go first, and I have to wait to taste him, but sometimes I suck him first, knowing that once I do, he will lose that desire, and I won't get anything in return. Still, I don't care, because I'm happy as long as he gives me some cum to swallow.

    I don't know if it was the unplanned incidents of my youth that made me want cum, but I know now that its something that I will always crave from now on, and as long as my friend is around, I'll get some satisfaction.

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