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Bi-weekly Bi Friendly

Bi-weekly Bi Friendly

During my college days, every couple of weeks, a group of us would grab our camping gear and head to a local lake to have some fun. We took our swimming trunks, fishing poles, playing cards, and whatever else we could think of for fun.

The group normally included my girlfriend and I, two other long term couples, one married couple, and several singles. The singles group usually consisted of at least four or five guys and five or six gals. We ranged in age from 19 to 22, some from small towns and others from big cities.

I always brought along my very large three room tent from my Boy Scout days. Each room in the tent was about 12 by 15 feet. With sleeping bags covering the floor, there was room for at least six people. This tent was always the hit of the weekend, as I will explain.

After getting everything all set-up we were all hot and sweaty and thus ready for our first dip in the lake. We had a play area all set-up with rope swings and various flotation devices. Everyone jumped in to get refreshed from the hard work of setting up camp. There was one section of water where the rope swings were that was much deeper than the larger area. In the larger area we would always play dunking games where everyone paired up (usually with a girl on a guys’ shoulders) and then try to knock the top person off. The last couple standing was the winner.

Once in a while if there was an odd number of guys or girls, there was a same sex couple in the game. This week it happened that there were extra guys and thus one team was two guys. The ladys were not happy because that would give them an advantage in the game, but the two guys usually protested because that meant one guy would be required to have the other guy’s dick rubbing his neck throughout the game. After all of the protests, the game began. After about a half an hour of splashing, pushing and dunking, sure enough the two guys were the last couple standing.

Again several protests were aired and we tried to come up with alternative solutions. We decided to play a series of games, with rotating partners. Guys were not always paired with their girlfriends and each guy always complained when they would be paired with the extra guy. As it turned out, the biggest complaint of this set-up was not that the guy-guy couple would always win, which they did, but that the guy on the bottom always complained of a hard cock on his neck. You see, the playing always resulted in sexual playfulness. Guys trying to pull gals tops off, gals trying to pull gals tops off, and other various groping. The guy on top always ended up with a rock hard cock, which was a real pain in the neck for his partner.

It was not only a pain for the bottom guy, but an embarrassment for the top guy. Here he was getting hard rubbing up against another guy! Thus at the end of each game, there was one poor soul getting razzed about the tent in his swimming trunks.

When it came to my turn being the top guy on the guy-guy team, I learned first hand how quickly this situation came about. Within the first few minutes, more than one of the gals had lost their respective bikini tops and after some additional groping and pushing and pulling I had an enormous hard on. My partner was very good at avoiding direct hits and thus we remained in the game the longest. At the end, as my partner dropped down into the water to remove me from his shoulders, he ended up turned around and came up from underneath me thus, my hard cock rubbed right across his face. Then I am sure as he came up farther out of the water I felt his hand squeeze my cock.

I kind of looked around to see if anyone else had noticed and when I thought no one had, I reached into the water and adjusted my member. As I was doing this, one of the other girls popped up out of the water beside me and asked if I liked it when her boyfriend had groped me? I looked at her kind of strange and she said yes, she did see it and even saw him rub his face on my crotch as he came up out of the water. With that she reached around me and grabbed my still very hard cock. When she did she said, “I see that somebody liked it!”

After another squeeze, she quickly swam away as we were getting ready for the next round. During the next round, I was paired with this girl Cindy and her boyfriend Steve was paired with my girlfriend Becca.

As the round began, Cindy was very obviously grinding her pussy into the back of my neck. Becca saw this and did the same to Steve. At one point we came close to each other and Becca very quickly ripped Cindy’s bikini top off, and Cindy returned the favor. At the same time, I felt someone grope my crotch and saw that it was Steve. He gave me a sly smile, then moved away. I pursued and overtook them.

I ran right into his back and everyone started falling over. Becca grabbed onto Cindy, with her hands coming to rest right on Cindy’s tits as they started falling over. They still each had their legs intertwined with our arms and this pulled both guys over as well. As we went under, we all came apart and again I felt someone groping me. This time there was more than one hand and when I looked down, both Steve and Cindy were trying to pull my swim trunks down.

In a matter of seconds they were successful and I was standing naked in the water. Becce swam up to me from behind and grabbed my ass at the same time that Cindy grabbed my cock. Soon Steve was right there too and he had his hand on my cock as well. Just then we heard the others yelling that it was time to get the fire ready to cookout. Becca had seen Steve’s hand on my cock and as we turned to head for the beach she asked if I enjoyed the touch. I did not say anything, but smiled and that was enough. Suddenly Cindy threw my swim trunks to me just as I was getting to shallower water, but not before nearly everyone could see that I was naked. Not only naked, but even with the cold water, I was hard as a rock. There was a lot of hooting and hollering as I stopped to get my trunks back on.

As we sat around the fire after the meal having a beer, Steve came and sat on the chair next to me and said he hoped that he had not embarrassed me too much. When I replied not at all, he looked at me and smiled. The girls suddenly appeared and asked if we wanted to go for a walk around the lake in the moonlight. Steve and I agreed and off we went. Each couple was walking hand-in-hand. Cindy then suggest we go skinny dipping and before anyone could say anything she had her top off and was removing her bikini bottom. Becca looked at me and shrugged her shoulders, thinking since everyone had seen her boobs during the game, what difference would it make now to go naked!

She had her suit off in a flash, while Steve and I slowly removed our trunks. As we turned to head into the water, Steve looked directly at my cock in the moonlight and he reached out playfully swatting it and telling me what a nice looking cock I had. I said thank you and turned away from him heading into the water. I turned away not because I was upset about what he had done and said, but rather because what he had done and said caused my cock to stiffen. I looked up and both Cindy and Becca were looking right at me. I hoped that they had not seen my cock start to get hard from Steve’s playful touching.

As I got out to them, Becca gave me a hug and gently squeezed my now very hard cock. Becca whispered to me, “Now I know you liked the touch!” Again I smiled. Just then Cindy splashed us with water and a game ensued, trying to see which couple could splash the other the most. We moved towards each other flailing away at the water splashing at each other. As we got closer, I suddenly ended up with a handful of Cindy’s tits instead of water. With that, she reached towards my crotch, but I was able to back away from her before she could see how hard I was.

However, as I back away, I backed right into Steve. In the process of backing away, I was bending my shoulders forward and thrusting my butt back to avoid Cindy’s grasp. You can imagine what this meant when I made contact with Steve. I suddenly had a hard cock poking my right in the ass! Steve jokingly grabbed me by the waist and pretended that he was thrusting his cock into me. The girls were laughing and had their arms around each other. When one of Cindy’s hands dropped down to Becca’s tits, the laughing stopped and Cindy started seriously groping Becca’s tits.

With that, Steve was no longer joking either and he was grinding his cock against my backside and then he reached around and grabbed my hard cock. He asked if he had caused that. Before I could reply, Becca said yes that Steve had indeed caused that. She said that I was hard when I came into the water, so Steve must have been grabbing me before now.

Steve admitted that he had been and he repeated what he said on the beach, that he thought I had a very nice cock and he started stroking it and saying it was very nice hard! Cindy had taken Becca by the hand and was heading for the beach. When they were into the shallow water we could see that Cindy’s other hand was down low on Becca’s butt.

Steve kept hold of my cock and started guiding me to the shore as well. The girls had reach the shore and turned around sitting on the sand. They giggled as they saw Steve towing me to the shore by my cock. Before we got to them, Cindy had pulled Becca into an embrace and was kissing her hard on the lips, forcing her tongue into Becca’s mouth. At first it appeared that Becca was not responding in kind, that changed very quickly and the two of them were in a deep embrace, exploring each other’s bodies.

When we reached the shore Steve dropped down beside the girls and turned towards me. He reached up and continued stroking my cock with one hand and massaging my balls with his other hand. I looked at the girls and then looked down at Steve. He was staring straight at my cock and pulling it closer to his face. I looked back towards Becca to see if she was okay with all of this and just as she looked up at me, Steve had his lips on my cock. Becca smiled and whispered something to Cindy. They stopped what they were doing and sat watching Steve continue to work on my hard cock.

I was not real sure about the whole situation, but I did know that it felt very good, so I decided to just let things happen. Steve really knew how to make a cock feel good, and I wondered if mine was not the first cock that he had sucked. Cindy and Becca were watching us very closely and at the same time were playing with each other’s tits. I could not believe how good Steve was at sucking cock and the look of pleasure on my face was very obvious. Cindy looked at me then stated just what I had been thinking, that it looked like this was not the first cock that Steve had sucked.

The girls both giggled after Cindy made that statement. Steve slowly pulled back until my cock popped out of his mouth and he said that he had not sucked many, but he did enjoy sucking cock! He went right back to work and took my entire length into his mouth and throat. I was thrusting at the same time and thus was fucking his face. With his great job and having two very pretty naked girls in front of me playing with each other, I knew I would cum soon, and indeed I did. Steve did not even slow down, as I shot my hot cum into his mouth he kept sucking and swallowed every last drop.

Becca then leaned over and kissed Cindy. The kiss soon developed into a little tongue action and instinctively they each put a hand on the others’ pussy and started fingering. It was not our turn to watch the girls. Steve got up and stood beside me as the girls seemed to be oblivious to our presence. I glanced at Steve and saw that his cock was rock hard and kind of bobbing in the air as he watched the girls. I decided that after what he had done for me that the least I could do was to give him a hand.

I reached over, took his hard cock in my hand and started stroking. I moved more or less behind him so that I was gripping his cock the same way that I would my own when jacking off. In the process, my cock was rubbing against his side. He seemed to like the feeling as he moved back and forth against my cock, which started getting hard again. I was not watching the girls any longer, instead, concentrating on pleasuring Steve. I moved even farther behind him, then pressed against him so I could still easily reach his cock.

I had one hand on his cock and my other arm was wrapped around him and I grabbed his balls just like I would my one. Thus, I was directly behind him. His hips were thrusting back and forth as I stroked and my hard cock was no rubbing him in his butt crack. He then spread his legs a bit and reached behind to grab my cock. He guided my cock to his ass and started rubbing it up and down over his asshole. My pre-cum was oozing and with that as lubricant he pushed his hips backward and pulled my cock into his ass while I continued stroking his cock.

I now had my rock hard cock in his ass while I was jacking him off. He thrust his hips back and forth, doing all of the work allowing my hand to stroke his cock and my cock to penetrate his ass. After several minutes, I realized that I had not even looked at the girls for a while and when I looked up they were now almost beside us and sitting on the ground watching us. They had big smiles on their faces as I fucked Steve. When he came, shooting a huge load of cum onto the ground in front of him, it caused his rectum muscle to contract, which in turn pushed me over the top and I started shooting into his ass.

The girls just clapped and said it was time to get rinsed off again as they got up and ran for the water.

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