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Blindfolded wife has fantaises cum true

Blindfolded wife has fantaises cum true
Finally the weekend was here. Stephanie had been looking forward to it
all week. Carl had promised her a very exciting weekend but that is all
he would say. They have shared many fantasies but this was the weekend
that Carl told her to relax and enjoy because some of her fantasies
were going to happen.

They had arranged for the kids to spend the weekend at her parents and
Stephanie was told to go shopping and pick out the sexiest sheer
negligee she could find. When she arrived back home Carl told her to
put it on and to walk into the bedroom.

Stephanie point of view

As I undressed in the living room, Carl had already walked into the
bedroom. I had picked out a beautiful sheer white negligee that only
reached the top of my ass. Since I don't wear panties it left my
beautiful round ass for the world to see. As I approached the door to
the master bedroom, I noticed all the lights were out but the room had
a wonderful warm glow. Carl had arranged about twenty candles all over
the bedroom and they gave the room very romantic feel.

I looked into my lover's eyes as I approached the bed. I truly believe
there is only one person you are meant to be with; sometimes it is not
the person you marry but if you're lucky one-day your paths will cross.
Carl is that man and I know I am his woman, we both share a special
bond that rarely happens. We are both so open with each other and we
share everything, having said that I was still a little apprehensive.
It is one thing to share your fantasies, quite another to act them out.
But I trust him completely; I know he wouldn't do anything that that
would hurt me so I gave into him to do as he pleases.

He looked at me with those lustful eyes. He loves my round ass and my
perky nipples. He still hasn't quite adjusted to the fact that I love
to have them bit forcefully. He is such a gentle lover that he is
working on actually biting them harder. He says I am his ideal woman. I
am of average height with dark auburn hair that frames my face and my
deep blue eyes. I have a round full ass, a curvy woman that he
thoroughly enjoys. As for him, I couldn't ask for anything more. He has
a football player build with hazel eyes. Carl is about 6 foot tall with
the thickest cock I have ever seen. It is 7 inches in circumference and
uncut. And let me tell you ladies, there is nothing better than uncut
cock when you're fucking. It has this tendency to glide over your clit
as he thrusts in and his cock being so thick I am totally filled by it.

Anyway I am getting of the subject. As I approached the bed I notice the
velvet handcuffs attached to the bedposts. He smiles at me as I look
back at him; he has that mischievous smile that tells me I am in

He looks me up and down and I don't even have to ask if he likes my
outfit, his wicked smile says it all. He summons me to the bed and I
lie down on my back. I watch him as he slowly ties each hand and them
my feet He takes out a blindfold and places it over my eyes. He
whispers in my ear. "Baby I love you...just enjoy the evening. It is
all about you tonight." I hear him walk out of the room; my heart is
racing with anticipation. I can hear him walking back in and getting on
the bed. I hear that all to familiar sound of the camera clicking away
as he takes pictures of me strapped to the bed. I hear him making a
strange noise and I ask him what he is up to.

"Just setting up the tripod for the movie camera baby, I want you to
enjoy this evening long after we are done."

I feel Carl slowly lowering the strap off my shoulder and exposing my
breast. He starts to lick my nipple. The strangest sensation both cold
and hot at the same time. He must have an ice cube in his mouth. My
nipple gets hard ads the cold ice is rubbing on it, Carl quickly slides
the ice into his cheek and I feel the warmth of his tongue on it. He
goes back and forth teasing me like this. He then bites my nipple and I
tell him to bite it harder and he does, the pain rips through my body
and I love it.

Carl then lifts my negligee to expose my pussy; His mouth is so close to
my pussy that I can feel his breath on it. He starts to lick up and
down my slit. He gently bites one of my lips just before letting his
tongue enter my pussy. He starts to nibble on my clit, sucking it into
his mouth, flicking it with his tongue.

He stops and whispers to me " baby I am going to take the handcuffs off
and you can do whatever you want with your hands but if you take the
blindfold off the evening is over, do you understand."

"Yes honey I promise I won't take it off."

He takes my cuffs off and goes back to work on my pussy. I can't resist
not putting my hands on my baby. My right hand goes on top of his head
I want to run my fingers through his hair as he goes down on me. As I
run my fingers through his air I notice it is a lot longer. What the
hell is going on? He notices my anxiety.

"Baby do you trust in me?"


"Than just relax and enjoy it."

I do as he says I relax, but who is going down on me, it is not my
husband. He whispers in my ear how much he loves what is happening. I
start to give in, my pussy is on fire. Whoever is going down on me is
doing one hell of a job. I can hear his camera clicking away as he
takes picture after picture. At this point I feel another presence on
the bed and a cock hitting my cheek. I reach out and take it in my
hand. I know it is not my husbands cock in my hand because it is not as
thick and cut, but I can also tell it is a very long cock, and when he
brings it near my lips, they part and allow the cock to slip in. I suck
on this newfound toy, hungrily licking the shaft, and his balls.
Letting this strangers cock slip into my mouth. Allowing my tongue to
savor the moment.

At this point whoever is licking my pussy stops and slowly starts
licking their way up my body. Oh my god, it is a woman, I can feel her
breasts on my stomach as she climbs up. She licks my breasts
mmmmmmmmmmmmm I am powerless to stop it all. This is way to enjoyable.

I feel someone climb behind me.

"It's just me baby"

Carl climbs behind me cradling me in his body, he watches my give a
blowjob to the strange cock as the woman licks my pussy. The cock
pulls away and the stranger positions himself between my legs. The
woman slides over to give him room while continuing to lick my nipples.
I feel that cock at my entrance to my pussy. He slowly pushes in until
I am impaled. With the strangers cock fully inside me, Carl takes my
blindfold off. As my eyes adjust to the light I am looking straight
into the face of my next-door neighbor and his wife is licking my

Carl's point of view

Stephanie is the love of my life and for the longest time I am have
searching for the perfect way for us to act out our fantasies. I get
along great with John my next-door neighbor and we have many
interesting conversations. So one day I bring up the subject of
swinging, and men being men we start talking about wouldn't it be great
if we can have some fun with each other's wives.

That conversation led to this weekend of fun. So we put the plan in
motion, John's wife Karen is pretty liberal and open to almost anything
so when we brought up the subject to her she was totally into, it. She
had described to us how in college she had a few bisexual experiences
so she couldn't wait to go down on my wife. Karen is a sight for sore
eyes. She is not very tall, only about 5 foot one but she is very well
put together. Long brown hair down to her shapely ass. Nice perky
breasts and a beautiful face. John is tall, very tall which make them
an odd couple. He is about 6'4" well built and as Karen described
earlier with a very long cock, about ten inches.

So here we are I am watching Karen going down on Stephanie and I am
getting hard. Stephanie has no clue at this point that it is Karen
going down on her and not me. I am so hard my cock is bent
uncomfortably in my jeans. So I put the camera down and start to
undress. I am watching John undress also. I am mesmerized by the size
of his cock. My cock is definitely thicker but his is much longer. I am
going to enjoy watching Stephanie take that long cock in her pussy.

He is also watching me as I stroke my cock, I can't help jack off as I
watch him doing the same. Soon he turns his attention to Stephanie, he
moves up next to her and allows her to grasp his cock. The look on her
face is precious; you can tell her mind is racing trying to figure out
whose cock she is playing with. I watch him get closer to her face and
her mouth starts to lick his shaft. I get the camera out and start
taking pics of my blindfolded wife sucking on John's cock.

I can't take it anymore and I get on the bed behind Stephanie, John
looks at me and I give him the okay. He positions himself between her
legs and slowly enters my wife's pussy. As I take her blindfold off I
watch him fuck her long slow strokes, very erotic. Stephanie looks up
at me and I kiss her and whisper in her ear, "baby I hope your enjoying
him fucking you as much as I am enjoying watching you get fucked."

"Oh god yes honey, I love the feel of his cock in my pussy"

At this point I step up on the bed so Karen can maneuver herself up on
the bed. She stands up and slowly lowers her pussy onto my wife's lips.
This is quite a new experience for Stephanie; she has always had a
desire to lick another woman but has always been apprehensive. Well she
has no choice now, the pussy is right on top of her, I look at her and
feel like a proud man. I can see her reach out with her tongue.

Stephanie's point of view

Oh my god, it is happening, Karen's pussy is right on my lips. My tongue
has a mind of his own. I know it is reaching out for her pussy, am I
really going to do this. I can smell the aroma of another woman. It is
very intoxicating. My tongue licks its first pussy. It feels so erotic.
Mmmmmmmmm her pussy feels so good on my tongue and the way she is
wiggling I know she is enjoying it. I look up at her and I see Carl's
thick cock in her mouth. She is trying to fit his cock in her mouth, I
can see her lips stretched to the limit his cock is so thick. It is
very arousing watching my husband getting a blowjob from my best friend
while I am licking her pussy and getting fucked by her husband.

Carl gets off the bed, unties my legs and tells everyone he wants to see
Karen and me in a 69. We comply and pretty soon I am getting the
licking of my life while sucking down on her pussy too. I never thought
it could be so erotic to go down on another woman. My hands on her ass
pulling her pussy down onto my wanton mouth. I can feel her juices
running down my face, Karen starts to tighten her muscles, and I can
tell she is getting ready to come which excites me more. I can feel my
pussy start to tingle and I grip her ass as I have a mind-blowing
orgasm. It is so strong that I didn't even notice her Cumming also. As
she relaxes next to me we can see Carl and John with to shitty grins on
their faces. Carl looks at John and says "John I think Stephanie needs
more of your cock"

Carl's point of view

I tell Stephanie to get on all fours and John gets behind her. I watch,
as my best friend is getting ready to fuck my wife. He looks at me and
asks me to come over.

"Carl take my cock and place it on your wife's pussy."

I reach out and grasp his cock, it is a strange sensation. His cock
feels so warm and it is throbbing in my hand, I can feel his heartbeat.
I don't want to let go of it. The first time I have felt another man's
cock and it is so arousing. I take his cock stroke it a few times and
place it at my wife's entrance, I watch it slide into her. His hands
grasp her curvaceous ass. Fingers digging in as he is fucking her hard.
I move up to her and I lift her head and push my cock into her mouth.
Her blowjob is amazing; she is licking me with a passion that never
existed. Being fucked by her neighbor while going down on me must be
really turning her on.

" She looks up and me and whispers but I can't hear her so I get closer
and she whispers to me "baby I want you to lick my clit while John
fucks me" How I can I resist my baby in this time of need. So I crawl
under her and I will never be closer to watching her get fucked. John's
long cock is sliding in and out of pussy. As I get closer the
unmistakable aroma of pure sex is overwhelming. I do my best to lick
her clit as John fucks her but it is a hit and miss at best. His strong
thrusts makes it difficult for me to keep my tongue on her clit, never
the less I keep trying. It is hard to avoid John's cock as he trusts,
every so often on a very hard thrust, Stephanie's pussy is pushed so
far forward that my tongue makes contact with the underside of John's

I can tell he is enjoying the feel of his best friends tongue on his
cock, so much so that he purposely pulls his cock all the way out so it
flops out and lands on my mouth, he makes sure he quickly inserts his
cock in my mouth and starts to fuck my mouth. I can't resist and allow
him to work his cock between my lips. Stephanie knows what is going on
and urges me on. "Suck it baby, get him nice and hard so he can fuck me
some more."

I slowly twirl my tongue around his cock, letting the new sensations
sink in. Stephanie starts to give me a blowjob and I am really enjoying
this whole new aspect of our sex life. Stephanie is doing such a good
job, I can't hold on anymore and I explode inside her mouth. John then
slips out of my mouth and goes back to fucking Stephanie.

I crawl out from underneath and I Stephanie says she wants to ride his
cock. Stephanie gets up and John lies down, she lifts herself up grasps
his cock and slowly descends down on it, I lay down next to John and
Karen sits on my cock. Both women are fucking us in unison.

I look up at Stephanie and she is looking at me. Even though she is
fucking someone else, she is really fucking me. Our love goes beyond
anything that is happening here. We are sharing something most couples
will never experience, the pure love we have for one another. As I
continue looking at my steph, I see her eyes close, her head tilt back
and I see her Cumming on John's cock. It excites me so much watching
her cum that it sends me over the edge and I soon find myself exploding
inside Karen.

As Stephanie collapses on John, we all relax. Before the next round
begins, needless to say we fucked the entire weekend.

I hope you all enjoyed my story. . I appreciate all your e-mails so let
me know what you think of it and please don't forget to vote. If I get
enough e-mails from people that enjoyed it I will write the sequel to
the story.
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