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Bookstore Fun

One wild trip to the ABS arcade
I woke up on Thursday morning horny and going through porn withdrawal. I did some chores around the house, and then called to see if I was needed for work that day which I wasn't. I decided to head out to one of the better adult bookstores in Parkersburg.
When I pulled in there were only a few cars so I grabbed some quarters and headed inside.

A little about me first, I am six feet tall with a good size dick and nice tight ass. I have brown hair and green eyes and am always noticed whereever I go by both guys and girls.

Now, this particular bookstore has single booths but also four huge buddy booths with glory holes cut into each pair. I went into one and dropped my pants and quarters. The movie came on, it was a chubby guy sucking cock and getting fucked. I sat there and rubbed on my bones of about 5.5 inches and played with my balls.

I was getting really into the movie when the booth next to mine became occupied by an older man who just sat and watched porn. He looked at my hard cock, jealous of my youth and vigor. He must have not liked the movie because he got up and left.

I didn’t want to waste my money by just watching the movie and wanking off, I could wank off any time. I went out into the lobby and perused the porn video selection when a guy in business attire walked in and checked me out.

He went back to the movie rooms and got a room, but he made his way back out to the preview area to see what movies were playing, and he also checked me out again. He headed back to a booth and left the door unlatched. I decided he might be nice to play with so I joined him in the booth.

“Take off your pants and let me suck your cock,” he said. I did and he started sucking my cock and working on my balls really nice. His mouth felt so good going up and down on my dick. It was fantastic. He then proceeded to play with my asshole and he asked me what I wanted.

I told him “Fuck me,” as I stroked his dick. He was easily seven inches and four around; it was a huge cock with a big mushroom head. As I lubed up and was ready to be penetrated, our neighboring booth was occupied, and the last thing I saw before this big dick split my boy pussy was a nice hard cock going into my mouth.

I was deep throating him while I felt my o-ring scream in protest as I was impaled on cock too big for my ass. It was painful at first but once I started sucking cock I loosened up real fast. I milked that cock with my ass muscles while sucking the one in front of me.

Suddenly, the cock I was sucking on was removed from my mouth and the next thing I realized was that our neighbor was joining us for fun. “Room in this party for a third?" he asked. I immediately nodded my head and offered my ass up to the new cock while my partner and our new friend made out.

“Oh fuck, you want that cock in your ass,” my friend said.

“Yes, yes I do,” I screamed.

Our friend asked if we had condoms and I said no. I wanted to feel his bare dick in my ass and he happily obliged. I was lifted up and impaled on a five inch thick cock and was in heaven. I could feel my balls tightening up and I was going to shoot the first wad of cum I ever had without any stimulation to my cock.

My friend laid me down on the bench and kept fucking me from behind. My face was pressed into the wall and my cock was dripping more and more cum, it wouldn’t stop. I loved cock in my ass and I was getting it. I loved it. In what seemed like seconds I felt the dick in my ass start to pulsate as cum shot into my ass and dripped down on my legs.

“That is one good ass pussy you got there boy,” he said with a smirk as he looked down at me sitting in a pool of his and my cum.

I was exhausted but my other friend wanted to finish what he started. He grabbed my ass cheeks and split them open to expose my raw hole. He rammed his cock in my ass and fucked me for ten minutes. I was in heaven as his cock massaged my prostate. I came again and again as I felt his cock start to twitch and a huge load of cum shot into me like a rocket. Mmm, I loved the feel as it ran out of my hole and down my legs. It was fantastic.

I had another boner by that time and my neighbor said, “Let me help you with that, baby!”

He wrapped his lips around my cock and downed it to the hilt. I didn’t last long after that as I fired off four spurts straight down his throat. He kept me in his mouth until I went limp, and then he cleaned me up. I put my shorts back on and was on my way.

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