Bunker Love

By perkynipples

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Love, sex and survival
The End of the World, or is it?

The beginning of 2012 started like any other. Resolutions were made and broken just as quickly. A few months into the year things started to get strange. There was always turmoil in the world, but this was worse than had ever been seen. People kept blaming the Mayan calendar and believed that the world would end on December 21st. I truly had my doubts. My best friend Heather was even caught up in the frenzy, stock piling canned goods and water. She and her boyfriend even had plans to buy an underground bunker. Seemed kinda crazy to me but I guess it can't hurt to do some stuff from my bucket list just in case.

Well, spring rolled into summer and preparations were in full swing around the globe. In the States there was lottery fever, everyone wanted their slice of the pie. I even got in on it; I mean 428 million dollars, who could pass that up. Even if the world ended you could do anything you wanted and still have money left over if you somehow survived. This was late July and believe it or not I ended up winning. I called Heather and asked her to go with me to claim my prize. I was the only winner. I never in my wildest dreams really thought I would have ever won. Oh I spent the money in my mind but can you say anything different. After claiming the prize money I set about making some plans.

First I gave Heather and DJ the money to buy an underground bunker and more supplies. We had about four months left before the 21st. And even if nothing happened I wanted to be prepared. I started to stock up on gold, silver and other alloys as well as all the gems that I could buy.

I also put a bucket list together. I listed the most important things like seeing the world and meeting some friends I made on lush. But the most important list was my sexual bucket list, things I wanted to try and never got around to.

I made reservations to every country, entering and exiting, heading to the next destination. Keeping in touch with my friends and family through the Nook and my phone, I lost track of how many time zones I traveled through. But I saw the world and many great friends I had made. The three months of travel was coming to an end. Taking a break and relaxing with Heather and DJ and their daughter was next on my list. I headed to their place just in time to see the bunker come on line. The landscape was fixed to look like it was never disturbed. I stood there in awe, practically speechless. We had a 4 section bunker with all the amenities. The food and clothing, guns and ammo, fuel and a couple of ham radios as well as a cool little steam powered car, and a host of other items were stationed off in their own separate holding tank for safety reasons.

Heather, DJ and I set about organizing things and trying to decide who we would invite to join us. We each made a small list and gave our friends and family a call. Some accepted, some did not; we told them when and where to come. Two weeks left and as we sat in the living room one night having a few drinks and smoking a little, we started to talk about things we wished we had the time to do. I felt really good about my list of things I was able to accomplish, except for the sexual bucket list, and I said just that. DJ was most interested in my list and asked me to share. I told him I would share if he and Heather would also share. He smiled with a mischievous glint in his eyes. Heather just sighed and rolled her eyes.

Now Heather was no prude but she had heard DJ's desires before and knew what was coming. The one thing she didn't know was mine. In the 26 years I have known my red headed best friend I never really shared with her my sexual fantasies or exploits. She on the other hand shared hers with me. The truth was I had always wanted to sleep with her. She and I were a lot alike in looks. We both had a large chest and a bit of a backside to match. The biggest difference was her red hair and hazel eyes, me I was blond and blue eyed. But we were both out going and vivacious, but she had done more sexually than I had to this point. I became a mother in my 20's and I put my needs on hold. No regrets about it, I just knew now was the right time to fix that issue. And if the world somehow survived I would find a way to cross off more from the list.

Over the next 2 weeks DJ and I continued to flirt with Heather and each other. Occasionally Heather would flirt back, still not sure where this was headed. On our last night above ground Heather and I went out to dinner and drinks. DJ stayed home with their daughter, knowing that I wanted to talk with Heather privately.

After a few drinks and dinner we grabbed a bottle and headed home. When we got there I sat Heather down and told her the truth of how I felt. How for the last 26 years I had wanted to make love to her and that I knew before that she wasn't ready for that kind of truth, so I kept quiet. Not being sure how she would react, I sat back and waited. The reaction was not what I expected but truly what I hoped for.

She leaned into me and kissed me softly at first, then picking up the intensity. My arms wrapped around her as we broke the kiss and I asked her if she was sure. She said she had often thought about it but was afraid to ruin our friendship, and was glad that I finally told her. I looked at her as I stood up; reaching out my hand, I guided her to the yard. I wanted to make love to her under the stars, to have a great memory of this one special night.

We slowly explored each other, taking our time, knowing this would be the first of many nights we shared if the world somehow didn't explode.

I was kissing her willing lips, my hands exploring her body, slowly removing her clothes, making my way down her body, trailing kisses along the way. I flicked my tongue over her nipples as my free hand found her wet pussy. Tracing my fingers over her panties, her breathing became heavy as she lifted her hips into my hand. My mouth had her tits, first one, then the other, biting and nibbling on her long hard nipples. She started to push her panties down as my fingers slid into her wet hole. Moaning and with her voice heavy with desire, she begged me to fuck her hard with my fingers.

Who could resist such a request? I slid three fingers in and fucked her as fast and hard as I could. Her body arched as she was getting closer to cumming. I moved down and took her clit into my mouth as my fingers kept pumping. I sucked on her hard little nub and flicked my tongue over it as she came loud and hard. I hungrily licked her juices up. She lay there for a short while as I kept eating her out until she came again. She reached for my head and pretty much dragged me up to her face where she proceeded to lick her juices off me.

She was whispering into my ear as she latched onto it, “Now it's my turn.”

I knew I was in for a real treat. She already had me excited from nibbling on my ear, and I was in no hurry to rush her along. As Heather started to move down lower I noticed DJ was off to the side, watching. I lifted my hand up and motioned him over. As he knelt down next to me, Heather looked up and let out a low chuckle that vibrated right onto my clit. I let out a low moan as I reached over to pull DJ closer. I rubbed my palm over his cock head as I slid my hand down his shaft and fondled his balls, pulling him into my mouth. I began to move my mouth up and down his shaft, licking his head as I fondled his balls. I let him pop out as I arched up into Heather’s face as an orgasm hit me hard. I pulled him back over and took his balls into my mouth as my hand stroked his cock. Heather sat up and straddled my hips. Our pussies lined up as she began to rock back and forth. I took DJ back into my mouth as Heather ground into me harder and faster. I picked up speed and intensity, letting out a long moan as I felt another orgasm starting to take me. The humming was just what DJ needed to let his cum loose. I struggled to swallow it all.

As his cock started to shrink we heard a loud explosion and felt the ground vibrate around us. We all jumped up and ran to the bunker. As we got inside and locked down the doors, we turned on our radio to hear if we could find out any news. Throwing on some clothes, we joined the others in the main room and found out that there was an explosion at an electric power plant about 50 miles away from us. Sketchy reports kept coming in as we all slowly made our way to bed. The night was filled with more tremors and mini explosions. None of us got much sleep, and sometime during the night we noticed a low hum in the air. Much like the sound of a tuning fork but charged with something none of us were familiar with.

By mid day all the power was cut off and you could see the shades of color hanging in the air as well as hear it. It was blue and yellow, with tinges of red coursing through it. Looking out the windows we saw the fire spreading through the trees and the smoke was getting thicker. We lost all communication with the outside world. We all began to wonder if we should venture outside. We had prepared for chemical gasses but they still posed a big risk.

Over the last few days, I had been getting to know Shane, a friend of DJ's. We had shared some kisses and groping but had not taken it any further yet. I was going to make that change as soon as the meeting was over. After a lengthy discussion we decided to sleep on it and make a final decision when we got up. At the beginning of the meeting I made sure I was sitting next to Shane so that I could work my magic.

First I ran my foot up and down his leg as I sat stone faced, looking straight ahead, then I ran my hand down his arm. Finally I leaned over and whispered in his ear how much I wanted him and how wet my pussy was. He did a sharp intake of breath and all eyes turned towards him. I sat there staring straight ahead, a slight smirk on my face. My foot trailed up further, finally reaching his crotch, and I could feel his cock begin to grow, straining for release. I applied some pressure and continued to stroke his cock with my foot. He kept looking at me and his breathing became heavy and thick. He grabbed my ankle and tried to make me stop but all he did was add pressure to his already straining cock. I felt him stiffen and knew he was ready to erupt; I increased my movement as I felt him spew out his seed. He let out a low moan as all eyes turned our way.

This time I didn't act like nothing happened but smiled wide and said that I would see everyone later. After the meeting ended Heather and DJ came out to find me. They both wanted to know what had happened. I chuckled and didn't reply. As we were standing in the hall Shane came out of the room, his face beet red and a stain forming on his pants.

Heather leaned over and asked me, “Did you cause that?”

I smiled and nodded yes. Shane saw us looking and made a bee line for me. Shoving me up against the wall he began to manhandle my chest with one hand and slipped my pants down with the other. DJ moved to intervene but I waved him away. Heather and DJ moved down the hall but didn't leave. I grabbed Shane's head and pulled him in for a tongue dueling kiss as he dropped his pants. Spreading my legs apart he shoved his cock balls deep into my pussy. He lifted me up to straddle him, thrusting hard and fast. His mouth was around my nipples, first one, then the other ,biting and sucking them.

I screamed out, "Holy fuck I'm cumming,” as a flood of juices streamed out and down my legs and over his cock as he pumped his load into me.

As Shane shrunk and slid out of me I sank to my knees, trying to catch my breath. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that Heather had DJ's rock hard cock in her hand, stroking it as they watched us. I stood up on shaky legs and dragged all 3 of them to my room. Once there I had Shane sit on the bed and knelt down between his legs. I was licking our combined juices off of his 6 inch cock, slowly bringing it back to life. Heather and DJ were sitting next to us, doing the same thing. After Shane was hard and starting to drip pre cum, I had him move back on the bed.

I pulled Heather off DJ, kissed her deeply, and then took a taste of DJ. I then guided her to straddle Shane's very eager mouth. I climbed onto the bed and straddled Shane's very rigid cock. Lowering myself onto it I sank down all the way and slowly started to rock back and forth. At this point I felt DJ's hands on my tits.

I told him to grab the lube and, “Take my ass."

After he lubed up my ass and his cock, he plunged into me balls deep. My God I had never been so full. Heather grasped my head and pulled me to her chest. I latched onto her tits, one at a time, as she ground her pussy into Shane's face. Working together, DJ and Shane got into a nice rhythm. Heather's nipple popped out of my mouth as DJ started to spank and rub my ass between strokes. I let out a loud moan and some incoherent words as my orgasm was triggered, flooding the boys with my juices. This started a chain reaction and soon we were laying in a tangled mess, trying to focus.

As we were lying there in the after sex bliss, we heard the outer door to my unit open. Erin called out for me as I scrambled to find my clothes and I told her I would be right out. I got dressed and went out to see what she wanted. She asked me where her parents might be. I told her I thought they went to check on our supply of gas masks and hazmat suits. She told me that she and Neil had seen blue and red lights off to the east and they seemed to be coming straight for us. I asked her to show me where they were exactly. After watching the lights get closer I heard DJ and Heather walk into the room. Erin asked them where they had been hiding and they told her that they were checking inventory. She rolled her eyes in disbelief but went along with it. We made the decision to try and make contact, hoping that whoever was out there were friends and not foe. We already knew the world didn't end but what we didn't know was what kind of changes we would find once we left the bunker.