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BusinessMan-on-Man (Part 2)

It was about 6:30PM when I arrived at Rob's hotel. My heart was really pounding and I wasn't sure I could go through with this. I had indicated to Rob via email that I wanted this encounter to happen but I might change my mind. He was a no-pressure kinda guy and I was relieved when he replied that it was okay if I wasn't ready. He said we could just hang out, have a drink or two and chat about life if I wanted. The hotel had a bar and I texted Rob that I was there and what I wearing so he could recognize me. He met me at the bar entrance. My first impression was a good one. Rob stood about 6'1", about 190lbs, an athletic build, brown hair that was neatly groomed. He was wearing a black polo shirt, tan dockers and a big smile. He called my name and extended his hand. It was a firm, manly handshake and I immediately felt at ease with him. He already had booth and we made our way there and ordered a couple drinks.

The conversation started with small talk about the trip, his flight and what he thought of my city so far. The drinks came and it didn't take long before the first was down and the second round was ordered. The booth was situated in the corner and most of the bar patrons were sitting closer to the bar and the front entrance. The alcohol started to help me relax and the conversation progressed to families, jobs, and travel. I was feeling more and more at ease with Rob and he with me. My curiosity got the best of me, so I asked him where and how his initial encounter occurred. There! It was out there. Without hesitation, he told me it happened during a weeklong training seminar in Michigan. He had met another rep working in his product line early in the week. They had hit it off from the start and they spent the evenings going to the sports bars and out for dinner. The Friday of the seminar, the company had a mixer and the alcohol flowed freely. Rob hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary from his new friend but when they staggered off the elevator in the early morning hours, Rob mentioned he how he noticed some of the women and how trashy they dressed for the mixer. He said he was feeling pretty horny and was sure some of the women were on the prowl and that he almost hit on one hoping for at least a blow job from her. That's when his new friend said "hell, I'll give you a blow job" and when they got to Rob's room, he pushed him inside, closed the door and dropped to his knees and did the deed.

Rob was more descriptive in his story telling and I could feel my cock throbbing to life in my pants. With every new detail he offered, I got more and more aroused. I excused myself to use the restroom but all I really wanted to do was adjust the ackward position of my growing cock in my briefs. I stood and immediately noticed the effects of the alcohol. I steadied myself and pushed my way through the restroom door. I was still unsure whether I was going to follow through with my plans or not. Standing at the urinal, I pulled my semi-erect cock through my fly, releasing the strain on it, and tried to urinate. Then the door opened and in walks Rob. He stands at the urinal next to me and undoes his fly. He pulls his cock out and instead of taking a leak, he turns and shows it to me. It is also semi-erect with a huge circumsized head. It is long and thick. He looks at me and says "Shall we?". That's all it took.

We paid the tab and headed to the elevator. The room was on the fifth floor and the hallway was empty as we exited . Rob slid the card and unlocked the door. I entered first, Rob followed and the door clicked shut behind us. There was one large king-size bed in the room. The air was comfortably cool in the room and I could feel my face flushing from the alcohol and the excitement. I looked in the bathroom and the thought came to mind ... the shower! I had fantasized often about going down on a guy in the showers at the gym. Here was my chance. I told Rob that we should shower. That I would go in first and then he can join in. He agreed that it would be a great way to start. I started the shower, turning the water to hot and then closed the door slightly as I began to undress. Rob went to go get a couple of beers from the mini-bar. I slip out of my boxer-briefs wrapped a towel around my naked body and set my clothes outside the bathroom. The steam in the bathroom fogged the mirror and shrouded the room in a mist. I stepped into the shower and felt the heat of the water against my body. It felt comforting and it eased my anxiousness. I reached down and started to stroke my cock to life. It was semi-flaccid and I was afraid it would retract out of fear and I would be embarrassed when Rob entered the shower. Fortunately it began to swell and was not quite fully erect when the shower curtain slid open and in stepped Rob. His nude body was toned and his belly was flat. His chest was firm with a slight amount of chest hair. A little trail of dark hair started at his navel and moved south down to his cock and balls. His cock was beautiful, it was thick and circumsized, and was about 7 inches long. It was about as thick as my circumsized cock but appeared longer. I stared at it hanging there with his dark pubic hair neatly trimmed and shaped. He started to turn as the water cascaded over his body . He turned to face the shower head and I ogled his naked body, admiring his manly physique. His shoulders were broad and the muscles in his back were easily defined. His shoulders formed an inverted wedge with his waist and there were no love handles on his well-toned body. His ass was firm and his cheeks round and smooth. He was an excellent specimen of a man.

He turned to face me , the water splashing off of his shoulders and neck. I told him he had a great body and he just smiled and reached out with his right hand and gently touched the tip of my cock head. It throbbed. He touched it again and again it pulsed and throbbed. He slid his hand around my shaft and squeezed softly. Again I throbbed and began to swell. I followed his lead and reached out to touch his penis, touching first his engorged mushroom head, sqeezing it gently between my fingers and thumb. I felt him pulsate and throb with every movement of my hand. I took his shaft in my hand and began to carress him. I could feel him throb and watched as his cock pulsated and engorged. I was stroking another man's cock, finally! I was holding another man's dick in my hand and feeling him swell to an erection because of my touch. Rob continued to play with my cock and balls and soon I was fully erect. Rob's cock stood fully and it was even more impressive erect. His cock head strained and swelled, the veins on his cock engorging and swelling, his dick was pulsating in my hand. I looked at Rob and his eyes were closed, his mouth was open and he was starting to pant. I could tell he was enjoying this. He was reliving his past man-on-man encounter and I was enjoying my first.

I started to stroke his cock, sliding my hand slowly up his shaft then gliding the palm of my hand over his swollen cock head, rolling it in my hand and then sliding my hand down the length of his beautiful erect cock. It looked amazing as I pushed down and saw the full length of his manhood. Rob's knees were bending and I knew the time was now. I guided him back against the shower wall and I dropped to my knees in the tub. This is what I was waiting for. I was going to feel the sensation of another man's cock on my lips, on my tongue and in my mouth. Rob's cock was amazing and beautiful. It was certainly one worth fantasizing about and here it was, only inches from my face and my mouth. I leaned forward, keeping him taut with my right hand, I slid my left hand under his balls and gently squeezed. I stuck out my tongue and slowly licked up his shaft. He felt warm and firm against my tongue as I slid upward gliding up to his cock head. I opened my mouth and closed my lips softly over his engorged mushroom head. I swirled my tongue around his head and teased his slit with the tip of my tongue as I slid him from my mouth. I was doing to Rob what I've always enjoyed my wife doing to me. I was trying to duplicate what she has done time and again for me. I repeated this movement over and over, every time sensing that Rob was getting more and more excited. He started to play with my hair, rubbing my head, and moving his hips forward as I sucked on his cock head. As I took his cock deeper into my mouth, he would push his hips forward slightly, encouraging me. I was really enjoying this! It seems that I was doing a pretty good job sucking his cock as I watched Rob's face contort with intense pleasure. Through the splashing water, I could see his chest rising and falling, his eyes were closed and his mouth open. He grimaced and his little grunts of ecstacy could be heard through the splashing of the water. I could only imagine how the scene would appear to a third person. Here we were, two men, totally naked in the shower. One with his back leaning against the wall, the other on his knees fondling the other man's ball sack with one hand while grasping his hardened cock with the other and stuffing as much of the throbbing cock deeply into his hungry mouth.

Rob's breathing was getting heavier. My hands were busy fondling and stroking his package and my mouth never left his cock. I could feel Rob begin to thrust his hips more and more and his grip on my head grew firmer. I kept my right hand wrapped around his cock shaft and reached around with my left hand to grap his ass cheek. I felt him tense up and tighten his ass muscles. My head was bobbing up and down on his cock now with my hand pumping and squeezing his cock. My tongue was alive and busy swirling around his mushroom head and down his engorged cock. He pulled me more forcefully into him and my right hand pushed back, keeping him from gagging me. He began to pump his hips, thrusting and sliding his cock in and out of my mouth. I tried to relax and let him fuck my mouth without breaking the seal and letting him escape. His cock slid easily over my moist lips and in and out of my mouth. I pulled his ass into me and he responded by wrapping both hands tighter behind my head and pulling me into him. His pace quickened and he start moaning. His hips thrusting his pulsating cock in and out of my hungry mouth. The sensation was intoxicating. I was being face-fucked by a gorgeous seven inch cock and I was giving Rob the blow job of his life. I was totally into this and I loved the way my lips felt wrapped around Rob's rigid cock and the way if felt thrusting in and out over my lips and against my tongue. I have often fantasized about sucking a man off to completion; letting him blow his wad in my mouth and forcing me to swallow it. I have often wondered what it would feel like, what it would taste like, and could I swallow it all and enjoy it. My heart was pounding and Rob was pounding away at my mouth. I knew he was getting close to cumming. I was too into the moment to miss out on the opportunity to live out my fantasy. I would not release Rob's cock from my mouth or my grasp for anything. I was determined he was going to cum in my mouth and I was going to swallow every last drop of his man juice. Rob's hips were thrusting, grinding, forcing his cock rapidly in and out of my mouth. The slurping sounds mixed with Rob's moans. His thrusts went from long, deep, forceful penetrations of my mouth to short, rapid ones. His moaning turned to heavy grunts. His hands were a vice on my head. His cock was buried in my mouth. Then the thrusts became deeper, slower and more forceful. I could feel his cock begin to throb with spasms starting deep in his balls and traveling up the length of his cock. Then the warm sensation of his cum filling my mouth. Warm spurts of his thick, milky man juice filled my hungry horny mouth. Wave after wave of Rob's orgasm pumped thick gobs of warm gooey cum from deep inside Rob's balls and delivered it seven inches deep into my mouth. Rob continued to thrust a few more times, each time delivering another load of his cum . His ass cheeks were tight as he emptied all that he could into my mouth. I continued to suck and swallow, milking his cock of every last drop of sperm that he had to offer. I could taste him now. The salty musky taste of his cum. I was not only a cock sucker now but I was also a cum lover. It tasted amazingly wonderful. Rob's breathing subsided little by litte. It was still heavy but slower. His ass cheeks relaxed. His grip on my head relaxed and he seemed to slide his back slightly down the wall a bit more. His cock became flaccid and began to droop. Still holding it with my right hand , I slid him from my mouth, looked Rob in the eye and slowly licked my lips ....and then his cock head and slit ....

Rob smiled ...and said "you're next".
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