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BusinessMan-on-Man (Part 3)

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First time bi-sexual experience
I was still on my knees, the taste of Rob's cum in my mouth and on my tongue. The water from the shower was as hot as the experience that had just occurred as it splashed off of our naked bodies. Rob told me to stand and guided me to my feet.
"Man, you were incredible", Rob said.
"You really knew what you were doing. Are you sure you've never sucked dick before?" I assured him that the only cock that I had ever sucked before was strictly in my dreams. Again, I owed it all to my wife. I paid close attention to what she did when she went down on me. I paid extra close attention when it felt really fantastic. Little did she know, but my wife was giving me the best cock-sucking lessons ever every time she gave me a blow job. I used what I learned from her on Rob and the lessons paid off.

As I stood, Rob gave me a hug. His arms wrapped around me and he pulled me into him. Our wet bodies pressed against one another and I wasn't quite sure how to respond. My arms slowly left my side and I half-heartedly patted the small of his back. I had never imagined myself hugging, kissing or cuddling with another guy. To me, the thought of being with another guy was all about the cock. It was the power, the firmness, the physicality, the rawness of being a guy. Hugging and cuddling were too feminine.

Then he spoke without breaking his embrace. "Jay, it's so cool that guys can be guys and still get off with one another without risking their manliness. You are man's man my friend". His words gave me a reassurance and the awkwardness began to subside. My arms wrapped around him more firmly and I felt myself pulling him into me. It began to feel natural. It became a simple moment when two people were sharing something special between them. I closed my eyes and just began to enjoy the sensation of being free, the feel of flesh on flesh and the play of the water against our skin. Without even thinking, my hands slid down Rob's back and over the slope of his ass cheeks. It was something that I have done countless times playing in the shower with my wife. Always, I grab her ass cheeks and pull her into me, trying to get as close as possible.

With my hands firmly cradling Rob's cheeks, I pulled him into me and felt the strange sensation of his cock pressed against mine. Rob followed suit and soon his hands were sliding down my backside and groping my ass. He started to slide his hips back and forth, moving his semi-erect cock over mine, teasing me and my throbbing hard-on. He leaned back and looked at me, gave me a wink and continued to grind. His hips were thrusting against me, his hands locked on my ass. As I looked down, I saw his engorged cock head peeking out between us, sliding up and down against the shaft of my cock and my belly. Soon he was fully erect.

Rob released his hands from my hips and spun around in the shower, pushing his backside against me. Once he zeroed in on my rock hard cock, Rob started to slide his ass up and down against me. My shaft was sliding up and down the crack in his ass and it felt wonderful. Rob bent over slightly and I grabbed his hips firmly and pulled him to me. My cock was throbbing and I could feel the pre-cum oozing from me. Rob pushed back against me while I continued to hump his ass crack. I pushed his cheeks together and leaned into him, sliding my shaft up and down his crack. The sensation was incredible.

Rob began to moan and that got me going even more. I was really humping his ass, grinding my dick between his ass cheeks, increasing the force and pace with every thrust. He knew I was close to cumming so in an instant, he spun around and dropped to his knees and took my throbbing cock in his mouth. I grabbed the back of his head and began to fuck his mouth, thrusting the length of my engorged cock as deep as I could into his hungry mouth. The sensation in my balls was building and my groans were evident to Rob that I would be cumming soon.

He squeezed my ass cheeks encouraging me with each and every thrust. Rob took every thrust I offered, his mouth never breaking its seal from my dick as he awaited my cum. I could feel it rising in me, the sensation starting deep in my balls, the pulsations pushing my sperm up the shaft of my cock. I grabbed Rob's head and forcefully pushed my cock deep into his mouth, once, twice, and on the third hard thrust I released a torrent stream of cum into his mouth. Rob started to suck harder and again a pulsatile spirt of sperm left my cock and filled his mouth. I could feel Rob suck and swallow as I shot another wave of cum. My god, I've never cum like this with my wife before. It was absolutely the hardest cum I've ever had. Rob squeezed my ass cheeks one last time as if he was trying to squeeze that last bit of cum from me. He released my deflated cock from his mouth and playfully licked the shaft and kissed the head. He stood and again we embraced...this time the embrace come easily.

"You liked it when you had me from behind, I know you did", he said. "Maybe we'll make that happen tonight too. Why not? It is a night of "firsts"."

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