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Campground friends

Two couples discover each other and renew old pleasures.
It was later than Mike might usually stay awake but the new friends had kept the conversation both interesting and long.

Gina, Greg's cute and funny wife, got up and poured what was left of her melting ice and watered down wine onto the ground by the campfire.

"Well," Gina spoke as she sat the empty glass down on the picnic table, "you two seem to be going to talk all night so I'm joining Jan in calling it a night." Gina walked past the folding chair that Mike was in and, in passing, gave Mike a pat on the back and then let her hand go up the back of his neck and her fingers run through his hair on the back of his head.

"Good night my new friend," she let her fingers gently explore Mike's thick, blondish-white, hair and added, "it's been really nice getting to know you and Jan and I'm glad the four of us have a few more days to get even better acquainted," she finally removed her hand and stepped over to her husband, leaned down and kissed him on the cheek, and spoke softly, "Goodnight hon," and as she was straightening back up added, "now don't keep Mike up so late that you two won't feel like doing anything tomorrow."

"And," Greg patted Gina's butt as she was turning to walk away, "just what might that ‘anything' be?"

"Like Jan mentioned before going to her camper earlier," Gina tried to pretend that her husband hadn't just rubbed her ass in front of a man they'd only met hours before, "biking down to the beach for one thing."

"And," Greg grinned and looked at Mike and winked, "that wouldn't happen to be a nude beach, would it?" He reached out and attempted to get his hand on his wife's small butt again but she'd already stepped too far away.

"Don't be so crass around Mike," Gina made a serious face that Mike hadn't seen until now, "we hardly know him yet." Gina then looked at Mike before she continued walking to her camper that was on the other side of the campfire from Mike's. "Greg's just had a bit too much to drink, "she smiled tentatively and shook her head and added, "don't let him make you feel uncomfortable."

"He can't," Mike quickly spoke up, not wanting to miss a potential moment of opportunity, "I might enjoy the proverbial option, in clothing optional."

Gina didn't look back and seemed to pretend she hadn't heard Mike as she walked to her camper and went inside.

"Have you and Jan ever been to a nude beach?" Greg now sounded much more sober than he'd been sounding for the past half hour or so.

"I guess my smartest response would be to turn the question back on you but," Mike smiled at Greg and finished, "yes," he hesitated and then finished, "yes we have."

Greg glanced at Mike's camper and then over his shoulder at his own, noticing that both air conditioning units were humming loudly enough that his and Mike's conversation would be private. "Us too," he nodded as he spoke, "numerous times."

Mike grinned at the thought of this attractive couple being naked in public and asked, "Are you two the naturist types or do you delve into the voyeuristic, exhibitionist, area?"

"Well," Greg held his glass up to Mike, and while waiting for Mike to hold his own up and click the two together added, "I enjoy looking at naked friends," Greg smiled too now and then looked Mike directly in the eyes, "and you?"

"I admit to being a devout voyeur," Mike answered without hesitation, "and, although I'm not exactly exhibitionist," he hesitated before finishing, "I believe in playing fair."

"Suppose we can find a private stretch of that beach tomorrow?" Greg risked stepping over some line but the alcohol consumption had mitigated his sense of risk. "I sure wouldn't mind seeing your Jan and those gorgeous tits."

Mike pretended to be shocked and kept a very serious face and counted to ten to himself before responding. It was obvious that Greg was getting concerned and Mike played it to the hilt. "Well," he hesitated for another good three count, "and I'd love to see that cute little ass of Gina's."

The two men then leaned towards each other and clicked glasses again, only this time with a mutually shared understanding and bonding.

"Want another before we call it a night?" Mike reached out and took Greg's, near empty, glass without waiting for an answer, poured the last of the contents in it, and his own, onto the ground and stepped over to the ice chest to get ice, "are you two in the lifestyle?" Mike didn't look at Greg when he asked the last question but, instead, simply waited as he poured himself and Greg more whiskey over the ice.

"Do you mean the nudist lifestyle?" Greg sounded cautious.

"Well," Mike turned around and handed Greg one of the glasses of whiskey, "that too but," He looked at his friend and explored Greg's expression before venturing further, "what about the swinging lifestyle?"

"Mike," Greg sat his glass down and seemed to compose himself before answering, "Gina would kill me for saying this but," he seemed to be considering what he should say, "we delved into it years ago." Greg seemed to almost regret saying it as soon as it came out and then quickly asked, "how about you and Jan?"

"Same," Mike didn't hesitate so that Greg would relax, "years and years ago."

"Do you miss it as much as I do?" Greg questioned his new, and now getting to be close, friend.

"Very much so," Mike nodded and then added, "as much for the openness between those kinds of friends as the sex."

"I know exactly what you mean," Greg held his glass out to, again, toast to a new level of companionship, "but the sex sure wasn't bad either."

"Absolutely!" Mike responded to the toast and then, after leaning back in his chair added, "I think Gina is cute as can be."

"I think Jan is hot." Greg quickly reciprocated and then continued, "Do you think that Jan might be persuaded to return to old days?"

"I've tried many times to get her to," Mike explained, "she knows that I want to but she always avoids the subject." Mike didn't give Greg a chance to respond before adding, "but I can tell that she likes you, and Gina too."

"And," Greg grinned before speaking, "Gina doesn't rub her fingers through just anyone's hair."

"That really felt good," Mike reached up and let his own fingers go through his hair, "she can do that as often as she likes."

"Want to see if we can seduce these two gals?" Greg got right to the point.

"Absolutely!" Mike didn't hesitate but then added, "But we'll need to be careful not to frighten them off."

"I so agree," Greg was now almost whispering, "but I'm sure eager to get things going, aren't you?" Greg didn't wait for an answer before adding, "I'm getting horny as hell just thinking about it."

"Me too," Mike grinned and glanced over at Greg's shorts and the bulge in them, "it's pretty obvious that we both are." He then grabbed his own bulge through his shorts and pushed his pelvis out to show Greg.

"Nice bulge," Greg made it clear that he was looking at what was in Mike's hands, "I think that Gina is going to enjoy that."

"And," Mike responded, "Jan isn't going to be disappointed in that hunk of meat either," Mike then asked, "what are you sporting anyway?"

"A little over seven," Greg answered and then returned the question, "and you?"

"About the same," Mike admitted.

"You know," Greg got a more serious look on his face as he now spoke, "it's going to take quite a while to get Gina comfortable enough to consider this."

"I figured that," Mike nodded and then added, "Jan too. I think that Jan's game but I also know that we'll have to be very patient."

"And," Greg added, "we can't let then know that we're conspiring in this." He looked at Mike and winked, "We need to let them think it's their idea."

"Sounds like a good plan!" Mike agreed. "But at least you and I can talk about it and enjoy it, if only vicariously, until they join us."

"Did you ever try to suck your own cock?" Greg almost regretted saying it the moment it came out of us mouth.

"Was never that limber," Mike quickly, so as to make his new friend comfortable, "but I sure tried a bunch of times," Mike then grinned and asked Greg, "you?"

"A bunch of times," Greg quickly answered, "I was sort of double jointed and very limber when I was a kid."

"Did you ever cum?" Mike was now almost jacking himself off through his shorts without realizing it.

"A bunch of times," Greg grinned more and added, "swallowed too."

"How cool," Mike noticed that Greg was rubbing his hard cock and realized he too had been pretty obvious, "can you still do it?"

"I don't know," Greg answered thoughtfully and added, "Gina gives such great head that I just haven't had the need in years."

"Really?" Mike grinned ear-to-ear, "I can't wait to find out for myself." Then before Greg said anything he asked, "could I see you try?"

Greg suddenly got really serious and in a very low voice asked, "If I do try, and can't, it's going to make me really needy," he hesitated and added, "and I can't just go in and wake Gina up without suspicion," he hesitated again before finishing, "I've never been able to get off with just my hand so, if I try and fail, are you willing to help me?"

"I've sucked a cock or two," Mike felt he was safe with Greg, "so I'd be honored to help."

"I've had a few other than mine too," Greg confided and then asked, "want to go sixty nine or one at a time?"

"Me first," Mike spoke quickly and then explained better, "I'll do you first."

The two men got up and walked a short distance to the darkness of the trees behind the campsites.

As Greg unzipped his shorts and pulled his hard cock out of his underwear, Mike knelt down and, without hesitation, took the cock into his mouth. Mike tried to remember how long it'd been since he'd had a nice cock and knew it had been too long. Greg's cock was even larger than Greg had indicated and it felt really good in Mike's mouth.

Mike reached up and let his hand cradle Greg's large balls as Mike began to fuck his mouth back and forth on Greg's cock. Mike tried to deep-throat it a couple of times but quickly realized that it'd been too long and he'd need to practice again to overcome his gag response.

"Don't hold back," Mike spoke up to his new friend quickly and then before going back to his pleasurable task added, "and I do swallow."

Mike took just a moment now to lick those large balls and even managed to get one inside his mouth and licked it well before going back to the hard cock with the skin so soft.

"I'm going to cum...," Greg whispered and then began a low moan.

Mike felt pride that he still had the magic and was getting his new buddy to cum in such a short time. Mike felt the first small surge of pre-cum in his mouth and enjoyed his friend's flavor. Then to Mike's surprise, and complete delight, he felt the first of several giant spurts and could barely swallow each one before the next volley. Mike was amazed that a man his age, in his sixties, could still have that much of a load.

"Enough," Greg finally pushed Mike's face away from his cock, "it's getting too sensitive."

"If you need to wait before doing me," Mike stood up as he spoke, "I'm okay with it."

"Hell no," Greg grinned and went down on his knees, "after that great blowjob I owe you, buddy." Greg undid Mike's shorts and reached in and extracted Mike's hard cock. "And I'm eager as hell to see what this monster is like. Greg guided Mike's cock to his mouth with one hand and fondled Mike's testicles with his other. After only a couple of times of going down halfway on Mike's cock, Mike felt his cock go right down Greg's throat.

"Oh man," Mike moaned, "that's so good," Mike added and then finished with, "you're so good!"

Greg fucked Mike's cock with his mouth and throat for a good five minutes while playing with Mike's balls before letting his hand go under and onto Mike's ass. Mike felt as one of Greg's fingers attempted to penetrate his anus but the dryness was slightly painful and Mike reached around and pulled the hand away.

"Too dry," Mike whispered in explanation, "hurts a little."

Mike felt the coolness of the night air on his wet cock as he felt the warm mouth leave. He felt the hands turning him around and the one hand pushing on his back to make him lean over.

Then he suddenly felt something that he'd only felt from the giving end before. He received the wet tongue with an eagerness that could only be compared to the first time his cock entered a vagina.

Greg was not only licking his anus, his tongue was long, and firm, enough to penetrate and Mike was being fucked by it in his ass.

It didn't take very long of this stimulus to have Mike ready to shoot. Mike had never been fucked in the ass, and certainly not by a wonderfully wet tongue, and he was about to experience his first orgasm from being fucked.

Greg continued to tongue-fuck Mike and he reached around and grabbed Mike's cock and jacked it to the rhythm of his tongue. As soon as Greg felt Mike shoot his first volley, Greg turned Mike around again and engulfed the entire length of Mike's cock down his throat and let the remaining volleys shoot directly down his throat. Greg did pull back though to allow the last couple of squirts stay in his mouth so he could savor the taste.

"Damn!" was all that Mike was able to say.

"Glad you enjoyed," Greg grinned and licked the rest of Mike's cum off of the hand that had been jacking Mike during the first explosion, "and it looks like that wait for our wives to join us is going to eventful."


"Are you still awake?" Greg spoke softly as he closed the RV door behind him and locked it.

"Yes," Gina propped herself up in the bed with her elbow and her hand under her chin, "They're really a nice couple, aren't they?"

"Honey," Greg slipped out of his clothes quickly and slipped into the bed with his wife, "they are nice but they might just not be too nice."

"Oh," Gina smiled and shook her head, "I think you're just wishful thinking again," she grinned and then added, "but this time I hope you're right."

"It's been a long time," Greg had now turned on his side and was looking at Gina seriously, "but I think we have found the couple we've thought about for years."

"Did Mike tell you something?" Gina was now wide awake and very interested.

"He told me that they had played some," Greg thought a moment before adding, "but that Jan hadn't wanted to explore more in years."

"What about Mike," Gina spoke almost too quickly and then tried to mitigate her eagerness, "is he still possibly interested?"

"Well," Greg grinned and enjoyed his wife's, obvious, interest in what he might say about this new man, "he did say that he liked you." Greg didn't wait for Gina to respond before adding, "And I could tell that you liked him," Greg hesitated only a second before finishing, "it's been a long time since I've seen you come on to a guy like that."

"I didn't come on to him." Gina quickly defended herself.

"Oh," Greg grinned, "and I suppose you didn't run you fingers through that thick hair of his!"

"He does have nice hair." Gina smiled sheepishly.

"At both ends too." Greg winked at Gina as he spoke.

"You didn't!" Gina looked questioningly at her husband.

"I did!" Greg nodded and then added, "And he did too!"

"Does Jan know that he's that way?" Gina was still having some difficulty believing her husband but also knew he wouldn't make something like this up.

"All I know about Jan is that she's got great tits and that she, at least a few times, has been with other men." Greg then grinned and finished, "Mike and I weren't doing much talking after we both knew that we had that in common."

"Do you think Mike would want to be with me?" Gina reached down and wrapped her small hand around her husband's, now hardening, cock as she spoke. "Did he indicate whether Jan would mind, or even join?"

"If he did," Greg asked, "and if she would," he looked straight into his wife's pretty eyes, "are you good with this couple?"

Gina suddenly realized how she was being cornered into a commitment and she thought for several minutes before responding, "I think that Jan is sweet, funny, and, like you said, she does have really great tits," Gina laughed and then admitted, "I'd be comfortable with them if she was with us."

"What about Mike?" Greg spoke and then waited.

"I think he's hot," Gina spoke without hesitation.


Mike hesitated as his hand reached the latch on the door to his camper. A thousand thoughts were going through his mind and he knew that the next few minutes could lead to so many fantasy fulfillment's or to several days of drama.

"Hon," Mike spoke softly but loud enough for Jan to hear him if she was still awake, "are you asleep?"

"No," Jan spoke with no indication of emotion in her voice, "how could I go to sleep when I could hear you and Greg out behind our camper having sex?"

"You heard?" Mike was always amazed at how well his wife could hear.

"I just hope that the other campers didn't!" Jan still maintained a tone of voice that didn't give herself away.

"I'm sorry," Mike spoke and before he could continue his wife put her finger to his lips.

"Don't say you're sorry," Jan kept a straight face as she spoke, "it didn't sound like either of you were sorry."

"Well," Mike reached up and pushed Jan's hand away from his mouth but then realized that there was a very familiar smell on it, "it just happened and I admit that I enjoyed it a lot." He then pulled her hand back to his nose and grinned as he added, "And it smells like you might have been enjoying it too."

"Honestly," Jan now smiled for the first time since Mike had come in, "I wanted to come join you two."

"Really?" Mike couldn't hide his enthusiasm. "Are you saying that you would be interested in this couple?"

"Don't get too excited," Jan shook her head as she spoke, "I'm just saying that I like them both and that I'm cool with you and Greg." She then grinned big and added, "Actually, I'm hot about you and Greg."

"Well," Mike tried to hide his euphoria a bit, "he probably wouldn't mind you joining us next time."

"What about Gina?" Jan sounded cautious.

"I don't know," Mike answered honestly, "all Greg said was the she did join him in swinging years ago."

"Would you like to fuck Gina right now?" Jan pulled the covers back as she spoke and rolled from her side to laying on her back."

"Absolutely!" Mike spoke as he was climbing up onto his wife. "And would you like for me to be Greg?"

"Yes," Jan whispered back, "fuck me Greg!"


Gina peeked out the window of their RV to see if Jan was up and going to the shower facilities yet. She had her own shower kit ready to go.

Jan had her morning, go-to-the-showers, smock on and her bag in her hand and was also peeking out the window by the door to their camper.

"If you're waiting for Gina to come out," Mike laughed and added, "she might just be doing the same thing you are," he paused and then finished, "why don't you step outside and find out?"

Jan didn't answer but, instead, took her husband's advice and stepped out the door. To her delight she saw Gina coming out of their RV at the same time.

"Good Morning!" Gina spoke loudly and with almost a song in her voice.

"Morning," Jan smiled at the other lady and added, "on the way to the showers?"

"I am," Gina still had the loud sing-song voice, "care to join me?"

"I'd love to join you." Jan started to clarify but, instead, grinned a knowing grin and let it stay.

"What if I'm not that kind of girl?" Gina had now closed the distance between the two of them and spoke more softly so others couldn't hear.

"Then I might just be a tad disappointed." Jan hoped she hadn't gone too far.

"Well," Gina reached down and took her new friend's hand and pulled her forward toward the facilities, "I wouldn't want to disappoint a new friend."

Nothing else was spoken as the two women walked the short distance to the building where the shower stalls were located.

When they entered they noticed that they were alone. Gina opened one of the stall doors and laid her bag on the bench but didn't close the door. She looked at Jan and smiled as she let her robe slip off her shoulders and she revealed her petite body to Jan.

Jan glanced over her shoulder to make certain that nobody else was there, then she stepped into Gina's stall, closed the door behind her, and let her own smock slip off and with one movement put it and her own bag on the bench next to Gina's.

"Greg fucked me last night," Jan spoke matter-of-factly and waited for Gina's reaction.

"I'm sure he wishes that he remembered that." Gina, obviously, knew what Jan meant.

"Did my husband fuck you?" Jan asked and stepped closer to Gina to speak softer.

"In my dreams," Gina was enjoying the frankness of this first sexual conversation, "but dreams can come true."

"You know that they did each other last night," Jan asked with a smile, "don't you?"

"Greg told me." Gina admitted.

"Hell," Jan chuckled now, "I heard them."

"Oh," Gina bit her lip as she spoke, "I'll bet that was hot."

"You've got the cutest little breasts." Jan spoke without thinking.

"And you've got breasts that I'd die for."

"May I?" Jan raised an eyebrow as she asked and then raised her hands up and near Gina's small, firm, breasts.

"If I can too," Gina didn't wait and placed her hands on both of Jan's breasts and began exploring them.

Jan then let her hands cover Gina's small breasts and felt as Gina's nipples began to immediately harden and lengthen.

"Nice," Jan spoke softly.

"Very nice," Gina added.

The two women stood in the shower enjoying the feel of each other's breasts and the feel of each other's hands for several minutes before realizing that neither of them had bothered to turn on the water.

"This will cover any sound," Gina whispered as she turned her back to Jan and turned on, and adjusted, the water.

Jan stepped in closer to her new friend and reached around and, again, began exploring those wonderful new breasts.

"You don't shave?" Gina spoke as she felt Jan's pubic hair against her ass.

"Sometimes," Jan spoke and then leaned down and kissed Gina's soft shoulder, "if you want me to," she kissed again before finishing, "I can."

"You're perfect the way you are." Gina turned as she spoke, reached up and placed her arms around Jan's neck, pushed her breasts up and just under Jan's own breasts, then tip-toed and placed her lips on Jan's.

"You really kiss well," Jan spoke almost breathlessly when their lips finally parted, "Mike is going to love kissing you."

"And," Gina kissed Jan once more, "I'm going to enjoy kissing Mike," she then tip-toed up again and this time let her tongue explore Jan's lips and mouth, "but right now I'm pretty satisfied with your kisses."

"Me too," Jan spoke between kisses, "may I?" Jan indicated Gina's breasts and raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, Gina put her hand behind Jan's head and pulled it down to her hard nipples, "please."

Jan didn't hesitate and went from one to the other and back. As she licked, sucked, and fondled with her right hand, she let her left hand slowly, so very softly, work it's way down to the smooth, closely shaven, lower stomach of her new lover.

As much as Jan was enjoying the giving, Gina was even more enjoying the receiving. Jan now had her fingers working through the upper slit and finding the small clitoris.

"There," Gina whispered loudly now, "that's it." Gina pushed her pelvis forward with hard jerks and pressed her breast against Jan's other hand but she also pulled Jan's head back up and the two women now locked into a kiss that matched the heat of their other bodily contacts.

Jan knew she'd found the right spot and also knew that she was going to be able to bring her friend to orgasm quickly.

"Don't hold back," Jan now began rubbing the clitoris in the same time as her friend's thrusts, "let it happen." Jan let one finger slip into the wetness that wasn't caused from the shower.

"Oh," Gina felt the rush of the moment run through her body and soul, "that's it," she now convulsed several quick thrusts, "wow." She spoke softly as her body melted and she hung on to her new friend for support. "Thank you," she whispered and then added, "so much."

"You are quite welcomed," Jan kissed Gina's forehead as she whispered, "now let's get showered and go see what our men are up to."

"So," Mike took a sip of his coffee before finishing his question to his wife, who'd just stepped into the camper, "what did Gina have to say?"

"Nothing much," Gina's tone intentionally gave hint that there would be much, much, more but she took the time to drape her towel over the bar in the bathroom and slip off her shower smock before finishing, "we really didn't talk that much."

"So," Mike was grinning as he spoke, "if you weren't talking," he hesitated and bit his lip before finishing, "just what were you doing?"

"What we were doing," Jan turned and faced Mike and reached down and ran her hand over her pubic hair, "is what you'd have liked to be doing in that stall with little Gina."

"Really?" Mike spoke immediately and then suspected that his wife was just jacking with him. "You didn't!"

"Hon," Jan now stepped the short distance to where her husband was sitting and sat beside him before speaking more, "we really did." She then reached down and let her hand cover his soft cock as she began to speak. "I know we just met them yesterday." She looked serious and was delighted to feel his cock begin to stir. "I know that I'd told you that I didn't think I'd want to ever do these things again." She could now feel him beginning to come to full erection and it made her more at ease for what she was about to admit. "But it just feels right." She was now stroking his throbbing cock. "And speaking of feeling right," she grinned at her husband, "not only do Greg and Gina feel completely right for us," she now crawled up and over Mike on the little sofa and lowered herself, easily, down onto his cock, "this sure feels awfully right…, right now.

"Greg," Gina was almost shouting at her husband through the closed door of the RV when she got back to her campsite, "sweetie," she stepped in and saw her husband at the little dinette with a bloodymary in front of him, "after you fix me one of those," she was grinning ear-to-ear as she spoke, "I'm going to tell you something that will knock your socks off." She then let her shower dress slip off of her shoulders and as she stood there naked, she added, "and I'm hoping the rest of your clothes too!"

"So," Greg had stood up and began to fix a second drink, "what did she say?"

"She," Gina emphasized the word, "she didn't have to say anything because what she did told the whole story."

"Well," Greg handed the bloodymary he'd just made to his naked wife, "are you going to tell me?" He then began to take his t-shirt and shorts off as he spoke. "Or do I get to actually see later?"

"I'm hoping," Gina stepped closer to her husband and reached down and took his hard cock in her little hand, "you'll get to see, and do, much more before this weekend is over." She then took Greg's hand with her free hand and placed it on her smoothly shaved pubic mound. "Now put your fingers where Jan's were just a while ago."

"Mornin’ neighbors," Mike smiled and spoke just loud enough for Greg and Gina to hear as he watched the two of them come out of their RV and into the campsite beside his own, "did you sleep well last night?"

"Who wanted to sleep?" Greg grinned at Mike and reached down and patted Gina's little butt."

"Us either," Mike grinned back and then added, "are you two as pumped as we are about the four of us?"

"Well, Mike," Gina spoke before Greg could say anything, "I sure am." Then before either man could speak she explained, "I didn't really believe that Greg and I would ever find a couple who we'd be this comfortable with but...," she looked up into her husband's eyes and smiled, then she stepped over to Mike and reached up and gave him a soft peck on the lips, "if Jan is feeling the same as I am," she now put her arms around Mike's neck and kissed him again, only a little longer, "I'm very pumped!"

"Me too," the three heard the voice coming through the open window of Mike's camper, "and," Jan was still concealed but her voice was as though she were standing with the others, "do we need say more?"

Nothing else was said about the activities of the previous hours as the four went to breakfast together in the nearby town. The conversation was all about the jobs the four had before retiring, the places they'd all lived, the hobbies and activities they enjoyed, and just things that any two couples who wanted to be friends would share.

Nothing was said about the activities of the previous hours as they explored the little town, shopped at some of the stores, and then had lunch at the little sidewalk café. The conversation was now about all the funny, silly, and even some of the serious things that had occurred during the many years the two couples had been married.

"Well," Greg spoke in a lower tone than they'd been using during the meal, "now that we know each other in the less than biblical way," he reached under the table and took his wife's hand and squeezed it, "I know of a private little lake not far from here," he looked questioningly at Mike and then Jan, "want to get more biblical," he didn't pause long enough for either of his new friends to respond before adding, "want to go skinny dipping with us?"

"I'd love to," Jan grinned and glanced at Mike and added, "and I know he would too."

"It's beautiful," Jan leaned forward in the rear seat of Greg and Gina's car and could see the little, clear, lake down the hill they were driving down, "is it cold?"

"It stays the perfect temperature year round," Greg answered her question and then finished, "because it's spring fed."

"Is it private?" Mike wondered out loud.

"This time of year," Gina smiled, knowing Mike's reason for asking, "is off season for this area." She then went on to add, "We've been here when there were lots of couples though," she only hesitated a moment before finishing, "but everyone who were here were also nudists so it was still fairly private."

Mike couldn't keep his eyes off of Gina as the small woman removed, first her blouse exposing her small, but so firm, breasts.

Greg made no pretense of not enjoying the sight of Jan's large breasts as she, first removed her blouse, and then her bra.

Then both husbands began to undress, too, but both were keeping their eyes glued to each other's wives as the two women took off the rest of their clothing.

Jan and Gina were less obvious but both were also sneaking peaks at the two men in front of them.

"Last one in is a homophobe!" Greg yelled as he took three long strides and then dove into the clear water of the small lake.

"Not me!" Mike took off right behind Greg and was in neck deep beside his friend.

"Prove it," Gina spoke as she walked back to the car and retrieved a blanket, "we've heard all this talk but," she spread the blanket down on the sandy bank and, as she began to sit down, she reached up and took Jan's hand and pulled her down beside herself on the blanket, "I want to see," she paused for only a second before adding, "I've wanted to see my sexy husband to that for the longest time."

"Me too," Jan joined in now, "let the show begin!"

"I've never done that in front of anyone." Greg sounded apprehensive.

"We're not," Gina spoke in an authoritative voice, "just anyone!"

"That's right," Jan joined her friend, "we're your wives!"

"I'm game," Mike stared right back at the two women, "I'll be first."

As Mike began taking the few steps back to the bank of the lake, Greg followed. As soon as the two were out of the water, and just feet in front of the two naked women on the blanket, Mike turned to Greg and reached down and took Greg's cock in his hand.

"Sorry bud," Mike spoke quickly, "if I hesitate I might lose my nerve."

Mike went down to his knees and in that same motion took Greg's cock into his mouth. Greg watched as the four eyes in front of him followed Mike's move and were now staring at the blowjob that was feeling so good.

Mike quickly forgot about his audience and simply enjoyed the cock, again, that he'd enjoyed the night before.

It didn't take long at all for Greg to lose control and he was exploding in the mouth of his new friend.

"Oh yes," Gina began clapping her hands, "I didn't know you could cum that quickly."

"That was hot," Jan joined her friend in the applause, "but I hope you last longer when we're together."

"Oh he will," Gina assured her friend, "he can go for hours sometimes."

"And," Jan turned away from the men in front of them for the first time since the show had begun, "Mike will take good care of you too."

"Well," Greg was the first of the men to speak, "after that hot experience," he walked over to the car, opened the trunk, and got four beers out of the cooler, "let's drink to something pretty darn special!"

"Okay," Gina took the can that her husband had handed her, "but before it's too late," she reached over and placed her hand on the arm that Mike was holding his beer in, "I think I should have the right to taste my own husband."

Gina then stepped up to Mike and, for the first time of many times to come, let her firm breasts and hard nipples press against Mike's upper stomach.

The kiss began like the ones before with just tentative lips touching but quickly escalated to the exchange of Greg's fluids still in Mike's mouth.

When the kiss finally ended the two new lovers, in unison, looked back at their spouses to see what they were doing. And, what they saw didn't surprise either of them.

Greg had Jan down on her back on the blanket and he was taking turns sucking and fondling Jan's breasts.

Mike nudged little Gina back and down on the blanket beside his wife and his new buddy. When they were laying together he first continued the intimate kiss and then let his mouth and tongue explore down her wonderful little body to the place he had thought would take so much longer than this to arrive at.

"Fuck me," Gina whispered and pulled Mike back up and onto her, "I don't want to wait any longer."

Jan finally opened her eyes and glanced over at the couple beside her and Greg. She watched as Mike slowly entered Gina and began to explore her insides with his hard cock. "Greg," she reached and turned her lover's head toward their spouses, "let's not wait either."

"My beer is hot as hell," Mike was the first to get up off of the blanket and spoke as he took a sip of the beer that had been sitting on the ground for the past hour, "but not nearly as hot as you guys are!" He poured the beer out and went to his friend's car trunk and got four fresh beers out and handed them to the other three naked people who were now standing up too, "here's to a very long friendship." Mike took a sip of the cold beer.

"And," Jan raised her can to the other three, "here's to a very close friendship."

"Well," Gina raised her can again and thought a moment before adding, "what else can be added to that?"

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