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Casey and I share a Moment

Two teen girls Share a moment with each other
This is a true story about the first time I shared a sexual experience with a fellow female. Names have been changed and I might have stretched some facts to juice it up but the base is truthful.

The coach blew her whistle and we knew it was time to get out the pool, I got out at the side closest to me, my swim suit had run up exposing my ass. I quickly use my thumbs to correct this, unsticking my swim suit from the grip of my butt cheeks. I turned and reached out my hand and helped my best friend Casey out the pool, it was easy to lift her because of her thin frame.

Casey was everything I am not, I loved that about her. She was of Dutch decent and it showed. She had bright blond hair, a thin frame, small perky boobs, a flat stomach, blue eyes that you could get lost in and a cute tight bottom. She was the opposite of me, since my Spanish genes meant that I was curvy, had dark hair and I had large ample breasts.

We both admired each other’s bodies; I guess you always want what you can’t have.

We made our way to the changing rooms and as usual we headed for the showers in full swim gear. I was curious to see Casey’s body as we both had blossomed during the summer vacations.

We turned on the showers and began to rinse our self’s off. It was not the whole team, it was just Casey and I along with two other girls who came for a preseason conditioning training. Casey was on my right and the two other girls where on my left. I took off my swimming cap and Casey did the same. We rinsed them under the shower heads to get the chlorine out.

Casey looked amazing, the black one piece pressed tight against her body, the water running over her. I started to peel off my swim suit, I pulled the straps over my shoulder and downwards, my boobs popped out and the water hit against them sending shivers down my spine, I pulled it further down to my ankles and I climbed out of it. I then lifted it up to the shower head to get the chlorine out.

I caught Casey staring at my vagina, “ Nice haircut.”

This made me blush since my pubic hair started to really grow I had to shave it but left a little on the top, and this is clearly what she was referring to. I hung my swim suit up on the hook and continued with my shower.

I then turned to look at Casey. She looked at me in a very seductive way straight in my eyes, like a girlfriend does when she gives a man a blow job. She then turned her body and started to peel off her swim suit, it was like my own private show. As her swim suit came off, I saw her magnificent teen age body revealed to me. First her small perky breasts, then her white flat stomach and at last she pulled her swim suit completely off and revealed that her pussy was completely shaven and looked amazing.

She looked at me and I looked at her it was a really intense moment, then the giggles of the two girls goofing around next to us snapped us back to the real world.

After the shower we got dressed in silence hardly glancing at each other. My mind was machining away, "What did it mean, was she into me?”

I had a whole sleep over to find out as I was going to Casey’s house that day!

We got picked up by Casey’s mom and hanged out at her place with not much to report until after dinner when we got to Casey’s bedroom. Casey was pretty rich and had a very large room to herself, with a TV and her parents left her alone in there to do what she wanted. Casey was an honor student and the pride of the family so I knew they would not bother us until morning.

Casey told me to get comfortable, which I did, we both undid our bras but left our shirts on, and we also pulled our pants off. I had black panties and Casey had red booty shorts on.

“Can you believe this Mark said I am a lousy kisser?” Casey stated in a shocked tone.

She had started to date Mark over the summer vacations since she had turned 16 just before summer, her parents now let her date. I turned 16 but three weeks before her.

“Well, I can’t comment because I don’t know how you kiss,” I replied.

She knelt down next to me on her bed that I had been sitting on.

“Well then kiss me and tell me what you think."

I didn’t have to think about it as I wanted to do it for long, I leant in and so did she. We locked lips for the first time. It was very gentle and tender at first, I loved how her soft lips pressed against mine. I couldn’t help myself and I slipped her the tongue. Casey did not fight it and began to massage my tongue with her tongue. My left hand reached over to her and ran over her smooth legs, it brushed against her underwear as it went up wards to her boobs.

I cupped her left boob and started to massage it and she quickly did the same to me. I then got bold and moved my hand down and under her shirt, I reached for her boob and began to massage it, it was the perfect handful. Her nipple rested between my fingers but then suddenly she broke off and we stopped. We both looked at each other.

“Sorry, I can’t do this. I have a boyfriend and I don’t want be a cheater,” she explained.

“It’s okay, I understand, I am sorry if I went too far,” I replied.

She looked at me and she saw my face I can only guess what she saw but it must have been a look of regret like I had just blown my chance.

“Well it’s not cheating if we don’t touch each other,” Casey said in a sly voice

“What do you mean?” I asked curiously.

Casey looked at me and asked, “Have you ever masturbated?”

“Yes...” I replied blushing.

Without saying another word she pulled off her booty shorts and sat up on the bed leaning against the wall with a pillow behind her, she motioned me over, and I followed suit, taking of my panties and sitting next to her. We then began to masturbate in silence. My right leg lent on her left and I had I perfect view of her going to town on herself. We began to masturbate hard messaging our clits, the sounds of her soft moans drove me wild, I could feel her shudders through the vibrations down her leg. I moaned out loud as I started to cum, it might be that reason that soon after Casey came as well.

She kissed me on the cheek and left towards her bathroom to get cleaned up and I sat there in shock but feeling great.

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