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Caught By Coach Part 2

Coach contnues to use his two dirty students
Jim and Amy rushed to Jim’s house after Coach William released them. Amy’s pussy stayed wet as she could still taste Coach’s cum on her lips. Jim was in a state of half arousal, half confusion as he had just sucked his Coach’s dirty cock after he fucked his girlfriend. He was embarrassed that his cock got so hard watching Coach saw his cock in and out of Amy’s pussy in addition to licking another man’s cum off her ass.

“Hey, are you ok baby?” Amy asked her boyfriend as soon as they got into Jim’s basement. Her hand reached for Jim’s crotch. She felt his growing cock through the fabric of his shorts.

“No one can know Amy.” Jim sternly said to Amy.

Amy kissed her boyfriend tasting the remaining flavor of Coach’s cum off Jim’s lips. This drove her wild. “It’s ok baby, our secret. No will know your cock got hard sucking another cock.” Amy cooed as she took out her boyfriend’s cock.

“MMMM I’m serious Amy.” Jim groaned as he got harder.

“Uh huh, and no one will know how hard you got watching another man fuck my dirty cunt.” Amy continued to tease her boyfriend as she pushed him back onto the couch.

“Stop fucking with me Amy.” Jim groaned as he watched Amy strip naked.

“I’m not baby, just want you to know I will never tell how you lucked another man’s cum off my spread asshole.” She moaned as she mounted and impaled her boyfriend’s aching cock.

Amy gave Jim a much needed flicking, riding his hard cock and shoving her tits into his face. She was clearly turned on by the forced acts of bisexuality on her boyfriend. Jim didn’t need much stimulation and quickly filled Amy’s pussy with his huge creamy load.

The next morning, Jim picked up Amy at her house and drove themselves to School. They were nervous and silent the whole way to school. They know their perverted Coach would be waiting for them but they didn’t know what acts he would make them perform on him and each other. Jim’s car pulled into the empty student parking lot. The couple looked at each other and smiled as they went to Coach’s office for another installment of their punishment.

Coach was waiting for Jim and Amy in his office wearing only a towel. He was straight to business as he ordered the pair to strip naked. Jim was feeling embarrassed again as his eyes locked onto the Coach’s cock as he dropped his towel.

“Both of you on your, on your knee’s.” Coach commanded them. Coach wasn’t fooling around as he smeared his hard shaft along both of their lips. Jim’s cock hardened and Amy’s pussy moistened as Coach began to use them again. First Amy took Coach’s cock, bobbing her head up and down on his thick shaft. Jim watched in amazement as he fondled his own cock. He knew he was enjoying this and he let go of his inhabitation as he took Coach’s cock next. He was a different Jim from yesterday. He was trying to do his best to please his coach. He couldn’t believe he was actually trying to make another man cum in his mouth.

“MMMMM Jim, so much better than yesterday.” Coach William moaned looking down and stroking Jim’s head.

Amy watched in utter lust as she fondled her wet pussy. Watching another man’s cock slide in and out of her boyfriend’s mouth was really heating her up. She began to fondle Jim’s cock making him moan on Coach’s shaft.

“AHHHHH so good baby. You are sucking him so good.” Amy encouraged Jim.

“Both of you are doing so good.” Coach added as he pulled Jim away from his cock. “Lay on the floor mat Jim.” Coach directed.

Amy’s pussy tingled as Coach guided her over her boyfriend. She was told to straddle Jim and rub her pussy on his shaft. Jim moaned feeling Amy’s wet cunt lips slide along his under shaft. Coach got down behind the couple and spread Amy’s ass cheeks. First Amy let out a groan as she felt the coach’s tongue circle her anal ring and lick down to her pussy. Coach’s finger dipped into her pussy then he pushed it into her asshole. Amy’s bit her lip as his large finger began to work her hole. Coach’s mouth then moved to Jim’s cock. Amy watched Jim whimper as he felt Coach begin to suck and lick as he fingered Amy’s ass.

Finally Coach took Jim’s cock and aimed up into Amy’s cunt. She slammed down on it letting out a slutty moan. A look of panic overtook Amy as she felt a cool jelly rubbed around her exposed ass. She whimpered as Coach’s finger began to work the lube up her ass.

“Sweetheart, hold still.” Was all Coach whispered to Amy as his cock head replaced his fingers.

Jim held Amy’s ass cheeks apart as Coach worked his cock up Amy’s tight virgin asshole. Jim could feel Coach’s shaft press against his own through the thin layer of flesh between Amy’s two holes.

“FUCK OOOOOOO FUCK it hurts it hurts!” Amy cried out as Coach worked his dick inch by inch up her ass.

Coach grunted and finally got his entire cock up Amy’s ass and let her body adjust. Soon the pain in Amy’s ass turned to a tingling sensation followed by a feeling of pleasure. Coach felt Amy relax and he began his anal assault on his sexy young student.

“MMMMMMMM my ass! Fuck my ass Coach!” Amy uttered surprised to hear herself say such things.

Jim was pumping his cock in Amy’s pussy in unison with Coach’s thrusts into her ass. Jim’s throbbing cock was gripped by Amy’s spasming pussy as she began to cum over and over. Both men were quickly on the edge of exploding. Amy whimpered and grunted as Coach spanked her and fucked her ass while Jim sucked her tits and bit her neck. Jim was first to pop as he thrust up into Amy’s cunt and squirted several ropes of his cum inside his well fucked girl. Coach was sweating and breathing deeply as he continued so saw in and out of Amy’s young tight asshole. Finally Coach let out a cry and squirted the first half of his seed up Amy’s ass. He pulled out as he fell back shooting the rest of his cum all over the girl’s open asshole and ass cheeks.

Coach laid back on his elbows and ordered Amy to turn around. She obeyed and was rewarded with cleaning her own juices off Coach’s dirty cock. Jim’s next task was between his dirty girlfriend’s ass cheeks. As she sucked Coach’s cock clean , Jim was ordered to lick the cream pie from Amy’s well fucked asshole.

It was 15 minutes prior to 1 st bell when Coach sent the pair off to start the school day. They would have his sex smell on them the whole day until they saw him again at the end of the day.

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