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Caught By Coach

Two senior high students get caught in the act and must submit to the dirty desires of Coach.
It wasCoach William's lucky day as he had caught Jim and Amy half naked in the ball room. Jim and Amy were two of his seniors from his last period gym class. There Jim was, pants around his ankles while Amy was sucking his cock. Amy's top was off and her shorts were half way down her thighs. Coach held back and watched for a few minutes. What made things hotter for him was how Amy was drilling her middle finger up Jim's ass as she sucked him. Coach's cock swelled in his tight shorts as he looked on. Finally Coach made his move and he slowly and quietly approached the two students,
"Ahhem. What the fuck?" Coach announced his presence.
"Oh shit! Coach William!" Jim cried trying to pull Amy's finger out of his ass and her mouth off his cock.
"Fuck!" Amy quietly whispered. "We're fucked Jimmy."
"Yeah that's right Amy, you two are fucked. You couldn't save it for the house or at least back in the woods?" Coach sternly lectured them. "You two are seniors and were just about to graduate." Coach admonished them. He know they would never be expelled just dealt with harshly with detention or in school suspension and a shit load of embarasment. But Coach was working a dirty angle.
"Coach, we're sorry and won't do it again. We swear, don't we Jimmy." Amy pleaded.
"Bullshit. You two are like every other couple in school. Except you got caught.":
"We will do anything just let us go and say nothing please." Jim pleaded.
Coach had them right where he wanted them. His cock still throbbed in his tight shorts. This finally came to the attention of Amy who locked eyes on it.
Then Amy said something that shocked Jim, "I'll suck you cock Coach." Amy couldn't believe she said it and regretted it at that moment. It was too late to take it back. But that didn't matter much because what they didn't know about their Coach was his kinky and taboo inclinations.
"MMMMMM Ok, we will start with my cock getting sucked." Coach smiled as he opened his tight shorts and let his thick growing cock flop out.
The couple were still in shock as the situation unfolded. Amy uncovered her tits, swallowed her pride, and attempted to reach for the Coach's cock.
"No stop." Coach grinned.
"But I thought you wanted your cock sucked Coach?" Amy said with a puzzled look on her face.
"Oh I do honey but by Jimmy here." Coach grinned watching the panic in Jim's face.
Amy was silent and frozen. She looked at Jim who did not budge. Jim's cock was shriveled to it's 4 inch soft state. He was not gay or bi or anything like what Coach wanted him to do Jim thought.
"You know, I have things to do. So if you two don't play ball I need to know so I can file this incident with the principal." Coach calmly informed them.
"Fuck it Jimmy. Suck his cock, we will be screwed if you don't." Amy pleaded with her boyfriend. "I suck yours all the time, do it for us."
"I'm not gay Coach." Jimmy said to coach as he reluctantly moved to kneel in front of Coach.
"MMMM you just might like it Jimmy. You two have made the right decision." Coach purred as he rubbed his sweaty shaft along Jim's lips and face.
Jim could smell Coach's musky scent and taste the salty sweat on his cock as he licked the shaft.
"MMMMMM good boy. Amy get over here next to Jimmy." Coach instructed.
Amy obeyed and knelt next to her boyfriend as he fumbled with Coach's cock. "Show him how honey."
Amy grabbed the base of Coach's cock and held it to her boyfriend's lips. "Kiss it first Jimmy. Then open up." Amy whispered to him. She found herself slightly aroused again as Jimmy obeyed her and kissed then swallowed the first half of Coach's cock. Amy's pussy was now growing wet again as Jimmy began to get into the grove. His head bobbed up and down on Coach's cock making him groan.
"OOOO teeth Jimmy, watch the teeth." Coach winched.
"Like this baby." Amy interjected taking the cock form her boyfriend. She sucked him long and hard. Jimmy was in shock watching his girl suck another man. His own cock was hard and he had to admit it was turing him on. Jimmy could tell Amy was liking this. Hewas wittnessing her kinky cock whore side really come out.
"Yeah that's it. Try it again Jimmy." Coach purred.
"Yes sir." Jim humbally replied.
Jimmy had the hang of it watching Amy suck the cock. Jim found himself feeling aroused as well. He noticed Amy slipping a finger down to her pussy as she watched and helped.
"MMMMM Amy you like watching your boyfriend suck cock?" Coach toyed with the girl. Amy felt the lust over take her body. She watched her boyfriend's mouth glide up anddown on another cock and her pussy tingled with excitement.
"MMMM yes Coach." Amy purred slightly embarrassed yet still toying with her cunt.
Jim was in full mode letting go of his inhibitions as he began to enjoy his work on anther man's cock. He could taste the pre cum coat his tongue. Coach was groaning and pushing forward into his student's mouth. He had pulled Amy to his groin and making her suck his balls.
Next Coach changed the play. He pulled Amy up and bent her over the ball rack. He ordered Jim to lick her pussy from behind a few times. Amy cried out in lust feeling her boyfriend prepare her pussy for Coach's cock. She was all on board with fucking Coach and worried Jimmy would be mad.
"MMMM here we go sweetie, hang on." Coach purred as he pulled Jim off her pussy and ran his 8 inch dick up into Amy's sweet tight pussy. Jim's cock was rock hard now. He watch in awe as Coach pumped his girlfriend making her cum and moan.
'Jimmy, you like watching me fuck your sweet little girl friend?" Coach groaned looking at the horny yet dejected Jimmy.
"No Coach." Jimmy lied.
"Bullshit, your cock is swollen so hard!" Coach laughed.
Coach plowed deed and hard drilling Amy faster. He was close to cumming. He ordered Jimmy close to Amy's bent ass. Coach then yelled out as he pulled his hard dick from Amy's pussy. The first steam of cum blasted against Amy's brown asshole. Jimmy was then pulled down onto Amy's ass cheek and Coach pushed his dick into Jim's mouth giving him the rest of his salty sweet treat. Coach wasn't done yet as he pulled his cock out and had Jimmy lick the first globs of his seed off Amy's spread asshole. Amy groaned and rocked another orgasm feeling her boyfriend scoop another man's cum off her ass. Jim was the only one who hadn't cum yet. Coach didn't care as he sent them off. There were strings to their arrangement as the couple were directed to be in his office the next day an hour beforefirst period.
To be continued
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