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Charlie, the cleaning lady's niece

Jim's unexpected return home catches a young girl by surprise and leads to her being punished.
Jim’s day hadn’t started well. He’d forgotten to set the alarm for an early start - and so had almost missed the train. His relief was short lived. Half an hour into the journey the train had stopped. A major points failure, was the explanation. After another half an hour standing still he’d realised he was never going to make the meeting. He phoned to let his boss know - and eventually he managed to get back to his home station. At around 10.30 he was unlocking the door to the home he’d left almost three hours earlier.

As he opened the door he was surprised to hear voices. His wife was at work - and then he remembered: this was the day Carol, the cleaning lady, came. When he listened it was clear that the voices were coming from the TV in the living room. Its door was open. He approached the room. At the far end of the room he saw the TV screen. Someone was watching it - but not the cleaning lady. He could make out the top of a head just above the back of the sofa: it was blonde and Jim knew that Carol was a brunette. Instantly he remembered what Sue, his wife had told him yesterday: Carol was going to be on holiday this week but she’d arranged for her niece to take her place. Some replacement - was his first thought - she wasn’t paid to watch television.

He was about to say hello when he noticed what the blonde was watching. A young girl - also blonde - was busy sucking cock. Carol’s niece had found something more interesting than dusting and was obviously so engrossed that she hadn’t heard him enter the room. He took another couple of steps so that he was almost behind her. Now he could see that she wasn’t just engrossed by the on-screen action: her right hand was up under her short skirt. Though he couldn’t see what the hand was doing he didn’t need to be a genius to guess. More shocking in some ways was what he could very well see of her left hand. It was holding a pair of his underpants and his wife’s knickers which she was busy sniffing.

“What the fuck!” he exclaimed

Carol’s niece let out a scream.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“I ..., I ....,” she stammered.

“Yes? You what?”

Now Jim stood over her, glaring - and sizing her up. She was blushing - so she had some shame. Her tight t-shirt accented her breasts: its text in red (‘Why are you staring?’) didn’t need an answer. She’d had the decency to remove her hand from under skirt but it was still ridden up so that he could glimpse her own stained knickers. He could also see that her fingers were gleaming with her own juice.

“I can explain.”

“This better be good good, young miss.”

“Yea, well, you see, I’d kinda forgotten I’d to come here today so I woke up late and then I had to rush to get here and I didn’t have time for my morning wake-up wank so I was kinda horny when I got here and then your wife told me to do the laundry and I was sorting it and I saw your underwear and that made me randier but I stopped myself....” The girl paused and took a pause deep breath while looking up to him with big, blue puppy eyes. He felt his cock stirring.

“Anyway, I loaded half the laundry and then I cleaned the kitchen and then I needed a break so I made myself a coffee and came here and turned the tele on and the tele was showing porn ....”

Shit, thought Jim, yes - he and Sue had been watching porn last night and hadn’t changed the channel when they’d gone upstairs.

“... so that made me randy again,” the girl babbled on, “so I thought I’d have a wank while watching the porn and I’d make it dirtier by sniffing your pants and Sue’s knickers and I never expected you to come home so soon so it’s not my fault.”

“What? Not you fault? Whose fault is it that you’re such a horny bitch who can’t control her randiness? Certainly not mine. I don’t pay someone to watch porn, sniff knickers and wank in my house. Are you crazy?”

“That’s not fair! It’s can’t help being young and sexy. Don’t you find me sexy?” She laid stress on the ‘you’ while attempting a smile and opening her eyes even wider in an appeal for his understanding.

Jim wasn’t taken in. “What’s your name, young lady?” he asked sternly.

“Eh? Oh, it’s Charlotte but people call me Charlie.”

“Well, Charlie, I can see your young and so you’ve still plenty to learn. You are going to have to learn to behave in other people’s homes. Now stand up and take off your knickers.”


“You heard me - and be quick about it!”

The authority in his voice was unmistakeable. She stood up and did as he asked, first lowering the small, white undergarment down her bronzed legs, past her calf-length socks before stepping out of the knickers.

“Right - give them to me. You sniffed our pants now I’m going to smell yours.”


“Okay, sir!”

The slap across her cheek was unexpected but it produced the desired result:

“Okay, sir.”

“That’s better. You call me sir in this house. I am the master here. Do you understand?”

“Yes ..., yes, sir.”

“Hmm, these knickers of yours, they’re really soaking.” Jim examined them carefully - they glistened with Charlie’s juices. He put them up to his nose and inhaled - his cock grew and bounced against his trousers.

“You really are a slutty bitch for your pants to be so wet. And you were planning to wank yourself till you came?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Thank goodness I arrived when I did. If you’d carried on much longer your dirty juices would have soaked through and stained our couch. Did you ever think of that?”

Charlie lowered her head and in a whisper answered, “No, sir.”

“I can’t hear you; speak up!”

“No, sir!”

“No what?”

“No, I didn’t think about my juices dirtying your couch.”

“Your dirty juices.”

He slapped her again and this time tears began to well in her eyes.

“Repeat!” he ordered.

“I..., I didn’t think about my dirty juices dirtying your couch, sir.”

With a speed and dexterity that took Charlie completely by surprise, Jim grabbed the arm nearest to him, spun her about and pulled her down onto his lap as he fell onto the couch, her short skirt flying up by itself to reveal her naked white arse.

“What ...?” she began to cry and attempted to free herself from his grip.

“Stop struggling! You’ve been naughty, haven’t you?”


She had barely got the word out before his hand came down hard on her bum.

“Ow! That hurt!”

“It was meant to. Now answer me. You’ve been naughty, haven’t you?”


He slapped her again and she understood why.

“Aaw - yes, sir, I’ve been naughty sir.”

“And what happens to naughty girls?”

“I dunno ... sir!”

That earned her another slap - the hardest so far.

“Then think! You must know!”

“Eh, they, eh, get spanked, sir.” she managed to get out between sniffs.

“Yes, they get spanked on their naughty arses: you’re right. They get spanked like this....”

Whack, whack, whack ... Jim counted out six whacks, enough to really redden both cheeks and for Charlie to start sobbing.

“Please, sir, stop, sir,” she wailed. I’ve been bad but I’ll be good, I promise.”

“Really? Can a slut like you ever be good? A slut who can’t control her lusts?”

“I ..., I’ll try, I promise, sir,” she answered squirming on his lap.

“I wonder,” Jim mused as he now rubbed his hand over her hot arse. he had a lovely, full arse. He ran his forefinger down the crack between her red cheeks, over her arse hole and down until he encountered moisture. This caused her to shudder and gave pause to her sobbing.

“Let’s see what you know - or what you’ve learned.” He trailed his finger down her crack again. “What are you?”

“I..., eh, I’m sorry .., sir!”

“Good, good. But I mean what are you?”

“I don’t know what you mean, sir.”

This earned Charlie a couple more slaps, deepening the colour of her cheeks.

“What are you? Jim repeated over her renewed sobs. “Think.”

“I..., I’m a naughty girl, sir?”

“Yes, right - but what sort of naughty girl? You’re not naughty because you steal things, are you?” Jim felt it time to help her along her way.

“No, no, I don’t steal. I..., I’m naughty because I’m a ...., I’m a ....” Charlie hesitated - a mistake on her part because the delay earned her another slap.

“Ow! I’m a slut sir. I’m a naughty, dirty slut, sir,” she blurted.

“Good - that’s good. You need to know what you are. You are indeed a dirty, young slut.” Jim pressed a hand against the inside of Charlie’s thighs and without hesitation she shifted her legs a little apart. Now he had room to cup his hand under her cunt - a dripping wet cunt. He liked that, and his cock did too.

“Tell me, slut, what do sluts want?”

He rubbed her outer folds as she sought an answer. She picked up the clue.

“Please, sir, sluts want their cunt to be played with, sir.”

“Yes, they do, don’t they. And how do they like like their cunts being played with?” Jim demanded as he sought to push his middle finger in between her soaking lips. He had to search a little before he found the way in. Charlie now understood what was expected.

“Sir, sluts like fingers in their cunts, sir.”

Jim withdrew his middle finger and then entered her cunt again with two fingers. Despite her juiciness her young cunt offered a surprising resistance: hers was still a tight cunt. He finger fucked her for a couple of minutes, his thumb teasing her clit, the silence only broken by the moans which had replaced her sobs. Then he remembered - there was more to her. She no longer struggled, so his other hand was free to explore her upper body. He wormed his hand under her t-shirt, up over her bra while sensing the fullness of her breast. He roughly yanked her bra down over her breast and reached for her engorged nipple, first simply rubbing it, causing her moans to intensify. But then he gripped and twisted her tit causing her to shriek.

“What else do sluts like?”

“Aagh ...,” Charlie was gasping for breath, “please, sir, sluts like ... like their tits being squeezed and sucked and ....”

Charlie sensed she was about to come and he didn’t want that. He abruptly withdrew both hands from their fondling and instead gave her another smack.

“Don’t!” he commanded, “don’t you dare come without permission! Do you understand?”

“Ye..., I mean, no, don’t stop, please!”

He smacked her hard for her insolence. “Wrong answer! You don’t come without my permission. Understood?”

Charlie was crying again, from the pain and out of frustration but she knew she had no choice but to obey.

“Yes, sir, I understand, sir. I’m a slut, sir, but I won’t come without permission, sir.”

“Good girl. You are learning. So sluts like their tits being played with and they like fingers in their cunts.”

“Yes, sir.”

“And what else do sluts like in their cunts?”

“Ehm, we like things, I mean dildos and vibrators in our cunts, sir.”

“Yes, you do, don’t you, you dirty girl. But I don’t have a dildo with me, so I can’t help you there.” Jim absently stroked her red arse and then sniffed his own sticky fingers. He seemed to be deliberating though in fact they both knew what was coming.

“What do sluts like in their cunt above all?”

Charlie was answering this question almost before Jim had finished asking it: “Cock, sir, cunts like cock, sir, Big fat, cock, sir. Slutty cunts like cock, sir. Cock, cock, cock...” She was writhing now and attempting to get her own hand between her legs but Jim wasn’t going to allow that.

He gave her a smack. “You’re not to wank, slut! How dare you try!” Whack!

“Ow! Sorry, sir, I’m really sorry, sir. Please, I like cock, sir.”

“Do you want my cock in your cunt?”

“Yes, oh yes, yes, sir!”

“Then you’d better ask nicely.”

“Please, sir, can I have cock?”

“Where do you want cock?

“Deep in my cunt, sir.”

“What sort of cunt?”

“Deep in my randy, slutty, greedy, juicy, wanton, young tight cunt, sir, please.”

“Okay - but you’re not to come.”

“But, sir ..”

“But nothing! Do you want cock or not?”

“Yes, sir, cock sir, please sir.”

“Get up and take of your t-shirt and bra. and bend over the couch.”

Charlie jumped up, taking the opportunity to wipe tears from her face.

“Hurry!” Charlie had his trousers down and his cock out. She paused, transfixed by the sight of his throbbing member.

“Hurry, I said. Bare your breasts now!” His slap broke the hold of his cock on her.

“Yes, sir, sorry, sir.” She tugged her tee shirt over her head. He was impatient so he yanked at it too.

“Now your bra!”

“Yes, sir.”

With a practised movement she undid the clasp freeing her breasts for him to see. Full, round, firm - but wonderful as they were he had an urgent need to fuck her: her tits would have to wait.

“Bend over!” S

She turned her back to him and he pushed her head down onto the coach’s seat. He roughly pulled her legs apart and for a brief moment gazed at her swollen cunt, juices leaking out of it. But he couldn’t delay. He grasped her waist and pulled her towards him as he thrust his cock at her cunt. Again he met the resistance of a young cunt, but he wasn’t to be stopped.

He pulled her harder, causing her to shriek. He felt his foreskin being rolled back - and then he was in, really deeply in inside her.

He pumped and gazed down at the buttocks he had reddened. He gave a slap for luck.

“You really are a dirty, randy, cock-loving slut, aren’t you, Charlie?”

“Yes, yes, I’m a dirty cock-loving slut, sir. I love it. I love cock. Fuck me, sir.”

“Yes, you dirty bitch, you’re randiness is going to make me come.”

Oh, he thought, I’d like to do this forever. He bent down taking his hands from her waist and seeking out her swaying breasts. Now he had two tits to fondle - firm yet malleable and her cunt was grasping his cock and she was hissing ‘Fuck me, sir” every time he pulled and groaning every time he pushed in and he knew he couldn’t do this for ever. He could only thrust faster, so fast she didn’t have time to say ‘fuck me, sir” any longer, could only groan more loudly until the unwanted yet ever desired climax came, and he shot his load - a full, full load - so far in he thought she might gag on it.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” she managed to exclaim, joining his primaeval cry.

“Oh, Charlie, what a fuck you are!” he finally managed to say, as his breath finally returned and his movement eased. “Phew! You already do know a lot about fucking.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.”

“Careful now. I don’t want our juices spilling over the coach or carpet. Try and keep your arse up when I withdraw - and maybe put your hand under your cunt to catch anything that spills. But don’t wank!” he added.

“No, sir.”

“Right, I’m coming out and then I’m going to get a towel.”

“Yes, sir.”

Jim pulled out his shrinking cock as Charlie obediently set a hand under her cunt. Some of his juice mixed with hers did fall into her hand, and his cock was covered in them. He couldn’t resist.

“Quick, lick my cock clean, “ he ordered moving around to her head. She greedily obeyed, sucking him inside her mouth, eyes closed, concentrating on this cleaning task.

“You like that? The taste of my juices mixed with yours?”

“Hmm,” she nodded, refusing to let go of his cock.

“Yes, you are a slut - but a good slut. Now give me back my cock - I have to get a towel.”

Reluctantly she released him and Jim moved away to get a towel from the kitchen. Jim entered the kitchen just as the back door opened. Sue was home! Shit, of course, today’s her half day, he remembered.

“Jim! What the fuck are you doing wandering around half naked - and why are you here at all? You should be at work - at a meeting you had to go to.”

Suddenly Sue noticed a pearl drop hanging from the end of Jim’s cock.

“Jim, have you been wanking?”

Just then Charlie called out: “Hurry up, sir, my hand is almost full.”

Sue’s head jerked in the direction of the lounge. Jim knew there was no sense in beating about the bush. “No, my love, I haven’t been wanking; I’ve been fucking.”

“Fucking? Fucking who?”

“Well, the cleaning girl: Charlie, Carol’s niece.”

“What?” But Sue wasn’t waiting for an answer she was walking rapidly toward the lounge with Jim behind her and explaining about the problem with train. Sue strode into their lounge to be greeted by the nearly-naked body of Charlie bent over the couch.

“Oh, shit!” exclaimed Charlie looking up. “Sorry, miss, I can explain.”

“Yes, I think you’d better. You had no right to fuck my husband.”

“Well, he made me.”

“What! I made you? You lying bitch,” Jim exclaimed. “That’s not how it was. She begged me to fuck her.”

“Well, which was it?” Sue demanded, now moving around to get a good look at Sue’s upright arse. “And why’s you’re arse so red? You must have done something to deserve a punishment. Jim?” Sue turned to him.

“Yes, she’s a slut and a liar. When I got home from the station I found her sitting here, watching porn and - you won’t credit this - sniffing your dirty knickers and my underpants and wanking herself. Well, what could I do? I punished her for being such a slut and she ended up begging, yes begging me to put my cock in her slutty cunt.”

“Is this true?” Sue demanded.

“Yes but ...”

“Don’t move!” Jim interrupted Charlie who looked as if she wanted to turn round to face her accusers. He stepped forward and gave her arse a fresh smack - much to Sue’s delight.

“So, young lady: you got my husband to fuck you by your devilish devices and then you have the nerve to lie to me.”

“I didn’t mean it.”

“I’ll teach you ‘didn’t mean it’. Course you meant it. I know a slut when I see one. And I see one. Look at you: arse in the air; swollen pussy exposed; juices leaking out of it: juices you have no right to! First off, I’m taking back what’s mine.”

With these words, Sue grabbed Charlie’s drenched hand and licked the cocktail mix from it. She then got down on her knees and buried her face in Charlie’s arse, licking and sucking Jim’s cock juice out of her cunt. Jim watched in wonder, his cock beginning to stir again. He lifted his wife’s dress. She wasn’t wearing tights, so it was easy for him to pull Sue’s knickers to one side and to begin fingering her cunt and to feel how aroused she already was.

“That’s right, my darling, lick the lying bitch’s cunt clean out.” Sue gave a moan by way of agreement, while Charlie also began to groan.

“She hasn’t come yet. I was going to get her to wank for me but you can make her come if you want.”

Sue raised her head. “Really? I can do it?”

“Yes, she’s all yours now.”

“Yes, please, miss, let me come! I have to come!”

“You’ve taken cock from me, my cock so you’d better give me something back, slut,” was Sue’s response.

“Anything, just let me come.”

“Get up and lie down on the carpet.” Charlie moved swiftly, glad to change the position she’d been in for so long.

Sue came and stood over Charlie, admiring her well-formed breasts. “Open your legs wider and look up my skirt!”

“Yes, miss.”

“You dirty girl, sniffing my knickers. But if that’s what you like, well, have a good smell of fresh dirty knickers.” And with these words Sue lowered herself onto the young girl’s face.

“Breathe my cunt smells in, bitch.” Sue rubbed her crotch over Charlie’s nose.

“And now give me tongue.” Sue helped the poor girl by pulling her knickers to one side. “Yes, stick your tongue deep in my cunt, drink my juices while I wank you off.”

With these words, Sue bent forward and started to play with Charlie’s engorged clit.

“Come, my darling,” she said to her husband, “come and lie between this slut’s legs and watch while I make her come.”

Jim moved down his head close enough to Charlie’s pussyt that her aroma almost overpowered him.

“Stick a finger in her, Jim.”

“I’ll do better than that, I’ll try for three.”

While Sue bucked in response to Charlie’s tonguing, Jim tried to work three fingers into Charlie’s cunt. Charlie’s cunt was pulsing rapidly, opening and closing, resisting then seeming to drag at his hand. For a while he thought he’d have to settle for two - but his persistance paid off.

“Yes, Jim, that’s it!” Sue exclaimed when he finally got all three digits in. “ Now finger fuck the bitch.”

Sue raised herself long enough to ask, “Slut, are you liking my husband finger fucking you and me toying with your clit?”

There was no real need of an answer because it was clear why Charlie was bucking her arse in reaction to all the attention her cunt and clit were getting, but Sue insisted.


“Yes, I do, miss. Yes, I love it, really love it but can I have more cunt please.”

“You really are a greedy little slut! And yes, here’s more cunt for you and now you have our permission to come.”

Sue ground her cunt in Charlie’s face and increased the rate at which she rubbed the young girl’s clit. Jim’s fingers were working in and out - and on every out stroke another stream of Charlie’s juice escaped out of her.

“Shit! I’m going to come before she does,” Sue cried, rubbing her cunt ever more firmly over Charlie’s face.

“No, you’re wrong!” Jim responded. His fingers felt it. Charlie’s cunt had gripped them so tightly it could only mean one thing - she was about to erupt.

And erupt she did. Her arse and cunt flew up, meeting Sue’s face on its way down - Sue was collapsing under the strain of her own orgasm. Jim’s hand was almost wrenched off his arm, his fingers trapped inside the bucking young cunt. Sue was automatically licking the clit that had banged against her mouth - provoking yet wilder reactions from Charlie.

Under Sue’s skirt, Charlie was caught between suffocating and drowning. She gulped for air every time Sue’s arse jerked upward, and swallowed as much as she could of Sue’s juices before she was again covered by salivating pussy.

For a brief time, time was timeless. And then suddenly Sue collapsed back, revealing Charlie’s cum-drenched face. Jim was able to withdraw his fingers. He crawled around to his wife, offering her the fingers, which she greedily accepted. He kissed her, again tasting Charlie on her lips.

“Wow,” was all his wife was able to say for the next few minutes. Jim held her, caressed her. Finally, she looked up at him, kissed him - and then looked down between her legs at the exhausted figure of Charlie.

“Better clean her too,” she suggested.

Jim eased himself down to where Charlie lay and gently licked her face as clean as he could. How he loved the taste of cunt juice.

“Charlie, I asked you to clean the bathroom. Did you do it?”

“No, not yet, miss.”

“Right. Let’s all go the bathroom. You can clean us, then yourself and finally the bathroom. Then that’ll be enough for this week. Next week you can concentrate on the bedroom and lounge.”

“But I’m only here this week for my aunt, miss.”

“I think you do a better job than your aunt. We’ll come to an arrangement with her, but from now on, you are our cleaner. Maybe we need to find a better time for you. Jim’s train won’t always be delayed. An evening would be better - and perhaps you could stay overnight.”

“Really? Could I miss and sir? Could I be your cleaning slut?”

“Yes, you can, answered Jim. “You’ve shown you can learn - and there’s still much we can teach you.”

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