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Cheating submissive sex in disco

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It was a late night at "The Cave" the local hot spot in the tourist resort of Montego Bay.
The tourist outweighed the mix of locals, though most of the tourist showed signs of tiredness from the sun while the recent arrivals were still getting acclimatized.

Earlier that night I returned from taking a group on a night-rafting tour on the river, dinner and a fire show which included native dance, fire walking and fire eating.

We had a fun group of about 40 or so tourist, with plenty of alcohol flowing freely, music and dancing in the bus, we flirted with the tourist girls.

Seated somewhere in the middle was an older woman, late 30's or early 40's attractive and with a certain edginess about her, beside her was Margaret, a very beautiful girl, I would later discover she was 23, whom I thought might be her daughter.

As we rafted on the river we floated the well known calypso songs, "Day-o," "big bamboo", etc. at the same time encouraging the visitors to loosen up and participate, I kept eying Margaret thinking if I could figure out the connection maybe I could score with her, but then something caught my eye.

It was the hand of the older woman inside Margaret's blouse, she was tweaking her nipple, quite painfully, but the wild look of ecstasy in the young girls eyes that showed how much she enjoyed it.
I said nothing as we landed at the site of the show, forgetting the couple, I continued to scope out other possibilities but the impression of the of hand around her succulent breast was seared in my my mind, even as the fire eater plunged the flaming torch down his throat. I sneaked a peek once in a while and through the flickering silhouettes I could see the roaming hands of the older lesbian taking control.

Soon the show was over and plied with drinks and feeling stuffed many fell asleep on the bus.
Bidding our guest goodnight as we returned to the hotel. As they disembarked, Margaret refused to make eye contact, but as she turned her head away, I noticed what appeared to be a collar, black leather with silver studs and very stylish, my naivete as amazing.

Work over; it was time to unwind, the music was hopping, though the club was not packed, there was plenty of fun girls to dance with.

Sometime later I noticed someone watching me from the upper balcony, normally closed unless the house was full I thought it strange, a glint of light caught my eye, its reflection interpreted by my brain before I even knew. Margaret!

She was there in the dark watching me. Alone? Curious now and as succinctly as I could I slipped away, scaling the rope that barred my entrance. I sat beside her and she smiled, "are you alone?" I asked, and she nodded. "Your friend?" and with a wink that said so much "Sleeping!"

We talked for a while, while she told me how turned on she was knowing that I was watching her, that she wanted to sample some Jamaican cock but her friend would never allow it. They were lovers, and she was a sub, I asked about the collar, she explained that her friend made her wear it, and was under no circumstances allowed to remove it. She explained that while she was bi, her friend was not and was insanely jealous and would punish her severely if she ever found out.

BDSM was all new to me but I was hot by her story, fingering her collar I pulled her to me, I kissed her, sucking her tongue, I bit her lips hard, she groaned, liking the pain, her moaning echoed from the walls mixing with the music and flashing lights, my cock continued to harden.

I reached into her blouse just as I had seen tonight, but this time loosening all buttons so as to have access to her succulent nipples. I nibbled at first, testing her tolerance, licking and enjoying her firmness till she pulled me closer, I knew what she wanted but continued to tease till she begged me to bite her.
I was beginning to enjoy the role, having a woman so submissive was mind blowing, I told her to take off her panties and in the dim light I saw her furry pussy, she was a true red head. I fingered her from behind and then told her to hike her dress up and turn around.

I liked what I saw a fat pussy and a very tight asshole, with her dress still hiked around her waist I probed her every orifice, "Loosen my pants" I demanded, then I slapped her face with my cock and asked her what she wanted. "Beg for it", "Tell what a slut you are" she could only moan, never had I seen a woman so vulnerable and sexy.

Sucking my cock deep she forced herself to ingest it all, I groaned as my balls swelled to her excellent technique, the smell of sex was everywhere, knowing that this beautiful creature would soon return to her lover soon had me heaving heavily.

Margaret... Margaret! a voice called.

In the dim light, I silently lead her through the DJ's booth to a passageway out to the beach, which we kept for just such moments. With a wink and a smile she kissed me and left, but not before pressing something silky into my hands.

Proceeding to the bar I ordered a drink, slowly fingering my memento,I brought them to my lips, her sweet smell accompanied while I sipped the night away.
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