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Chrissy and Lacie: Their bisexual awakening

Chrissy and her roommate discover the thrills two women can create for each other.

It was about 8 pm on Thursday night when Chrissy came through her apartment door, still feeling the glow from her after class meeting with Mikey. He had fully succeeded in his usual quest to ravish her completely. The remnants of his efforts were still gradually soaking her panties, a feeling she dearly loved.

She stopped short when she saw Lacie, her roommate, slumped down on their couch, legs up on the coffee table, a big bag of chips on her lap, two empty beer bottles on the table, along with a half empty one in her hand. Her laptop was also on the table with a porn movie running.

She was wearing an old tee baggy shirt, clearly braless, and a pair of panties. Her tear-stained cheeks were unmistakable.

“Lace, what the fuck girl? What’s going on?”

“Just leave me be. I’m gonna get shit-faced. I’m mad and depressed.”

Dropping her backpack, Chrissy put her arm around her as she sat down beside her.

“Okay, out with it. We’ve known each other long enough, and confided enough, that you aren’t going to get away with just drinking, sulking and eating junk food. Gimme a beer and talk to me.”

Wordlessly, Lacie handed Chrissy a beer as she continued to stare at the laptop where some black guy was fucking a beautiful white girl, not something that Lacie normally did in the living room at 8 pm. Chrissy moved closer to her and wiped away the remnants of her mostly dry tears.

“C’mon now, out with it. We’ve faced other things together and both been the better for it. So what happened to put you in this funk?”

Still staring at the laptop, Lacie said, “I went to surprise Jim. I was about to knock on the door when I looked in the window and saw some sleazebag whore sucking his cock as he was watching TV. He is a fucking no good asshole! We are so over!” She started crying again as she continued, “How could he do this to me? ‘Oh, I love you, Lacie. You are the only girl in the world for me.’ He is so full of shit. I hope she gave him HIV.”

Putting down her beer, Chrissy put both arms around her, hugging her tight. “Oh, Lace I am so, so sorry! This probably won’t help much right now, but just think if you got even more involved with him and then this happened. It is a horrible way to find out what he is, but the teensy bright side is better now than six months from now.”

Her crying gave way to sniffles and some weak whimpers as Chrissy again wiped away her tears. Lacie turned her head so that they could fully hug, ear-to-ear, chins on each other’s shoulders.

“I suppose you just got majorly banged by Mike.”


“I knew it! You’re such a slut!” Lacie said with the beginnings of a smile starting to creep across her face. “I suppose you are still leaking from it.”

“What can I say... It’s sorta inevitable.”

Now smirking. “Slut, tramp, bimbo. You know you really got lucky with him. I’m really happy for you. Love ya lots and lots!”

During this exchange, they had both pulled their heads back enough so that they were face to face, a few inches apart. Lacie narrowed the distance and gave Chrissy a soft peck on her lips. Neither one drew back; they remained abruptly quiet, lips just touching.

Then lips slowly parted and a tongue gently came out. A slight brush and lips parted more, tongues met and then began to cautiously explore. Later they would playfully argue whose tongue did what first, but the result was a passionate, enthralling kiss.

Eventually, they parted.

Chrissy was first. “Oh my god girl, did we just do what I think we did?”

“I think we did. I think I really enjoyed it...”

“Do you think that we should - “

“Get in the bedroom?” Lacie quickly interjected as she stood up and pulled off her tee shirt. “Hell yes, I do!”

“Okay sweetie, I’m with ya,” Chrissy said as she stood up. “I better go take a quick shower to rinse away... whatever.”

“No! I want you as you are. I want to smell him on you, taste him in you.”

“Are you sure? I should really get sweet smelling for you to enjoy.”

“Right now, I need this. I need to smell a man’s musk; taste his emission. I want to revel in us and what you recently enjoyed.”

A bit reluctantly, Chrissy agreed and began to shed her clothes as she followed Lacie into her bedroom. Both now naked, they dropped on the bed, laying on their sides facing each other.

“I have to admit I’ve had a few dreams about this,” Lacie confessed. “Have you ever dreamed or actually done this with another girl?”

“Dreams, yeah. I’ve kissed and briefly felt or squeezed boobs. You know, things that guys have sometimes gotten us to do. Usually after drinking too much. Nothing like what I think we are about to get into. How ‘bout you?”

“Same here. No major league sex stuff... I do have to say I’ve been curious and that I’ve more than glanced sometimes when I see you walking around here half-naked. You know you’re hot!”

“Well, so are you!” Chrissy said as she reached over and began caressing one of Lacie’s nipples. “Your boobs are beautiful and I love your nips.” A red flush ran across her face.

“You’re not lacking either. You know we have the same bra size, right?” Her words came out as she began to explore Chrissy’s boobs. Their talking was replaced by sounds of pleasure as they explored each other and engaged in more intimate kissing.

As they were both squirming from the sensations they were sending through each other’s bodies, Lacie pushed Chrissy on her back. Using her newly released, intertwined tongue, she locked her freed mouth around one of Chrissy’s nipples.

“Oh god, Lace, why didn’t we do this months ago? You sure you’ve never done this before? Damn, you’re driving me up the wall. Oh no, you don’t have to ease up, go for it girl! Damn, damn, damn!” she exclaimed as she felt for, found and started tweaking one of Lacie’s nips.

They both wiggled and giggled as their nips and boobs were sending their magical feelings through them. It wasn’t long before Lacie’s hand found Chrissy’s pussy - Chrissy’s dripping pussy. Besides the remnants of Mike, now her own juice was beginning to flow. After only a few probes with her fingers, she broke away from Chrissy and slid down her body until her mouth engulfed Chrissy’s clit.

Her back arching, Chrissy pulled Lacie tight to her. “Fuck yes, Lace! Eat my puss. Drink in Mike’s cum and my juice. Oh fuck, you’re going to make me cum! Do it baby, do it! Ohhh, shit, yes, now baby now!”

Her legs trembling uncontrollably, she had to push Lacie away from her now overly sensitive clit.

“Damn baby, you’re a natural! I can’t believe how fast you made me cum.”

“I just did what I know feels best.” Laughing, she continued, “I think we know a bit more than guys do about our bodies.”

“You sure do! So did you taste Mike?”

“Yeah, I did. You must enjoy doing BJ’s; he tastes good. You’re lucky, I always had to use all my willpower to swallow Jim. Good riddance!”

“Well, lie back. It’s my turn.

Chrissy’s approach was different; she took her time. Starting at her feet, she sensuously kissed and caressed her way up Lacie’s legs, with Lace writhing and alternately trying to reach for her and pulling on her own nips. She eventually got to within a few inches of her pussy and lingered, licking and gently biting her thighs; all the time Lacie was begging her to, “Eat me, please suck and lick it.”

At the same time as her mouth surrounded Lacie’s puss, her hands found her nips; all three went into action - relentless action. Soon Lace was flopping around like a fish out of water, begging for mercy. It seemed that Chrissy also knew exactly what felt good and how to achieve it.

Her tongue flickered across her clit until she realized Lacie was on the edge; then she moved to her tunnel, darting in and out like a hummingbird. When she had calmed a bit it was back to her clit. All the time her fingers never left her nipples: pulling, tweaking, squeezing.

“Fuck Chrissy! Holy shit girl, you’re driving me absolutely crazy. God, make me cum! You’re such a tease. Do it, do it please, push me over!”

With that, Chrissy redoubled her efforts, pulling nonstop on her nips as she overwhelmed her clit. Lace fell over the edge in one long, magnificent scream, her legs trembling even more than Chrissy’s recent manifestation.

Lacie thought that orgasm was the end of Chrissy pleasuring her. As she was about to speak Chrissy told her to spread her legs and hold her tight - she did as instructed. Chrissy’s mouth found hers at the same time as her fingers found her swollen, dripping puss. Her two middle fingers easily slid in; then the slow finger fucking began. Each time her fingers were fully in, they curved upward, stroking her “G” spot as they withdrew.

As her speed increased, Lacie held her tighter, her tongue quickening its probing. Each stroke culminated with the heel of Chrissy’s hand striking her clit, sending breathtaking thrills through her. She could not control her body’s writhing and squirming as the impending orgasm came closer and closer. Chrissy exquisitely controlled her movements to stretch Lacie’s intense fervor as long as possible. Finally, in a screaming, twisting convulsion, the orgasm ran through her like lightning splitting an oak.

Chrissy rolled onto her back as Lacie began to calm down and stop gasping for breath.

“Fuckin’ A, Chrissy! You’re right, why didn’t we start this months ago? My god woman, you’re a friggin’ sex machine!”

Chrissy giggled and replied, “Well, it’s nice to see someone is now in a good mood.”

“Fuck Jim and the horse he rode in on, there’s plenty more in the barn, and most likely better ones!”

“Thata girl. Keep that good thought and move on. You should give some thought to an F-W-B kind of relationship at this point. It works well for me. We have three and a half more years of college, plenty of time to find Mister Right, if that’s what you’re goin’ for.”

“You do have a point. Can I share Mikey?”

“Haha. He would probably love a threesome, but I don’t share that easily. He does have friends though... Or maybe I should get a strap-on and take care of you myself.”

“Haha back. I actually think we did pretty good today all by our lonesome. I would not decline a replay.”

“I won’t turn it down either. I think we have found a whole new world to explore, and I’d like to explore it with you. Listen I really need that shower now.”

“Me too. Let’s do it together!”

“Great idea! You have to wash me first,” Chrissy said as she jumped off the bed and headed for Lacie’s bathroom.

The hot water was already running over Chrissy by the time Lace caught up. She wasted no time getting a squeeze of shower gel and began washing Chrissy. This soon degenerated into both of them using the gel to massage each other, especially their most sensitive areas. Their laughing, giggling and caressing went on until they were both somehow clean and ready to towel off.

Stepping out and grabbing towels, they did a cursory rubdown, wrapped themselves in their towels and headed back to the living room, where the same porn movie was still playing on the laptop. Apparently, Lacie had set it on repeat. They each grabbed a beer and plopped down on the couch.

“So Lace, what is it with you and the BBC porn? And don’t give me that bewildered look. I’ve noticed you watching it before. You got an interest... Hmmm?"

"What if I do?” she shot back.

“So nothing. I’m just curious. God knows I’ve had my share of... let’s say... experiences.”

“With a BBC guy?” Lacie asked with interest.

“Well... maybe not as big as that guy... almost probably, but yes.”

“Okay, out with it girl! Tell me everything.”

“Sooo, you want a big black cock in that little pussy of yours... It is so much fun!”

“Quit teasing and tell me!”

Chrissy laughed and tantalized her a bit more before she finally began to relate the story of her high school boyfriend and his best friend, Rodney. Rodney happened to be black and happened to be “very well endowed,” as she put it. The story came out in bits and pieces so that Lace had to keep urging more and more details from her.

During the telling of all the lurid details, she noticed Lacie’s hand, probably unconsciously, slip under her towel and her face began to flush. She drew out the story as long as possible in order to build and prolong Lacie’s obvious excitement.

She finished with, “You’ve really got it bad don’t ya girl? You are dying to have a long, thick, black cock fuck you to pieces aren’t you?”

Lacie snapped out of her musings trying to act nonchalant. “What? Me? You must be kidding. I was just really curious. It does sound kinda fun, but who knows, maybe sometime I’ll try it.”

“Don’t BS me. When is your date? Is he married or single?”

“I would never... "Chrissy was staring at her hard. "Oh all right, it’s tomorrow night. He’s married. Satisfied?” she stammered.

“And Jim would have been...?”

“This is totally different, just an experiment. I’m not about to fall in love... like I was with Jim.”

“Hey, sweetie, no judgment here. All you’ll get from me is love and friendship, but you better spill every little risqué bean whenever we get together sometime this weekend.”

They hugged and Lacie promised to tell all as soon as they saw each other after the experience.

As they parted Chrissy pointed to the computer screen saying, “Look at the size of that cock! Can you just imagine?”

“Oh shut up!” Lace said as she began laughing and lightly punched Chrissy.

They both lay back and took big pulls on their beers. Chrissy knew exactly what Lacie was in for; Lace was captivated by what she could only imagine she was in for.


Author’s Note: This is the second story of a trilogy. Each story stands on its own, but the characters interweave between them. The first story was “Chrissy’s Two Mikes” and the third story is “The Devil Made Me Do It”. Lacie is in the third one for a first time BBC encounter.




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