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Continued College Exploration with John
My last account was an introduction to me, Tom, my girlfriend Mary, her roomie, Karen, and Karen's boyfriend, John. I had switched universities my senior year (from the BigTen to the MVC), and ran into Mary, a girl I had gone to prep-school with 3 years before. She was very athletic, tall, very trim, short dark red hair, porcelain skin, small-tited, acrobatic in bed, and an incredible lover. She loved everything about sex (like me), the smells, tastes, and textures. She truly got off on my very thick 8-inch cock, to which she was always receptive. Karen was quite the contrast to Mary.

Shorter, incredibly shapely, with big firm tits, narrow waist, wide hips, flat stomach, firm butt, long thick black hair, and had a sexy southern drawl. Karen's boyfriend, John, was a PE major, and looked every bit the part. At 6'4" and 240 pounds, with GQ looks to boot, he was what every guy wanted to be, I am sure. Oh, I neglected to mention that from betweenhis legs swung his own personal Louisville Slugger.

My first true account told of the first time I saw John naked in the hall, and real meat of the story told of my first bi-experience, which, incidentally was with John. Since that day, I avoided John at all costs. I was confused, apprehensive, nervous, and ashamed for our naked tryst. John took full initiative, but I was a somewhat reluctant participant.

However, I did participate. I had a strong identity as straight, and now what was I? I was afraid John might say something to Mary, then it'd get out that we did boys, and that was depressing. I did not feel good, needless to say. For the next couple of weeks, I had Mary over my place.

I had moved out of the apartment into a house with 3 other guys. I didn't know any of them. I was several miles from campus out in the country. One of the guys mother owned the house, and rented it out. The cost was so low, I had to take it. After a couple of weeks, Mary began to understand I didn't really want to go to her place. She asked me why, but I told her "no reason." I could hardly tell her John and I humped to a mutual orgasm on Karen's bed one morning, and I did not want to see him again! Mary put her foot down, and said if I wanted pussy, I'd have to come to her place.

Well, two days went by. We'd meet on campus for stuff, and when I'd steer her towards the camps woods for a quickie, she was completelyunrceptive.

"Quickies are great when I get your cock regularly. But I'm not just going to get quickies from your big one, Tom," Mary told me.

Fuck, was I in a bind. I let it go. By the next day, my cock was in constant need of Mary's attention. Boy did she know how to work me! It'd had been more than 3 days since we had sex, and when you're getting 3-4 times per day, that's just plain torture.

The forth day when we met on campus, I told her I'd be over that night. She hugged me, placed her hand on my gym shorts where my cock was thickly straining and gave me a wet kiss.

"Great! I'll be looking very forward to a good long fucking!" I ate dinner around 6 PM, and headed over to Mary and Karen's.

When I got there, John was there. "Well, lookie who all shewed up, good ole Tomcat."

John's southern drawl was pleasant and welcoming.

"Hey John, how goes it?" I said. "Hangin' just fine Tommie, hanging fine." John had this southern way of calling people a variety of names, but in a good way.

He winked at me and placed his hand briefly on the front of his gym shorts when the girls weren't looking. Great I thought to myself. To my delight, Mary had completed all of her homework prior to me arriving. Good. More time for sex, and we both knew it.

"Come on Tom, we've work to do!" Mary said as she grabbed my hand, leading me to her bedroom.

"Y'all keep it down to a roar, now, ya hear?" John's deep voice boomed down the hall after us.

I could hear both John and Karen laughing. Mary and I stripped quickly, and in less than a minute were kneeling on her bed facing one another. My big, thick cock was fully erect in anticipation of sex with Mary. I looked at the clock; 6:50 PM. (For those of you who read the previous account, I'm a clock watcher and timer.)

With desperate moans and groans from both our throats, Mary and I proceed to run our hands all over each other's bodies as we kissed. Nipples, shoulder, back, arms, abs, butts, thighs, cock, pussy, over, and over, and over again. It felt so very good to be with Mary again. We began to mutually masturbate each other as we kissed. Slowly, ever so slowly, taking our time. I fingered her swollen cunt lips, and she was very wet. I fingered her cunt and rubbed her clit with my thumb. She gyrated on my hand. All the while, she worked my swollen balls with one hand and feather-stroked my thickly erect penis with the other, stopping at the head to wetly rub my pre-fuck into the cockhead.

I looked at the clock; 7:35. My heart was racing, my cock leaking, and the small bedroom was filled with the smell of Mary's pussy. I lay on my back, grabbed Mary's narrow hips and lowered her onto my big cock. She easily, but slowly, sank down, impaling herself, moaning deeply. My cock immediately throbbed, welcoming her wet pussy. My orgasm welled up as her cunt fully engulfed my cock.

I pinned her hips to mine. "Slow, baby, just sit there. Let my cock get used to your pussy." I said.

"Ohhh no, I told you today I wanted a long fuck," was her reply.

"Well, if you didn't turn me off from getting it, I wouldn't be ready to shoot from just looking at you!" I responded.

"OK, OK, Ok," Mary said.

So Mary just sat on my cock as I ran my hands up and down her back, but, legs, and over her completely erect nipples. I leaned forward and wetly kissed her nipples for minutes on end. Then I lipped them for many more minutes. By now my cock was used to her wet cunt, and I began to thrust slowly up into her receptive, wet, pussy. She let out a deep, guttural moan. I glanced at the clock; 8:05.

"Go ahead, babe ride me," I urged Mary on. Mary began to undulate her athletic body, rotating her hips, moving up and down, and using my big cock to reach every place in her wet pussy.

She put her hands on my shoulders and began bucking like a bronco, making lots of noises on both the downstrokes and upstrokes. Faster and faster she rode me, and all of sudden she started screaming, and I felt her cunt get much wetter and thicker; she was orgasming. I thrust my cock rapidly up into her orgasming cunt and bit her nipples, she screamed again and again, and I rubbed my hands over her ass and lightly scratched at her pink anus.

Between her screaming, bucking, and wet cunt, it was all I could do to maintain control of my own orgasm. Her breath was fast and ragged like she'd just run a race. She finally came to a stop.

"OK, now for the real stuff" I said.

Mary laughed as I positioned her on all fours, exposing her small butt to my wet cock. I could see her wet, gaping cunt lips; they were a deep pink, completely open from riding and orgasming on my thick penis.

The clock read 8:30. I slid my leaking cock between her gaping cunt lips. My thick 8-incher slid easily in. I buried it to the hilt, bumping her cervix with my cockhead. She squealed loudly. I reached around and played with her nipples as I jack hammered her wet pussy. After just a few minutes I felt my orgasm once again welling up. I pulled out my cock ... it was glistening from her cunt-froth, and coated thickly with cunt cream at the base and head.

"Suck my cock, you hot wanton bitch!" I commanded.

Mary whimpered, quickly crawled around, and immediately wrapped her lips over my purple cockhead. She moaned in heat like the cock-bitch she was. She bobbed her head up and down, reaching up to cup my balls, as she knew I loved. She took my leaking penis out of her mouth. I looked down, and she was staring into my eyes. She slowly rubbed my wet penis all over her face, never breaking eye contact with me. Man, how could I not love this chick?

She really had learned to work my cock over the weeks of our play. Her fingered swirled over and over my wet cockhead. She was bringing me to the verge of orgasm. I loved edging for as long as possible, and had taught Mary this.

"Slow, slow, slow!" I commanded.

"Lick my cock now." Mary knew this routine well.

I felt my orgasmic contractions and relaxed all my muscles. I looked intently at my cock and Mary's face. My cock visibly throbbed, and a short, thick rope of semen spurted from my cockhead onto Mary's face. I knew I'd come soon. Mary played with my balls and stopped her licking. My cock throbbed and pulsed again a second time. More semen flowed, rather than jetted from my penis. Mary hungrily licked up my semen. When I edged like this, my throbbing dick leak a lot, and I mean a lot!

Mary knew to slow down and back off so I could prolong my orgasm. However, the hot bitch Mary could be, once she tasted my hot, thick, cock-butter, she went wild and sucked my cock with utter abandon, needing my big spurting cock in her mouth.

"Unngghh," involuntarily escaped my throat, loudly, and gruffly, sounding more beastlike than human.

Mary whimpered and groaned, and instinctively wrapped her lips back over my cock, swiftly tonguing and sucking. I felt my cock pulse some more, and Mary's deep guttural groans told me I was giving her more love-butter. My orgasm was now imminent, and Mary knew it. She rubbed my balls, cupped in her hand. She opened her mouth w-i-d-e, slavering all over the top part of my big cock, moaning in lust. That was it. With deep, loud, grunts of man-sex I began ejaculating into her groaning mouth.

"Unngghhh," I felt my first orgasmic contraction force out a big, thick, rope of semen. Mary grunted and swallowed it.

"Unngghhh," I felt my second orgasmic contraction force out another big, thick, rope of semen.

Again, Mary grunted and swallowed it. After 8 or 9 more loud, low, grunts of orgasm, Mary had swallowed my entire load ... the hot bitch!

"Fuck, I love eating your hot, thick, load, Tom," Mary gasped out.

I leaned down, took her face in my hands and began licking her lips, cheeks, chins, face as she wetly stroked my completely erect penis, still wet and dripping. I could taste my heady, salty semen on her face and lips. I loved it. The clock read 8:45 PM. Mary had done such a great job, she deserved more.

"Mary, you're the best!" I proclaimed.

I laid her on her back, spread her legs, and knelt between them. Her hairless cunt gleamed wetly. I ran my cockhead up and down her wet slit, then stuck it into her waiting hole. I grabbed her hips, with me still kneeling, and began to fuck her. From time to time, I shifted positions, or my weight, but never missing a stroke. I thrust my hard cock into her wet cunt with a steady rhythm, deep, full strokes to give her cunt the full advantage of my 8-inch cockmeat.

The mattress and bed sang it song of "eh-eh, eh-eh, eh-eh, eh-eh," as my hips moved up and down into Mary's hips. Mary's breath got ragged again, her moans turning to groans, her groans to yelps, and her yelps to full yells as she bucked up into my thrusting hips; she was ready to orgasm, and me with her.

"Grab your knees!" I commanded. Mary grabbed her legs behind her knees, and pulled them wide and back. I put my hand on the sides of her head. Her cunt was now completely exposed, her legs no longer in the way of my hips. Grunting and growling like a bear I pistoned my cock into her cunt. My cock sank completely into her cunt, and I could feel her wet cunt lips in my pubs.

Both of us were screaming, grunting and yelling and my cock was going to spurt as I thrust as fast I as could. Mary's eyes opened wide, her breathing stopped, her mouth wide open, silent as my cock started to spurt into her wet, orgasming cunt.

I made my final thrust, burying my big cock completely to the hilt, pinning my hips to hers forcefully, and began ejaculating.Motionless, my body in rigid in orgasm, Mary let out a wail that woke the dead! We were breathing very hard, sweating in the southern heat and humidity. We both began to laugh. What a fucking time fucking, I thought!

"Maybe ..." huffing and puffing " .. a couple of .." more huffing ".. days apart is good!" Mary could barely get out the words.

We both laughed. I kept atop her, my cock comfortable buried in her wet, sloppy, pussy. My cockhead was so sensitive, I didn't want to move yet. After a while, I slid my cock out and Mary gasped loudly. (She always did this when I slid my cock out of her cunt.) I knelt up and back, showing off my still rampant penis, sticking straight out (but straight not up like my pre-orgasm erection), glistening in the dim light, coated with her creamy nectar. She reached for it and lightly stroked it.

I looked over at the clock; 9:35 PM. We'd been at it over 2 hours, and I felt like I was just getting started! I rolled over on my back, swinging Mary hips over into a 69. She spread her legs wide, slowly settling her gaping we cunt down on my face. I growled a deep, guttural growl and began rubbing my lips over her cream-filled cunt. She began licking my cum-drenched penis and we continued to eat each other's wet sex. I grunted loudly as my hot jizz dripped from her pussy onto my lips and tongue. By this time my cock was rock hard again.

I flipped Mary into a fucking position, after fucking position, reaming her creamy cunt over and over. Her back, her side, all fours, her on top, legs every which way. We ended up both cumming at the same time with her on all fours, and me watching her dark pink cunt lips suck on my shooting cock. We decoupled, collapsed on the bed. It was midnight, and the loud creaking of Karen's bed came through the walls as we drifted off to sleep.

I awoke to a pair of hot we lips running up and down the length of my large penis. Up and down and all around. The lips parted and engulfed my cock head, sliding down wetly. I instinctively spread my legs and reached down, finding and stroking Mary's very erect nipples. She then straddled my cock and rode me until she had a shattering orgasm, which triggered my own, forcing me to buck my hips clear off the bed, shooting my load very deep into her creaming cunt.

She collapsed on my chest, and I could feel her racing heart. After she calmed down, she left for a quick bathroom stop, came back in, got dressed, gave me a kiss, telling me she was heading to campus.

I checked the time; 7:30 AM. I got out of bed, my thick cock hanging long, wet, and thick after Mary's exhaustive workout. I headed for the door, naked, but then remembered what happened last time I walked out naked and encountered John. I looked around and found my gym trunks and pulled them on. I went to pee, and saw no one.

Cool, I could take some time, eat some breakfast and head to campus. I went back to Mary's room, pulled on a fresh T-shirt, and clean gym shorts. I decided to go commando, showing off my thick, low-hanging cock. I grabbed my backpack on the way out, and stepped into the kitchen. John was there, wearing just gym shorts. He was sitting at the tiny table eating some cereal.

His brush cut was ruffled, and he gave me a friendly look. "Karen gone?" I asked?

I was thinking about what happened last time the girls were gone, leaving John and me alone.

"Ya, she got a ride to campus with Mary." John's southern drawl was slow.

"Sounds like y'all and Mary really worked each other, huh?" John chuckled.

"Listening ta ya two, Ida think ya came more times than I do in a week, Tom."

Well from time to time I'd talk to buddies about our sexual prowess, and I tended to be rather quiet after a while. Almost all my buds were done after shooting 2 loads. But me, I never shot less than 3 loads, but usually 4 or 5, my record being 7 in one night. So I knew what John was taking about. I was getting nervous as memories of last time were still strong on my mind.

"Ya gonna sit down and eet some breakfast?" John drawled.

Butterflies suddenly appeared in my stomach. I had a rousing night (and morning) with Mary. But had deep conflicts about John and my naked romp just a couple of weeks ago. John's sheer physical presence commanded respect and admiration, from both sexes. But his comfort level, even to the point of planting a big wet kiss on me, made me nervous. He couldn't be gay, he plugged Karen as often as I did Mary.

"Well? Ya gonna eat or what?" John stood up, and stepped towards me, and my eyes automatically went to his crotch, where his shorts barely concealed his massive meat.

"With Karen and Mary gone, we could play a bit, ya know?" John pulled down his shorts to his knees.

My eyes were now glued to his penis, hanging thickly down, half way to his knees. Fuck, it was bigger flaccid than mine was fully erect. My mouth went dry, and nervousness overcame me.

"I have to get to campus, John." I quickly turned, and took the few steps to the door.

"Dude, I'll be here at lunch if ya change yar mind, ya know? Karen and Mary's gonna be out on campus. It'd just be y'all and me and my big Harley, ya know." I turned around and his shorts were pulled up.

"Maybe, I'll see how my day goes." Fuck, never had I had a guy hit on me, and here's the biggest stud I ever knew wanting me to do him, or was it him do me? I didn't know.

I am an "A" type personality, natural leader, aggressive, and love command. John threatened all of this. He was physically bigger, had world-class model looks, thickly muscled, perfectly proportioned, good-natured, easy to like, and one massively thick penis.

Although my good looks, athletic 6-packed, chiseled body was impressive, I was only 6 foot and 160. Seeing hundreds of dudes naked in lockerrooms, I knew my thick 8-incher was big, envied by guys, and loved by girls. John challenged my maleness with his brazen sexual advances.

I left quickly. I sat through a Temporal Database lecture with 20 other students. I could not really concentrate on the technical aspects, because John's big, muscular body, with his huge hanging penis kept creeping into my mind. I tried forcing them out, to no avail. I went to the library to do some homework, and all I could do was replay John's big, muscular body against mine, our spurting cocks against each other. It was not good. I was not into it, but John was truly irresistible.

I didn't want to, but John's charisma, sex appeal, and sheer animal magnetism was not to be denied. I looked at my watch; 11:45. Mary had energized me last night and my cock wanted more. I made a rash decision, and drove back to the apartment. I knocked on the door. John answered, and was wearing his gym shorts, as usual.

"Come on in y'all," John said. Again I was nervous, not to mention not knowing what to do, what to say, or what might happen. He stepped away. I walked in.

"Hey John." "Glad ya made it, man."

John's deep southern drawl was easy-going, and my stomach churned nervously. I mean we both knew why I'd come back at lunch, but it was extremely akward. What to do? Where to start? What to say? So I said and did nothing.

"Come on back, bro," John said, and headed to Karen's bedroom. I dropped my pack and thought well, I'm here. Then I thought it was a mistake. Why chance getting caught? What was I doing? I knew what I was doing. I was intrigued by John's naked muscular body, and big, thick, cock. I followed John down the hall. He had stepped into the small bedroom, turned around and looked at me.

The scene was indeed akward. To college kids, alone, in a bedroom, with the unspoken invitation of male sex. John spread his arms out, "go ahead bro, take my shorts off. It's OK, man." I hesitated. John had a smile on his face.

"I know you want to, bro, I know you wanna play with my big Harley." I did want to, and the fucker knew it. I don't know how.

I took the two steps, reached out and pulled his gym shorts down. He was going commando, and penis flopped out, thick, and heavy.

"Pull 'em all the way off dude, not just down." If I did this I'd have to squat down, and I'd rather him do it.

But since I didn't know how to act in these situations, I wanted him to lead. I grabbed the elastic waistband, and slid them down, squatting down slowly. This brought me very close to his cock which was visibly swelling. By now the shorts were around his ankles, and he stepped out of them. His big hands went to my shoulders and he thrust his hips out, his cock in my face.

No way, I though, this I'm not gonna do. I stood up, my legs thrusting against the downward force of his muscular arms. John didn't say anything, but grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head. He then pulled my gym shorts off, squatting down like me. When I stepped out of the shorts, he stayed squatted, grabbed my muscular ass, and pulled me to his face. He rubbed his face into my cock and balls, inhaling deeply.

My cock responded against my wishes, and quickly started to become erect. In less than a minute, my cock was a full, thick, 8 inches. John stood up.

"Looks like you want me Tom, whether you admit it or not." I couldn't argue with my cock, that's for sure.

John stood up, both of naked, and once again I could not keep my eyes off his massive meat. I reached out without even thinking and wrapped my hand around its incredible thickness as it continued to swell, getting thicker and longer. I pulled on it, felt it up and down its length. My 8-inch dick, standing straight up towards the ceiling looked small in comparison.

I played, stroked, fondled, pulled, tugged, and kneaded his cock with both my hands, and eventually, it stuck straight out with a distinctive curve. Not like the steel my cock was, but thick and firm. John got behind me, squatted a bit so his cock stuck through my legs. Several inches stuck out under my balls. His large hands roamed over my 6-pack abs, nipples, balls and cock. Fuck it felt so damn good. I now knew why Mary purred like a cat when I did this to her, and wondered why she never did it to me.

My sexual arousal grew as John worked me over, his huge cock pressing against my balls and thighs. John, not letting go of me, walked over the bed, pushing me along. I knelt on the bed, with him behind. My body ached in sexual tension, his hands and fingers now rough and strong, raking and pinching. Not soft like Mary's. I reached back and felt his large beefy butt. It was smooth and hard.

He began to thrust his baseball bat of a dick in and out of my thighs. I looked down, and his cockhead had turned purple. He back jacking my cock, matching the speed of his strokes with the speed of his thrusting hips. John felt my tenseness.

"Man, ya hav t' relax and enjoy it, bro." I decided to let go and let John take control. He felt my tenseness dissipate.

"That's it bro." He pinched my nipples, jacked my cock, and continued to thrust his hips in and out.

I checked my watch, we'd been in Karen's room for 10 minutes. John's breath was in my ear, and becoming more ragged with each of his muscular thrusts, which were becoming more powerful. My cock was beginning to pulse. John's jackings were long, hard, and fast, his thrusting strong and long.

Over the next few minutes his large hands went from one nipple to the next, tweaking and pinching. His lips next to my ears blew on me ... then his tongue snaked into my ear bringing a low, deep grunt from his lips; I moaned. His hands now worked my cock with short quick strokes, his hips pistoning in and out of my thighs.

I looked down. His cock was impossibly large, thick veins running from his purple cockhead down his massive shaft visible sticking out from under my balls. My cum was rising.

"Fuck, I'm gonna blow!" I shouted!

"Grrrrrrrr," was John's response, his hand almost a blur on my cock, his quick powerful thrusts like nothing I could sustain, forcing his hot cock through my now sweaty thighs.

I started to ejaculate, "I'm shooooting!" I yelled.

Between my legs, I felt John's warm, wet, semen as his huge cock shot off. John's jacking slowed down, as did his thrusts. I looked down, his cockhead flush purple, and glistening wetly, covered with his white jizz.

Karen's bed sheets were wet with both John and mine's cock-spew. Thick off-white ropes of cum were all over. John got off the bed, wiping his thick penis all over my muscular butt, his leaking cock oozing cum. I gathered some of Karen's sheet up, and wiped the insides of my legs, balls, and butt where

John's cock had shot. I heard John's low chuckle. I looked over at John. His huge brown nipples were fully erect, his penis hanging thickly and flush between his legs, his slit oozing white boy-jizz. I felt somewhat used, but it did feel good.

"Now that's a good ole lunch break, huh bro." Said John. I got up, pulled on my shorts and T-shirt.

"Yeah, not bad John," I said, not knowing what to say. I just wanted to get out of Karen's room, not liking what transpired now that it was over. I walked into the kitchen, and grabbed a bite to eat. I heard John behind me. There was awkward silence. I turned from the fridge, and John was dressed in shorts and T-shirt, backpack in arms.

"I done 'nd, and gotta git ta campus, bud. Y'all take care, and if y'all are good, I'll letcha take care of my cock later." John winked and left, leaving me to wonder about our experience. I felt dirty, and had no desire to do it again. I left for my afternoon classes, weak in the knees. My legs felt my sticky. My thoughts were turned again and again back our jack-off session on Karen's bed the rest of the day. By dinnertime I wanted nothing to do with John, but only to sink my spurting cock into Mary's wet pussy.