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Confessions of a bisexual girl

I had girls on my mind so I pleased men with my mouth to avoid having sex with them
Although I had already lost my virginity I was for sometime afterwards scared of having intercourse again because I was convinced it would have an everlasting effect on my confused sexuality.

I discovered fairly early on that men paid a lot of interest in me when I wore short skirts. I loved the attention and the lust in their eyes. I was comfortable with my breasts but they’re small so I couldn’t rely on them to attract attention. My legs and bum are a different story though. I’m only 5ft 3 but my legs are slim and I have a fit little ass so men love looking at my legs. I dressed provocatively, always in short skirts or dresses but not tight fitting ones, I prefer the loose fit and pleated ones that flap around as I walk, brushing against my thighs and giving men glimpses of the top of my legs with the occasional flash of panties when I’m sitting down opposite them.

I flirted just like the rest of the girls did. I would go out with boys. I would hold their hand and dance close in my short little skirts. I would smile and press my body against them, feeling hot to have their hands on my body. Sometimes I’d even let him touch my ass whilst feeling their cocks straining against their trousers. I knew their cocks were hard, it was impossible to miss and I would get that wet, warm and achy feeling between my legs with my nipples also standing to attention but I wouldn’t submit to my own needs, or theirs until I was older and a little wiser.

I had a lot of dates but they never went past kissing and groping. A number of my friends were in relationships with boys and were on the pill. Although I had already had intercourse I was afraid and didn’t want to be in a steady relationship. I felt guilty and selfish for getting these guys all hard and excited, not going through with it and letting them fuck me at the end of the evening so I got into giving them blow jobs.

I'm sure my technique was poor at the beginning but with some practice it came naturally to me. I love the feeling of it in my mouth, that hard and velvety texture of the man's aroused cock. They seemed to love it and I certainly never received any complaints. In my early experiences they never lasted very long but I loved to hear their moans and heavy breathing. Then I would enjoy tasting the pungent, thick semen as shots of it hit the back of my throat and the roof of my mouth. I always swallowed as much as I could so it wouldn’t leave a mess on any of our clothes. I've probably sucked off twice as many men than the total I've had intercourse with and I love to swallow. I love discovering the moves that arouse a man.

I love to play and tease with my hand and tongue, lightly licking and sucking. There's this moment when I first take as much of him into my mouth as I can, usually only the first three and a half inches. Then I go back to gently licking and sucking the head. I do this until they get more and more excited but without speeding up so they are teetering on the edge of orgasm. Then I love it when they get down to business and take over by grabbing my hair or head and really fuck my mouth with their cock.

I have been told by a few that I have a sweet, fresh and pretty face and they love seeing my lips stretched and taut around their engorged cocks as they thrust it into my mouth. Well I love a compliment and I’m always eager to please a hot guy.

So I sucked cock because I loved doing it but it was also done as an alternative to submitting to having sex. The conflict I had here was that in many cases I did want to have sex with these guys but I stopped myself from going all the way because I also had the hots for girls and didn’t want to become addicted to sex with men. It sounds a bit daft now as I enjoy sex with both men and women but in those days it wasn’t clear in my own mind that I was bi-sexual. I thought I would have to decide on one path or the other and it was a choice I would be forced to make one day.

The clothes that my friends and I wore to tease and attract men also attracted me. I get excited looking at attractive women in short skirts and dresses, tight jeans and skimpy tops with their boobs bursting out. Women can have such enticing and inviting eyes and lips I long to kiss. My first sexual experience was with an older girl so I had licked and tasted pussy long before I had ever had a cock in my mouth.

I remember flicking through a lingerie catalogue when I was younger and thinking I’m supposed to be looking at the pictures of the products and deciding if I liked them and would I feel good or sexy wearing them but I didn’t. I was gawping at this very confident, sexy, fit and gorgeous models wearing nothing but stockings, garter belts, thongs and bra sets and my pulse raced, my pussy ached to be touched and I just wanted to be made love to by these hot woman, to be touched and kissed them.

I love looking at women and having sex with them but I wouldn’t want to be in a long term, emotional or romantic relationship with one and I only go with women who come on to me.

I love men’s raw animal passion, energy and their hard cocks inside me far too much to ever become a full time lesbian.
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