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Confessions of a BoyToy: Part 3, Liz more

Her long nails dug into my thighs, spreading them wide so she could play with my balls.
I laid there totally naked as this poker faced, tall beauty slowly walked towards the bed. The blond laying next to me laughed uncontrollably at having pulled one over on me.

"Soooooo," I stammered sheepishly, looking back and forth at both of them, pointing to the brunette, then to the blond. "you're Liz...aaaand she's...not?"

"Yes Sir. And I take you Sir, must be Howdy?" she said as she leaned over between my bended knees, placing her hands onto the bed on either side of my waist.

Liz studied my face, waiting for my immaturity to show.

"Gypsy promised me you would come early, but I thought I would at least be here when you did." Liz smirked as she looked down at the flaccid cock that hung limp over my balls.

"Liz, I apologize. I-I-I-I thought..."

"No need to apologize Howdy, unless that is, you can't perform the services you are being paid to perform. Right?" Liz said as she reached between my legs, taking hold my limp cock that laid harmlessly draped over my balls.

Liz gave my cock a few loving tugs and then turned her attention towards Dee Dee. Dee Dee, still giddy at her accomplishment, sat up on her knees and leaned over me to give Liz a kiss. Liz wrapped her hand behind Dee Dee's neck and pulled her close as their foreheads and noses touched tenderly before Liz pecked at her lips.

"Whatever am I going to do with you my little slut?" Liz purred as she opened her mouth to accept Dee Dee's apologetic wet kiss.

Except for my rapidly growing erection, I laid motionless, sandwiched between these two gorgeous creatures who were taking the art of 'hello' to a new level of expression. Dee Dee curled her fingers just inside Liz's front pockets, pulling her closer as they kissed. A small thread of saliva connected their lips as they slowly pulled apart. Liz reached for the fine thread and then smeared it across Dee Dee's lips as she opened her lips to accept Liz's fingers. Dee Dee's eyes closed as she sucked them in with a loud slurping noise.

With her eyes glued to Dee Dee's, Liz once again slid her hand slowly up and down my thigh several times, nails lightly raking the insides. She wrapped her fingers around my growing shaft, giving it a few firm strokes.

Liz only broke her stare at Dee Dee long enough to glance down at my hardening cock and sighed, "Ahhhhh, that's better Howdy. So Howdy, did you enjoy fucking my hot little slut?"

Not waiting for my response, she turned back to Dee Dee with a pretentious scowl, "Dee Dee, your breath tastes like sperm. Did you enjoy sucking the life out of Howdy at my expense? Hmm?" Liz coaxed, taking another taste of my presence that lingered in her mouth.

Dee Dee nodded yes as Liz's hand massaged the back of her neck. "Good baby. I'm glad you enjoyed the birthday present I got for you. But didn't I ask you to wait for me to come home before you unwrapped it?"

"Yes Liz. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I had every intention of doing just that, but when I saw his cock growing hard at the table, I couldn't resist. Please forgive me Liz." Dee Dee said sticking her lower lip out.

Liz gave Dee Dee another long lingering kiss before walking around the bed. She kept looking between Dee Dee's wanting eyes and my now throbbing hard cock. Liz stopped at the side of the bed where my head hung slightly over the edge. She leaned forward giving me a view up the front of her short skirt and the growing wetness on her white cotton panties. Then she slowly lifted her skirt to mid hip and lifted one foot to rest on the bed. Dark curls of pubic hair unfurled from both sides of her wet panties.

Lifting my hands over my head, I ran them up the insides of both her inner thighs, stopping short of her wet cunt. She moaned as my hands squeezed at her muscular thighs, spreading them forcefully as she stood straddling my head. Her hips rocked forward as my fingers played with her dainty dark curls. I traced the thin elastic bands on each side of her crotch as she swayed. Liz's pouty lips filled the narrow wet band of white cotton and her musky scent had my cock aching to fuck her.

Dee Dee straddled my waist, settling down on my throbbing cock and began to rock back and forth on me while she and Liz made love to each other with their eyes. Dee Dee knew better than to take any more of my cum before Liz had her chance, so she tried her best not to make me cum.

Liz unsnapped her short skirt and wiggled it over her shapely hips, letting it fall to the floor. Then she took hold of the bottom of her shear top and pulled it and her bra over her shoulders. WOW, I thought as I spotted untamed tufts of dark hair under her armpits. I had never before thought of armpit hair as erotic, but for some reason, now I did.

Liz had nice large firm tits with smaller nipples than Dee Dee's, but large just the same. She dangled them over my mouth as she leaned over me, offering me a taste of her raspberry sized nipples. I squeezed them both against my face as I kissed madly at them both. Liz moaned her approval and held each tit in place as I sucked hard on each nipple, nibbling at them as I did. Her muskiness was taunting my nostrils and I couldn't wait to get her hairy pussy in my mouth.

Dee Dee grunted hard, forcing her cunt down hard on my cock as Liz kissed her way down my body. Liz pushed at Dee Dee's knees and spread them wide as her mouth neared our thrusting organs. Dee Dee lifted herself completely off of my cock, letting it spring forward, slinging her juices onto my stomach. Liz quickly gobbled up every drop as she crept closer to my pussy drenched cock.

Liz was now squarely in place for a good 69 ing . She licked Dee Dee's juices from my cock before taking me down her silky throat. I groaned loudly as her throat slid up and down on me. Her long nails dug into my thighs, spreading them wide so she could play with my balls. With Liz's legs straddling me, her juices dripped through the cotton onto my face. Dee Dee laid down next to me and kissed at me as I licked and sucked at Liz's pussy through her panties. Her hips thrust about as I teased her delicious love pot with playful bites. I rubbed her large protruding clit with my tongue and sucked it through her panties like she was sucking my cock. With her mouth stuffed full of my cock she managed to muffle the sounds of pleasure as she squirmed wildly on my mouth.

Dee Dee slipped Liz's panties to the side and roughly forced two fingers into Liz's cunt as she wiggled above me. Her experience with Liz helped her find her sweet spot immediately. Liz began to pump forcefully against Dee Dee's fingers as I licked at her fur covered clit. Several hard rams of Dee Dee's fingers made Liz spray a hot stream of cum across my face and neck. Then holding Liz's panties to the side, Dee Dee spread Liz's lips wide as I drank her sweet nectar, lapping every drop as it formed in her.

Dee Dee slapped Liz's ass hard a couple of times, then spread her ass cheeks and began to tongue fuck her tight rose bud heartily. Liz was bucking wildly as she sucked at my cock. Her hand pumped at me as she begged me to cum in her mouth. My fingers pounded Dee Dee's pussy from behind as she brought Liz towards another body shaking orgasm. Dee Dee's loud moans joined Liz's in a chorus of ecstasy as she licked at Liz's ass, sending vibrations throughout her groin.

Liz erupted as I shot a load of cum in her mouth. My fingers gripped at Dee Dee's pussy hard and she came for the first time since Liz had joined us. We three laid there for a while, caressing each other, trading cum coated kisses. It was my first threesome, but certainly wouldn't be our last.

We played in the shower for half an hour or so with Liz being the center of our attention. She came several more times as we took turns ganging up on each other.

I regretably refused the invitation to stay the night with those hot gorgeous women because I knew that Gypsy wanted me back by 9pm. The girls never even bothered putting on clothes as they offered to walk me to the Jeep. With a beauty wrapped under each arm, we walked down the front steps together. They took turns kissing me goodbye and groping at me.

We made plans for the following week as I climbed into the Jeep. As I cranked up the engine, they turned and ran for the steps, ass cheeks and titties bouncing. I heard them both giggling as Liz chased Dee Dee up the steps, "Get in the house you little slut. I'm going to spank your ass for not waiting for me."

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