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Confessions Of A Naughty Bad Girl: Wild Night Out

Some naughty secrets come out in Addison's story
This is the last story in the Naughty Bad Girl Series. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much, as I enjoyed writing them. Also Naughty Bad Girl: One Wild Night was inspired by two of my Lush buddies. Thanks guys. You know who you are. 

It's Friday night and I'm getting ready to go out to a bar with my roomies. I dress in a tight form fitting purple dress. I let my long red hair fall down my back in curls. I put my favorite black fuck me heels on and walk down the hall to Danielle's room.

"Hey chick, you ready to party?" I asked with a grin as I sit down on her bed.

"You bet, I need this night to hang out with you girls. It's just been so crazy lately." She says as she's doing her hair. "Are you planning on finding a guy to play with tonight?"

I grin and stick my tongue out at her. "Girl you know I ain't gonna tell you that. I'm gonna go see, if the other girls are ready." I tell her with a laugh, as I get up and walk out of her room.

Nicole, Chely, and Brianna are all in the living room, on the couch when I walk in. "So I guess we are all aready to go except Danielle." I say.

"I'm ready." Danielle says as she walks into the living room. Danielle's wearing a short black, ass hugging dress, the type of things she's known for. With black heels. Nicole is wearing a bright red tight dress that, leaves nothing to the imagation, with red heels. Chely's in her favorite blue jeans with a cleavage showing black halter top and black heels.

Brianna was wearing a very bright pink strapless dress with bright pink shoes. "Good lord, We will all cause men to have heart attacks, dressed the way we are." Brianna says, as she looks down at her own dress and then at us girls.

"Well, let's get our asses moving then!" Nicole yells as she grabs mine and Danielle's arm and starts to pull us to the door.

"Okay, Okay Nicole." I say laughing as I pull my arm away from her. We walk towards the limo that Jake paid for as our transpo tonight.

"Hell yea, my man sprung for the good stuff." Nicole screams as she spots the bar, after we all get settled into the limo.

Nicole pours everyone drinks and we talk until the limo arrives at the bar. We are all laughing and talking, as we make our way past mike at the door. "It's my favorite ladies!" He says as he shoos people out of our way. I see some of the women give us dirty looks, and I see Nicole turn around and flip them, her middle finger.

"Nicole get your ass moving, your about halfway drunk as it is." I tell her as I grab her arm and pull her into the bar behind me. As soon as we are inside Nicole goes start for the dance floor and starts to get her groove on. I see alot of the guys looking and staring as she moves her hips to the beat of the song blasting on the loud speakers.

"Addison, we should get us a table." Danielle whispers in my ear.

"Good idea." I reply as I make my way to an empty table.

Chely and Brianna follow behind us. We arrive at the table and sit down. I look around to find Nicole, she's still dancing.

"Hey girls, I'm gonna go dance with Nicole for a bit." I say before I get up and make my way to the dance floor. As I reach her I put my hands on her hips and pull her back against me.

She looks back and grins at me. "Hey baby." She says, as she continues to move her hips to the beat. I start to move mine to the beat too. As I look around I notice that, some of the guys are watching us dance.

"Hey Nicole." I say and when she turns to look at me, I bury my hand in her hair and kiss her. When we finally come up for air. I notice that some of the guys mouths have fallen open in shock. I look at Nicole and shes grining at me.

"I never thought I'd get that in public." She says with a grin. I look back at our table and I notice that Danielle was looking at us with a grin. She caught our hot kiss.

"I guess our little secret is outta the bag now." I tell Nicole.

"Jack already knows." Nicole repiles.

"I knew that, I meant the girls." I tell her, looking back at our table.

Nicole looks back and sees that Danielle is still watching.

"Oh." She says looking back at me. "Does that bother you?"

"No, You?" I ask looking at her.

"Nope. Jack says he'd like to see us in action sometime." She tells me with a giggle.

"I think I just did." Jack says as he suddenly appears in front of us.

Nicole grins and says "That was nothing,baby."

"You wanna show him a little something more?" Nicole asks me as she looks at me and grins.

"Sure, You wanna see something more Jack?" I ask as I turn to him and grin.

"Sure, lead the way ladies." He replies with a grin, as he takes both our hands and we pull him outside to the limo.

"Can you take a break for awhile?" Jake asks the limo driver as he slips him some money.

"Sure thing, Sir." The limo driver replies and walks away.

Nicole and I climb into the limo and I pull her to me and start kissing her again, I pull her dress up and slide my hand in her bra, sqeezing and pinching her nipple, making her groan against my mouth. All the while she's grabbing my ass through my dress with one hand and her other is in my panties, playing with my clit. I lift my head and look at Jack. He's sitting back with a glass of something from the bar, Watching as his girl and I go at it.

I turn my attention back to Nicole. I lay her back on the seat and pull her thongs down and off. and then do the same with mine. I pull my dress up around my hips and settle my pussy on her face and I lean down and spread her legs and tease her clit with my fingers.

Meanwhile Nicole is using her tongue and her fingers, on my pussy. Her fingers are thrusting in and out of me, as her tongue is all over my clit.

I move my fingers inside her pussy and start sucking on her clit. I can hear her moans over mine. I can tell Nicole is getting close so I speed up the thrusts of my fingers. I use my tongue to work her clit hard and fast.

After a few minutes of this Nicole groans, a few curse words fill the air and she cums hard on my face. I make sure to lick her clean. I raise up off her. Jack comes to me and licks up what cum has gotten on my face, that I miss. Nicole then pushes me down on the limo seat and starts licking and fingering my pussy again.

She doesn't stop until she's made me cum on her face. She cleans all the cum off and out of my pussy and raises up. She offers whats left on her face to Jack, Who happily licks my pussy juice off her face.

"Oh my god, That was so fucking hot." He tells us as he pulls Nicole on to his lap.

"Glad you enjoyed that." Nicole says with a giggle, as she checks her make up in the mirror behind the limo bar.

"Well guys that was awesome!, But I'm suppose to meet a guy, that I've been talking to online here tonight. I just hope I havent missed him."

"Well If you have missed him, you can always come back and join us." Nicole tells me.

I laugh and check my apearance in the mirror. I reapply my lipstick. "Keep the thongs as a reminder." I tell Nicole as I exit the limo.

I return to the bar, I order me a drink and return to the girls, at the our table.

"I really didn't know that about you and Nicole." Danielle tells me as I sit down.

"We've been lovers off and on since college." I tell her.

"I knew, Addison. I just didn't say anything." Chely says before taking a drink of her vodka.

"How did you know?" I ask her.

"I heard you guys, It's kinda hard not to when our rooms are right next to each other and you guys get pretty loud." Chely says with a laugh.

"It's okay, We've all naughty girls after all." Brianna says with a laugh.

"I'm gonna go dance for a while guys." I say as I get out my seat. I make my way to the dance floor, once there I start moving and grinding my hips to the beat of the music.

I'm getting my groove on when someone wraps their arms around my waist and pulls me back against a hard chest and whispers, "I seen the naughty kiss on this dance floor, I guess I believe you now."

It was my online chat buddy, the one I was planning on meeting. I turn around in his arms. He's tall, brown eyes brown hair, built. And sexy as hell. "I was beginning to think you'd changed your mind." I whisper against his ear.

"Nope, I was watching you, my little vixen." He whispers back.

"Did you like what you saw, Shane?" I asked as my hands slides between us and down to the hardness in his jeans.

"Mm mm yes I did" He tells me before he pull me in for a kiss.

We dance for awhile, I look at our table and Danielle catches my eye and grins. I see that Blake has finally joined her. I look around and see that Chely and her man are on the dance floor and that Brianna is no where in sight.

"You wanna go somewhere, we can be alone?" He whispers in my ear.

"Sure I'd love to." I whisper back.

We leave the bar and he leads me to a nice black sports car. We get in and he drives to his hotel. As soon as the elevator doors close, I'm in his arms and he's kissing and grabbing my ass pulling me against his crotch. I push myself against him. My hands are in his hair.

"Calm down little vixen, we got all night." He tells me after he breaks our kiss as the elevator doors slide open on his floor. I follow him to his hotel room, I run my hands up and down his body, slipping them up under his shirt. When he gets the door open he turns around and picks me up, and carries me though the sitting room and into the bedroom. Once in the bedroom, he lays me down on the bed. He lays down beside me and kisses my lips as his hand finds its way under my dress. He's surprised to find that I'm not wearing any panties.

"I kinda lost them when I was with Nicole." I say with a grin.

"Is that the girl you were kissing?" He asks as he starts to rub my clit.

"Oh God, yes she's also my roommate." I moan.

I run my hands up and down his chest, I reach up and pull off his shirt, lean down and lick and bite his nipple. My other hand is rubbing his cock though his jeans.

"I've waited so damn long for this." I say as I reach and unbutton, and unzip his jeans. He pulls them off. I tug at his boxers and he pulls those off too. I lean down and take his hard cock into my mouth and start sucking him hard and fast, as he fingers my pussy. He moves us into the sixty-nine position and starts sucking on my clit as he fingers me. I continue sucking his cock. swirling my tongue around the tip and then all the way down. He finds my g-spot and starts rubbing it fast as he sucks my clit. It's not long before I cum hard on his mouth. He licks all my juices until there's no more.

"Come here baby." He tells me.

I move up beside him and he starts kissing me again. He pulls on my dress, and unhooks my bra, sliding it off my arms and tossing it in the floor. He's running his hands everywhere on my body. He rolls on top of me and runs his cock against my clit causing me to moan and arch my hips.

"Oh fuck, don't tease me!" I beg him.

He moves to my entrance and thrusts into me. Burying his cock inside my hot wet pussy. I start to move my hips to meet his thrusts.

"Oh fuck." I moan as he increases his thrusts. He leans down and kisses my mouth, then kissing down my neck, stop only when he got to my breasts. Kissing sucking one and then going to the other.

"Oh baby I'm gonna cum." I moan.

He speeds up his thrusts and reaches down between us and starts rubbing my clit, not stopping until I came. I moaned and arched my back. My hips jerking involuntary, as my toes curled.

"Fuck yes." I moan coming down from my third orgasm of the night. He flips me over onto my knees and fucks me hard and fast until we both cum together. We both collapse on the bed. He pulls me close to him and we both fall asleep.

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