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Cop A Feel

Lately, Vicki and I have been completely perplexed with Tara’s combative behavior…

For about two weeks, Tara, a.k.a. my lovely ‘Sweet Cheeks’ has been in a funk. Her combative behavior with Vicki has left my wife and I perplexed, and it’s Tara who always starts it.

With another nasty 'name-calling' spat occurring this morning, while I was working in my home office upstairs next to our bedroom, Vicki walked in. After she shut the door, she said, “Alex, the next time that prissy little bitch calls me an arrogant cunt, I’m going to bitch-slap the shit out of her. Hon’, please do something - I’m ready to throw her pretty ass out!”

“Babe, I understand,” I said, seconds later adding, “I’ll take her to lunch today. I’ll find out what’s troubling her, okay?”

“Alex, I’m serious. I’ve had enough of her bullshit!” Vicki said.

Feeling her pain, I embraced my lovely wife, just holding her tightly in my arms. Before I let her go, I kissed her, and then I told her how much I love her.

“I love you too, Babe,” she replied.

It was about ten minutes after Vicki left my office when Tara walked by. As soon as I spotted her, I asked her to come in and close the door. “Tara, what’s going on with you and Vicki? She’s ready to slap the shit out of you and kick you to the curb,” I said.

“Hon’, I don’t want to talk about it right now. Maybe later, okay?” Tara replied.

“Sweet Cheeks, it’s a beautiful day. How about just you and I go for lunch, and then I’ll take you to the mall?”

To my surprise, Tara quickly agreed to go. Since neither of us changed clothes, we went to our favorite local diner dressed in old shorts and t-shirts. After lunch as we walked to the car, Tara informed me that she didn’t want to go to the mall. Instead, she suggested that we take a drive in the country, so we did.

Somewhere along the way, Tara turned the music off, and then she said, “Hon’, is there a place where we can pull over and park? I’m ready to talk about what’s been bugging me.”

Karma was all ears. Just after Tara suggested that we stop, a ‘Roadside Table Ahead’ sign appeared. 'Perfect!' I thought. After we parked, we took a seat on one of the picnic tables. The table we picked was nestled between a few bushes, making it a very cozy spot to sit and chat. Tara gave me a loving kiss, and then she said, “Hon’, I’m jealous of Vicki.”

“Tara, you are jealous, of Vicki? What are you jealous of?” I compassionately replied.

“Plenty, Mr. Alex, plenty,” Tara replied.

“Like,” I started to say, but then Tara continued on…

“Hon’, for starters Vicki is gorgeous, she’s built like a goddess, and she is married. To you. I just live with both of you. That’s what I’m jealous of,” Tara said with a great deal of emotion.

Touched by Tara’s painful admission, I said, “Tara, have you looked in a mirror? You are every bit as gorgeous as Vicki. Oh, my, Sweet Cheeks, just look at you - you could be a model, and you’re twenty years younger than Vicki!”

“Hon’, you do know how to make me feel special, I love you. But Hon’, Vicki wears your ring, my ring finger is bare. Maybe it’s time for me to move on,” Tara sadly said as she showed me her left hand.

“Tara, my love, you know that if I could marry both of you that I would - you’re in our will. Vicki and I would be heartbroken if you left,” I replied.

“Hon, you’re right, I really don’t want to leave, I do love both of you. Sometimes it’s just so frustrating - now I really feel like shit. Can I use your phone to call Vicki and apologize for being such a pity-pot bitch? My phone is in my purse at home,” Tara said.

“Of course you can, it’s on the console in the car,” I said.

While I sat on the picnic table, Tara sat in the car with the door open and yakked it up with Vicki. I couldn’t help but to notice that Tara was smiling as they talked. Upon Tara’s return, she snuggled-up with me on the picnic table, kissed me, and then she said, “Hon’, Vicki suggested that we find a nice spot out here and make love. You know it’s been over two-weeks now.”

“And just whose fault is that?” I jokingly asked.

“I know - mine,” Tara sheepishly replied.

Although I was hesitant to get naked and make love at a roadside stop, Sweet Cheeks was right. It’s been two weeks. I did not made love with Tara while the ladies were feuding. Truth is, I was anxious to feel the warmth of Tara’s love and her incredible body. Against my better judgment, I went to the car and grabbed a blanket from the trunk.

Blanket in one hand and Tara’s hand in my other, Tara and I took a walk to find our perfect outdoor love nest - we didn’t have to walk far. As luck would have it, we found a sexy secluded spot along a makeshift trail about fifty feet behind the picnic table.

Tara was first to lie down on the blanket. As I admired my beautiful lover, Tara looked at me with one hand inside of her shorts as she began to stimulate her playful kitty. I took my shirt off. I couldn’t wait to make love with Tara.

Shit! Locked in a passionate kiss, I heard a car stop and park. Tara and I continued to make-out until we heard footsteps headed our way. To play it safe we both sat up, and then we quickly put our shirts back on. All of a sudden a female police officer started to approach us. “Hon’, good thing we’re dressed,” Tara quietly said.

Out of respect to the officer, Tara and I stood up. Then came the questions: what are you doing, where do you live, have you been drinking, blah, blah, blah. We politely answered all of her questions.

This female officer was young, in her late twenties, I’d say, rather pretty, and she appeared to be physically fit. I will say that she had beautiful long blonde hair and very sexy eyes and lips. Just when I thought she was about to leave, she firmly said, “You two, stay here – I’ll be back.”

As the officer walked away, Tara whispered, “Why does she need come back?”

“I don’t know, Sweet Cheeks, but I’m sure we’ll soon find out,” I replied.

When Officer Pam returned, she wasn’t wearing any of her police gear: not her bulletproof vest, her holster and ammo-belt, nor did she have her handcuffs or police radio with her. She did however once again start in with the questions, and again questioned Tara’s identity and address. Since Tara didn’t bring her purse with her, she couldn’t prove to the officer who she was or where she lived. In reality: Tara was being harassed.

Observing what was going on, I became completely pissed-off at Officer Pam. Then to make matters worse, Tara was ordered to raise her hands up to be frisked. Tara complied. When Officer Pam moved behind Tara, she started to feel her up. Super-pissed, I angrily said, “C’mon now, Officer Pammy, she’s only wearing a t-shirt and shorts. What the fuck is there to frisk... Or are you just trying to cop a feel?”

“Be quiet, Mr. Alex,” Tara firmly said in a concerned tone of voice. I shut up.

As it turns out, Officer Pam let what I said go in one ear and out the other. But when she began to pat-down Tara’s chest, she discovered that Tara wasn’t wearing a bra. In the seconds to follow, Officer Pam continued to feel-up Tara’s incredible teacup breasts, and then she went as far as to reach under Tara’s t-shirt to caress her breasts as she tightly embraced Tara against her body. Finally, with Officer Pam’s hands fondling Tara’s teacups, she then released Tara, ordering her to take off her t-shirt.

Tara quickly became aware of Officer Pam’s sexual intentions. She willingly took off her t-shirt. While Officer Pam admired Tara’s natural beauty, Tara had a sultry look on her face. Just seconds later, Tara said in a sexy tone of voice, “Officer Vixen, will it be you or me that removes my shorts? I’m sure you’ll want to interrogate my mischievous pussy as I’m not wearing any obstructive panties.”

Shit, with Tara’s salacious comment, and especially the sultry way that she looked at Officer Pam when she said it, I got hard. 'Fuck is she hot,' I thought! Vicki is the one that can go into slut-mode at the drop of a dime, but Tara just made my sometimes-slutty wife look like an amateur.

Without skipping a beat, Tara stepped forward and kissed Officer Pam. It was after a series of intense kisses when Pam bent down and took one of Tara’s tempting ‘teacups’ in her mouth, and then she rolled and pinched Tara’s other breast pencil tip nipple. As I stood by, I playfully said, “C’mon now, Officer Vixen, play fair - take that uniform off!”

Well shit, Pam gave me a sultry stare, then saying, “Buddy, you couldn’t handle my sex!”

I wasn’t about to let Pam’s snippy comment go unanswered. While I took my shirt off, I said, “Officer Vixen, once my big cock breaks into your pink sausage cell, you will be calling for back up.”

Just as I suspected, Pam initially ignored my comment while she tugged Tara’s shorts off. As soon as Tara was naked, Pam ordered Tara to lie down on the blanket. While Pam eyeballed Tara’s pure beauty, she glanced over to me and said, “You! Take my uniform off – now! That’s an order - punk!”

'Punk? I’ll give her punk,' I thought. I grabbed Pam when she wasn’t looking, laid one big ‘fuck-me kiss’ on her seductive lips, and then I began to disrobe her. First, I took her shiny black leather boots off, followed by her black leather belt. Standing face to face, I unbuttoned Pam’s police shirt, making certain that my forearms firmly rubbed up against her seemingly ample breasts. Once her tucked in shirt was unbuttoned down to her police trousers, I knelt down and unhooked her pants, and then I unzipped them. With a fast downward tug, I exposed her panties, and to my surprise, a garter belt.

Excited by Officer Vixen’s garter belt, I unbuttoned the last two buttons of her police shirt, removed her trousers, and then her shirt.

Under Officer Vixen’s police uniform, she was wearing a super-sexy black lace bra and panty set with a black garter belt, and sheer black lace thigh high nylons. And yes, Officer Vixen had an incredibly hot sculpted body. As I stood back to admire her beautiful body, I said to Tara, “Sweet Cheeks – she’s all yours.”

“Damn you’re hot,” Tara said to Pam as she embraced her into her arms. It suddenly became clear that Tara was about to become the aggressor. Officer Vixen was about to get laid, lady style.

In no time the lovely ladies were making out as they rolled around on the blanket, vying for position. Since Pam still had her sexy undies on, Tara gained position to take them off. Pam’s firm d-cup breasts and shaved pussy were stunning!

Now that Pam was naked, Tara rolled onto her back. The ladies made out for a while before Pam moved down to indulge herself in my Sweet Cheeks heavenly pussy, and when she did, she did so with a vengeance. From the very second Pam’s extended tongue touched Tara’s glistening pussy lips, Tara held Pam’s beautiful long blonde hair tight as she guided her tongue to her most sensitive spot. With Tara’s direction, Pam found Tara’s sweetest spot, causing Tara to grace Pam with her first mini-squirt of love juice.

Once Officer Vixen discovered that she’d apprehended a squirter, her tongue went ballistic in Tara’s explosive pussy. Tara was perfectly content to just lay back and allow‘Lesbo-cop’ to do whatever the fuck she wants.

Locked in lust, Pam couldn’t have got her tongue out of Tara’s squirting pussy if she tried. I knelt on the edge of the blanket and enjoyed watching these two hotties, that was until Tara said, “Fuck her, Hon’, fuck this bitch hard.”

That was all I needed to hear. But before I lined my hard cock up with Officer Vixen’s wet pussy, I knelt behind her fine ass, and then I worked the hell out of her sweet young twat with my tongue. I had her squirming for more!

“Oh fuck-yeah, punk, let me have that big bare stick you’re carrying,” Pam said.

Pam needed cock - I wanted pussy. I lined up behind her, and then with one hard shove I was in. As I began to pound Pam’s tight and shallow pussy, she again face-planted herself into Tara’s squirting pussy. Tara and I had Pam so hot that her pussy was dripping her juices onto the blanket. After a good five-minute pussy thrashing, Tara said, “Hon’, make blondie get on top.”

I grabbed Pam around her tiny waist, tossed her hot body aside, and then I laid down. Officer Vixen was on my cock in a flash. At first she sucked the hell out of it as Tara and I made out. But after a quick couple of minutes, Pam got on top of me, and stuffed my cock as deep as she could into her shallow pussy. Tara? She set her sweet pussy lips on my mouth for some special loving, loving that my Sweet Cheek’s has said only I can give.

With Tara’s delightful pussy rocking against my tongue, and my cock tormenting my new favorite police officer’s incredibly hot pussy, I was in pussy heaven. While Tara was rewarding me with squirts of her steamy love juice, Pam had my cock rockin’ in her pussy as fast as it’s ever been rocked.

“Lets go punk, make it happen, I haven’t got all fucking day. Make it happen now, pull the fucking trigger, punk, shoot it, shoot that big fucker,” Pam said with a great deal of sexual excitement in her voice.

I was beyond ready. I began to shoot my cannon off inside of Pam’s engorged pussy. To my surprise, while I was pelting the deepest part of Pam’s shallow pussy, and Tara was gracing my tongue with her steamy love juice, I discovered that Officer Vixen’s young twat was also a super-soaker. As she rode my cock harder than either of my ladies ever had, she repeatedly soaked my cock with her own brand of steamy love juice.

Time was ticking. As soon as Pam was convinced that she had all of the cum I had to give, she knelt up, and then she spread her pussy lips apart, allowing my load to drip out onto my cock. But Officer Vixen wasn’t quite done. She then got down and sucked my cock clean. Finally, after she had it all, with a mouthful of cum and a sexy-sultry grin on her face, she said, “You’re both free to go.” And then she swallowed.


When Officer Pam stood up and turned around, there was another Officer, a Sergeant, and most likely her Sergeant standing next to a nearby bush on the trail. He didn’t look happy. Seeing that, I just wanted to scoop Tara up and run. But then, and to all of our surprise, he just shook his head and slowly walked away.

As cocky as Officer Pam was when we first met her, that’s how subdued she became. Tara and I felt sorry for her. Since both Tara and I were dressed in a flash, we gave Pam a long hug to comfort her, and then we helped her get dressed.

Hand in hand, Tara and I walked Pam back to her squad car, and then she put her police gear back on. Although her Sergeant had left, he had also left a note on the windshield of Pam’s squad car. It read, “Officer Blondie - you owe me one.”

Just as soon as Officer Pam drove away, Tara and I headed back to our outdoor love nest. I wasn’t about to leave without making passionate love with Tara, and we did for over an hour – uninterrupted this time.

On our way home Tara and I listened to music, we were at peace. Just before we arrived home, Tara said, “Hon’, what are we going to tell Vicki?”

“Sweet Cheeks,” I replied, “We have to tell her the truth. Let’s tell her that after you two talked on the phone, you got pinched in the park by a female cop, and I came to bail you out.”

“Hon’, now that’s funny - I love you,” Tara said.

“Sweet Cheeks,” I replied, “I love you too, and I always will!”
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