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Costume Party

It was a costume party that went fabulously right!
When they walked into the room everyone turned and stared. As opposite as they appeared to be, they were also both beautiful people. She stood about 5'5" with dark skin, long dark hair, amazing green eyes and a killer body. She was dressed as Jane wearing a very short, very tight dress that was slung over one shoulder. The ragged edge across the sides and bottom making it even smaller and displaying a little more of her body. The white leopard skin design of the dress offset her dark skin amazingly, and her bright green eyes seemed to light up the room.

He was light skinned with a bald head and big dark eyes. He stood well over 6 feet tall and was built like The Rock with muscles that seemed to ripple everywhere. He wore a matching outfit to hers, with a small bottom that barely seemed to contain him and a torn t-shirt top that left half of his chest and abs visible. Even his legs looked like tree trunks rippling with muscles at his every move.

She looked my way and smiled brightly then headed towards me. I could tell that he was uneasy with the looks he was getting, both from the women but especially from the men. It was that kind of a costume party. She stopped across from me and eyed me up and down before smiling brightly.

"That is quite a costume, Max. Toni did quite the job on you, if I didn't recognize that dress I would have never known." Then she leaned in and whispered in my ear, "Toni said that she was surprised you let her shave you, but that it looks sexy as hell. And she is a lesbian!"

I laughed. "She did an amazing job, I almost didn't recognize myself. So, who's Tarzan? Nice muscles by the way. Are they all that big?"

She kissed my cheek. "Wouldn't you like to know." Then she stepped back. "Max, this is my friend Jared. I mentioned him before."

I reached out and took his hand in mine, shaking it firmly. The shocked look on his face was humorous as I spoke in my real voice, "Hi, Jared. It's nice to meet you, I'm Max. I take it from your look that Terri's friend Toni did an excellent job after all."

"Sorry, Max. It is nice to meet you finally. Terri has mentioned her several times actually. And seeing you like that I understand what she meant."

I moved between them and led them over to the bar where we got a few drinks. This might have been a costume party but the guy that owned this house made sure everyone felt welcome. There were several dance areas as well as lounging areas. We found seating outside, with Terri and Jared on a couch while I pulled up a chair beside them. We needed fresh drinks so I got them and when I came back I saw him cross his legs and it stopped me in my tracks. Clearly he had forgotten he was wearing a loincloth because I found myself staring straight between his legs. Despite the briefs he was wearing there was no hiding the outline of his dick or his balls.

I was feeling exceptionally naughty, and decided to let Terri know. I spread my legs and then crossed them slowly. I saw Terri look between my legs and smile when she saw the white lace covering my dick and balls. She grinned and then winked at me sliding a little closer to Jared and kissing his cheek and neck. She whispered something to him and his eyes went wide for a moment.

I was wondering what was on her mind when she continued kissing his neck, reaching over and running a hang across his bare chest. He was looking around with wide eyes as she apparently whispered something else to him. I watched as Terri kept teasing him and smiled as you could see her hard nipples pushing through the top of her dress. She pulled a leg up under her ass which caused the dress to ride up almost to her crotch, making the white lace panties quite visible. Especially against her dark skin.

I decided to see if her teasing was for me also or just for him. I spread my legs and leaning in whispered, "You know, Jared, she and I are wearing matching panties. Of course mine tighten up more when I get hard. Like right now when I am imagining me sucking your rock hard cock."

Terri smiled brightly and reaching down lifted his loincloth up revealing a semi stiff dick. Or at least I think it was semi stiff. Because if that thing got any bigger it could end up being a real challenge. He tried to push her hand away to cover up, but I beat him to it. Just that quick I was on my knees spreading his legs and running my hand across his thick dick.

"Max, please. I know what Terri. But, I am not. I mean."

I looked up at him and smiled, "It's okay, Jared, I am not gay either." To prove my point I kept stroking his dick while I reached between Terri's legs and stroked her panty covered pussy. She turned his face to hers and kissed him deeply biting his lower lip and slipping her tongue inside. I didn't hesitate, but slid his briefs down and stared as his big thick cock popped free. He tried to stop me again, but instead I took his hand and pushed it onto one of her hard nipples.

I leaned in close and licked all up and down his cock and shaved balls. Tasting his manhood and inhaling his scent as I licked back to the head and swirled my tongue all around it. I opened my mouth and began to slide around his cock taking him deeper and deeper. He was rock hard as I deep throated him, licking the shaft as I went and fondling his balls. Despite any arguments he had before he stopped arguing and leaned down freeing one of her nipples and sucking it into his mouth.

As I bobbed up and down on his cock I slid two fingers inside of her drenched pussy. He was moaning and groaning now and I felt his hand between her legs sliding under her panties to find her clit. Terri was moaning almost as loudly as Jared was and I suddenly felt his cock stiffen just before his orgasm struck. I held tight as he exploded into my mouth swallowing his hot load. I felt Terri stiffen at the same time and then her whole body shook as her own orgasm struck.

I licked his cock clean as I slid off of him. Terri yanked off her panties and quickly straddled him as I slid back. I helped guide his thick cock into her dripping pussy then moved over beside them. While she rode him I stroked my hard cock under my own panties. Suddenly Jared lifted her off and told us what he wanted. We gladly obliged as she moved to her knees leaning down between my legs. As she began to suck my cock he moved behind her and spreading her legs pushed his cock back inside of her.

I watched as his big thick cock rode in and out of her, my own cock sliding easily in and out of her mouth. I held out waiting for him until I saw him take one final deep thrust. He held her thighs as he came hard deep inside of her, and at the same time I shot my load into her mouth. She held tight to both of us as her own orgasm struck their cum mixing and running down her legs.

Jared slid out of her pussy as she stood up. I immediately leaned forward and began to lick and suck all of the cum out of her pussy and off her legs. Jared moved up behind her and watched us kissing her neck. It was only then that we realized several people were standing by and watching us. I stood up and sandwiched Terri between us kissing her deeply. I reached around and grabbed his ass, laughing as we both suggested we should leave the party.

"Terri, you were right, he has an amazing cock. Let's take this party to my house."

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