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Craigslist Afternoon

Mature guy has an enjoyable afternoon

Being married and bi, when your wife doesn’t know you like to suck cocks, means you don’t get to play as much as you would like.

I found I was bi several years ago when my wife had a number of medical problems and our sex life was more restricted than usual.

It was then that I found the enjoyment of man to man sex, especially sucking cocks. The directness of the play, each knowing what the other wants and how to please him really appealed to me. It was direct, immediate, not subtle and very enjoyable. By the way, I’m 63 years old.

So much for the introduction and my condition. Recently, we’ve had another “dry spell” brought on again by my wife’s health and age; a big reduction to the number of times my wife and I get it on. However, it seems I’m constantly horny and looking for sex. I’m certainly part of the issue as I don’t enjoy fucking her as much as I once did.

Her sucking me off is far more enjoyable for me, however she doesn’t come anywhere near doing it as well as most of my male partners (and that’s something I haven’t figured out how to tell her). Plus, she doesn’t like to finish me off in her mouth and when I’m getting close, she changes to a hand’s just not as good as someone sucking you to completion. I still enjoy eating her pussy and when I get going I also want to lick her hole. That doesn’t turn her on, in fact it turns her off regardless of how I try to get her to relax and go to work down there. So, as you can see, we have a couple of issues

Now you have the background as to why I enjoy getting together with male partners, especially those who like to 69, swallow and be rimmed. Last week, I had a business trip that took me to NYC and my wife didn’t go with me. On top of that, the first day had no meetings in the afternoon. Green light for time to play!   Although I’ve had mixed results with Craigslist for hook ups, NYC is one area where it seems to work better than most. Maybe it’s because you have so many more candidates to choose from. I don’t know why, but I do know this is where I get the most hits.

I posted my ad and after an hour begin to get some replies. And this is where the work begins...weeding through the replies, eliminating the assholes, trying to find the person with the right expectations so we both don’t come away disappointed. I must have gotten twenty hits and after a hour had got it down to a final three as candidates.  

One guy was close, five minutes away, but I was pretty far down the tracks with a second guy who said he had just sucked his first cock last week and really wanted to do it again. He wanted to 69 and suck me off and swallow. Although I’ve had a couple of really good sessions with “first timers”, the more likely outcome is they back away and are no shows. This guy however sounded like he was committed and could meet in forty-five minutes so I texted him my hotel room number and got cleaned up.

I still had an hour to wait so I went back to the guy five minutes away and said, if he wanted to come over, great, but no 69 or him sucking me off as I had another guy coming and had promised the newbie he could get my load. But I’d be more than willing to get him off. He was horny and willing. The old saying any cock is better than no cock applies here. In less than five he was knocking on my door. Very nice guy, early 50’s nice body, pretty tight and nice cock.

He got naked, I was already there, and we hit the bed. Some kissing, my working his nips while I sucked him and within ten minutes I had a nice warm load to swallow. I tried to get his cock really wet with my saliva, rubbed it on my face and took it right to the base of his pubs. He responded best when I worked my tongue on his cock head and used my hand to work his base. He tensed up a couple times and then shot a nice big load, pretty sweet. He cleaned up and was out and I was waiting for my newbie, first five minutes past the time he said he’d be here, then ten. At fifteen I texted him and asked what happened. He came up with a lame excuse, I should have known better than to trust a first timer.

So there I was, I’ve gotten one nice cock and load but I’m still horny to shoot my wad in a warm mouth. Back on email to the third guy I considered, and yes he was still willing and about thirty minutes away. I got cleaned up and soon there was a welcoming knock on my door. The gentleman was also in his early fifties and looked very presentable. I was in a robe and naked underneath. I welcomed him in and we started with a strong tongue searching kiss.  He opened my robe and started to feel me.  I was kissing him and working my hands on his package though his pants. Thie second choice was working out pretty well.

I got the robe off and he went down on his knees and started sucking my cock. Meanwhile, I was working on getting his clothes off. I got him up and we took time to get him naked and then laid on the bed in a classic 69. It was really enjoyable, his cock was still soft and about three inches, mine was hard and about five inches. It's very enjoyable when that soft cock your sucking begins to get hard. I went back and forth between sucking him all the way, working on the cock head, rubbing the cock all over my face and sucking his balls.

This was the first time I was using a cock ring and I think it did a good job of keeping me hard. We were on the bed, sucking, playing, and every once in a while breaking off and kissing again, swapping spit. He was getting hard now, about five or six inches and I’m beginning to play with his asshole while I’m sucking. I was also tonguing his nut sack while running my hand up and down his cock.

He was getting me close and I said “Let’s try to get off at the same time.” He agreed and off to work we went. In a couple of minutes he was getting close, as much from my hand as from my mouth.

He was moaning, beginning to tense up and he cried, "I’m going to cum."

I started thrusting in his mouth in high gear and after four or five strokes started to cum. We both shot several times and I got a nice mouthful. Getting two guys to cum at the same time doesn’t happen that often to me. When it does it’s really nice. We rolled off each other and just laid there, catching our breath. I milked his cock for the last bit of cum and then it was over. What a nice afternoon. It hadn’t run as smoothly as planned but in the end, we all had a very good time. Two very satisfied customers and I had my best afternoon in a couple of years. Both of these guys were good and we’ve made arrangements to get together on my next trip to NYC for another Craigslist afternoon.


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