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Curiosity Killed My Kitty Kat (Part 1)

How far has your curiosity ever gotten you? Have you acted upon your inner most desire?
She had me at goodbye.

It wasn't that I didn't enjoy the conversation. I was just too afraid to tell her that I loved the way she smelled, looked, and spoke to me. It was the middle of August and still hot, so we were both wearing bathing suits. The summer air escaped from outside relieving those of us who had decided to dip into the bar from the heat.

Only difference between my bathing suit and hers was that I chose a sheer cover up. Being somewhat insecure about the instant pooch that I'd discovered over a few weeks span, I decided to get myself back in the gym. However, the trip to Cabo San Lucas came way too quickly, and I had to deal with how I looked for the moment.

She waved goodbye to me as she stepped outside of the bar. We'd been talking for about twenty minutes or so. I'd lost track of time because her eyes were so beautiful. What was wrong with me? Should that even be the appropriate question? Is it wrong to like a girl if you're really feeling her? My curiosity was sparked from the moment she said "hello".

I'd been curious about girls before, made out with a friend of mine because we were both drunk and even sucked a nipple once... so why did this girl make me so nervous? Why did I feel a tingle between my thighs every time she gently lifted the straw in her glass to sip her cocktail?

I had to catch my breath at least several times when she moved, her perfume wafted against my nostrils distracting me from the questions she asked me about my job, family, life in general. She was a model. And rightfully so. Her eyes were a seagreen surrounded by the most beautiful of freckles. She sported curvy hips, a small waist, and supple breasts beneath a neon coral bikini. Her skin was olive colored. She'd mentioned she was from a native american family who somehow had mixed greek in their bloodline. Gorgeous, I thought to myself.

Her style told me that she was both creative and bold. It inspired me to loosen my cover up just a little bit. Her name was Bria. A beautiful name for a hot girl. I smiled at the thought of kissing her and chuckled to myself when she asked me if I'd ever "been with a woman before"...

I hesitated at the question. I mean, I knew she was flirting with me... well I thought she was until it was confirmed by her question. Stuck without anything to say, I watched as she just smiled and told me to have a goodnight. She didn't wanna waste my time.

Bria had enjoyed the conversation, she just wasn't sure if she could "control myself around you" is what she'd told me before caressing my face and walking away. Women sure do have a way about them. I enjoy being a woman and being touched by one was an arousal I'd never experienced before. It was so intoxicating.

Startled, I reached out to touch her hand as her fingers gently swept across my cheek and then disappeared to once again place themselves at her hip ever so gracefully. She shook her head, took one last sip of her cocktail, winked at me then sashayed out of the bar.

I was dumbfounded. Was I supposed to chase her? The way she winked at me made me feel like this trip to Cabo would have more in store for me than I anticipated. Confused, bewildered, intrigued and excited I slowly got down from my seat.

My friends rounded the corner and waved in my direction. I motioned for them to come over as I paid for my shot. I slammed it, then greeted them all with pats on the shoulder and handshakes or hugs. Matt, Erin, Thomas and Gina all looked overjoyed as we headed out of the bar.

They should be. This was our first get together in a very long time. I couldn't go on previous trips because of my overpowering, controlling, and insane ex. Never making that mistake again.

We crossed the sands toward the beach as we passed by a fountain. Someone blared songs of Santana through an old school boombox next to what seemed like 50 other people by a blazing bonfire.

But no fire could match the heat between my legs as I thought about Bria. I found myself searching for her through the large crowds of people. She couldn't have gotten that far.

Gina asked me what was wrong. I just smiled at her and said "absolutely nothing". She gave me a weird look and shrugged her shoulders. I watched the guys run toward the water as soon as it was in sight.

Gina looked over at me again, "Something is up, you've got this weird grin on your face and I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with any of us..." She motioned to herself and our friends.

"Well," I began... I didn't really know how to tell her I was interested in a girl. She's always known me to be straight. I don't know if it was the alcohol but I'd been curious before and this girl Bria was just the icing on the cake.

"I'll tell you, later." I finally said to Gina. She stopped mid stride and looked me square in the eyes, "WHO IS HE? Is he here?" She looked around frantically searching for the "guy" that I was apparently interested in... she was so clueless.

"It's not a guy," I told her before I could think of anything else to say. Gina looked at me in shock, "What the hell? You're into girls? I never knew that. Interesting..." She trailed off.

"Don't start," I told her, "You have a girlfriend remember?"

"Well what she won't know won't hurt her..." she gave me a devilish grin.

"That's just plain wrong! Besides, you two already have enough problems without me getting into the mix. And you're like my best friend so stop it." I punched her in the arm playfully.

"Ouch," She let out a fake whimper. "Well, you're too cute to pass up but, anyways!" She smacked her lips. Her light auburn hair glistened even in the moonlight and I could tell she'd had her usual three glasses of chardonnay.

Gina was cute. The kind of girl you' d love to have around because she looked good in anything; even sweatpants and a baggy tshirt. She loved playing video games and her guitar. Nothing could get passed this girl, though. I knew I was in trouble when whispered in my ear, "You can at least tell me who SHE is."

I opened my mouth to describe the beautiful creature I'd just had the most exciting conversation with not five minutes ago when, at that moment, I saw her. Dancing with some friends near a separate fire not far from the one we'd just passed.

She caught sight of me just as I'd turned to look away and smiled at me playfully. I'd become nervous all over again. "Let's get outta here." I grabbed Gina's arm to turn her toward the direction of the guys. "We should join them in the water. Look at how much fun they're having..."

Gina snatched her arm away from me but grinned, "Not as much fun as we're gonna have, C'mon!" I was being led against my will toward Bria's direction.

"Um, nah I don't think this is a good idea, I just had one drink with her and a really good conversation but that doesn't mean I should go stalking her." I nervously looked from Bria's enchanting eyes to my friend.

"Whatever," was all Gina said as we stopped in front of Bria who had, by that time, stopped dancing and grabbed a beer. Damn, she was sexy. What was my problem?

"Hey," Gina said smoothly. "My name is Gina and I heard that you've already had the privilege of speaking to my friend Jasmine."

"Oh, hey," Bria smiled brightly at us landing a seductive look in my direction before addressing Gina with eye contact. "It's nice to meet you Gina. You seem a bit more bold than Jasmine, but I did have a wonderful time speaking to her." She winked at me. What was with her winking? THAT was even driving me crazy.

"Uh, yeah," I said brilliantly. "It was a good conversation. I enjoyed it very much."

Bria stepped down from the group and kissed me on the cheek. "I knew you'd come find me."

Okay right then and there I should have just walked away. I should have high tailed it out of there and ran for it. I just couldn't help myself so I let the alcohol do the talking, "I knew it wouldn't be hard to find you. It's not like anyone else here is that interesting anyway." I grabbed her ass and pinched it slightly.

Bria jumped and giggled at me. "Oh you're trying to start some trouble." She looked at Gina who looked like she was about drown in her own saliva the way she was staring at my new found crush. "Gina, would you mind if I stole your friend for a while?"

Gina scoffed, "She's not mine if that's what you're asking. That girl is straight as an arrow and I've tried many times to get her to come to her senses. I've even offered to do all of the pleasing and the girl still won't budge. Why she's into you I have no clue." She put her hands up in a surrendering motion.

"Well, well, well... I've got a virgin on my hands." I saw Bria's smile deepen into what looked like a sneer.

I cleared my throat, "No virgin here honey. Uh, I've just never been..."

"... with a woman." Bria finished for me. "You know, you are so sexy when you do that. Act all innocent when I know there's a freak in there somewhere. I bet you squirt, don't you? The quiet ones always do."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing and before I could get a word in edgewise she continued.

"C'mon. Let me take you somewhere you can feel more comfortable."

I hesitated for only a moment until I saw what looked like what might be my competition for the night: Gina. This girl could pull any female she set her eyes on and she knew she could have Bria if she wanted to. Girls were always so typical. Bria brought something out of me that night though so I said...

"Sure, that sounds great actually! I could use a massage at the parlor or even hit the hot tub. Let's go." I motioned for us to get going with my hand on the small of Bria's back when she turned and kissed me full on the lips.

"No, babydoll. We're going to go somewhere even better than the hot tub or simple massage room... we're going to my suite." She grabbed my hand and walked up to Gina. "Maybe you should come with us. She's going to need someone familiar to help her through this."

Help me through what?! Having sex wasn't rocket science and although I'd never been with a girl I'd fantasized about it enough and played with myself more than several times a week to know what pleases women. Why would I need Gina? I was already embarrassed enough.

Somehow it all seemed right, though, as Gina took Bria's other hand and the three of us walked toward her hotel room.

Thirty minutes later...

"OH GOD! YES Jasmine! YES!" This had been going on for about five minutes and all I could do was keep going. She tasted so sweet. The mixture of her with strawberry juice was almost too much to bear.

Just like sucking dick, I loved everything about eating pussy. I loved her lips, her clit, the entrance to her walls, the way her inner thighs trembled as I caressed and blew upon them. There was nothing like it. I loved being in control.

"Jasmine, please don't stop mami! Please!" She talked to me as though we had been lovers for a very long time. Olive skin on top of caramel complexion and pink tongue flicking in and out over and under, fast and slow.

I sucked on her clit for a few moments until she asked me to stick my fingers in her pussy. I started with one, not sure what was comfortable for her. Gina coached me in the background. She was in the chair, playing with a dildo. I'd caught only a few glimpses of her pinched up facial expressions before attending to Bria again.

Once we'd gotten into the room, we all talked for a few moments. Bria wanted to get to know each of us. She was such a hospitable hostess as she poured champagne in three flutes for us to sip. Strawberries were laid out freshly on a silver dish at the end of her bed. The hot tub was only a few feet away and her chaise was the place we'd decided to start our escapade.

Bria's moans were alluring. They were like the cheering an athlete needed to score. I felt like I was in heaven. Her beautiful eyes were hidden beneath pink eyeshadow and glorious lashes while I tasted her. I made love to her with my mouth in the best way I knew how.

Her hips were grinding against my mouth with a fierceness that almost knocked me back but I braced myself by locking my hands around her ankles. Good thing she was flexible because I was able to push her legs all the way back as I ate her out.

I started with the tip of a strawberry and traced her beautiful pussy outline with it. I teased her opening with the seeded edge of the delicious fruit and pushed it in little by little until I could only see the green of its leaves. Bria squealed in delight as I kept repeating this motion only to pull it out just as she was getting excited.

Her clit hardened and from that moment I needed no more coaching from Gina who had reached in her bag to grab her dildo and started getting undressed.

I had gotten so lost inside of Bria's glory box that I hadn't remembered that Gina was even there until I felt the hard, hot, slick shape of a dick inside of me.

Bria and I were both naked, I was on top of her feeding from her breasts, licking her every curve and sucking on her sensitive spots. She loved kissing and was really good at it too. Her lips were like soft petals of ecstasy as we tossed our tongues together.

Gina started pumping me from behind with what appeared to me now as a strap on. I loved the feeling of someone inside of me as I pleased Bria. It made me wetter, hotter and even more aroused.

I didn't stop tasting Bria and when I felt myself about to cum...


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