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Dark Desires

I have found that I would like one black male lover for occasional, casual, sex and lovemaking.

I have always loved girls, women, females and I still do.  But, in 2011, I had an experience that showed me that along with girls, women, females, I just plain love sex.
On the road for a few days, crisscrossing South Florida, I was staying in motels. In one, where I had planned to stay from Friday afternoon until a Monday morning meeting, I met someone new.  I had gone to a grocery on Saturday morning to get some cold drinks, and snacks and was unloading and stocking the little refrigerator in the room.  As I walked back and forth from my truck to the room, I noticed a good looking black guy, a few rooms down who was unloading his rental car.  He was wearing some form fitting spandex shorts, and I saw him as being a bit feminine.  We made eye contact, and I smiled and waved to him.  I had never had a man to man experience, but this man was good looking, and looked like a real gentleman.

He walked over to me and commented that it was a nice day.  I agreed and asked,  “Do you smoke weed?” to which he replied that he did.  I invited him in to smoke a joint, thinking that it might mean a blow job for me.  Inside the room I introduced myself, and Jamal told me his name.  As we smoked, I couldn’t help but notice a very impressive lump in his shorts.  He was standing, and I was sitting on the bed, seeing it at eye level.  

On impulse, with no previous thought, I said,  “That is impressive, have you ever used it on a man?”  

He put my hand on it and replied,  “Yes I have, do you want me to fuck you?”

Nearly breathless, I told him that I would like that but that I had never been fucked before.  He assured me that he would handle it.

Jamal told me that he had to go to his room and take care of some business details, but that he would love to come back in two hours.  He suggested I go to the Dollar General down the street and get some lubricant and a four-pack of douche bottles and use them to clean myself out.  

He left, and I went to the store and returned to the room with the douche bottles.  I cleaned myself out, noticing that the water was clear and clean now.  I saw that it was nearly time for him to return, so I rolled a couple more joints, and undressed to my underwear.

In just a few minutes, he returned, and when he came in, he took the joint I offered him, and then got on the bed with me.  He slid his shorts and shirt off, then helped me with my underwear.  “Where is the lube, baby?” he asked.  I handed it to him, and he climbed between my legs, as he put some on his beautiful cock.  He lifted my legs so that my ankles were on his shoulders and pressed himself to me.   Using the lube on the head of his cock to wet my opening, he began working his way in.  I don’t know that I had ever felt hornier, and wanted to feel him inside me.  We hadn’t done any foreplay, but I was ready for this, and wanted it badly.

When the head of his cock started through my sphincter, I felt pain, lots of pain, and tried to press back on his thighs.  He said,  “Move your hands, I am coming in, and then it will start feeling good.”  He then made one push and was several inches inside me.  That took my breath, and he let it lay like that before he began pushing the rest into me.  He pulled back, then pushed in again, getting even deeper, and did this several times, and then I felt his nut sack touch me.  I had all of that magnificent weapon in me.  

“You have got me all the way in you,”  he whispered, smiling at me.

All I could say was,  “Fuck me, baby.  Fuck me hard.”  And fuck me he did.  The rest of the afternoon, during the night, and the next morning. During that first fuck all I could do was lay there and take it.

I had noticed the clock when we got into bed, and twenty minutes later, he said breathlessly, “I’m gonna cum."  I was panting, and felt him push deep, deeper even than he had been, and he began cumming.  The feeling was awesome.  Even though I didn’t ejaculate, I was as satisfied as him, yet wanted more.  He relaxed his hold on my legs, and I moved them so they were around his waist.

Now, I could move, and I matched his moves as he kept fucking me.  He hadn’t softened, and felt just as hard, just as rigid as when he did the first stroke.  I liked this.

During the years past, several girlfriends and two wives and I have been into swinging, and during those encounters, I have seen some people putting their best fuck forward.  I had never seen a white guy that could go for over five minutes and then they needed several more, maybe an hour to be ready to perform again, while most of the black guys went for at least a half hour, and then stayed hard, as they fucked their way to their next orgasm.

I loved watching my women being satisfied by black men.  That I had consented to the swinging, showed the women that I wanted them to be able to have the best sex possible, even if it was better than I could deliver with my seven-and-a-half inches.  Keeping it in the open, it wasn’t cheating, and was no threat to the relationship.  

As we fucked our way to his second orgasm, he asked,  “Are you liking this?  Do you want more?”

I said,  “Jamal, this is even better than I pictured it being.  Yes, I want more. I want all that you care to give me.  Fuck me, baby.  Am I good enough for you?”.

He smiled, and said that he liked what he was getting.   “I am going to dance inside your hole baby, hang on and give it up to me,” he said as he started rotating his body as he stroked in and out.  He fucked me like he was fucking a woman, and I felt like I was taking it like a woman, feeling very femme under this man.  

After a few minutes more, he said that we needed more lube, so he stopped, and pulled back a little as he dripped some onto his cock.  Taking my hand, he placed it on his shaft and told me to spread it around. He was thick, thicker than I had pictured it.

Lubed up, he pressed back in and went back to work, giving me the best I have ever had.  He stroked in and out, and I ground on him, and several minutes later, he again jammed into me and said,  “I’m cummmmmiiiinnnnnggggg, again!”  

Spent, he settled onto me, then rolled off to the side when I spoke,  “Baby, that was the best sex I have ever had. I hope that isn’t the last of it.”

He said:  “Let’s smoke a joint, relax, and then we can do it again.”.

As I relit the joint, I put a hand towel under me to catch the drainage that I could feel seeping down my ass crack.  Taking a toke, he felt my cock and asked if I needed it taken care of.  I told him:  “Jamal baby, what you are doing to my ass is all that I want.  This is not about my cock, and I don’t care if I don’t bust a nut today.  I just want your black snake in me, and your hips hammering it deep.”  

He replied,  “Baby, we have been doing this for you.  I loved giving you what I have, but when I get back in, I need to take some of that ass for myself.  You gave me your virginity, and now I am going to claim that hole as mine.  Get on our knees.”

Putting what was left of the joint in the ashtray, I got on my knees as he lubed his cock again.  He pushed inside of me, and the swelling from the previous fucks, made my hole tighter, giving us both a lot of pleasure.  He stroked until he had us well lubricated, then pushed me down, onto my stomach, then lifted my belly a little and pushed a pillow under me.  “Hang on bitch, this one is for me.” he said, as he began knocking the bottom out of my ass.  He was delivering full length strokes, slapping into me hard, grunting as he fucked me like there was no tomorrow.  I tried to move, but that only broke his stride, so I just laid there and took the fucking of my life.

I knew now what those women so loved about being fucked with a big black cock like I was getting.  I knew right then that I would never want a white guy, and wondered if I would want to fuck a woman again.  This guy owned me, and if he had asked, I would have committed to be his fuck buddy forever. I wasn’t in love with him, but I damned sure loved the fucking he was giving me.

Having cum twice in an hour, he went at it for a long time, finally cumming deep inside me a third time.   He collapsed on my back, panting.  I had to ask,  “Can you stay all night?”

He replied,  “Baby, you couldn’t make me leave if you tried.  We have lots more fucking to do.  You like this black loving, don’t you?”.

Looking up at him, I told him,  “You have been where no one else has been.  You have given me pleasure that no one else has ever come close to.  My bed will always be there for you."

I knew that giving up her virginity was always special to a girl, and now I can feel why.  "My legs will always spread for you, Jamal.”

We fell asleep,  and didn’t wake up until into the night some time, when I felt for his cock, and found it. I stroked it, and felt it rising.  I put some lube on it, and as he smiled at me, I climbed on top, putting him into me.   I put his hands on my hips and asked him:  “Can you show me how to fuck you, baby?  I want to give you something for all you have given me.  This feels so good.”.

He gripped my hips and raised me up then pulled me back down, pushing me away from him, then pulling forward.  His cock was all over inside me,   We fucked like that and then I said,  “Baby, lay me down, and fuck me like you did when I was on my stomach.  I want you to fuck me hard, deep, and make me feel you all up in me.”.

I pulled up and off him and lay on my back with the pillow under my butt, and my legs spread wide.  Jamal got between my legs, and as he put the head into my hole, he drove it home and started that heavenly, hard, long stroke that I had loved earlier. I had to hold my cock and balls out of the way, because his pelvis hit mine with every stroke. I was on my way to the moon.  “I love this, baby.  Don’t stop, fuck me.  It is your ass, baby, use it.

"Ohhhh fucckkkk, this is gooooood.”  Jamal pounded me without slowing or changing his stroke, for what must have been fifteen minutes.  When he tensed up and jammed it home this time, I truly belonged to him.  When he came this time, I was bred, and if he had wanted, he could have claimed me as his.

We caught our breath and decided to shower and get an early breakfast at the Waffle House next door.

After getting back to the room after breakfast, we smoked the rest of the joint, and he said that he would have to leave in an hour or so to make some business calls. I asked him if he could just lay me down and slow screw me for awhile.  (I hadn’t yet been kissed, nor had I had his cock in my mouth, but didn’t really know how to ask for that.)

He pushed me back on the bed, and told me to undress.  I did, and he did, and we climbed back under the covers.  This time, I told him to try me without lube, because I might have had enough in me.  I wanted to feel his cock as much as possible.

With my ass back on the pillow, I took him in, and he laid his stomach and chest on me and began to give me the most awesome slow fuck.  He would give me several sensuous, full strokes, and then, with his cock deep in me, just pull back a couple of inches and fast fuck me for a few strokes, then back to the long full strokes, taking me where I had never been before.

I could get really used to sex like this.  As he got nearer to his orgasm, his moves got more intense.  I had my legs around his waist, and was helping him by moving my body under him.  He stiffened his arms, raising his chest off mine, and then sucked one of my oversized nipples into his mouth as he stroked me.

That was it, for the first time, I felt an orgasm building, and told him,  “Baby!  I am gonna cum too.  Cum with me, please, baby, cum with me.”  He pressed his pelvis to mine, his cockhead to my insides and gave me his fifth load, which was no less intense than his first.

I was fucked, and I was changed forever. Jamal left me laying there, totally spent, limp as a wet rag, and utterly satisfied.  If there could be better sex, I don’t know if I could stand it.   Before we dressed, I asked Jamal if I could stroke his cock to see if I could make it rise again.  I did, and when It was standing, I used the tape measure that I had on the table to measure it.  He measured nine inches long, and it was over seven inches around.  This weekend would be on my mind for a very long time.

Sadly, Jamal and I didn’t trade contact information, and I have not had the opportunity to be under a black lover since.  I am now beyond “horny”, and am obsessed with getting more of that. I am not getting younger, and I don’t want to go to my grave without more.

I want to be fucked like that again, I want a big cock like that again, and the next time I want it with some mash mouth kissing, and I want to give the next guy the virginity of my mouth and throat too.  I have little interest in being in a committed relationship with any woman, but love some occasional sex and lovemaking.  If I found that next guy, and he was at all as good as Jamal, I would commit to be his.  Not to marry or even live with, but to lay down and spread my legs for him any time he wants it.

I truly love it black.


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