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Detention sucks

Kelly gets detention and then has some fun.
I can’t believe I got detention. All I did was have my cell phone out and text just a little bit. I guess it is a crime to want to use your cell phone as an 18-year-old senior. Alas, Mr. Roof gave me a detention and here I sit in my green tank top and black short shorts. I am the only one in the detention. Watching over me is 25 year old Ms. Hailiex or as she likes to be called by her first name, Maria. I am just sitting there doing some homework so that way I don’t have to do it when I get home. The door to the room opens and at the other end is Maria’s boyfriend Craig.

“Stay in your seat and keep working I’ll be right back,” Maria says standing up adjusting her skirt and walking out.

I look out the door, which was open slightly; I think Maria wanted to close it all the way, because I could see them making out. They were really going at it. Craig is pushed up against Maria who was against the wall. I try and not watch as I go back to my homework. The next thing I know Maria is standing over me looking down at me with a smile.

“Kelly can I ask a favor of you?”

“What are you talking about?” I look back up.

“If you do this favor you can leave early today,” Maria says with a wink.

“Um yea sure I can’t refuse that. What do you want me to do?” I ask with a smile.

“I want you to have sex with my boyfriend and I,” Maria says sort of quickly.

“WHAT!” I say in shock at the request.

“Do you accept or not. Do it and get out of detention early,” Maria as she runs her hand on my shoulder.

“Fine, I’ll do it,” I say looking up at her with a smile. I’ve only had sex with girls my age or younger but that was with my boyfriends also.

I stand up and Maria takes my hand we go to her desk and she pulls me against her and starts kissing me and we start making out. Just like her boyfriend and her were doing earlier. While we make out I feel another set of hands on my hips, I look back and Craig is rubbing up against me. I can feel his cock against my ass. Craig pulls me back against him as Maria unbuttons her shirt and takes it off and unclips her red bra letting loose her EE breasts. I lean my head down sucking on her big tits loving on them.

“Oh she really wants to go home early huh?” Craig smirks as he pulls off his shirt his 6-pack abs and his tight tan Italian-American body shinning in the light.

Maria nods as she reaches down pulls up my tank top. I pull away and she lifts it over my head my 34 C breasts flop out of my tank top since I didn’t wear a bra with tank tops. I then feel Craig’s large hands slide up my body and grab my breasts. He moves one hand away and with the help of Maria, slides off Maria’s skirt, revealing her bright pink thong. Then he moves away from my breasts and slides down my black shorts, showing that I was not wearing anything under them.

“Oh she has gone commando,” Craig says licking his lips.

“Ohhh how nice easy access!” Maria squeals holding my head against her tits, “Tell me what she tastes like.”

The next thing I know I feel a warm tongue dive into my pussy. I moan against Maria’s tits as I suck on them harder. Maria lifts her hips up and removes her thong. She then takes my head and moves it down to her pussy. I start licking her sweet pussy fast and furious. Fifteen minutes later my legs shake and I cum into Craig’s mouth and then Maria’s body shakes and she cums into my mouth.

“Mmm that was hot and you taste amazing.” Craig says leaning my head back and kisses me on the lips.

“Your tongue is so good also,” Maria sits up kissing me also.

I smile and move to grab my clothes but Maria grabs me and turns me around to face Craig. Craig smile as he unzips his pants and pushes his cargo shorts down with his Cleveland Browns boxers and out comes his 11-inch long 5-inch thick cock. Maria adjusts us so she is now under me and licking my pussy. As soon as I open my mouth to moan Craig grabs the back of my head and forces his massive cock into my mouth. I suck his cock deep gagging when his cock hits the back of my throat. I assume Maria is fingering herself because I can feel her moans rattle my pussy with every lick. 10 minutes later Craig moans holding my head hard to his cock as he lets loose a massive amount of cum down my throat and I cum in Maria’s mouth.

“Damn that was good,” I say panting catching my breath.

“Oh we are not done yet Kelly,” Maria says turning me back around to face her.

She then shoves my face back into her pussy. I dive right in loving the taste of her pussy. As I lick her pussy, Craig digs his nails into my ass spreading my cheeks and slams his entire cock into my asshole. I feel my asshole stretch out to fit the giant cock. I scream against Maria’s pussy, but keep licking.

“Oh yes, oh yes fuck that is good!” Maria moans loudly as she cums again in my mouth.

“YEEES!” Craig moans as he shoots another massive load into my ass, just as my pussy trembles and cums. I feel Craig and my cum flow down my legs.

Craig sits on the desk rubbing his hand along my back as Maria and I start making out again.

“You two have so much energy don’t you,” I say panting.

“Yes we do and you are starting to get there also,” Maria says before Craig grabs me again and pulls me over to him.

“Time for this pussy to get drilled.”

He grins lifting me up, facing me away from him and sliding his massive cock into my pussy.

“Oh, oh, oh, fuuuuck!” I moan as I feel my pussy stretch out a lot to fit his cock all the way down to his balls.

He grabs my hips and forces me up and down hard. He leans his head down and starts sucking on my neck leaving deep purple hickies. Maria stands up, leans over, and pushes my breasts together and starts licking and sucking on my nipples.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck,” I moan loudly as Craig now makes me ride him as hard as he can make me go. I reach between Maria’s legs and start fingering her pussy.

“YEES, YES!” Craig moans loudly as he shoots a huge load of cum into my pussy.

I cum into Maria’s mouth and she lets loose cum on my fingers. I lick my fingers clean of her cum panting, as I am exhausted. Craig moves me off him and him and Maria start making out. I lie there panting catching my breath thinking I can leave. I can hear Craig and Maria whisper something. I go to get off the desk but as soon as I move Maria lies down in front of me her pussy back in front of my face.

“Lick me Kelly, one more time,” Maria says winking.

I sigh and nod and lower my head and start licking her pussy again. I don’t think I will ever get tired of the taste of her pussy. The next thing I know Craig plows his cock back into my pussy. This time he is going as hard and as fast as he physically can go. How hard he is going is making my pussy and body hurt but I can’t help but enjoy it now. 25 minutes later all three of our bodies shake and we all cum. I cum on Craig’s cock and he cums in me again. Maria squirts a massive load of cum all over my face. I lie there on the desk too tired to move.

“Mmmm she was worth it,” Craig says kissing Maria.

“Happy Anniversary honey,” Maria says rubbing my ass, “So you want to take her home for the weekend?”

“Really? I would love that,” Craig says.

“Alright let’s get dressed and get her dressed and let’s get out of here,” Maria says putting her clothes on before putting mine back on me. Craig does the same thing.

They take me and put me in their car and drive off towards their place.

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