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I arrived in Dallas mid morning on Monday and went straight to the hotel to change into business attire.   It was not quite lunch time, so I caught a cab to the office.   This was one of my favorite units to audit because the CFO was very yummy.   He was tall, built like an NFL linebacker, always tan and had a gorgeous smile.   It was also apparent that he was attracted to me.


I announced myself at the front desk and the receptionist called the Controller to let her know I was here.   These audits normally started with a conference with the Controller and the CFO, and ended the same way, but most of the time I worked with the Controller.   I was aware that the previous controller was no longer with the company and had been replaced by a woman, but I had not met her yet.


I was looking out the window when I heard a voice behind me say, “Hello Josie, my name is Susan, I’m the new Controller.”   I had turned around when she said hello and was surprised to see a woman of about my own age.   She wore her hair in a pony tail and earrings sparkled below her ear lobes.   Her lipstick was deep red, as if freshly applied, and her makeup was light but evident around her eyes.   She wore a white blouse that fit a little tight across her breasts and tapered down to her narrow waist.   Her navy blue skirt stopped about 3 inches above her knees.   Her heels were lower than my own yet she looked me in the eye, so she was a little taller than me.   Her smile was pleasant and her expression friendly.   I found her pretty but not gorgeous.


“Hi Susan, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” I said as I took her hand.  

We shook briefly and released our hands a little slow.   I wasn’t sure which of us held on a little longer than necessary.


“Why don’t you come with me and I’ll get you settled, then Mark would like to take us to lunch,” she said.  

She put her hand on my back to lead me through the door into the inner office.    She set me up in a small conference room and then went to get Mark.   I unpacked my laptop and found an electrical outlet to plug it into.


“Hello Josie, it’s so good to see you again,” said Mark as he entered the room.

We shook hands and again the handshake lasted longer than necessary.  

Mark was wearing a white shirt and tie with his sleeves rolled up.   I knew that he had played football in college and still worked out regularly.   His muscular build was evident no matter what part of him I looked at.   I hoped that my attraction to him was not displayed on my face.


We went to lunch at a place nearby and sat in a booth.   Mark placed me in the middle and all through lunch I was feeling contact with my knees from both sides.   We weren’t crowded together, so I began to feel that these contacts were deliberate.   I was thrilled that Mark might be making overtures toward me, but a little disconcerted that Susan might be also.


Lunch and our conference concluded we went back to the office.   We walked past Susan’s office first and she left us while Mark and I continued down the hall toward the conference room.  

“Before you get to work I’d like to talk to you in my office for a moment,” he said. I nodded and we continued down the hall to his corner office.   As I entered I found the view from the windows to be spectacular.   The area around Dallas is pretty flat and on a clear day you can see a long way.


I turned around and found Mark standing so close behind me that I bumped him with my arm.   I started to stumble backward but he caught me and pulled me back, so close in fact that he was standing right over me.  

He held onto my arm and said, “Josie, unless I’m mistaken there is a mutual attraction going on here.”  


I looked into his hazel eyes and momentarily could not find my tongue.   He took that to mean I agreed and he leaned over quickly and kissed me.   My knees got weak and I wanted to melt into his arms, but I knew this was a very bad idea.   I put my hands on his chest and pushed him back.

“Mark, this is not something we want to do,” I said, without much conviction.

“I am here to audit you and I have a professional responsibility not to get involved.   I could lose my job, and so could you.   Even a hint of impropriety could get us both fired.”


Mark turned and walked over and sat on the edge of his desk, looking at me in silence.

“I’m fully aware of all that Josie.    I have a lot to lose here, but I am willing to take that risk.   Have dinner with me tonight.”


I turned and looked out the window, thinking.   Could we possibly have an affair without anyone finding out?

I felt his hands on my shoulders and his lips on my neck.   A chill ran through me and I closed my eyes.   I was losing control of my better judgment and I knew it.   Worse still, my lack of resistance was encouraging him.   His strong arms were now around my waist and he was pressing his body against me.   I needed to get out of this office before this went any farther.


“Ok,” I said, “I’ll have dinner with you tonight, but we have to keep our distance in the office.  

He removed his hands from around my waist, placed them back on my shoulders, and turned me around to face him.

“I agree to that, except for this one kiss.”

He leaned forward and kissed me with a passion I had not expected.   Electricity coursed through my body and I couldn’t keep myself from responding.   The kiss lingered and his hands roamed down to my ass.   I did nothing at first, I was helpless to stop him, but I finally regained control and pulled away.


I was breathing heavy and I knew my panties were a little moist.   I quickly walked to the door, turned and looked at him and smiled, then closed the door behind me.


Shortly after I got back to the conference room Susan showed up with some files that I would need.   She sat down beside me and as she did so her skirt rode up her thighs a little.   She scooted forward in her chair and her skirt road up quite a bit.   Without looking down I could see that most of her thighs were visible.  


She leaned forward and opened the first file and began to explain what was there.   She had placed the file in front of me, and as she moved her fingers across the pages she kept brushing her arm across my breast.   I tried to fight it but my nipples still got hard.   I was becoming convinced that she was coming on to me, or at least testing me.  


During the short time we had spent together I had noticed that she was very sensuous and had sex appeal that I had not noticed in my first meeting with her.   I was beginning to become aroused by the realization that she might want me.   This was clearly not turning out to be a normal audit for me.


I turned toward Susan and looked at her.   Her blouse was now open at the top, showing cleavage that had not been apparent earlier.   I looked down at her thighs, then back at her face.   My gaze was having an effect on her and I knew she was getting aroused.


“Susan, I think we should be honest with each other,” I said.   “I have a professional responsibility and can’t take the chance of getting involved with someone I am auditing.   We could both get fired.”   I felt like a broken record.   Talk about déjà vu.


“You’re right,” she said, “We really do have to be careful.   Would you care to have a drink with me after work?”


“A drink?   I don’t know, I’ll probably be here late.”   I was stumbling for something to say.

“Well give it some thought,” she said, “I’ll check back with you later.”

She slid her chair back and got up on my side of her chair.   As she did so she spread her legs and showed me her light blue panties.   The center was dark where moisture had soaked through.   In spite of myself I could feel myself getting aroused by the sight.


Now I was in a real jam.   I had to find an excuse not to have a drink with her without making her suspicious.   Oh hell, in my current state of arousal I wasn’t sure I didn’t want to have a drink with her, or of her.    Mmmmm, delicious thought.


What a dilemma.


I found my mind going back to Mark and his hard body.   The thought going through my head were making me wet all over again.

“Damn,” I thought, “if I don’t stop thinking about him I’ll have to take my panties off and wring them out.”


As the afternoon progressed I found a few irregularities that I needed to ask Susan about.   I didn’t want to see her now; she’d want an answer about that drink after work.

What to do, what to do.

I had to get this work done, that was my highest priority, so I had to go see Susan.   I’d figure out what to say when I had to, otherwise I’d not mention it.


I knocked on her door and she said to enter.   I opened the door and told her that I had a few questions regarding the audit.   She said to close the door and I said it might be better left open.

“Nonsense,” she said as she came around the desk.   “I never discuss audits where the staff can hear it.”  


I nodded, turned and closed the door.   As I turned around Susan was right before me.   I noticed that she had let her hair down and she looked better, sexier.

She grabbed my hand and placed it on her breast, pulled my head toward her and kissed me on the lips.   I was totally taken by surprise and had no immediate response.   By the time I did her tongue was in my mouth and I could feel her nipple hardening under my hand.   Damn, I thought, I wish I didn’t love sex so much.


I began to pinch her nipple, my resolve virtually gone.   Encouraged, she reached down with one hand and pressed it between my legs.    A low moan escaped my lips and I couldn’t believe it came from me.   Further encouraged, she lifted my skirt and placed her hand directly on my hot mound.   Without thought I shifted my feet wider apart.


My mind was swirling with this sudden sexual assault that I was powerless to repel.   I realized almost subconsciously that I was unbuttoning her blouse.   Her hand on my womanhood was pressing and caressing my center and my panties were getting wetter.


Suddenly there was a knock at the door.   Susan removed her hand and began to button her blouse as she walked back behind her desk.   She nodded to me and I opened the door.


“Excuse me ladies, I hate to interrupt, but I need to talk to Josie for a minute, is that ok?” asked Mark.

“I have some questions for Susan, but I guess they can wait,” I said.

“Good, this won’t take long,” he said, as he led me out of the room.

We walked in silence to his office and he closed the door.

“Something has come up and I will be tied up until late,” he said, “can we get together for a drink after dinner?”

Relief flowed through my body and I began to relax.

“Of course,” I said, “what time do you…”
My question was cut off as his lips crushed into mine.   He pressed his body against me as his tongue swirled around my own. His scent was intoxicating and I began to get wet again.   I made a mental note to bring a spare pair of panties to the office with me next time.


His hands were once again on my ass as we kissed.   Soon his kisses were on my neck and I let out another moan.   He pulled my skirt up and cupped my bare cheeks with his hands, squeezing and caressing and pressing me against him.   I could feel his hardness against my stomach now.  

“Oh God,” I thought, “Let’s lock the door and get naked right now.”


“Mark, we can’t do this, it’s too dangerous,” I said as I made a half hearted struggle to get away from him.  

Once again we were saved by a knock at the door.   I rushed to the door to open it and it was his secretary.

“You’re two o’clock appointment is here to see you,” she said.

“I’ll talk to you later,” I said, as I moved past her and down the hallway.


As I approached the conference room I saw Susan coming from the other direction.  

“Oh good,” I thought, “I’ll get those questions answered now.”


I walked into the conference room and was about to pick up my notepad when I heard the door close behind me and the lock click.   I turned around and Susan pushed me back against the table, lifting my skirt up to my waist in the process.   I was off balance and my feel came off the floor as she pressed me down on the table, her body between my legs.   Her lips went to my neck and her hands to my breasts.   I had no leverage to fight or push her off.   She reached down and pulled her own skirt up and pressed her mound against mine.   I felt her heat immediately.


My nipples quickly got hard and my already wet panties began to get wetter.   Susan was grinding her mons veneris against mine and it was getting me very excited.   She shifted her body to one side and placed a hand on my wet panties.   She began to stroke me and I moaned.   She stroked harder and I moaned louder.   She slipped a finger under the edge of my panties and pulled them aside.   I felt totally exposed and very aroused.   Her finger found its way to the center of my arousal and slipped between my swollen lips.   I cried out loud as she stroked my clit and brought me to an orgasm.


Susan reached down and pulled my panties off and threw them against the wall behind her.   Instantly she was on her knees with her mouth on my eagerly thrusting pussy.   Her tongue licked around my dripping well and then plunged into the center.   She licked deep and she licked high and she licked hard.   My moans were filling the room and I was worried I would be heard.  


“Susan,” my voice was barely a squeak, “someone will hear us.”

She pulled up long enough to respond, “Not in here, the room is sound proof.”

She returned her attention to my pleasure and the room was once again filled with the sound of my loud moaning.   She attacked my clit then backed off, attached and backed off, driving me to the edge and back time after time.   Finally she settled on my clit and sucked and licked and nibbled and my moans turned to screams.


My orgasm continued until she finally pulled back and began licking up my juices.


Susan kissed me on the mouth and smiled, then hiked her skirt up and took off her panties.

“It’s my turn sweetheart,” she said.


There was a knock at the door and the handle turned.   We both jumped up and smoothed down our skirts.   Susan unlocked the door and pulled it open.   Mark stood there with a quizzical look on his face.


“Sorry, I’ve been interrupted so many times today that I was trying to keep the hoards away,” I said, “but that doesn’t apply to you.   What’s up?”


“Actually I’m here to rescue you, I need to talk to Susan,” he responded.

Susan walked out and closed the door behind her.   I quickly picked up both pair of panties and stuck them in my bag.


I decided to send Susan an email with my questions and just finished doing so when Mark came back.

“I managed to free myself up for tonight, so we can leave right at 5:00 and have a drink before dinner.


Great, now what do I tell Susan?   She’s expecting, and deserves, a little quid pro quo.


I decided I wanted to spend as much time with Mark as possible, so I had to figure out a way to put Susan off.

Hmmm, I had an idea.   I picked up the phone and called Susan and told her that she should come and get her panties while the coast was clear.   A couple of minutes later she was at the door.   She came in and closed it behind her.  


When she appeared I got up and walked around the table.   I walked over to the door and locked it, and when I turned around Susan was on me, pushing me up against the door and kissing me hard.   I quickly began to unbutton her blouse, and found that her bra opened in the front.   I unhooked it and released a really nice pair of D cup breasts.   I feasted first on one, then the other, while my hands were lifting her skirt up to her waist.


While my mouth sucked on her nipples my hands roamed over her bare ass and worked around to her already moist pussy.   I began to caress it gently at first, then pressing harder.   She was moaning and pressing my face against her breast.   My hand was open on her mound and yet getting wet from the moisture already seeping from her lips.   I slid a finger inside, then another, and began to explore and caress her velvety interior.   Soon I was finger fucking her with my left hand, my right hand on her bare ass and my mouth on her breast.


Her moaning was constant and she was thrusting her hips against my fingers.   I pulled up and found her clit, and she had an immediate orgasm.   Soon my hand was coated in her cum and the feeling increased my own excitement.   I could feel my juices running down the inside of my thighs.


I pushed her back on the table as she had done to me and went down on my knees.   I lifted her legs up in the air with each hand and attacked her sopping pussy with my lips and tongue.   She went wild, almost screaming, as she exploded into another orgasm.   I drank up her cum and continued to lick and suck on her clit.   Her orgasms continued and I worried that this room was not sound proof enough to prevent her voice from carrying through the walls.


I finally backed off and licked her clean, then stood up and smiled at her.   She smiled back, still breathing hard, and I offered her my hand to pull her up.   She took it, stood on her feet and kissed me.   She began to fondle me and I backed away.


“I owed you that and I had to deliver now because I won’t be able to see you after work,” I said.  

“Now that we’ve gotten that out of our system I hope I can get some work done.   Besides, I’ll be here all week; we might have another chance to have that drink after work.”
I reached into my purse and handed her her panties.   She put them in her purse and left with a big smile on her face.


I went back to work and was finally beginning to make some progress.   Mark stopped by briefly to tell me that he would pick me up at my hotel at 6:00.

I needed a shower, that didn’t give me a lot of time to get ready.  

I left the office promptly at 5:00 and went straight to the hotel.   By 5:30 I was out of the shower and drying my hair.


Mark arrived at the hotel at 5:40 and went up to the bar.   The bartender came over and Mark stood there thinking.

Should I have a drink and wait until 6:00, or go up now, he wondered.   She was receptive to me at the office, why wouldn’t she be receptive now where it was safe?

A minute later he was pushing the button on the elevator.


I had my hair curled and dried and was sitting in front of the mirror wrapped in a bath towel.   I had just begun to put on my makeup when there was a knock at the door.   I got up and looked through the eye hole and saw Mark standing there.  

I opened the door a crack and said, “You’re early, I’m not ready yet.”

“Well I can wait in the room for you, or I can stand out here, or I can go downstairs and wait for you in the bar,” he said.


I thought for a second, and then opened the door.

“Come in, you might as well wait here.   I still need about 15 minutes.”

Mark walked in and I closed the door.   He stood by the end of the bed and looked at me.

“You look sexy as hell in that towel,” he said.

I looked down and realized that I was barely covered.   I looked back at Mark and his eyes were covering every inch of my body.   I felt a tingling between my legs when I recognized the hungry look in his eyes.  


My dress was spread out on the bed, so I walked over to get it and my body brushed against Marks.   Mark made no move to get out of the way.   As I leaned over and grabbed the top of the dress, the towel came loose and I had to grab it to keep it from falling off.   I stood up and the towel was covering my front, but not my back side.


This was more than Mark could take and he grabbed me and pulled me into him.   I tossed the dress on a chair so I could hold onto the towel with both hands.   Mark kissed me and wrapped his arms around me, caressing my naked back and ass.   I tried to resist at first, but quickly gave in to my own desire.  

Screw the makeup and the dress, I thought.   I let go of the towel and put my arms around Marks neck, kissing him with the wantonness that I was feeling.


Without breaking the kiss Mark took off his jacket and began to unbutton his shirt.   I grabbed the shirt and yanked it open, popping several buttons.   As Mark struggled out of the shirt I started on his trousers and they were quickly around his ankles.   I pushed him back on the bed and knelt down, removing his shoes and pants.


I stood up and stood there, naked, looking at Mark while he looked at me.   He still had his briefs on but the bulge was huge.   My heart was racing as I stood there, anticipating what was to come.   Marks eyes were devouring me from head to toe and it only served to increase my excitement.   I wanted this to be something special, but I was not sure how to make it so.   All I could think of was what an incredible body he has and how badly I want him inside me.


I decided to start by getting rid of those briefs and see the man underneath.   I leaned forward and grabbed his shorts on each side.   Knowing what I was about, he lifted his butt and I slid them off.

OMG, his cock is proportional to the rest of his body.   I don’t know if I can even fit that thing inside me.  

Oh, what a sight he was as he lay there leaning on one elbow with a grin on his face.


I crawled up his body and lay on top of him, my moist pussy coming to rest on his stomach.   One part of me wanted to take this slow, be sensuous and romantic, and another part of me wanted to impale myself on his cock and ride like it was a rodeo.  

My mind turned off and my body took over.   We kissed, then I worked my way up his body and placed one taut nipple at his mouth.   He took it and sucked it in, twirling his tongue around my nipple and flipping it back and forth.   I was moaning with a regular rhythm as I pulled out one nipple and gave him the other one, and he repeated the same motions.   I pulled that one out and moved up further and sat my hot mound right on his face.   His tongue began to lick immediately, slipping between my lips and licking up to my clit.   I arched my back, my eyes closed and my tits jutting out.


“Ohhhh, that’s good,” I said.   “Oh yes, I like what you are doing.”

He kept licking and in my excitement I began to thrust my hips at him.   As I did I would lose contact with his tongue and my excitement began to subside.   I stopped thrusting and just held my pussy against his mouth.   His tongue worked frantically on my clit and sent me into orbit.   “Oooohhhhhh, Gooodddd Yeeessssss, I screamed as my cum began to pour over his chin and into his mouth.


As my orgasm subsided I slid down his body and kissed him, getting my cum on my face in the process.   I quickly moved down and took his huge manhood in my hand.   I could barely get my fingers around it.   I rubbed it against my mouth and chin, smearing my cum around as much as possible, then I began to lick it all off.   My tongue finished at the tip, and I slowly took him into my mouth.   I had to stretch my jaws and could only get him half way in.   I licked and sucked and licked and sucked and his moans got louder and louder.


My own excitement was in the stratosphere.   Like a snail, everywhere I moved I left a trail of moisture behind me.   I couldn’t wait any longer; it was time for the main event.   I moved up and threw a leg across him and straddled his cock.   Using both hands I positioned him between my lips and slowly lowered myself onto him.  

“Oh God, I’ve never been filled like this before,” I said.   My lips were stretching and I just sat there, not moving, looking into his eyes and reveling on the feel of him inside me.


I slowly lifted myself up, sliding off his cock until just the tip was still inside me, then slowly slid back down.   I watched his eyes close as his other senses took control of the experience.   My movements were slow at first as I got used to his size, but eventually I relaxed enough to pick up the pace.   As my gyrations became faster my breasts began to bounce.   Mark reached up and covered both tits, squeezing and pinching and adding to my incredible excitement.


I was already so hot that my juices were running down his cock and soaking into his pubic hair.    The sound I was making was almost one constant moan as I got closer and closer to climax.   Marks moaning was almost matching my own.  

“Oh God, I’m getting close,” I said.   “Oh God you feel good.   Oh God, oh God, OHHH GOOOOODDD, OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YYYEEEEEESSSSS,” I screamed through an explosive orgasm.


I didn’t slow down; I was so excited that I felt another orgasm was eminent.   I kept thrusting and thrusting and was soon shuddering through another climax.   I would have kept going, but Mark sat straight up and took me in his arms.   He kissed my lips, then leaned me back and kissed my breasts, giving equal time to each of my hard nipples.


Then he lifted me up as if I were a doll and moved me to his side, positioning me on my knees.   I knew what he wanted and I pressed my breasts into the bed.   He got behind me and found I was too low.   He took two pillows from the bed, folded each one in half and placed them under my knees.   My ass was higher and Mark started by licking my dripping juices up with his tongue.   Then I felt the tip of his cock at my entrance and I pushed back, begging him to penetrate me to the bottom of my well.


Mark was not in a teasing mood, and he slid his massive rod in until he bottomed out.   His thrusting began slowly as he figured out how far to go, then he got into a steady pace.   The sound of his balls slapping against my pussy lips was barely audible above the chorus of moans coming from each of us.   It didn’t take long for me to have another orgasm, and by the time I felt Marks cock begin to swell I’d already had two more.


As his cock grew inside me it brought me to the brink yet again.   When I felt his hot cream spurting inside me it sent me into a final massive, shuddering orgasm.   The AHs and OHs coming from Mark were drowned out by the OMG’s coming from me.   My orgasm continued for as long as he kept shooting his hot seed into me, and it seemed to go on and on.


Mark rolled over and pulled me up on top of him.   I straddled him and we kissed as my well emptied out onto his belly.


“If we’re going out to dinner, then I need another shower,” I said.


“Let’s order room service, and take that shower anyway,” he said.


“Good thinking,” I said

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