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Dirty Weekend. Part Three.

Max and Sam enjoy a relaxing massage, with a twist.
Dirty Weekend. Part Three.

"At first, I was truly frightened. I could taste the fear in my mouth, feel it running through my veins. Then I felt a stirring, deep in my pussy."

"You are ok though? As much as I know you have fantasised about being abducted, I would not put you at risk. You do know that don't you?"

"Yes baby. I'm a little sore, but I enjoyed every last minute, every drop of cum, every thrust into my mouth, pussy and arse. Tell me though, how did you organise it. This was a last minute booking."

Sam and Mark were lying in the bed, discussing Sam's kidnapping. Mark knew Sam would need to know the finer details of the night, it was in her make up to understand everything around her. It was one of the reasons he loved her so much.

"When I left the table to go to reception. I met James and his friend, Ron. They recognised me from a previous visit to Cheshires. I overheard them saying they had not had much luck with the women tonight, so I proposed they kidnapped you. I explained your fantasy and both of them agreed it would be pretty hot to have you. They gave me one of their keys. Whilst you were waiting for the lift, I took the stairs. I hid in the bathroom, just listening to you with them. I watched through the crack as you undressed for them, how you teased them then submitted yourself to them."

"Did you like what you saw honey?"

"Yes. You were amazing. So fucking horny, just watching you sucking that big cock. I couldn't wait any longer. I had to come out and get closer."

"Thank you for making my fantasy come true. I will repay you."

"Hmm, I will hold you to that Mrs McMillan."

Mark slipped his hand around her waist and pulled her close. He kissed the top of her hair. She smelt of strawberries, so sweet. He nestled his head on top of hers and they held each other till they woke the following morning.

"Wakey wakey sleepyhead" Sam called out to Mark. She was carrying a tray which contained their breakfast. Nutty whole meal toast with real fresh butter, two bowls of muesli, two glasses of orange juice and a pot of coffee.

"I know what I would sooner eat" Mark responded as he took the tray from Sam. She climbed into the bed. The sheets were crumpled from their sleep. Their pillows had a defined dent where their heads had lay the night before.

"Mark, you are insatiable" Sam laughed as she poured the coffee. She added the cream and took a slice of hot buttered toast. Mark poured the milk over his cereal and began to eat.

"Shall we have a massage done today honey? Maybe a sauna?"

"My thoughts exactly Mark. Do you think Sara will be here?"

"I spoke to Sue at the reception last night. Sara is coming in so I booked her for two hours. Till then, let's make love and go for a swim."

Mark removed the tray off the bed, took Sam's juice glass from her, then stoked her hair away from her face.

"You are truly beautiful Mrs McMillan" he whispered as he kissed her neck. Butterfly soft kisses fell across her face. He took her head into his hands and pulled her closer to him. His lips found hers. So gently, so slowly. His mouth opened, making Sam's follow suit. His tongue searched her mouth, slowly lapping at her tongue. Sam ran her hands through his hair, raking her nails over his scalp, sending shivers across his skin. He lay her down, still kissing her. His hands stroking her breasts. Soft, smooth but firm. His mouth pulled away from hers and he suckled her. First the left side. Swirling his tongue around the areola. Feeling the tiny bumps growing as he ran his tongue across them. Flicking her nipple. Nibbling it between his teeth, knowing it was both painful and pleasurable to Sam. When her bud had grown hard, he did the same to her right side.

His kisses fell over her tummy, around her belly button and down to her pubic area. He widened her legs and kissed her softly over her lips. His finger slipped through the slit and he could feel her heat, smell her sex. Using his fingers, he parted her and traced his tongue up and down each wall. He could hear her breathing a little heavier. Stroking her clit with his tongue made her shudder with excitement. The hooded clit was blooming before his eyes. He concentrated on sucking her, knowing she would soon be on the edge of an orgasm. Her hands were in his hair. Pulling him closer. Her legs wrapped around his back giving him no escape. Teasing her button with his tongue had caused her pussy to open up, just like a flower in the morning. He filled that hole with two of his fingers. She was wet and tight. She gasped as he slowly drove his fingers into her over and over. His tongue swirling around her button, lapping across the walls of her sex.

"Finger me harder Mark, make me cum."

He did as instructed. He plunged three fingers into her. She arched her back to raise her pussy to him. He nibbled and sucked her clit harder now. Tasting her juices which had began to flow. He could hear her wetness as he pulled out of her. Travelling back up her body, he gave her his fingers to suck on. She greddily sucked her pussy juices from them. Without warning, he glided his cock deep inside her.

"Oh Mark, yes, fuck me."

He needed no second invite. He pulled his dick out then pushed it deep in again. She was sucking his fingers clean.

"You like the taste of your pussy baby? Do you taste sweet?"

"Mmmm God yes. My juices are going to be all over your cock shortly, then I can suck you clean too."

"Mmmm Sam you dirty slut. You deserve to be punished for having bad thoughts. I may have to make you suck me off in the sauna later."

"Yeah...fuck me till your cum fills me and I cum over you."

Mark picked up the pace. Sam raised her legs so she was in a 90 degree angle. Mark took hold of her ankles and used them as support to thrust deeper. Sam's fingers went to her clit. Her index finger on one side of her button, her middle finger on the other side. She rubbed furiously as Mark pumped harder.

"I'm gonna cum Mark."

"Good girl, cum for me, that's it, I can feel you tightening around me, feel your walls crushing my cock. Cum over me baby, cum"

Sam began to shiver as an orgasm slammed through her body. Crying out for more, for it to be harder, faster. Her nipples fully erect, her chest flushed with excitement. He could feel her pussy tightening around his cock, pulling him, constricting him. Her juices flooded over his member, giving way to his orgasm. He jerked into her. Stabbing her with his dick. His balls tight as his cum spurted into her cunt. He collapsed on top of Sam. Totally spent but content to lay there with his now softening cock still inside the woman he loved.

"I love you Mark" Sam declared as their breathing returned to a normal rate.

"I love you too Sammy" he replied. "Let's go for a swim and sauna then pop over to see Sara. Let's make the most of the day."

"Great idea, but no kidnapping today" she playfully answered.

The water was lukewarm. The older couple from the day before were swimming again, competing with each other furiously. Their heads swiftly moving side to side as they crawled their way through the water. They barely acknowledged Sam and Mark as they began to swim. Mark, powerful in the water, sped off performing an almost Olympic standard front crawl. Sam liked to take it easier with the breast stroke and shortly Mark have overlapped her.

"Come here often?" he called out to her as he took a breath to his side.

Giggling Sam shook her head and continued. Another couple entered the pool. She was dark haired, tanned and had amazingly long legs. She slipped into the pool with grace, coming back up from the water and pulling her hair back. Sam noticed she had piercing dark eyes, almost black. With her hair smoothed back, she looked around 30. She smiled over at Sam, who returned her gesture. The man she was with was just an average Joe. Balding, around 50, pot belly with a hairy chest. Sam decided the woman must have been hired for the weekend. At Cheshires, that was nothing unusual. A lot of business men brought their secretaries and "Hired help's" for dirty weekends. The man called her to his side and whispered something into her ear. she then swam off in Sam's direction. The dark haired beauty caught up with Sam.

"Hi, my name is Eloise, Ella for short. We are here for the weekend, Ken and I. Are you with anyone?"

"Yes, I mean hi and yes, I am here with my husband, just for the weekend."

"It's beautiful here. It's my first time. Ken has wanted to visit for a long time, but with work, and his family, this is the first time we have managed to get here."

"You will love it. I highly recommend the chef. Nothing is too much trouble for him."

Sam slowed, then came to a stop at the shallower end of the pool. Ella followed suit.

"Thanks, I will let Ken know. Have you any treatments booked? How good are they?"

"We always use Sara. She is amazing, but the other girls are great too. Katrina and Victoria are always busy, they are very popular. Looking up at the clock Sam continued, "In fact we must go, we have a two hour slot booked in 15 minutes. Maybe catch you later for a drink?"

"Yes, that will be great. Enjoy your treatments." With that Ella swam off towards the deeper end, where Ken was waiting, quite red faced from completing a length of the pool. Mark reached Sam and followed her from the pool to where they had left their robes.

"Have you made a friend sweetie?"

"I wouldn't go that far Mark, but she seems nice enough. She is with that red faced man at the other end of the pool. Her name is Ella and he is Ken. It's their first time here."

"Aww Cheshire virgins" Mark joked as he took her hand and walked to Sara's room.

"Hey you two, how are you both?" Sara asked as they walked into the room. It was lit by candles, the soft tones of Terry Oldfield filled the background and the sweet smell of Lavender oil burning gently gave Sam and Mark an instant feeling of relaxation.

"Stressed as ever Sara" Sam answered, hugging Sara close. Sara and Sam had been friends for a number of years. They had met through Cheshires and often met for lunch when work permitted.

"Sam had an horrendous day Friday, so we packed a weekend bag, grovelled a room from Sue and drove here as fast as legally possible" Mark explained as he kissed Sara on her cheek and enveloped her petit body in his arms.

"Blimey Mark, have you been working out? Your arms get stronger every time you hug me" Sara joked as she stepped out of the hug and walked to her desk. "So you're going to need some orange oil, mixed with Geranium. Lets get those muscles and the mind relaxed. Mark, I have asked James to help me out today. He should be here any..."

As if by magic, James appeared at the door. Tall, at least 6foot two, skinny build, with blonde hair, just recently bleached by the lack of brown roots.

"Hi kiddies! Sorry I'm late people, Sue called me in the office to sort through next weeks rota. I swear that woman will work me so hard one week, I will drop dead in the middle of a massage."

Taking his hand and pulling him into a man hug, Mark greeted James. "No worries mate, we have only just got here ourselves. Shall we get stripped and ready while you mix and blend?" he asked to both Sara and James.

"Yeah, that will be fab. We are using orange and geranium James. Both are stressed and need to relax" Sara instructed James.

Sam and Mark had de-robed and were lying face down n the massage couches. Sam felt Sara's warm hands glide over her body. She pushed up, along the spine and out across the shoulders. Each movement was repeated at least 10 times. Sam could feel her muscles fight against Sara's hands, but, with the aroma of the blend and the firmness of the stroke, those muscles began to soothe and relax. Sara pushed and pulled the muscles around Sams' sides. Her left hand, followed by her right, pummelled her waist and flanks. Sara removed the white fully towel covering Sam's bottom. She applied some if the oil and kneaded the buttocks. Pulling her cheeks apart and rolling the flesh over and over. Smoothing down to her thighs, Sara massaged them vigorously. Sam could feel her whole body submitting to Sara's hands.

"Roll over Sam" Sara directed softly. Sam could hear Mark being instructed to do the same by James. Sam and Mark were both naked, as no towels had been placed over their genitals.

Sara began at Sam's feet. Running her thumbs up the soles from the heel to the toes. Her ankles were rubbed firmly, pushing and kneading upwards to her knees. Each leg was massaged separately. As Sara finished with Sam's left leg, she placed it back on the bed gently. She did the same with the right leg, leaving Sam's pussy exposed slightly. Sara's hands travelled over Sam's tummy towards her breasts. Sara used her fingers softly over the fleshy mounds. She rolled her fingers across each nipple, watching them grow with arousal. Sam opened her eyes and smiled at Sara. Sara bent over the bed and took Dam's left nipple into her mouth. She flicked her tongue over the bud and swirled it around the areola. Her hands were still massaging Sam's other tit. Sam let out a groan as Sara suckled her firmly. Pulling Sam's right nipple with her fingers, Sara nibbled the left nipple. She then concentrated on making the right nipple bloom as the left one had.

"Mmmm James, that feels good" Mark whispered. James was massaging Marks chest and tugging in his nipples.

"I can tell you like it" James replied, as he watched Marks cock twitch with pleasure.

Sara had brought Sam's nipples alive. Both were hardened and in full bloom. Sara removed her hands and mouth from Sam's chest and pulled up the foot restraints from the side of the bed. Softly, she raised Sam's legs and placed them in the restraints. She tied them into place. Sam was completely exposed. Her freshly waxed pussy was just slightly open. Sara stood between the legs and stroked a finger down the length of Sam's pussy lips. She heard Sam gasp with excitement. Her finger slipped between Sam's lips and searched out the clit. It was inflamed with desire. Sara stroked it in a circular motion. Moving clockwise, then anti clockwise, she watched Sam begin to open up. Sam wriggled a little, showing Sara she was enjoying her finger. Sara used two fingers from her left hand and circulated around the now open cunt.

"Oh God Sara, that feels so nice"

"You smell so beautiful Sam, your pussy is glistening with your juices."

"Taste her Sara. Tell me what you are doing" Mark interjected.

Sliding her fingers into her own mouth, Sara tasted the sweet nectar that had oozed from Sam's hole.

"Her juices taste so sweet. I can also taste your salty cum, did you fuck her this morning?" Sara responded.

"Yes. James, slip your hand around my cock. Wank me as I watch Sara finger fuck Sam."

With that, James stood to the side of the bed and took Marks cock into his grasp. Slowly, he rubbed the length, encouraging the tip to leak some pre cum.

"Sara, finger her cunt. Make her pussy juices drip between over her arse cheeks." Mark requested.

Sara did just that. She pushed two fingers into Sam. Sam cried out with pleasure as Sara drove her fingers deep into her. Sara used her index finger to stimulate Sam's love button. As Sam moaned, Sara opened her more by slipping four fingers into her.

"Oh Sara. Mmmm yes, don't stop" was Sam's response.

Mark's massage couch had been raised so he could sit up and watch Sara finger fuck his wife. James was still stood to the side, gliding his hand up and down Marks shaft. Mark parted his legs slightly and James cupped his balls. Firmly, slowly, James massaged the swollen balls. Mark raised his legs placing his feet near his bum cheeks. His legs were flopped wide open, giving James access to his whole sex area. James did not disappoint. He moved from the side of the bed to the bottom. He dropped the end of the bed so he could get closer to Mark. He took Marks cock in his right hand and continued wanking him, whilst his left hand stroked over his bollocks. Mark was hard now. His slit was moist with pre cum. His balls ached as they filled with cum. He watched Sara fingering Sam. Plunging her fingers deep into her wet cunt. He could hear the squelch from Sam's juices. Sara moved her head between Sam's legs. Her mouth opened and she flicked her tongue over Sam's clit.

"Mmmm, Sara, do that again" Sam responded. Sara used the flat of her tongue and licked around Sam's pussy walls. She lapped over the budding clit like a cat would lap milk. Picking up the pace she was fingering Sam's pussy, she began to flick Sam's button faster.

Marks cock grew harder. He saw James bulge expanding in his pants, whilst James was watching the girl on girl action on the next bed.

"Do you want to lick Sam's pussy James?" Mark asked.

"Yes, I want to taste her pussy juices" James replied.

Sara heard this exchange and lifted her head from between Sam's thighs. Her lips were shining, wet from cum. She pulled her fingers from Sam's sopping cunt. She walked to Mark and slid her fingers into his mouth. James took Sara's position and gazed as he saw Sam's pussy hole open, waiting to be filled. He leaned into her and swirled his tongue around Sam's sex. The roughness of his tongue excited Sam. James parted her lips and blew gently. Sam gasped and moaned deeply. James poked his tongue into Sam's hole, slipping in and out. Whilst inside her, he brushed his tongue against the sides of her cunt. Pushing deeper into her hole, he felt her spotand flicked his tongue vigorously over it. His fingers found her clit and he rubbed her swollen button.

"Oh yes. Harder..rub me harder" Sam cried out.

"Do you like watching Sam get finger fucked Mark?"

"Fuck yeah. She is so sexy, so dirty. Sara, go and play with her tits. Sam loves having them nibbled and sucked whilst she is being licked out."

Sara did as she was asked. Mark swung his legs off the bed and stood. Hs cock prodded outwards, looking for its destination. James was bent at the waist. His bottom jutting out. His legs slightly apart. Marks hand was running his shaft, gentle yet firm. He could hear Sam. Her breathing getting heavier. Her moaning becoming louder. He stood behind James and watched Sam's face as she began her journey to climax. He ran his hand over James' bottom. James gave a wriggle as a signal to continue. Mark released the zipper on James trousers and they dropped to around his ankles. James had white Calvin Kliens on. His small rounded bottom covered perfectly. Mark pulled the shorts down, over James thighs, revealing his cute arse. Mark wiped the tip if his cock along James crack. He could still see Sara sucking on Sam's tits. Sam was still calling out, her climax destination getting closer. Mark pulled James's cheeks apart and rubbed his head over James's puckered hole. Mark's pre cum moistened the hole, but for extra lube he spat on his fingers and rubbed it into the entrance of the arse. Slowly, with James's are cheeks pulled wide, Mark pushed his cock tip in. He felt James pull away slightly, then felt him push back. Gently Mark pushed his cock into James arse, till his balls were against James's. Mark withdrew slightly and them pushed back in. James began sucking Sam's clit faster as he felt his arse being expanded. He forced four fingers into Sam and fucked her with them.

"Fuck, oh yeah, don't stop James. Make me cum on you. Does it feel good being fucked while you suck me? Harder, finger me harder...."

James plunged his fingers in deeper and harder. He was rocking back and forth onto Marks cock. He could feel his arse being forced wide with Marks thick cock.

"Do you like being fucked James? I'm gonna cum, you bad boy. Your arse is tight around my cock. Am I your first? That's it, relax, let me fuck you with my whole length."

"I'm going to cum, oh God..yes...ahh...I'm cummin" Sam was about to explode over James face. Sara nibbled down on Sam's tits, pushing her closer to climaxing. Mark thrusted deeper into James arsehole. The tightness, the friction, the resistance were all resulting in Mark needing to cum.

"Make Sam cum James. Finger her cunt harder. I'm gonna cum, fuck, I'm gonna fill your arse with my juice". Marks breathing got faster, his hands gripping James sides, pulling him onto his cock. He jerked his body, stabbing James's arse, feeling his balls swell and release hot salty cum inside James. Sam called out as she cum over James fingers and face. James raised his head.

"That's it Mark, fill me arse with your juices. Stretch me. Tear me up. Harder Mark, faster." James's hand was on his own cock now, pulling its whole length. Sara left Sam's side and she kneeled beside James and Mark. Marks cock was still inside James. Cum dripped from his hole, down his thighs. Sara ran her fingers over the thighs and collected some of Marks cum on her fingers. She tasted the saltiness, recognising the taste from Sam's cunt.

"Come on James, cum in my face" Sara encouraged. James furiously wanked his cock. His two hands pulling the shaft right back. Sara took his balls into her hands and massaged them.

"I'm gonna shoot Sara, open your mouth."

Sara closed her eyes and opened her mouth in time to feel James cum whip across her face and into her mouth. She swallowed what went into her mouth.

"Uh, yeah..." James grunted as he jerked the ribbons of cum from his cock. Once emptied, James wiped Sara's face and slipped his fingers into her waiting mouth. She pleased him by sucking his fingers clean. Mark pulled out from James's arsehole, feeling his own juices sliding over his member and seeing them dripping from the hole. Mark untied Sam's legs from the restraints. He kissed her gently on her lips. He sensed Sara and James were tidying themselves up and grabbed Sam's robe for her. Sam stood and wrapped the fluffy robe around her naked and stress free body. Mark pushed his hands through the sleeves of his robe and shrugged it over his shoulders. Tying it at his waist, he turned to James and Sara.

"Thanks beautiful" he said to Sara and he bent to kiss her cheek. "I will leave something for you at reception." Turning to James, "That was amazing, thanks bud. I hope you're ok? I will pop something in your tray at reception and maybe next time we are here, we can have a drink."

"Sounds good to me. Thanks, you really don't have to though, I enjoyed it too."

"No. It's my way of thanking you both for a great couple of hours."

Sam hugged Sara and kissed her. "Let's meet for coffee in the week. I'll call you and make plans" Sam promised Sara. "Hopefully see you again soon James" she added.

"Come on princess, lets get to our rooms and leave these two to it. Thanks again, speak soon" Mark said as he took Sam by the hands and led her through the door.

"Well, I didn't expect that to happen with James. It was so unexpected".

"That was so horny, watching you take him while he licked me. I think he liked it too!"

"I hope so. Lets grab some room service and chill for a few hours before dinner."

"Sounds like a plan, Mr McMillan" Sam replied as the two of them walked back to their suite.

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