Do I make you nervous? Part II

By Jacey

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I wake to the morning sunlight, stretch my arms, and pull myself out of bed. After slipping on my slippers I walk myself down the stairs and begin to pour myself a cup of orange juice. It has been three weeks since my encounter with Mason, and ever since then I’ve been avoiding him, its not that I am afraid of him, I just feel somewhat ashamed of myself, allowing him to take advantage of me like that.

I sip from my cup. Or am I more ashamed of how much I enjoyed it? I think back to that day, how much he played with my fear and excitement. I take the carton of juice and put it back in the fridge. I still can’t believe how alluring everything about him was, how his eyes, his breath, his scent, everything about him draws me in like a moth to fire. ‘And what a fire indeed’ I think as I turn around, to meet the gaze of this fire itself.

“Mason,” I could barely breathe his name before he slams me backwards into the fridge.

“My little slut,” he says, his voice itself already has my blood pumping as if I am in danger, yet as much as I push myself to resist everything he said to me, my desire for his touch is keeping me fixed in place. “Have you been avoiding me?” he asks as he lifts my chin with the tip of his thumb.

“I- no, of course not” I say to him, I know he can sense the shaking in my voice.

He plants his lips against mine, kissing me fiercely, as if he owns me. His hand travel down my back and land firmly on my ass, squeezing it. He whispers in my ear, “What did I tell you about lying?”

How could I have forgotten the last time he caught me lying? I think back to the encounter I had with him before. I say nothing, silently cursing myself for making such a mistake.

“Tisk, tisk, I guess you haven’t learned your lesson yet,” he leans in closer, “have you?”

I still say nothing and just stare into his eyes.

“Don’t worry my little slut, class has just began.” He lets go of me and walks away.


It’s late at night and I can’t sleep, nervous about what Mason has planned for me, and that I have no idea when it will happen, but I know I can’t keep myself on edge just because of him. I take a deep breath and close my eyes, I have to sleep.

Suddenly I feel a hand over my mouth, I scream for a moment, but it is muffled by the firm grip.

“Calm down, it’s me.” A voice says.

It takes me a few moments but then I realize its Tami. She takes her hand off my mouth.

“What are you doing here?” I ask her.

She giggles lightly, “What I’m always doing in here.” She says as she straddles me and leans her face close to mine so that I could feel her breath against my lips.

“Tami, I’m not in the mood.” I say to her.

“Oh come on,” she says and pins me down. “We haven’t had any fun in a while.” She kisses my neck.

I felt myself breathing deeply and slowly, as much as I enjoyed her soft touch, I couldn’t let it continue.

“No Tami,” I manage to push her off.

She says nothing, but I hear her climb off my bed. “Ever since Mason played with you, you won’t let me touch you.”

“That’s not it,” I say to her, and it truly wasn’t, I was just felt badly about her cheating on him with me, even though he was just as guilty. “It’s just,”

“It’s okay.” She says and walks out.


I walk into the house, just getting home from work. I pull off my shoes and drag my way towards my room; I pass the kitchen to see Tami sitting at the counter, drinking a glass of tea. “Oh, hey Tami,”

“Hey,” she says and sips her tea. “Long day?”

“Yeah, I think I’m going to run right up stairs and hit the sack.” I start to walk away.

“Hey,” she calls me and I stop and look at her.


“Sorry about the other night.” She smiles.

“Its okay.” I say to her and continue up the stairs.

It was late, but not late enough for Mason to be in bed. As I pass Mason’s door I couldn’t help myself but take a peek inside, it was empty, just as it was that day. Did I dare? I take a small step inside, but shake my head and step back and head towards my room.

I step inside and pull off my clothes, getting ready to take a shower. Just then, I hear my door close. As I turn around I see none other then Mason, shirtless, as if he had been waiting for me. As my eyes meet his, I know that in fact, this was the night he had planned.

He walks up to me, “Look at you my little slut, all ready for your lesson.” He grabs my wrists and backs me up to sit down onto my bed. He takes out a scarf and tells me to close my eyes. I do as he asks and he ties it around them.

“Turn around” he says as I feel him push me to lie down and he secures my wrists to my bed frame with two pairs of hand cuffs, just as before, except this time I felt myself facing the wall.

“Mason- I don’t think”

“Shut up slut, you are mine right now.” His possessive words turn me on as much as they frighten me. I feel his hands squeezing my tits and hear him moaning softly to himself. He traces his lips down my back as he smacked them. He pinches and pulls my nipples and I moaned, hardly attempting to contain my lust. He kisses and licks down my back and slides his finger into my pussy, fingering me. I feel myself getting extremely hot, already ready for his cock. Just then, I felt him leave the bed.

“Now… I have a surprise for you.” He says and I hear someone giggle behind him, a female.

‘Tami?’ I think to myself.

“What’s going on…” I ask him.

“Well-” he says. “I was going to enjoy your luscious body all by myself but Tami informed me that you haven’t been… satisfying her. And I must keep my lady happy.” I hear him sit down in a chair he had sat beside my bed and unzip his trousers. “Now don’t let me down.” He begins to stroke his cock slowly.

I feel Tami climb behind me, I can feel her naked body tight against mine, she traces my body with her fingers and I can feel the strap on she had rubbing against my inner thigh. I breathe in slowly, as she begins to slide her hands all over me, massaging my tits and tracing the lips of my pussy. “Mmm…” she says, “How dare you keep this from me.”

“Please, just fuck me Tami- my pussy is so wet.” I say to her.

“Oh it’s not your pussy I want.” She says.


She gives my ass a hard smack causing me to squeal slightly. “You heard me,” she says and spreads my cheeks with her hands and spits on my asshole. I feel her slide a finger inside my tight hole and I moan, tugging on the cuffs.

“Mmm… that’s right, get her ass nice and ready.” I hear Mason say.

She spits on me again and adds in a finger, I can’t take it much longer, I need to be fucked, I don’t care where. I moan even louder as I feel my pussy dripping down my legs.

“Fuck her Tami, fuck her hard in that tight little ass of hers.” Mason says, I could tell by his voice how much he was enjoying watching his girlfriend tease me.

“Mmm…” Tami moans, grabs a fistful of my hair and pulls back my head. Finally, she slowly presses herself inside of my ass. I hear myself yelling, louder and louder, the further she descends into my ass. She begins a slowly steady fuck, but even then I feel myself screaming loudly, unable to contain myself. She giggles, “I think she likes having my cock in her ass.” She says and gives me a hard smack

“Mmm… just like a slut to enjoy being fucked in the ass.” Mason says, I could hear him still slowly stroking his cock, just the thought of how hard his cock might be, got me even more excited then having Tami fuck me from behind.

Tami growls slightly and picks up her speed, fucking me even harder, I scream. “Shit,” I can only speak between my deep breaths. She leans closer over me, hooking her body against mine. She turns my head with her hands and kisses me, pressing her tongue between my lips. I kissed her back. She moaned against my lips and reached down to rub my pussy.

“Mmm… she is so wet, baby. Do you want to play with her?” Tami giggles.

“Yes, un-cuff her” Mason says.

I feel Tami un-cuff me and pull me backwards. I was unable to see still because of the blindfold but I felt myself facing the edge of the bed, Tami was still inside my ass.

“Open your mouth slut.” I hear Mason command me.

I do as he asks and open my mouth to feel him shove his cock down my throat. I gag slightly on his thickness as Tami continues to fuck my ass.

“That’s right slut, choke on my cock,” he says, gripping my hair and pulling me tight against him, his cock shoving viciously down my throat. I moaned against his cock, gagging and choking on it, as if he telling me to really made a difference.

Tami pulls out of me and so did Mason, who pulls me off the bed and then bent me over the edge.

“Now…” he says, stroking my back. “You are going to make Tami cum.” He rubs his cock against my pussy, slow, long strokes, as if to purposely tease my throbbing wet pussy. He grabs my hair and pulls me up against him. “Aren’t you?” he asks me and licks my neck slowly.

“Y-yes,” I couldn’t breathe, something about him turns me on beyond anything I had ever felt before. He pushes me back down over the bed and I felt my face meet between Tami legs, only she had removed her strap on and her sweet pussy lips were at the exposure of my tongue. I pulled her legs closer and buried my face into her pussy. She moaned softly as my tongue prodded her wet lips.

Soon I feel Mason’s thick cock sliding inside my starved pussy, and I have to stop for a moment to take in his hardness. He begins to immediately fuck me- hard. I slide my finger inside of Tami’s pussy and rapidly move it inside her as I lick and tease her little cunt.

“That feels so fucking good.” She moans. I finger her faster, thrusting my finger inside her deeper and harder.

Mason fucks me harder; watching me eat out his girlfriend seemed to make him fiercer. I feel myself on the verge of an orgasm, but I wanted to make Tami cum first. I suck on her cunt, sliding my tongue inside her. Suddenly she moans and trembles as her cunt spasms against my tongue.

“Mmm that’s right baby.” Mason says. As Tami came, I cum myself, my legs are trembling against Mason as he continued to fuck me. He pulls out of me and strokes his cock. “On your knees- now,” I turn around to what I assume is facing him on my knees. “Open your mouth” he says.

Just as I do, I feel his hot cum on my tongue, my lips, my face. He grunts as the last bit comes shooting out of his cock, he wipes it from my lips with his cock and slides it into my mouth. I lick and suck on the tip of his cock, swallowing every bit of his salty cum.

“What a good little slut,” he says.

I sit against the bed, breathing hard.

He reaches down and removes my blindfold. He smiles at me and kisses me deeply. “Catch you later,” he says. He and Tami both walk out, leaving me feeling as dirty and slutty as ever. If this “lesson” taught me anything, it was to tell lies more often.