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Do you trust me?

I love you
It was their anniversary and Alora was looking forward to enjoying the romantic time alone with her husband. In previous years he had lavished her with gifts and spoiled her till she squealed with joy. This year she assumed would be no different.

They arrived at a hotel or what seemed to be a hotel. Her husband had her wait in the car while he in his own words “took care of the arrangements”. He returned quickly enough and Alora was looking forward to resting for a bit after the long trip. However, her husband had other plans for her, which she was soon to discover.

They went up to what she assumed was to be their room for the evening, but before he opened the door he pulled out a blindfold from his pocket and gently tied it around her head. He asked her ever so softly in her ear, “Do you trust me?” Alora quickly responded with a firm “yes” as throughout the years together he had earned more than just her trust. She loved him with all of her heart and soul.

He lead her into what seemed to be a dimly lit room, it was hard to tell as the dark blind fold was blocking her view. She could however smell the luscious scent of vanilla that he knew she loved. There was also a hint of cinnamon in the air and something else that rang familiar to her. Roses were the smell that challenged her senses, and the realization of it brought a smile to her face. She breathed in deeply and let out a sigh of deep pleasure knowing that her mate had gone to a lot of effort to please her.

He began to undress her slowly, kissing each part of her as he exposed the areas of skin first to his lips and then to his tongue. She was thrilled by his gentle loving touch and stood there naked wanting more. He took hold of her hand and led her over to a bed which he laid her upon. She was greeted at once with the feeling of what she recognized were Satin sheets.

Ever so gently he raised her arm over her head and she could feel a silk rope quickly wrapped around her wrist. Oh how she loved this game, they had played it before and she ever so willingly surrendered her other wrist to be bound to the poster bed.

He adjusted her blindfold making sure it was secure then whispered softly into her ear “I love you.” A smile graced her lips as she responded “ I love you too” and was met with a deep crushing kiss.

Her heart was pounding so hard she thought she was imagining the soft knock at the door. He was about to leave her in her “wanting state” to answer it, but before she could speak he placed his finger over her lips and said “Shhhhh…. Just enjoy.”

Her mind raced as she strained to hear the soft whispers being carried on between the two of them. She heard the door close quickly and the sound of a lock latching. Alora had willingly and without any reservation placed herself into a state of submission. This was not like before, this was something new and quite unexpected.

The sound of music quickly touched her ears and it rang with an earthy deep sound. There were no lyrics or words, just music with beats that tantalized the soul. Alora relaxed and let the music flow through her and was startled by the gentle pressure against her lips. She opened her mouth to let the object to be pushed in and let the sweetness of the strawberry fill her. She smiled as she swallowed the fruit and the thought of gift that had just been presented to her.

A coconut scented liquid hit her skin causing her body to jump as it gently flowed across her breasts and downward. She began to squirm till she felt the hands begin to massage her in a circular motion. The sounds, the lack of sight, the smells, and lingering taste of the strawberry already had her senses screaming for joy…. but this touch kneading and releasing any and all stress from her body was more than she could take. She could feel her own body’s juices begin to flow from between her legs.

As the touch enveloped her breasts, her nipples stood hard and erect, and a moan escaped her lips as she felt the presence of a tongue flicking against them. The massage continued as finger tips slid against the oil warming each spot they encountered. Down they went until Alora lifted her hips to greet them between her legs and spasms wracked her body as a finger entered her pussy. The flick of a tongue made her clitoris stand up hard and she felt herself wanting more.

The juices of her body flowed into the ever searching and hungry mouth pressing against her pussy. She knew this was neither her husband’s touch, nor her husband’s tongue and yet she could not stop wanting more. She pushed her pelvis forward and backward letting the throbbing consume her. She was about to cum, when she heard it, a sharp and distinct sound, one which she had come to enjoy herself. But the sting of it was not there, just the sound. She heard it again, then the moaning coming from between her legs with the hot breath panting against her pussy.

Alora was enraged and thrilled all at once as the visual of what was occurring passed through her mind. She felt the rhythm that was beginning to take place as the finger pushed in time to the penetration. Alora tilted her head back lifted her hips and rammed her cunt into the woman’s face. She came hard and again and again as she knew her husband was fucking her. The visualization of this woman’s ass in the air with her husband’s cock stuck in her infuriated her but she could not stop cumming and continued to push herself into the rhythm that they had created. Then it stopped and she could no longer feel anything and everything all at once.

Then there it was, that familiar feeling of the tip of his cock entering her pussy. Thick, firm, yet soft at the same time, pushing ever so gently to only feel the presence of the tip and then out again. Over and over he fucked her gently till she came again. Her body wanted more and he knew it, so he tortured her ever so slowly. Alora didn’t care about the other woman she just wanted her husband to take her, to own, and possess her.

She didn’t know who she was or even hear her leave the room. Finally the deep shaft of cock penetrated her pussy and Alora arched her back and pushed hard upward. He slid his hands under her ass and lifted her to him and began to pound hard into her. Her pussy cried juices of joy and felt swollen ready to receive him. Then she felt it, the hard shudder throughout his body and the pressure between her legs. Alora heard the growl escape his throat and she knew the beast within him was present. She released and met his growl with a howl of her own as their bodies shook in deep passion. Spent and satisfied beyond her dreams Alora let the sensations flood her senses until she heard his deep voice ask her “Do you still trust me?” she responded with “ Yes, and I still love you too! “

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