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Eastern Funday

a fun interaction between me my friend and his girlfriend
It was Easter and my best friend Zack was going over to the apartment of his long-term girlfriend, Ashley. When he arrived at her place, she greeted him with a kiss and they headed straight for the bed room, not waiting to get down to their usually dirty business. Ashley was still wearing her pajama clothing, which consisted of soft pajama pants and a light shirt with no bra underneath. As soon as they made it to the bedroom, she unzipped his pants and pulled them off his legs. Ashley then gobbled up Zack's soft cock and began to suck softly. She also rubbed his cock firmly, making his cock expand with each stroke. As his cock hardened, he pulled her shirt off her body, freeing her soft tits from the confines of the shirt. Zack rubbed her nipples and grazed his hand against her boobs as she went back to work on his now hard cock.

She stopped for a second to say, "I have to make sure your cock is nice and hard for my needs."

While she is sucking his cock like a goddess, Zack realizes that Ashley is worthy of another cock to please her completely. He then texted me and told me to come over to her place, saying he wanted me to simply hangout with them, only it was more complicated than that.

When I arrived at Ashley’s Apartment, I could already hear the moans as I walked in though the door, and immediately I headed for the bedroom. I knew to go to the bedroom because Zack and Ashley fucked regularly in there, sometimes with me involved. I walked in the room and was met by a shirtless Ashley sucking on the hard cock of bottomless Zack. Although I was used to seeing these two naked, the sight of Ashley’s perfect tits and body made my cock jump a little in my pants. I shut the door behind me which got their attention as they both looked over, Ashley releasing Zack's cock as she looked. They both walked over to me and greeted me, Zack and me slapping hands and me giving Ashley a quick kiss. After the kiss she looked down at my shorts and saw I had a bulge growing.

She said to me "well looks like someone is ready to go."

She dropped down to her Knees and ripped my shorts off my body, pulling them down my legs and off my feet very quickly. My cock slung up as it was freed from my shorts as Zack moved next to me so Ashley had easy access to both our cocks. Ashley began to rub both our cocks with each hand. Zack and I both took our shirts off making us completely naked, something that wasn't uncomfortable for either of us, I actually being turned on a bit by the sight of his muscular body and hard cock.

Ashley decided it only fair that she sucked my cock first since she had sucked Zack's first for a while before I came. I could tell this because Zack's cock was wet with saliva. I reached over and rubbed that saliva into Zack's dick as Ashley moved her head up and down on my cock in a masterful way. She swirled her tongue around the tip and base of my dick as it slid in and out of her experienced mouth. She pushed her lips together as hard a she could against my cock, covering it with a layer of wet saliva. Ashley then pushed her head against my body as far as she could and I could feel my dick rub against the back of Ashley’s throat. I could hear Ashley gagging for air but I knew she liked my cock deep in her throat.

She released my cock and continued rubbing it when she said, "that cock tastes so fucking good. Almost as good as Zack's."

Immediately after saying this she dove right in to Zack's cock, swallowing it up into her mouth. Zack now reached his hand over and began rubbing my dick while Ashley sucked his and. Ashley moved her head in a wave motion on Zack's cock, making sure she got a taste of every inch of her favorite cock. I soon had taken hold of Ashley’s pajama pants that she had on. There was a wet spot where her pussy was and I knew her pussy was dying for attention and a tongue. I pulled the pajamas done her legs to her knees, where they stayed because she was on her knees. She had no panties on underneath her pajamas; probably suspecting she wouldn't need them on any way.

Before I had a chance to explore and please Ashley’s fine pussy, she moved from Zack's dick back to mine. I was happy to accept the skills of Ashley’s mouth, and to let Zack work on Ashley’s pussy. I hopped up on the bed so there was room for Zack's head between Ashley’s legs. I lie back on my elbows on the bed and spread my legs as Ashley sat up a little and took hold of my dick. Zack moved behind Ashley and spanked her firm ass before he lay down on his back and slid underneath Ashley’s body. He took hold of her ass and began play with her pussy with his tongue, jiggling his tongue against her pussy and flicking it up against her wet clit. Ashley continued to suck my dick in the same fashion, moving her head in a wave motion and swirling her tongue around the tip. She also massaged my balls with her hand as my cock reared through her lips and cheeks. She forced her head down touching her lips to my body with my cock touching against her throat. I pushed her head down to help fulfill her needs, making her gag but she didn't want to stop. Eventually she spat up my cock and took a deep breath, saying after her breath

"Ohhh my god I fucking love your tasty cock deep in my mouth."

She immediately jammed her face back into my cock, pushing my cock deep into her throat. At the other end, Zack was now using his fingers on Ashley’s pussy, shoving two fingers in and out of her pussy hole. Eventually he took his fingers out of her pussy and sucked them dry, tasting the deliciousness of his loves sex organs. He went back to licking and slobbering on her pussy while he moved his fingers into Ashley’s tight butthole. He slowly pushed his fingers in, spreading his fingers as best he could once in to maximize the feeling. Ashley sure did feel it, as she turned around and said to Zack

"I love it when you go anal." Zack then said back to her " I love when u love me," as he put another finger in her ass and started thrusting them abruptly in and out of her tight asshole.

Zack fingered fucked Ashley’s delightful asshole for a couple more minutes before Ashley turned and said to him "stop using your fingers and put your big cock in me."

Zack soon responded by saying "I’d love to fuck your magnificent pussy, my love" before he stood up, picking Ashley, who was still sucking my cock beautifully, up with him.

I looked at Zack and said in a joking way "hey I was using that mouth."

As Zack readied his cock for insertion, he said back to me "don't worry, you can just use my mouth instead," smiling at me as he said it. He then put Ashley down next to the bed and bent her over. She reached back with her hand and spread her ass apart, opening the gateway to heaven for Zack, who could see her pussy and clit clearly as Ashley spread her ass. Zack eased his dick into her pussy making her say

"Fuck yeah, pound that fucking pussy as hard as you can Zack."

Once Zack’s was fucking Ashley, I stood up on the bed and moved over towards Zack’s head, leveling my cock out at Zack’s head level. Zack then turned his head to the right and my dick slid into his mouth. I began thrusting my cock in and out of his mouth as he fucked Ashley.

“Oh yah, suck his dick as you fuck me” Ashley said, turning her head around.

Zack then grabbed Ashley’s hips as he pushed his cock faster and faster into her majestic pussy. Ashley spread her firm ass cheeks apart as far as she could, opening up the sensitive parts of her pussy for Zack's wide cock to rub against. As my cock rammed into Zack’s mouth, I jammed it into the back of his throat. He gagged and mumbled as my cock pushed against the sides of his mouth.

After a few more minutes of being sucked by Zack’s highly talented mouth, I decided it was time for me to stick my cock in a real fuck hole. Ashley was reaching her climax and Zack was determined to help finish what he started. After Ashley came, Zack removed his soaking wet dick from Ashley’s drenched pussy and waited for Ashley’s mouth. Ashley hopped up on the bed and lay on her back as I got on my knees in between her legs.

"Stick that long cock up my ass" She said to me.

I rubbed her pussy with my fingers as I pushed my cock slowly into her ass. As I did this I could feel the tightness of her asshole pushing against the sides of my cock.

Once my long cock was fully in, I said to her "I hope you’re ready for this."

I started thrusting my cock hard into her ass, and soon my cock was tearing through her asshole at full speed.

Ashley then said to Zack "get that wet fucking cock over here and in my mouth. I need something to suck on."

Zack was happy to give Ashley his wet cock, it being covered with juices from Ashley’s pussy. He jumped up onto the bed and stood with legs on either side of Ashley’s body, his cock right at the level of Ashley’s mouth and his asshole towards me. She immediately gobbled up his cock, pushing her lips against the sides of his cock, sucking up the pussy juices left of his cock from her pussy. As Ashley sucked Zack's dick, I began licking his asshole, knowing her would like it. She grabbed Zack's cock with her hand, moving it up and down Zack's cock, gathering the juices for her mouth and tongue to pick up. Zack's cock bounced against the sides and back of Ashley’s mouth.

As Ashley gagged and choked on Zack's cock, he said to her "I love it so fucking much when choke on my cock like that you sexy babe."

As my cock shattered through Ashley’s asshole, I began wanting a cock inside my own asshole.

I stopped licking his ass and said to him “hey Zack, how about you fuck me like I’m fucking your girlfriend.”

“I like the sound of that” Zack responded

Zack then pulled his dick out of Ashley’s mouth and walked around our bodies until he was behind me. I stopped ramming Ashley and flipped her body over, making it easier for me to fuck her ass as I had my ass fucked. I then bent my body forward and spread my legs as much as I could as Zack bent down behind me with his wide cock.

“Are you ready?” Zack asked me

“Yes, stick it up my ass” I responded as I prepared to have my ass pounded.

Zack held his cock and slowly moved it at my asshole, the tip pressing against the outside and slowly entering into my asshole. I groaned as his cock pushed into my asshole, and soon it was all the way and I resumed fucking Ashley’s asshole, each thrust making Zack’s cock move in and out of my asshole. Zack began thrusting his cock harder and I could feel my asshole being stretched, and I liked it. Zack carried on his fucking of my asshole as I fucked Ashley’s asshole, each if us pushing our cocks deep into each other’s rectums and soon I felt a strong urge coming on. I was very close to cumming. I turned around and noticed that Zack too was close to his climax, so I pulled my dick out of Ashley’s asshole and Zack removed his cock from my asshole.

Zack was first to hop off the bed, followed by me and Ashley was last. Zack was going to be the first one to cum so Ashley and I got on our knees in front of Zack. I began to suck Zack’s dick first, moving my head fast with his dick in my mouth. soon, Ashley took over his cock and within a few seconds a hot jet of white cum came shooting out onto our faces, some going in and around my mouth but most covering Ashley’s face. Once Zack was done cumming, Ashley and I began kissing and licking each other’s faces, getting Zack’s cum off and giving it all to Ashley. It was then my turn and I stood up as Zack took my spot and they sucked my dick until I came onto their faces, covering Ashley’s wet face more and some of Zack’s face.

Once we had climaxed, I got dressed and wish the couple a goodbye. Leaving the apartment. Zack and Ashley remained naked and sat on the couch in the living room area of her apartment, soon to be interrupted by someone else walking into the apartment.

To be continued…

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