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Emma Part 2

Emma's first time
Emma held my hand all the way up the stairs until we entered her bedroom. She freed my hand and shut the door then very quickly moved across the room to close the curtains. This gave me a few moments to have a look around her room. I was quite surprised by what I saw. Her room was much larger than mine is. Her room is directly above the living room and is the main bedroom of the house. A bay window with plain purple curtains, a deep pile pink carpet on the floor, around the room was a built in wardrobe with large mirrored doors, a white chest of drawers with matching dressing table and a mirror. On the dressing table was a mixture of hair brushes, various items of make up and a small wood and ceramic draw set which was probably where she kept her jewelry.

I love those, I’ve seen them in the Fair Trade shop in Oxford, they’re from India and I intend to buy one for myself soon. There was also a clock, a pink shaded lamp and a number of photo frames with what looked like some family photographs mounted in them.

In the centre of the room was a king size bed covered by a purple duvet, loads of pink cushions and god knows how many soft toys. I hadn’t thought of Emma as being a Daddy’s girl but that’s what her bedroom was telling me. No mess anywhere either, no discarded clothes or anything, good job we gone to her room at not mine.

Emma was wearing tight blue jeans, a wide white belt around her waist and a white t-shirt. She looked so pretty with her lovely slim figure and long legs. She has a classically pretty face with a slightly up turned button nose and a pair of plump full red lips that look like they were designed especially for sucking cocks. She also has perfect white teeth, shoulder length wavy blonde hair and large firm young breasts. Looking at her made my nipples harden and my pussy wet with anticipation.

To my disappointment Emma seemed to have changed her mind, she looked at me and showed distinct signs of hesitation and nervousness.

“Kim,” she said “I’m not sure if I should be doing this.”

“What’s worrying you?” I asked her

“Okay a number of things are worrying me. If I do this I will be cheating on Tom. I have never touched a girl before in a sexual way and I’m not really sure if I want to and I would never normally have sex with someone if I wasn’t romantically involved with them first and we are not romantically connected.”

I thought it was too good to be true. I’m usually the submissive one with men and women and she’s a good six inches taller than me so I’m in no position to overpower her. Not that I would even if I could.

“Okay Emma, I understand your concerns so let’s run though the issues you have. I’m sure Tom will understand if you were just experimenting with another girl before inviting her to have a threesome with you and I reckon he wouldn’t consider it as cheating. In fact I bet he would be very turned on by it. You don’t have to touch or do anything to me if you don’t want to. We are not romantically connected that’s true but do you want to enjoy the experience of sex with another girl as a one off experience or do you want to marry me?"

Until that moment her arms were crossed but she relaxed them and put her hands on her hips, let out a long breath, bent her head back and looked at the ceiling. I was still feeling as horny as hell but I felt that Emma’s moment had passed now and it was time for me to leave.

Emma broke the silence again.

“Do you really mean that?”

“Mean what?”

“I don’t have to do anything to you.”

“Yes I’m quite happy to do that if that’s what you want me to do?”

I looked at her again and her nipples were poking through her t-shirt as if they were about to escape and her pupils were heavily dilated again.

“Okay,” she said. “I want you to do it.”

She peeled off her jeans revealing a small lacy pink thong then climbed onto the bed.

I moved towards her and onto the bed.

“If that’s what you want me to do Emma?”

“I do,” She purred…

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