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Emma Part 5 – Tom’s Birthday

At last Tom's birthday arrived
It felt like I had become Emma’s new toy. Whenever Rachel was out and we were alone in the house she couldn’t keep her hands off me. She knew how easily she could turn me on and teased me relentlessly. On one occasion whilst I was washing up my dishes she came up behind me. Hi Kim she whispered gently kissing my neck whilst pressing me against the kitchen unit, her left hand came up under my arm cupping and squeezing my left breast and her right hand settled on my hip. She pulled back slightly so her hand could glide up my thigh beneath my skirt then she quickly moved round and plunged hand down into my panties first squeezing the lips of my pussy then inserting a finger into me making me gasp with pleasure. Then we heard the sound of the front door opening, Emma quickly pulled away from me. “Shame” she said “Sounds like Rachel is back” and quickly licked my juice from her finger.

“Yum, you taste good, I’ll catch you again later” she said and quickly moved into the living room before Rachel came in and suspected anything.

And catch me later she did, quite a few times. She was really enjoying the power she had over me and knew I loved it to. She would sneak up behind me or push me against a wall if I was facing her and the moment I knew what was coming my pussy would tingle with excitement and by the time her hand was down the front of my panties I was soaking wet, my heart was pounding and my breathing was heavy. Sometimes she would squeeze my lips together, rub my clit or insert one or two fingers into me then just as quickly she would pull away and let me go.

On another occasion when I was about to go out she stopped me at the bottom of the stairs and looked me up and down.

“Kim, what are you wearing?”

I looked down at myself “Jeans and a tee shirt”

“Are you having your period?”

“No why?”

“I would prefer it if you wear only skirts or dresses but you can wear trousers during your period if you want to”

“Oh okay but why”

Her hand shot out and squeezed my pussy through the denim.

“Because you’re easier to get to and more vulnerable in a dress or skirt, and I love sticking my hand down your panties and teasing your wet pussy, that’s why and always wear panties by the way, I like the feeling that I’m invading them”.

That’s a good enough reason for me I thought.

“The next time Rachel is staying out for the night or goes away for the weekend I want to have you properly again in my bed”.

“It’s a date” I said.

“It’s not a date” she said “it’s an order”.

“Okay it’s an order” I looked into her eyes and smiled at her, she knew there would no problem with me complying with her order.

“What about Tom’s birthday?” I asked.

“I’ve had a change of plan and I’ll tell you about it later”

She let me go then and I went out shopping as planned.

Later when I returned from my weekly food shop I had to change back into a skirt before Emma would divulge her changed plans for Tom’s birthday.

She wouldn’t tell me what she had planned for the bedroom but did write down what she wanted me to wear on a note. We weren’t able to discuss it as Rachel was in the house. Emma had made sure that Rachel would be away on the night of Tom’s birthday. In fact she had arranged it with Rachel saying that she had planned something special and that I wouldn’t be there either.

I took her note to my bedroom to read the instructions. The naughty school girl idea had been squashed so my little pleated skirt would have to wait for another time. Maybe I could wear it sometime when I’m home alone again with Emma.

The instructions were quite simple: hair in a bun or ponytail, lots of make up, especially around the eyes, bright red lipstick. Black jacket with a white blouse open at the neck with a beaded necklace, no bra. Wear a short or medium length black skirt. Underneath: Black thong with matching black stockings and garter belt. High heeled shoes. On the night stay in your room until I come and get you, Tom must not know you are there. We’ll be having a light meal and drinks, you and I will be his surprise present. I will tell you what to do when you join us in the bedroom.

I couldn’t wait to for Tom’s birthday now, it was far more exciting not knowing what was going to happen in the bedroom and the office girl look with stockings was a better idea than the trashy naughty school girls. I already owned everything I needed for the clothing and underwear requirements all I had to buy was the bright red lipstick.

Tom’s birthday finally arrived, I quietly applied my make up and got dressed stopping to look at myself in the full length mirror wearing just the stockings and garter belt. They make me feel so sexy when I wear them, my nipples were standing out like a trucks wheel nuts, my pussy was tingling and aching to be touched. I gave my nipples a quick squeeze which sent a fizz of pleasure all over my body and I squirmed in my recently acquired black silk thong. Not daring to touch myself down there in case I got myself off before my evening had even started. I finished getting dressed and waited patiently for Emma to come and get me.

There were muffled sounds from Emma’s room but I couldn’t hear the actual conversation. A short while later my door opened and Emma came in with her finger to her lips hushing me into maintaining my silence. She looked me up and down smiled and gave me an admiring look.

She looked fabulous in a blue cocktail dress with her ample breasts bursting to be freed and her deep cleavage in full view, her lovely wavy flowing blonde hair cascaded down to her shoulders and lips were bright red and very inviting, she also had done her eyes beautifully and her statuesque form was complimented by a pair of black stiletto heels.

Emma took my hand and led me towards her bedroom stopping me just outside the door. She half opened the door and poked her head just into the room.

“Okay Tom, here is your surprise present” she called out and led me by the hand into the bedroom.

The bedroom was lit by dozens of candles on every available surface and chilled out electronic jazz music playing in the background. Take one: In the far corner of the room sitting on a wooden framed cushioned chair was Tom just wearing a pair of boxer shorts and a heavy looking book sitting on his lap. Take two: Tom had his arms and legs tied to the chair and had a heavy book stopping his cock from popping out.

“I know you like Kim so I thought I would invite her along to join us”.

“Hi Tom, happy birthday” I said giving him a beaming smile.

Tom’s eyes and expression said enough.

“Fucking hell Emma what a birthday present, a dream come true, she’s fucking gorgeous and so are you, you can untie me now” he said through a breathless gasp of excitement.

“Hold your horses birthday boy, you can have us both later, I thought you would like to watch us first, I find Kim very sexy to so you can have her after me. Unless you don’t want to watch us, we can always do something else”.

“Jesus fucking Christ no, no, no, I mean wow, shit no I want to watch first”.

Emma gently moved me forwards the on the opposite side of the bed to where Tom was, turned me around and using her superior height pressed me against the wall then planted her bright red lips onto mine and started kissing me full on and very passionately.

I lost all sense of Tom being there for a while as Emma’s kisses consumed me and got me so turned on. As she kissed me she slipped my jacked off my shoulders and let it slip to the floor. If Tom thought at this point that his Emma was just going to treat him to a bit of girl on girl kissing he was soon going to get an even bigger surprise. She still had her lips glued to mine as she undid the buttons of my blouse and slipped her hand inside and started massaging my breast and gently tweaking my hard and sensitive nipple. Soon my blouse joined my jacket on the floor and Emma had both of my breasts in her hands. As she bent down to take my nipple into her mouth and suck gently on it I looked over at Tom and let out a deep sigh.

Tom was in total amazement at what he was going on before him. His lovely hard cock must have been straining against the weight of that book. All I could hear was him repeating the words, wow, oh man, fuck and you hot bitches.

Emma moved her head back up and started kissing me again, dropping her hands and raising them up my thighs and bringing my skirt up to my waist exposing my stocking tops and garter belt. Tom let out another tirade of words in wonderment as her right invaded my panties in the way she loves to do. She slipped two fingers deep inside me causing a gasp and moan of pleasure to escape from my lips. She moved her fingers in and out of me until my knees were about to buckle underneath me and my inner walls were gripping her fingers harder and harder. She then stopped, gently removed her fingers causing me to jolt with sensitivity and try and gasp in an effort to get my breath back. She looked over at Tom and seductively licked her fingers.

“Mmmm she tastes so good. I had to stop though, I don’t want her to cum yet and she is so wet and horny, she loves me doing her like this don’t you Kim?”

“Yes” I managed to meekly whimper in reply.

“I’m feeling fucking hot and horny myself now and I’ll need your hard cock inside me soon Tom but there’s something I want to do before I release you from that chair”.

Emma undid my skirt and that slipped to the floor. She released me from the wall and told me to take off my shoes and panties but keep the stockings and garter belt on and lie back on the bed. She then quickly slipped her dress over her head exposing her long legs, black stockings, garter belt and tiny lace thong. The tiny lace thong was then quickly removed and flung to the ground. Stepping out of her heels she moved around the bed pivoting on one knee then swivelled around so we were facing in opposite directions. She then moved over on top of me putting us in a hot 69 position.

That was the first time I felt her tongue on my pussy and clit, she started devouring me with such passion, she was eating me like a fruit, a few seconds later I put my arms around her waist and pulled my head up so I could sink my lips and tongue into her beautiful wet pussy. We licked and sucked each other for what seemed like five minutes before she tensed up and shuddered and cried out in an intense orgasm, her pussy pulsing against my face and mouth which were covered in her lovely juices.

Emma rolled off me gasping for breath with her chest heaving and a light sweat glistening on her breasts and stomach.

Poor Tom, we couldn’t leave him alone any longer. Emma hadn’t made me cum but I could wait as once is usually enough for me anyway. Emma was still coming down from her orgasm so I slid off the bed and knelt down in front of Tom resting my arms on his knees. I raised a finger to my lips to hush Tom into silence, looked back at Emma who was still in a state of recovery. I gently removed the heavy book from Tom’s lap and his cock pinged straight out of the vent in his shorts in front of my face. I place the book on the floor then went back to his cock.

Tom’s cock was beautiful. It was rock hard and his veins were standing out loud and proud. I gently wrapped my fingers around his shaft and moved my hand down to the base peeling back his foreskin releasing an awesome deep purple head that was so engorged the skin was very and shiny. I couldn’t see Tom’s face but I could hear his moans of pleasure and his breathing getting heavier and heavier as I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock, gently sucked on it and slid the first few inches into my throat. He was hot, hard and slightly salty as I moved my mouth back towards the head and flicked his tendon with my tongue.

I removed his cock from my mouth and untied him. Emma was lying on her side watching us.

“Right” said Tom “That was fucking amazing to watch, you’re both as sexy as fuck and dirty as hell but now it’s my turn and I’m calling the tune. Keep the stockings, I love them, I want to do you Kim from behind whilst you lick Emma’s pussy”.

“Yes Sir” I replied.

As I moved towards the bed, Emma was already shifting up towards the pillows so there was room for me to get into position.

To be continued.

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