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Emma's reawakening

Emma rediscovers her feminine side
After we returned that afternoon we unloaded all my purchases and our two teddies. We were like little kids. Sarah and I stripped right in my living room and wiggled into our new erotic teddies. I had a hard time paying attention to my own dressing with Sarah's completely naked body in my presence. Through our shopping trips I had seen her half clothed but I had never seen all of her body naked. I tried not to openly admire her beauty as it slapped me in the face cruelly. I looked away quickly as I felt the warmth in my pussy starting to take hold. I had not told Sarah the one secret in my life only few people knew. That I had been with a woman before and was bi-sexual. Just then, a comment was made, on the radio about a Lesbian celebrity. Sarah watched me as I finished wiggling into the white lace. She came over and gently adjusted my straps. She looked at me with a smile and said, " Tanner is going to come right in his jeans when he sees you in that." I laughed a little self-consciously and said, "Hell, when Jeff sees you in that we'll hear the moans all the way over here. " She had chosen a red lace and leather teddie that v-ed up to her rib cage with a thong in the back.

The majority was lace allowing the viewer to see her triangle of hair between her legs and her large dark nipples . Leather strips were sewn vertically mimicking a corset and pushing her breasts up, nearly overflowing the bust. In the shoe store she had purchased a pair leather boots that came to mid-thigh. Mine was completely in white lace. Leaving very little to the imagination the bottom of my outfit was v-ed just like Sarah's but without the thong in back. Each piece of material on the back of mine barely covered half of each ass cheek. The bodice was two little triangles attached to the main body. My full breasts were overflowing the material and my nipples poked through a little lace rose in each cup. I was wearing white thigh high stockings and white 3 inch pumps with slender straps across each foot. I don't know what caused her to ask the next question, maybe it was the previous comment on the radio but she asked next, "Emma, have you ever been with a woman?”

I felt a cold shudder race through my body and then a slow flush took me over. Sarah must have mistook my pause and reaction as negative because for once I heard her quickly stammer, " Em, I'm sorry. I hope that question didn't offend you." Looking into her beautiful dark eyes I replied quietly,"

You didn't offend me Sarah. Yes, I was with a woman a long time ago." Moving to the couch I told her the long sordid story of my ex and I adventuring into a threesome with a self confirmed Lesbian. I told her of my ex-husband's and my mistakes and the betrayal and pain we suffered which ended in a angry divorce. She listened attentively to my story. She asked quietly when I finished, " Do you still find other women desirable?" "Yes." " Emma, I think you were hurt by a very twisted woman. If the situation was different I really don't think you would have had any pain." I replied, " I have wondered but that is all in the past and nothing can change it." I looked away from her as once again her beauty was like a slap in the face to me and actually it had become painful for me to gaze at her erotic body. I felt her long soft fingers grasp my hand gently and she said, " I hope I haven't caused you any pain." I lied as I said, "No, Sarah, you haven't." But God, she was putting me in such agony. Suddenly I felt her hands take my head gently as she turned me to face her. Tears began to form in my eyes as once again I drank in her radiance. Softly she said, " I know I can't erase your past or pain but maybe I can make your future a little brighter." Then slowly her face descended towards mine. My eyes fluttered shut as her soft lips found mine. My mind exploded into a kaleidoscope of colors at her touch. Her hands gently but firmly grasped my head, fingers entwined in my long tress's as her lips danced gently on my lips then my cheeks were my tears had squeezed out. Soon her lips were on mine again as she slowly parted her mouth and snaked her tongue out to trace my lips. I was lost to the sensations and her embrace as I parted my lips and invited her into my hot mouth. My arms moved up so my hands could entwine in her silken hair. The kiss soon became deep and needing. Our mouths were locked firmly together as our tongues danced heavily together then apart to explore each others mouths. Sarah's hands began to roam out of my hair and down my face. She traced every part of my face gently with her fingertips, then my neck and shoulders. Soon her hands were down my arms and brushing the sides of my plump breast's. Just as I was about to fall into a good old fashioned swoon she came up for air. Her eyes smoldered with lust as she said so softly, " I have never been with a woman but I want you so badly. I have been attracted to you since the first day I met you. I told you that you were beautiful and you have grown more so each day, not just in the physical sense but in the emotional sense also. I think everything about you is beautiful and desirable." "Sarah, I have been in torment wanting you just as much but we are both with other people and fear of the past plus hurting our men scares me." I replied as my hands defied my words and continued their new exploration of her long slender neck.

Gently she touched my exposed nipple with a slender finger. It was hard and throbbing with desire. "No one will get hurt Em, I love Jeff and you love Tanner but we can love each other as well like we already do." Despite the Ghost of the Past screaming in my head, I surrendered to her touch as I said, "Just please, never hurt me like I was before." Sarah replied, " I will never hurt you, lover" as her mouth started it's kisses along my neck while her fingers started tracing each nipple softly. I moaned as the painful pleasure spread through my body. My nipples had always been hypersensitive. The pleasure I received when someone touched or pulled on my nipples bordered on pain, it was so intense.

My fingers had found her firm tits and started gently kneading them. Every so often I would rub just her hard little nipple that was pushing tightly on the lace incasing them. She moaned softly in my ear, " Oh God Emma, your skin tastes so good. Oh yes, squeeze my tits.", then she started nibbling on my ear. Oh, what pure pleasure. But she wasn't even close to done. Soon her mouth moved further south. I whimpered slightly as her breast's escaped my hungry hands. She repositioned her body in front of me with her knees on the floor. Then her insatiable little mouth found my nipple. Gently she twirled my nipple around her tongue. My back arched as my moans increased. The colors swirled behind my eyelids while I caressed her smooth back and grasped her head to my tit. The sensations coursing through my body had turned my pussy to pure fire. The cum that was already leaking our of my cunt was pure molten lava. Swiftly she was on the other nipple like she was starved. Her teeth had scraped it in her haste and tightened my grip on her hair as I moaned, "Oh yes, baby, suck my tits, use your teeth." Sarah was a quick learner. With one hand she started pulling off my teddie as she firmly cupped the other tit she was tormenting and pleasuring at the same time. Before long she had my bare chest exposed and had both of my plump tits firmly clamped in her strong soft hands. Her teeth nibbled and pulled at my nipples as she alternated between the two. I was starting to moan uncontrollably and advising her repeatedly, "Yes, squeeze them tight. OHHH, Yes, pull on my nipple with your teeth. Please don't stop!" All through this she had been rubbing her body up and down between my legs. I knew my pussy juices were soaking her teddie.

Suddenly she stopped. Next her hands were pulling me up to my feet in front of her. Rapidly she tugged my teddie down my body. As I stood before her with nothing on my body except the thick high nylons and pumps she drank in my body with her eyes. My legs were straddling either side of her so they were lewdly spread as she swiftly gripped both my ass cheeks and pulled my crotch to her face. She took a deep breathe and said, "Oh you smell so good. I want to taste your pussy now, baby. Sit back down on the edge of the couch and spread your gorgeous legs for me." I did as I was instructed. Slowly she parted my well shaved lips.

I heard a moan escape her as she gently ran her finger around my lips and then she touched my clitoris. It throbbed hard into my being as my body arched up. Next she ran her finger around my inner entrance to my pussy as her head descended to my hot little hole. I grasped her head gently as her tongue tasted me for the first time. As she flicked it across my clit jolts of electricity shot through my body and I said, " That's it. Lick me. Eat me. OHHH yes!" My moans were uncontrollable, my body shook as all my nerve endings spasmed. Soon I felt two fingers thrusting firmly into my cunt as she had latched onto my little clit with her tongue. She found my g-spot quickly and thrust into it mercilessly. My grip on her head became more firm and I held it to my cunt as I humped her fingers and face shamelessly. I felt the world close in as my orgasm neared it's peak. I cried out her name over and over and could only say, "Yes, Yes, Yes." through my load moans. Her pace increased between her thrusting fingers and her twirling tongue and I could hear her load muffled moans through my own. Suddenly I screamed, "I'm coming!" as something seemed to burst inside my being and gush from my cunt. As my juices squirted from my pussy onto her waiting tongue I felt myself blast to that special place where light and electricity exist alone. But she didn't stop, and orgasm after orgasm shook my body as I cried uncontrollably under the sheer pain/pleasure she was inflicting on me. Sarah continued to lick all the juices dripping from my pussy as I finally descended. I opened my eyes and looked deeply into hers as she raised her drenched hand and fingers and slowly, savoring my special flavor, licked the nectar she had caused, from ever inch. The need she had quenched in my pussy started to rekindle anew as I watched her do this.

Sarah looked up at me and said, " Your juice is so good. It squirted in my mouth and all over my face." I noticed the wet shine over her mouth and chin with a small droplet forming, ready to drip. I leaned forward and caught the drop on my tongue licking my own nectar from her chin. Oh yes, it was good but I wanted hers more. I thirsted for it and I was determined to make her squirt her sweet honey as I had done. Gently I lowered her to the floor and locked my lips onto hers. I wasn't unsure at this point so my hands were steady and firm as I gripped her tits tightly and felt her moan into my mouth. I ran my thumbs back and forth over her hard nipples as I firmly squeezed her breasts. Her moans vibrated my mouth as I tasted more of my pussy juice in her mouth. This turned me on to no end.

She was trying to push her teddie off so I could get a better grip on her tits so I pulled away from her. Ever so gently I stripped the tight cloth from her golden body. Exposing the beauty that I could now touch. I continued to grip and fondle her tits as I explored her neck and ears with my tongue. I painted swirls and figure eights on her skin with my tongue as her moans and cries escaped. She clamped my leg between hers and ground her deep dark bush against it, coating my leg with her leaking cum. Nibbling on her ear lobe as she humped her pussy against my leg must have been her breaking point because she cried out, "Oh God, your torturing me. Please make me cum." I smiled up into her flushed face, " Not yet my beauty, I have to build it up first and then you will cum so hard you'll think it will never stop." She whimpered as my mouth made its way to her firm breasts. A gasp and cry escaped her lips as I clamped my mouth over her nipple and started to suck plus fuck her nipple with my tongue. Her back arched and drove her tit deeper into my mouth as I grasped both tits tighter. She was moaning and crying loudly as I released her breasts and ran my hands tenderly along her legs and sides, brushing the edge of her pussy when I could get it between our legs.

Suddenly I felt her whole body tense as she screamed that she was cumming all over my leg. Her legs thrashed on the floor as I thrust them apart with my hand to catch her juice. I felt it squirt out of her and splash onto my hand. I quickly raised my hand to my lips to taste her sweet honey. It was like liquid heaven, ambrosia. I jumped between her legs and shoved my face in her dark tunnel. Prying apart her lips with my fingers I shoved my tongue into her cunt. I felt her hands grab my hair and hold my head firmly to her pussy. Her clit was larger then mine, more like a little dick. I could easily suck it as it jutted throbbing and swelled with desire from her pussy. Sucking on this big clit sent her into waves of sheer ecstasy as another orgasm shot through her body making her cry out and thrash her body on the floor. Spurts of her juice shot into my open mouth that was now clamped on her gushing hole. I used my arms and hands to hold her thrashing legs down as she screamed, "Yes, lick my pussy, eat me, oh God yes, suck my cunt baby!" I did just that, letting her nectar gush into my mouth and drinking it down as she orgasmed repeatedly. I noticed her start to descend and laid beside her, cradling her in my arms. Sarah came back to earth and we rolled on our sides facing each other, arms clamped tight around one another, our breasts pressed together. My pussy was burning again and Sarah must have sensed that for soon she had an arm between us and was working two fingers into my slippery wet cunt. I moved my hands down and thrust two fingers in her hot wet hole. This left my thumb in a position to rub her clit. She did the same. Soon she added pressure with her thumb and stronger thrust with her fingers into my pussy. I responded the same. The only noises in the room were our heavy breathing, moans and the wet noises coming from banging each others cunts. I don't remember for sure but I believe we came at about the same instant and coated each others hands once again with heavy streams of cum. We fell asleep, tightly clasped together, immediately afterward. The taste of each other's pussy coating our tongue's like fine chocolate. My head was screaming at me, "Your a slut. An unfaithful slut. "But my body hungered for Sarah painfully. That afternoon she went home satisfied. My head was whirling. I tried to sort out my confused thoughts but wasn't able to.

The next day Sarah arrived at my house in the morning for our usual exercise routine. But when she walked in she could sense my confusion. Beautiful even in sweats she walked over to me and gently cupped my head saying, "It's OK baby, I promise I won't hurt you." Then she kissed me gently on the lips. Tears streamed down my face as I said, "Tanner will never forgive me if he finds out." She gently kissed my tears away and said, "He won't and if he does, somehow, I think you would be surprised at how deep his love for you is." Taking my hand in hers she added, "Let's go exercise." I threw myself into my routine for an hour. As we finished hot and sticky Sarah said, "You had me so incredibly hot yesterday. I fucked the hell out of Jeff last night, I was so horny still and just looking at you now makes me want to scream." I smiled at her and said, "I need a shower really bad first." She grinned wickedly, "Let's take one together." I was past all hope as my body led me to the bathroom. We both undressed quickly and were soon under the warm spray. Before I knew it Sarah had me in her embrace. Our tongues met again and her leg shot between my legs. I ground my pussy against her as she ran her hands through my hair and over my body. Playfully she tugged at a nipple causing sheets of pleasure to course through me. Running my hand down her body I found her hot little box and quickly invaded it with my fingers. Our moans were becoming loud and heated through our long kiss. I pulled away from Sarah and offered to wash her long hair and then her body. Running my hands through her hair as I worked the shampoo in was a strange type of joy. I lovingly caressed her silken hair as the water rinsed away the shampoo. After her hair was done I started on her body. I lathered the soap on her back messaging as I went. Working my way down I squeezed and massaged her delicate ass. Slowly I ran my my fingers into the delicious crack of her ass. Probing one finger very slowly into her dark passage, unsure if this was something she liked. Her moaning response assured me it was. With my other hand I began lathering her neck, slowly working my way down to those beautiful breast as my finger worked it's magic in her ass. Her legs began to buckle pushing my finger deeply into her asshole. She groaned and said, "Oh god Emma, I love getting my ass fucked. Give me more." Slowly we sank to our knees on the shower floor my hands never ceasing their play. I added another finger to her tight hole and felt her chest heave as a scream escaped her lips. Scared that I had hurt her I began pulling out when her arm reached around and grabbed my wrist. "Don't stop. Bang my ass hard baby. "she screamed. Her other hand had shot to her pussy and was busily rubbing her hard clit. Both off my hands were busy or I would have done it for her. One hand still pulling and tugging at her nipples and the other hand ramming two fingers into her asshole. Soon she was on her hands and knees as my thrusts became harder, driving my fingers deep into her hot hole.

Her body shook and convulsed as she begged me to fuck her as hard as I could. Her asshole started convulsing as I pulled her cheeks apart with one hand and rammed her, fast, with all my strength. She screamed and cried. Sounds emerged from her throat but no words. Anything close to a word was pure gibberish. In climax her whole body started jerking as if powerful jolts were running through it. I held her tightly with one arm as I feared her hurting herself. She bucked and reared as her pussy shot streams of juice into the water. Slowly I felt the convulsions loose strength as she collapsed against me. I knew she was still in neverland and held her to me as I smoothed her hair gently. Soon she came back to me and looked slowly into me eyes. "God I don't know how you do, what you do, to me." I smiled at her and said, "The feeling is mutual.” On shaky knees she rose up before me and said, "Time for me to wash you.
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